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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, May '05

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    Sep 2004
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    10 hours sleep, hell I'll settle for 8 straight up.

    Another day of Tehya catnapping.

    Deb, you are so lucky. ikwym about the morbid thoughts though, I often check my babies when they are sleeping really soundly it gets scary hey.

    Sarah, bummer about your bad night. Hope all is well with your sis and that the EEG comes back clear. I thought that I was getting AF back too, I started cramping and spotting but it seems to have all stopped now thankfully. I thought that it was strange to be happening to me so soon considering I am exclusively bfing and quite often. With the boys I didn't get them back til they were around 8 months old \/

    Fi, Good to hear that all went well at your checkup. How nervous were you when the Dr wanted to do the pap smear, the last thing you want is anything big near your bits so soon after delivery. Maybe it's just me. Ouchie at your nipple. How are you going to be able to keep your supply up properly if you can't feed of it or use a pump. Hands work good but thats going to get tired real quick. Hope it gets better real soon for you.

    Nell, Tehya has her appt for her needles this afternoon, I am so not looking forward to it. I am so anxious about it already. Good thing Mums coming along to hold her for me, bet I cry again this time too. Poor Matty, hope is feeling ok today. I think you chat to the Dr too about the bleeding just to make sure.

    Scarlett, bugger about Em not drinking her bottle properly, maybe it wore her out thats why she slept so good???

    Tehya is still awake atm, had her catnaps again. She finally fell asleep yesterday afternoon around 4pm woke at 5.30pm had bb and back to sleep in her rocker. I woke her at 9pm changed her bum and gave her bb and she crashed out again, Of course she woke around 2 am and decided that she'd had enough sleep and stayed awake til after 3.30am. Noah woke up early 6.30ish and was yelling out to me, I found him out in the loungeroom already, laying on the lounge with blankets tucked over him, the telly on with a plate of crusts - he had finished the toast and holding a banana he wanted me to peel. Mark had obviously set him up before he went to work. I peeled his banana and went back to bed, he came and got in not long after and we all crashed back out til 8am when I had to get up and get the big boys moving. I normally have them up by 7am. Wish I could've slept longer.

    Anybody heard from Dee yet?? Maybe I just haven't found the post yet.

    Take care

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    Feb 2004

    Hopefully you guys have seen the post by now - but if not, Dee's son Matthew arrived yesterday afternoon at about 5.15pm.

    Awww Trish I hope Tehya is ok with her needles this afternoon. Big hugs for both of you. That was good of Mark to get Noah all organised before you got up, bumma though you had to peel his banana for him otherwise you would've got more sleep?

    Yay for graduating Nat

    Yup, I had to have a pap smear as well yesterday Fi. Ouchies on the nipple, I hope there isn't any infection in there.

    Deb, I checked out Gabby's photo with her I Love Daddy suit on Zander's is just a long sleeved t-shirt with Daddy Loves Me on the back as well, so I hink it's a different one.

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    May 2004

    Hey girls,

    Congrats on graduating Nat!

    Yay Deb for Gab's loooong sleep.

    Sorry to hear about your almost sleepless nigh Sarah, I would've put him in bed with me too.
    My first AF after Em was very light almost brown, but it wasn't till she was 6mo.

    Ouchie Fi, you poor thing! It's gunna be a killer not feeding from it for a while too. Lets hope the break is all it need and you don't have an infection.

    Nell I think I would mention the bleeding too. although if it is brown and not bright and not smelly, I am sure it is fine... but I still wouldn't risk it.

    Scarlett, is Emily feeding any better? I've also noticed that I have nbeen calling her Em... I hope you didn't mind. I'm just used to calling my Emily Em. What do you call her for short?

    Well my girls had a check with the nurse today. Em is only in ther 10th percentile for her weight... she weighs 9.72kg... as I have said b4, she is a skinny ribs
    Violet on the other hand has put on 500 grams in 2 weeks... so she is doing really well. So she now weighs 4660g, HC is 38.5cm and her length is 55.5 cm.


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    Scarlett Guest

    argh - must type quickly as I can hear waking up noises.

    Yey at the 12 hours deb, but LOL at the morbid thoughts. I have snuck in and put my finger under her nose to feel breath if she has slept long - worry worts arnt we.

    Fi - started playing netball about 9wks but a good piece of advice would be to invest in a good sports bra as fully bb's hurt when they bounce. Ouch on the nipple - hope it clears up soon.

    Tanya - yep its em her too and I don't mind if you call her that. Her other nicknames so far are bug and carrot (reddish hair and was wearing abright orange outfit when we went to volleyball one night).

    Sarah - hope you get a better nights sleep.

    Now about the fussy feeding, I am thinking back over the last three weeks and each tuesday (after netball) she has been difficult to feed and get off to sleep. I am wondering if this is because I have been playing sport?? wondered if you guys new anything about this. She doesn't do it if she has just been babysat by someone else so it can't be me being away from her. Had better go and pick her up now.

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    Aug 2004

    Hi All,

    Trish - Tehya sounds like Jenna today. Cat naps all bloody day!! Apparently her pimples are a sure sign of another growth spurt. It seems like we just got through the last one!! The pap smear was a little uncomfy, but the dr was really gentle. Problem is - if that fits up there, you know what else is going to...... Shane and I are in a funny phase at the mo - he seems a bit cranky with me and has gone all quiet. I've said a couple of feral things to him the last couple of days, so maybe heis just dwelling on that a little much.

    Nipple is probably infected. I have a nipple shield to use, and have been told on no uncertain terms to rest it as I am also developing some "hot spots" around the breast. Yay. So the nipple shield makes it remotely more bearable, but its just so important that she drains the breast more. One day of hand expressing was enough to hit me with what might be mastitis, so bugger the pain, I have to drain the breast properly.
    The worst thing (or maybe the best thing?) I was just beginning to enjoy feeding - maybe it will make sure I do everything I can to continue. On the plus side - my EBM storage is going great guns!

    Tanya - it will be interesting to see if Em stays skinny or if she pops with puberty. Is she average for height and everything else?? I can't believe jenna is nearly a month old and still weighs less than Dee's latest arrival. It seems quite strange!

    Right - I'm cracking open a bottle of wine. I NEEEEEED a glass of wine today. I'm stunned I can still draw the line at 1-2 glasses though. I used to polish off a whole bottle no probs, but still haven't had anymore than 2 glasses in one hit so far. Guess I'm still subconsciously looking after Jenna's best interests.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fi - I used to be the same way with wine and other grog. I could guzzle a whole lot in one hit - the booze hag that I was, LOL. Now, I am lucky to get through one glass!! So I guess that is a good thing. Don't want to have a drunk child now, do we?? Good to hear you are getting up a great EBM supply. Good work! I haven't even bothered to start yet. There just doesn't seem to be enough in my boobs. I guess the long sleeps of Gabby's don't help that situation. Still, like they say, not everyone can express. So YAY for you! Urrgh @ the pap smear. My doc asked me about mine and I was very quick to tell him that I had one when I was 6 weeks preggers. He then tells me I have to get another one done within a year from the last because I was preggo at the time. DOH! #-o Ah well... I have until August. I hope the nipple sheild helps and your poor nipple heals soon. Good on you for persevering with it. I feel like such a sook because I was so ready to give up and I didn't have any of that kind of trouble! Good on you!

    Sarah - I have that I love Daddy top too - it was the first one I bought. Kinda OD'd on the Daddy propaganda, LOL. So sorry to hear that Zander was a little fuss-pot again last night. You must be going nuts without sleep. And who the HELL is ringing you at 8am???? I would yell at anyone that called me at that hour unless it was an emergency. God, some people need a brain, don't they?? Lucky for me our phone inside has a very dead battery so I don't hear it ring. The answering machine just all of a sudden kicks in. I really should get a new battery...... one day

    Scarlett - It's interesting that there may be a connection to you playing sport and the reason why Emily is being fussy at the boob. Maybe that just coincides with her witching hour?

    Tanya - sounds like Violet is going great guns. Maybe she can give some growing tips to skinny-ribs Emily?? Some kids are just little, hey? My friend has 3 kids that only ever just scraped over the "norm" and she was always getting told to feed them more. Now, she and her DH are only little people so it stands to reason that their kids would be little too. They are perfectly healthy - just little!

    Nat - yay for graduating to this forum! Wow @ Jacob being 1 month old already. It didn't seem that long ago that I was congratulating you on his birth!! 8-[

    Trish - hope you had a better sleep last night than the night before. I still don't know how you do it!

    Gabby slept from 10:30pm-7:15am last night so another good sleep. I shouldn't brag (especially since it call all change at the drop of a hat) but I must say the sleep is doing me good. I am far more calm and able to handle when she hits her grizzly time. Neil was great yesterday. He took her for a couple of hours so I could cook dinner and play in my kitchen. I washed my first load of dishes in the dishwasher. I don't know how to stack the bloody thing as I have never had one but I am sure I will figure it out eventually. Either way, it was wonderful to not have to do the bloody dishes myself! WOO HOO! I used the oven and cooktop and marvelled at my rangehood. There used to just be a big hole (a huge flue) above the oven so it is quite a novelty to have a fan. I HOPE I get a chance to make scones today. If my hug-a-bub arrives, then it's a certainty!
    She's asleep again for now. It will be interesting to see what time she wakes up considering I have had to wake her the last 2 mornings because we have had somewhere to be. I'm loving that we have a semi-routine atm. I know it could change all over again but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. She is still verrrry very windy all the time. The poor little sausage.

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    Aug 2004

    Yay on the kitchen Deb! As for the dishwasher - trial and error. You'll soon figure out if you have loaded something not so well. It stuns me how many people dont have dishwashers growing up. we had one for plates glasses etc, but had to take turns as kids washing the pots every night as there wasn't enough room for them as well.
    Since living at home, most of the places I lived in had a dishwasher thank god. I'm not good at doing dishes. They give me the $hits!! Shane never had one either, and swears now he wouldn't live without one again - specially not while living with me!!

    Scarlett - yep, I have a couple of good sports bras. And isn't that funny that she fusses! I wonder if you have a sweaty smell about you, or maybe you are dehydrated?? I shall let you know once I start up again. I am so looking forward to playing!!! Once the nipple is right......

    Well noone else is around..... quiest rainy day in Geelong. I finally have miss down, although I'm sure it could change any second.....

    I talked to my brother last night, he said that their baby never chucks up darn it all, but they have trouble with poo coming out of nappies all the time. Well we dont have that problem, but I think Jenna will be a heavy night-time wetter. Thank god for PUL pants!! Theya re a godsend with cloth nappies.


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    Scarlett Guest

    ohhh Fi you poor thing, I hope the nipple gets better soon.

    Deb, I believe that our dishwasher was the best thing we ever spent money on, hope you enjoy it.

    Em slept well last night, about 11pm till 6.30am, then went back down till 9am. She is playing happily now with her play mat - so cute.

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Deb, yay at getting another good nights sleep. LOL at leaving your phone battery dead, actually not a bad idea Tehya's "I love daddy " top is different too, I think it's the same as Zanders. I love Gabbies though. I hope we can get them up here.
    YAY on finally having your kitchen sorted out too. Dishwasher... I wish. In my house it's eithe Mark or I and when gorwing up Mum said she had 3 dishwashers....us kids

    Fi, Is your breastmilk ok to store seeing as how you have an infection in your bb. I know that it's ok to feed from with mastitis but an abcess??? I have had 1 drink since Tehya has been born, and then it was only 1 glass. I think I'd get drunk too fast now.

    Scarlett, I was thinking the same as Fi, do you think maybe you smell different to Em after the exercise??? Not in a bad way but ykwim.

    Tanya, lol at Em being a skinny ribs. None of my babies have every been skinny, Tehya is starting to get real chubby thighs already. Although by the time they get to around 3 they have all slimmed down and get skinny. When Tehya got her needles yesterday the Dr said it was good to have a bigger target. Poor bub, I said she gets her thighs from me.

    Nat, yay for graduating. It's a happy but a sad graduation at the same time.

    Nell, hope you and Matty are doing well.

    Tehya is STILL doing the catnap thing. I would be ok and I guess it is most of the time, but she needs to be entertained. How much entertaining can you do with a 8 week old baby. She went great with her needles (so did I) she bellowed for about 5 minutes then crashed out. Poor little chook.

    How is this for sad. I wake early this morning to Tehya whinging for a feed and think how fantastic it was that she slept til 6am. Then I finally turn around and get her out of her bed and look at the clock - it was 2am. I had dreamt that I had already gotten her out of bed and had looked at the clock and seen 6. I must be really desperate for some decent sleep.

    Better go, She's whinging again.

    Take care

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    mooshie Guest

    oh poor trish - i have done that mess up with the times thing, quite often actually - it is awful when you wake up fully and realise it isn't the time you thought it was.

    i was just popping in to let scarlett know that i had similar problems with lani - i noticed every thursday evening when i went to feed lani, she would be really fussy, pulling on and off the boob and arching her back and crying, i used to be really quite busy on a thursday with a lot of running around and would be exhausted as i would be out for most of the day - turned out my milk supply was going low as i quite often forgot to drink or eat properly 8-[ , maybe just keep this in mind for when you play netball, maybe give her a bottle of ebm after the game (then express to build up your supply). just a suggestion - hope it helps.

    ok i am back out of here again lol

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    Feb 2004

    Gotta be quick cos I have to run next door. We had 1 4hr sleep last night then we were up every hour for about 5-10mins. So at 8am when the phone rang I ignored it, but the answering machine kicked in with a message from mum "when you get this message go see Amanda, I'm ringing the Dr now." Man did I move fast after that! Raced next door to find her curled up on the lounge crying We couldn't get through to the Dr so I just packed her & Zander into the car and took off. Her blood tests from the other day were all clear, but the Dr seems to think she might have gallstones which could have caused the fainting on the weekend. I have to take her on Monday for an u/s to check it all out.

    So today & tomorrow I might be away quite a bit cos I'll be there looking after my poor baby sister I'll catch up properly later this afternoon once someone else is there to look after her....

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    Feb 2004

    I have both Amanda & Zander sleeping now, so I'll quickly catch up!

    Yay at Violet putting on 500gm in 2 weeks, Zander did the same thing these last two weeks!

    I must've missed when you mentioned morbid thought Deb. I've woken Zander up accidentally feeling for his stomach to rise & fall! I can never feel him breathing under his nose though :-s

    That's an interesting theory Scarlett about Emily not wanting to feed after you've been playing netball. Yay for the good sleep last night as well.

    Hope you enjoyed your wine Fi Oh my gosh that nipple sounds painful. I really hope it clears up soon.

    Yay at playing in your kitchen Deb, sounds like you're really enjoying it. It was Zander's godfather's mum (that's complicated!) who rang yesterday. She wanted to come visit us. So of course crazy woman here then raced around the house tidying it up before she got here! Worse thing was she came when Zander was ready for his bottle & I totally forgot to give him his tablet - I want be doing that again!

    Don't you just hate when you wake up thinking it's a different time Trish?! I do it all the time at the moment. Sometimes I look at the clock then go back to sleep thinking it was for ages & it's been only 5mins or something stupid like that!

    As I said earlier, we got a sleep from 8pm-midnight which was pretty good, but then we were up every hour after that ](*,) Zander was finally asleep (in my bed again) at 8am & I was dozing then the phone rang ](*,) Ah well, what are big sisters for?? The poor thing is terrified of needles and the Dr wanted to give her a shot of maxalon to stop the vomitting & nausea. She freaked, but managed to get through it, did I mention crushing my hand the whole time?! When it was done she was surprised how easy it was & was laughing saying "Man I'm a big baby!".

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Gosh Sarah! Your poor sister. Hope she pulls up ok. Also, I hope Zander sleeps better tonight so that you can get some rest. Don't you wish we could give our bubs a sleeping tablet?? That would sort em out! Sure, they would probably end up addicted to drugs but at least we would be well rested, LOL.

    Trish - you poor thing! You must be buggered with all that time mix-up business. I wake up during the night all the time thinking it's later than what it is.

    Michelle - I am going to take more notice as to how Gabby is after I have had a busy day. I am not the best at drinking enough water so it might be why she gets so fussy after feeds during the day sometimes whereas in the morning she is sooooo content. Thanks for the tip!

    Scarlett - yay for Em's fantastic sleep last night! Good job!

    Fi - Gabby had a MAJOR nappy leak yesterday. I was holding her when suddenly a whole lotta wee came out the top of the nappy and all over her top and all over me. She had done a poo and there was no room for the wees! AND we had just arrived at my friend's place. She was in her new bonds track-suit so had worn it for all of half an hour. Damn! So now when she does a poo, I don't care where I am - the nappy gets changed straight away!

    Neil asked me what I wanted for mothers day. I said I just want him to spend some time with us. No going out to the shed to work, no drinking beer, no hanging with his mates - just him, me and little Gabby. He seemed happy with that!

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    Scarlett Guest

    Thanks for the advice re netball and breastfeeding. I am going to try a bottle feed next week - if we can get her to take a full feed. I figure it is either smell or body temperature that is the problem.

    Sarah - I hope your sister is ok sounds kinda scary.

    Trish - I really hate it when you wake up and think it is a different time. LOL though at the dream, I have had some where I have done the same thing and kev has appeared in the door with emily and woken me up to feed her. He thinks it is very funny.

    Had a funny (sort of) thing happen today. I had gone into school for a meeting with my debating team (I am still helping them as I have coached them since they were in grade 8 and they are now in grade 12 and its there last year etc) and we were in the library when em spewed all over me and the floor. The librarian is a bit of a hag so I was glad she didn't see me attempting to clean it up. I had to stay for lunch though with baby spew all over me. Fun.

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    Feb 2004

    I had to lol Deb when you said about Gabby doing poo's then wee's and it went everywhere... that happens to me too. Yes Scarlett, these things happen to me all the time! I was at a g/f place and changing Matty, he wee'd, then poo'd, then wee'd again then vomited! All over her carpet too - lucky it was old carpet and she has kids and understands! Like today, I am so paraniod that I'll run out of clothes I took 4 complete changes of clothes, plus heaps of spew rags. We were out today he vomited all over my jeans, twice!

    Hey Trish, thanks for asking about me, Matty is well

    Nat - beleted welcome to one month forum and lovely to meet you and Jacob today he is sooo gorgeous!

    Sarah, I hope that Amanda is okay, that's great that you are looking after her.

    Michelle - I am going to take on board your tip too, I think there is a connection there!

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    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    Thanks for the graduation welcome LOL!

    Had a great time today meeting some of the Melb girls and bubs. Jacob was pretty anti-social and slept the majority of the time - nothing like his mother obviously Got some great photos tonight of Jeff and Jacob having their first bath together. It was just so cute until Jacob pooped in the bath - haven't laughed that much in ages!

    Nell - It was great meeting you and Matty today and Jacob agrees that he is gorgeous LOL.

    Trish - Bummer with the catnaps! Here's hoping you get the good night/afternoon/morning sleep that you deserve

    Fi - Hope your nipple is getting better. How are you going using the shield??

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    Just added your details across to this forum Nat


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hmm... my computer is making verrrry weird noises. I hope it doesn't explode! Better back up my photos just in case.

    Nell - sounds like the meet-up yesterday was successful. I hope Matty slept well for you last night after all the excitement. Oh dear @ him pooing, weeing and spewing on your friend's carpet. Gotta love that! I did all I could to make sure that Gabby's fluids didn't go all over my friend's carpet - she has all cream in her lounge room! I dunno how she keeps it clean as she has a 1 year old. Our couch is dark blue and I know for a fact that it will be a hideous mess once Gabby is that age let alone if it was cream!

    Shannon - LOL @ putting your fingers in your ears when you hear the "joys" of motherhood. Honestly, the poos and vomits aren't so bad. It's the sleep that is the killer (or lack thereof!).

    Nat - LOL @ Jacob pooing in the bath. Good work little man! Gotta love it when the poo happens to someone other than yourself, hey? I keep telling Neil that he gets the next pooey nappy. He turns green and says "I think not". Typical, we women have to deal with all the s**t,

    Scarlett - it's funny about the spew on the floor in the library. I am going to visit my school on Monday and I am honestly not looking forward to having to BF there. I dunno... something about getting the boob out in front of work collegues. Also, I am sure Gabby will spew or have an accident in the staff room - it would be just my luck! My friend who teaches 3/4s there has time off between recess and lunch so my plan is to feed Gabby before we leave, drive there, feed her again in the car and change the bum then take her in to show her off at recess. Hopefully she won't need a feed until they are all back in their rooms then I can feed in my friend's classroom then back out to show her off to the kids at lunch time. I can't wait to see the kids from my class last year! I did promise them I would bring the baby in so it will be good to see the looks on their faces! I bet they have all grown.

    Not much on the agenda today. Just gonna potter around the house and get some things done. I got my next lot of photos yesterday so I was busy putting them in albums last night. I have decided to use just regular photo albums for the photos and will use the special scrap-book for the really nice photos and will just get them developed again. I have to get photos printed once a month at the rate I am going because we have soooo many of miss Gabby.

    She slept well again last night. 11pm - 7:40am No bath either, so that's good. Mind you, she is scoffing her bottle up now. It used to just top her up. Now she finishes it no worries. I guess it's bound to happen since she is growing. Thankfully there's only another couple of weeks before I can increase the volume a little. God help me if it stops working!! LOL

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