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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, September/October 05

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Thanks for the welcome Fletch!!!

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    May 2004

    Fletch - thank you so much for all the feeding info. It's great to have all you guys because I really am the first of my friends to have a bub and I'm kinda winging it a bit! I think you are right about Zane and Lucie being similar. She certainly loves her sleep! I actually get really frustrated when people say 'What a beautiful sleepy baby you have'. They have no idea! I certainly think I'll go with the no more than 4 hour rule during the day and more often if she's wanting it.

    Great that you got out for the movie - I should try it!

    Kirsty - Yeah it has been cooler which is good. And I'd love Lucie just to wake to feed but I'm afraid she is just little miss sleepy head!

    And Tracey you are so kind - sometimes I feel like a terrible mum though!

    Amanda - the cooler weather is nice to rug them up more. It's been raining all day today here - yay the garden will grow!

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    Tracey-sorry I forgot to welcome you!How rude! #-o I'm so used to talking to you in other forums!Welcome aboard...........Good to hear little Indah is gaining weight and sleeping so well......Indah is drinking more than Gemma!

    Amanda-Yeh it does sound like Gem and Leah have really similar feeding times!Gem's gaining weight really well also....little chubb ball she is!Good to hear that Leah's hip is getting better too.

    Fletch-What was the movie like?I have been wanting to go and see it, might take my sister and we'll leave the kids at home with our hubby's.Can't beleive that some of the other mums let their kids scream!I would have been sooo P*&^$d off!They must think cause its a mums n bubs session that it doesn't matter!

    You know you'll probably think I'm crazy as its only been 5 weeks since I had Gemma, but I was thinking while I was having a shower that if Corey asked me tomorrow if I wanted to start ttc number 2 that I'd say yes, without even a hesitation!I guess its because I've had such a great recovery(touch wood!) after the c/s and my scar is healing nicely, although the hot weather does play havoc on it.God I hope he doesn't ask soon, imagine having 2 under 2!YIKES!Someone snap me out of it!

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    Just locking this thread girls and creating a new one


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