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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, January '05

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    Hey Pee

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there everyone

    welcome to tegan and beth

    tegan - i hope lily is okay with her hips, if you go back a few pages you will see my post from last week when we had the drama of lani's left leg being loose (found at her 16wk check up) and had to get an ultrasound done. everything seemed ok with u/sound just have to wait to see gp next week for confirmation of the results. from talking to a friend today she had the same problem with her dd, i really think these days they check it quite closely as the earlier they pick it up the better. lets just hope both lily and lani and just loose and relaxed in the legs, at least they will be flexible lol

    michelle - glad to see you had a nice break and yay for gemma being toilet trained that is fantastic makes it a bit easier for you too. jay is finally night trained (or is it me - he has been dry in pullups at night for 12mths) i just didn't want to risk having to get up and change sheets in the middle of the night but i let go and he is fine he always gets up in the middle of the night for a pee and goes straight back to bed.

    spiddles - how did your first day back at work go, i bet you were upset, i know i would have been and i bet liam had a ball at daycare - the bubs really love watching other kiddies run around. you will be fine and liam will love it.

    snowy - hope things are settling down for you business wise - its tough sometimes, but you know we always manage to get through. we have been living on one wage for 6 yrs now going on 7 and yes it is tough and we don't go out much and holidays are always at relatives (thank god for a brother living on the sunshine coast in qld lol) and i would not be able to live without laybys, but i am so thankful that i can spend the time with the kiddies, this came to light when my first dd jessie became sick i was offered a job a few mths prior and was considering taking it but something held me back. i must admit somedays though i get bad cabin fever especially if i don't go out anywhere for the day

    well i am off for some ice -cream to try and cool down, sorry no more personals, can't go back far enough, i must try and log on everyday so i can keep up lol

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    Mar 2004

    hi girls I hope you're all well and your bubs too.
    Michelle, I'm glad you enjoyed your break. I'm going away next week. I can't wait!!!
    Spiddles, I hope that you're coping ok with work. It must be tiring juggling work and motherhood.
    welcome to the forum Beth,Tegan and Mipsy.
    Tegan, I hope Lily's hips are ok.
    Beth, Yasin went through a stage of waking every two hours for a while but he got over it after a week or two. It was exhausting while it lasted. He's still not the soundest sleeper in the world.

    Yasin's hammock finally arrived yesterday. It looks so comfy that I want to sleep in it. He looked really worried when I put him in it for the first time but he seems to have settled into it ok. Last night he slept from 3am-7am which is a change, usually after 3am he wakes up every two hours on the dot.
    DH is complaining that I love the computor more than him :roll: so I geuss that I'd best go and give him some lovin'.

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    spiddles Guest

    Am coping the best I can!!! He loves it there. Gets upset when other kids cry and mooshie he does love the older kids in the room. I bawled my eyes on the first day when I took him in. They all say he is such a happy boy and easy to look after.

    Work well 1463 emails later and no training since I have been back as it was busy they threw me in the deep end but its all coming back. Donno how much I have stuffed up if things have changed *lol* but I have an excuse. I forgot half my passwprds though and had to call IT *lol*. 4 months is kinda a long time and I have had better things to do than remember passwords.

    Today is the first day DH is looking after Liam by himself. In a way I am worried but I think he will be fine and they are even going to come meet me for lunch YAY! Anyhows sorry no personals I have to get to work. Hope everyone is well!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls,

    Welcome Beth and Kaleb, boy that time has flown.

    Hope all turns out well with Lily's hip Tegan.

    Glad Yasin likes the hammock Dashlostar, what do they look like? I have never seen one LOL and I have 4 kids. Hope you have good holiday too.

    I got a lovely bonus yesterday, received a call that my tax had gone through and the accountant had a $4500 cheque for me, so we packed up (Jemma Jessica and I) picked up the chq and went to the bank 30 mins away to bank it.Woo hoo! finally some money/security for us after a really tough xmas. We are in need of a dishwasher before my hands are permanently wrinkly from dishwashing. And Jesssica needs a chest of drawers. Not to mention the car and house insurance. (Sounds like it's spent alreadyLOL)

    Took Jessica to the health centre yesterday, she put on 940gms in the last month. She weighs 6.32kgs, and is 61.5cms. 50th percentile for everything. She doesn't drink the recommended 900mls per day, but somewhere between 750 and 800mls, but I am not giving cereal yet as she just doesn't need it.

    Ran into a young girl I met at a party, she has a 2month girl, and she has pnd, the bf left her for a 17yr old (he is 21) and she is in real trouble. It is so tough for some mothers isn't it!

    Also one of the mothers from kinder last year was there with her brand new baby girl, who was born 4.55 on xmas eve (she had to drive herself and DH to hospital as he had been drinking for hospital), 8 hours after the birth she checked herself and bubs out of hospital and went home to spend xmas with the other 3 kids and then went to Lorne for new Years. A braver girl than I that's for sure, no way would I go home that quickly.

    Anyway hope everyone is well.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    what was i saying about ds being dry at night for 12mths, yup last night at 2am he called out - mum i wet the bed grrr, so changed the sheets then 1/2 hr later mum there is a spider in my room (he sleeps with the light on) then another 1/2 hr later mum i can't get to sleep, then at 4am lani woke just put in the dummy, then at 6am she woke again so i brang her into bed with us and fed her, phew what a night lol.

    dachlostar - hope you have a lovely time away, is the hammock like the ones they have in the nursery at the hospital for the unsettled babies, my g/friends baby spent her whole 5 days at hospital in one of those to settle her and it seemed to do the job.

    spiddles - hope your dh and liam have a good time today, they will be fine, as i say to my hubby is the only difference between him and me is the bits and pieces (ykwim) so if i can look after the kids then he should be able to as well - he just freaks a bit when they are little.

    michelle - great weight gain for jessica, lani is 5.7kgs and 63cms with a head circ of 40.5 at 16wks - she is certainly a lot slower in the weight gain than the other two, but she must be satisfied as she sleeps through generally from 8pm to aroudn 6 or 7am.

    lani is sooooo interested in food at the moment in particular my food, whilst eating my lunch today she was watching me and she was making chewing actions with her mouth and drooling it was too cute - i will hold off on the solids until later just for the allergy thing, as ds is allergic to a few things. she is also teething i am 98% sure i can see 2 little pearly whites at the bottom just about through, she is dribbling heaps and heaps and is permantly wet lol, her nappies are a bit full on too.

    and another thing she is creeping around, i keep forgetting to mention it she has been doing it for a few weeks when i put her on her tummy she moves forward quite a bit trying to reach for things, she just loves her tummy and will be quite happily playing on the floor on the tum for around 1hr, i suppose it won't be long till the crawling starts - better start organising what to do with all of ds lego pieces that seem to be forever on the floor.

    ds has just fallen and hit is head on the concrete outside ouch, not bleeding though just grazed so he is vegging in front of abc kids at the moment hope he is ok, should be he said it wasn't hard fall, he fell off a chair he put on a bit of a hill - he just won't listen ah well thats 4yr old boys for you i guess.

    i am off to finish the ironing yuck.

    see ya

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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    yippee, millana slept in her own room last nite,in her bassinet though.She had a feed at 7pm went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 1pm for a feed.Next feed was at 4pm and then she had a cuddle with me in our bed until 7.30pm and she had another feed.She is also sleeping in her cot at the moment to try and get her use to it.Is this what other mothers do?
    Also how long do you let your baby cry? Millana's problem is that at times she spits her dummy out and it wakes her up.During the day she has to have it and at nite she doesnt,usually only to settle once and when asleep falls out. The other thing i am concerned about is thatthere is longer periods between feeds but she doesnt seem to have increased how much she consumes at one feed.She has a between 60 and 110mls.More often than not about 100mls and 6-7 feeds in 24hr period.She has put on weight but at 6 weeks i thought she would be eating much more!
    I thought they checked for hip dispalsia at birth? Isnt it discovered until later on?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Caddie- Don't get to stressed about the amounts that Millana is having to eat. All babies are different. If she is putting on weight and is healthy, then she is eating plenty.

    We didn't have Alana in a bassinette for very long, as a friend of ours had a terrible time transferring her daughter over to a cot. First of all we spent a few nights with the bassinette outside our room. Then, Alana had a couple days sleeping in the bassinette in her room, so that she could get use to the room. And then we put her in the cot and she has been there ever since. I thought that I would have real issues with Alana being in her room, but infact I was so glad that we did it sooner than later. I found that both Alana and myself starting sleeping heaps better.

    I personnally don't allow Alana to cry any longer than it takes for me to get to her. The only way Alana can communicate with me is through crying. I of course have to then work out what is wrong. This can be the difficult part! LOL!

    Motherhood can be stressful, hey?

    Had my councelling appointment today. Glad I went as she was able to make me understand that all the feelings I'm having are completely normal and should not feel bad about it. And that I should listen to my feelings , as she believes there is alot to say about Mothers instincts. So I guess I'm not going nuts!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI girls,

    Lara well done on your appointment and so glad it was a worthwhile visit, hopefully this will be the start of much happier times for you.

    We have had all our babies in the basinette for as long as they fitted and the basinette stays in our room. I usually start putting them to sleep in the day in their cot from about 3 months on, but as Jessica doesn't have a room yet as Arron hasn't finished it she hasn't done that. Caddie, if you are happy with the way things are going with Millana's sleeping arrangements then she is probably happy too.

    As for feeding and amounts- Jessica drinks about 150-230 mls less than the tin says, but is putting on weight and is growing so their is nothing to worry about. All babies are different as Michelle said so I'm sure shes's fine. She'll let you know when she wants more.

    Michelle- bad luck with Jay's accident, just when you thought he was all trained. But don't let one little accident get you down, I know both of my older kids had the occasional accident but not many. Bugger on the crappy nights sleep though. I had Jemma screaming the first 2 nights of our holiday and in and out of our bed cause of her teeth and on the third night it was jessica waking at 4am. I'm sure the didn't get the holiday idea, cause I got less sleep in that 6 days than I normally do. Hope Jay's head recovers quickly, boys will be boys that's for sure.

    I had to come back on tonight because I was so excited. jessica rolled over for the first time today, from back to tummy. She just wanted to make a liar out of me as I told the health centre sister yesterday she wasn't rolling and that the others didn't roll until 5 months so she does it today at 4 months and 1 week old or 18 and a half weeks old.

    Not only did she roll over once but at least 6 times and also rolled back to her back once. Too clever! And then she did the same as Lani and actually shuffled herself forward using her arms and some legs, to try and reach a toy, don't tell me she'll be crawling soon too! Then i will be really sad.

    Forgot to say hope work is going well Spiddles, I know you will be missing Liam but it makes the time you get with him even more important. I used to really make sure i spent time with the kids on the weekends and holidays as I had to work full time and I wouldn't let them stay out overnight or go away much as I wanted to be with them. Now that I have so many, I don't mind so much them going to sleep over at MIL's, but I wouldn't let Jemma and Jessica go just yet.

    Arron and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary on the 20th of Jan and I am trying to find somewhere close to Melbourne to stay, prob is he is being really unhelpful and has also said he doesn't want to pay more than $100 for accom. Too hard! Anyone know of any really nice places close to the Casino that don't charge an arm and a leg and maybe have breakfast?

    Grrr! to Target, I brought $100 worth of school uniform on Tuesday and the have a sale on uniform which starts tomorrow. I wish one of the staff had mentioned it quietly to me and I would have waited. I worked out what the stuff I brought would have cost at the sale price and the difference is $40. If it was $10 or $15 I wouldn't really worry but $40 is alot. Luckily MIL, who has more front than myers, is going to take them back and then buy them again, although I will have to get a credit note prob as I paid on my card and they won't refund cash for credit, but with 4 kids $40 goes a long way.

    Anyway goodnight, I just had to tell my exciting news.

    best wishes Michelle

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    Pietta Guest

    Lara I am really glad that the counselling went well. Dont forget we are here for you though whenever needed!!!

    Just a quickie-
    Ryley is doing the hold your bum in the air and try to push forward thing- Aaahhh!! He is so close to crawling... I miss my little baby boy. He is so cute though.

    Sorry no personals just a quickie as it it 1 a.m and I am having issues sleeping. Dont you hate those nights

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Pee I hope you got some sleep!!

    Wow Michelle... that sucks about the uniform...I wonder if you can return it for store credit & then go in & buy it again?? Sounds tricky I know, but hey they should have told you thats only courtesy....

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Caddie, I also don't let Lily cry any longer than it takes me to get to her. Sometimes her dummy falls out, which wakes her too. That can be pretty frustrating at times! With the amount of food she's getting, well yesterday we increased her formula to 145mls, from 125mls coz she was just so hungry after a feed still. She also sleeps between 4-5hours inbetween feeds during the day and between 6-8 hours at night. But she's putting on the weight so i'm not too worried.

    Lana, glad all went well at your councilling appt. Hope things start to look happier for you from now on.

    Michelle, yay at Jessica for rolling! What clever little girl.

    Pee, hope you got some sleep last night, i hate those nights too!

    Well I think i have given my poor baby my cold She sounds really snuffly and is sneezing and coughing! I feel so bad about it!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi theree everyone

    caddie - you are doing a good job - do whatever you feel is right for yourself and bubs. we had lani in her bassinet in our room until she was about 13wks old (never did it this long with the other too) i think it was just me didn't want to let her go lol. i started her off in the cot for her daytime sleeps at about 6 wks. now when she wakes in the morning currently around 6am i just bring her into bed with me feed her and then she goes back to sleep with me until we get up around 9am, this is going to have to change in a couple of weeks when kinda starts tho - 8.30am starts not happy jan.

    re the dummy and crying i also let her cry for just as long as it takes for me to get to her, some nights this can be up and down for half a dozen times just replacing the dummy and as soon as she sees me she giggles and kicks around - cheeky monkey. i tend to do a little controlled crying if needed at around 6mths, i went to a sleep school with my first and have implemented what i was "taught" with jess and jay so will do with lani if need be, mostly in particular to get over those 45min wake ups during the day, it usually takes a couple of days but i highly recommend if you were going to do it to go somewhere to learn rather than do it off your own back or from a book as the people at the centres (usually health nurses etc) can pick up if there is an underlying problem or if the mother is not coping all sorts of stuff really and very reassuring i found. each to their own. i am a real big one for routines and firmly believe that children need their routine especially in the first year - my ds is now nearly 5 and he tells me that it is time for his shower and bed he has been doing this since about the age of 18mths which is great.

    michelle - yay on jessica rolling, lani has done it from front to back but not often and usually only when she is a nudie lol. you know what i would take back the clothes and buy them again on sale - stuff em, i have done it before lol, i hate how they do that. i know when i had all the toys on xmas laybys at kmart i got a letter saying if you find the toy cheaper elsewhere they would beat it by 10% so that was good.

    lara - great to see you went and had counselling it does help doesn't it, you will be fine you are doing a wonderful job.

    couldn't resist reading the posts in the tv forum re outback jack just had to go and find out who won i found it very funny watching it last night knowing who has won it - that guy is unbelievably funny in what he says what a crack up.

    anyway going to get some lunch in.

    see ya

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Who did win Outback Jack? I haven't watched much but have caught the last few weeks ( parts of anyway).

    Well we have had the 4 mth injections, Jessica had the 3 inj and Jemma had to have the pnemococcal, a snake cured her crying but not poor jessica's. oh well it is important to have the imm so thank goodness it's over.

    i have finally been referred to dr for gastroscopy to find out what is going on down the pipe, I go on the 22nd of Feb at Kilmore hospital which is good and then I have to be booked for the proceedure, hmmm! Now I don't know what to do about my meds, as I have to be off for 4 weeks before, but he won't actually do the proceedure on the 22nd so what do i do! I was going to take them until Tuesday but now I think I might give it till the Tuesday after as I prob couldn't get in to have the proceedure within a week of the app with the dr. I might even ring the dr's rooms and ask what they think.

    I am catching up on paying bills at the moment so I guess I best hop off and do that so the bank doesn't time out. hope everyone is good, Hope you get a better night's sleep Pee, and also my MIL is taking the uniforms back for me (she is sometimes helpful).

    Best wishes Michelle

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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    outback jack hasn't finished in wa yet? i presume we get same tv except eastern staters are ahead?
    Thanks for your support.Does controlled crying techniques start at 6 months.I was told baby's know routines etc from 6 weeks.I was told you let them cry for a couple of minutes and then you go in and reassure,replace dummy etc. I am glad im not the only one replacing a dummy at midnite! I usually have to do it 3-4 times in 45min perid and then she finally nods off!
    At 6 weeks does a baby start kicking and hands start moving around lots?My mum and dad cant remember with us kids but she is never still,only when asleep.A real fidgeter,and when does tummy time start? Alot of people have said she has good head control and i havnt done tummy time yet.
    lara good on you re-councelling,i think its good that you can have someone to talk to and they are not judgemental.when millana was first born i thought i had done a terrible mistake and felt i couldnt cope,still dont sometimes and when you express your feelings people just shrug them off and say you will get over it and that a baby wont stay small forever.What a supportive answer!
    Pee hope you get some sleep,i am really lucky so far that i get a 4 hr sleep at nite between feeds,i dread teething.Does panadol not assist with teething?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    Hi all

    I have put more photos on Grace's website finally, if anyone wants to have a look.

    Caddie - Millana sounds normal with the kicking and moving of arms - Grace is like that all the time when she is awake and has been doing it almost since she was born. You can start controlled crying techniques whenever you like but they say that it works better when your baby is over six months.
    Tummy time can start from birth. I have been doing it with Grace since birth, just for short periods a few times a day. She has rolled a few times from tummy to back but she only does it occasionally! Won't be long though and she will do it all the time.
    Teething isn't so bad - I found with Harry we had one or two nights where he was quite unsettled and then his tooth would be through and he would be ok. I found giving him a dose of panadol or after six months, baby nurofen would really help to settle him if he was particularly upset with it, but there is also brauer teething relief which works well. I didn't find bonjela very helpful - it would wear off after only a short time and you are only supposed to use it every three hours.
    Anyway, Harry didn't get his first tooth until he was six months old so I am not expecting Grace to start teething anytime soon!

    Well this turned into a long post! Better go, neighbours is about to start!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    sorry just to claify - outback jack hasn't finished yet, i just couldn't wait to find out so i just put outback jack in the google search and voila there was the winner (it is finished in the usa) so don't do it if you don't want to know.

    re: the controlled crying for me i personally cannot do it until at least 6 mths because i believe you cannot "spoil" a baby and it is best to attend to them when they are so little they are crying for a reason - (i usually find tho most of the unsettled times stem from being a bit overstimulated in which case a nice cuddle on the couch works wonders) i have always said the first six mths is the hardest but also the most rewarding sure it is tiring some days and you walk around in a daze (i remember with my first being at the shopping centre many a times in the morning before the shops were open lol) but the times goes by just to quickly and before you know it they are off to kinda and school boo hoo, and they really don't have much time for cuddles off there mummy they just want mummy to build leggo with them, or play footy or cricket with them - yup that is what i did today.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Caddie, Lily also moves her arms and legs around like crazy! Always wondered if it was normal...I have given Lily tummy time since she was 2 days old. She also has very strong neck control. I've heard that giving them tummy time earlier on makes their neck a lot stronger and they start crawling a lot sooner.

    Pee, hope you get a better nights sleep tonight!

    Michelle, hope Jessica is ok now. Poor thing. I'm dreading when i have to take Lily to get hers!

    We went and took Lily to get some professional photos done at Portrait Place at Myer. She was such a good baby. We got a full body length one, a head shot, full body length with flowers and her sitting in a basket full of teddy bears. Will post them on my website when i get them!

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