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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, January '05

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    mooshie Guest

    whoops sorry michelle - hope jessica is feeling better with her needles, and poor jemma it really is harder as they get older isn't it. i am going to gp on tues for lani's 4mth shots - so i guess it will be 3 needles yuck not looking forward to it as she was not too good a few hours after her first lot, also am getting a suss mole cut off my back, lani's results of her ultrasound for her clicky hip/loose left leg, and am trying to get my son vaccinated against chicken pox b4 kinder starts he says he doesn't want any more needles the last ones hurt, but i keep saying it is better than getting chicken pox we will see, maybe i can bribe him with a trip to the toy section at kmart to get some spiderman stuff :-k hmm the things we do.


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    spiddles Guest

    Well I'm exhausted. Working full time and looking and playing with Liam in the evening and cleaning is so tiring. I know what you mean Michelle about spending every minute with them.

    When Liam has his 4 month shots he started waking up in the middle of the night.......only lasted 5 days thank gawd but then again could be his teeth. I think one on the bottom is starting to break through the gum. One in each leg and one in arm and one oral. Not a nice thing is it michelle. Hope Jessica feels better soon. Took liam a few days.

    Liam is finally getting his appetite back too YAYS!! Has about 800 - 900 mls a day plus 2 x 1 tablespoon of farex and boiled water a day. He loves eating. Gets so excited when sees the spoon. Have also started giving him some apple puree mixed in. Is great at daycare cause they ask what he has been intruduced to and will feed him only things he has had before at home which they supply. They love him at daycare because he is so happy and content and easy to look after.

    Liam has had a dummy since he was 1 month old and kept spitting it out. Am so lucky. One less thing to ween him from.

    Looks like alot of babies are on the move! Well Done!!

    Anyhow sorry no time for personals......need sleep!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Re the tummy time... Matilda refused to lay on her back from around day 10... and had amazing neck control by two weeks, she's crawling now really quickly. And she did start rolling at 10 weeks both ways... so I do think that because she's a belly baby and hate being on her back that it has helped her gain that control a lot better... now to just strap her down so I can have a break

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    Mar 2004

    Hello, I hope that everyone is well.
    Its been so hot here. Yasin was drinking like crazy all last night and really grumpy. DH gets grumpy in the heat so I geuss he takes after his dad. They're both asleep at the moment so I've got some peace and quiet. Yay.
    Yasin doesn't mind tummy time but he often manages to roll back onto his back fairly quickly. He really likes lying on my chest and dribbling on my face. I think that watching me pull silly faces is far mere entertaining than looking at the floor. I've been giving him tummy time since he was about a week old but it goes for much longer now.
    Michelle, woohoo for Jessica rolling. And doing it again!! She must have enjoyed it. Grrrr at Target. How annoying of them.
    Caddie, just so long as Millana is putting on wieght you don't need to worry about how much she drinks. I find Yasin has some days that he seems to go off his food a bit and on other days he is a total guts. I think that you should just stick to whatever sleeping arrangement suits you. We're all differant. I'm planning on keeping Yasin in my room for as long as he wakes up wanting night feeds. When he sleeps through he can go into his own room. I go to Yasin as soon as he cries (but how long he cries is up to him )
    Lara, I'm glad your counselling appointment went well and you don't feel so nuts.
    Spiddles, I'm glad to hear Liam is getting his appetite back and has settled into day care so well but its a shame you're so exhausted. I bet you're looking forward to the weekend.
    I geuss I should try and get my home tidy before Yasin wakes up.
    Sorry to everyone I've missed.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls

    I am almost sick of heat and we've hardly had any here in Melb.

    Caddie- none of my kids have really liked tummy time much, they always cried after about 2 mins. Jessica hasn't had daily tummy time as Jemma is prone to running through the lounge and with Jessica on the floor it could be dangerous. Just give her a few minutes and turn her back when she gets upset, even if it isn't everyday.

    Well I just booked our anniversary night out, including 18 holes of golf (should be interesting as I am pretty crap, I can't get the ball off the ground LOL)

    Spiddles- at least you are happy with Liams carers, that makes it easier to go to work.

    I got my money back on the uniforms thanks to MIL but they wouldn't just let her re buy the stuff, she had to search the shop for them and they had no more sz 12's in Jordan's skort, so she did some fancy talking and sneakily swapped the sz 12 skort at cust serv with a sz 10. They said they couldn't let her buy back the stuff as it had to go throughstocktake (what a load!)
    So the kids clothes are all ready for school.

    We are sposed to go to Geelong tomorrow but my cousin rang and 1 of her boys has these spots, and if it's ch pox then we are not going cause Jessica can't be exposed. The other kids have all had them. Bad luck for us but maybe we can go after school goes back.

    I may check in later, sorry no personals.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    mipsy Guest

    Well I thought I posted our introductions back on the 10th, but it doesn't seem to be there - I guess I hit the wrong button.

    Anyway, Ashleigh and I have made it to 1 month old with no serious dramas!! (except a strong desire NOT to nap through the day. very good night sleeper though!) Our details are:

    Forum Name: Mipsy
    State: WA
    Baby's DOB: 10/12/04
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 7lb 5oz (3330gm), Length - 53cm, Head Circ - 31cm,
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Ashleigh Anne
    Health Concerns: (e.g. eczema, reflux, colic) None
    Notes: (e.g. 9 days early, breech etc.) 2 days overdue, labour started naturally, only 6hr from start to finish, took only 50 minutes to get from 2cm-9cm dilated - she wanted out! vacum used as stuck in transverse (? didn't fully turn in birth canal) position but nil problems.

    looking forward to chatting with you all over the next few months,

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi Anna and welcome to you and Ashleigh,
    I think I saw you post your info and I think I also said welcome to you but that's ok I don't mind welcoming you again. The first month flies doesn't it? look forward to chatting with you here.

    I guess everybody has exciting things to do on Friday night except me, which i why I am here.

    Maybe I'll prowl the forums and see what's happening.
    Cheers michelle

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    spiddles Guest

    Welcome Mipsy its great to have you here!!!

    Finally I can relax (still have dishes to do though) Washing is done, Liam has had a shower bottle and breakfast and is back asleep. Since he was eating banana and pear farex thought I would try him on banana and pear puree. Well he opened his mouth all excited and put it in and was like "hang on this aint farex" *lol* but he ended up liking it and ate half a jar. Cant wait to start making my own food. Am waiting on a blender DH bought with his promotional points for selling items through work. We could of just bought one for cost price but this will save us money even though have to wait.

    Well I thought I noticed this yesterday but I wasnt to sure until today but Liam has definatly cut his first tooth!!! Has come out a bit more than yesterday. Was a bit grizzly yesterday and did have bonjela b4 daycare and they gave him some too. They said he has been a bit grizzly on occasions but nothing major.

    Tummy time took a while for Liam to get use to. He loves it now except when he is on his back and rolls onto his tummy himself. I think he gets a fright *lol*

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    Hi all

    Sooo hot here today but it's lovely and quiet atm because both kids are asleep! Yay! If I was smart I would be napping too cos I've been a bit tired lately but you know the minute I fall asleep one of them will wake up.
    Grace has been fussing with her bottles lately. She drinks 100ml then doesn't want anymore, then 10 minutes later she decides she does want more then drinks a little bit and stops and this goes on for about an hour until I manage to get 150-200mls into her. She doesn't do it at night though, thank god. I hope it's just a 'phase'! It's so frustrating.
    On a different note, she is now officially too big for her baby bath, so it's baths in the big bath from now on! I will start putting her in her cot to sleep soon too. She has had a couple of day sleeps in it but she doesn't settle as well in it as she does in her bassinet. But she is getting too big for her bassinet now too so will have to make the move soon.
    Stephen is away working atm, he left on Sunday, so it's just me and the kids. It's been ok though, they are not causing me too many hassles! I have MIL and SILs anyway if I need help. Harry misses him a bit but they talk on the phone every day. When they say goodbye Harry says 'wuv you daddy' so cute!
    Anyway better go do a few things while the kids are sleeping

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    mipsy Guest

    thanks for the welcome! I'ts good to finally be here.

    Have wonderful news that I have to tell - Ashleigh slept from 7.30pm to 1.40am last night!!!!!! That's an hour more than her latest ever!!!! Hopefully not just a once off and will be repeated (and extended). We always have a feed at 7pm, then try to get to sleep a/a 7.30, sometimes closer to 8. But last night it was a couple of squeaks when the dummy dropped out, and she was out of it. Woo 'Hoo there is light at the end of the tunnel. =D>

    We tried tummy time as well after reading it can start from birth, she did very well and no complaining and lifted her head a few times!

    Too hard to type with one hand (she's dozing on my tummy), catch you all later,

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    That is great news Anna. We have always put Lachlan to be around 7pm-7.30pm if we can as that is what time we try to get Kameron into bed as well. Then we can have an early night ourselves or just enjoy the peace and quiet. I hope she keeps up her extended sleeps for you.


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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    Help! Millana is 7 weeks this monday and i noticed she has a rash on both cheeks and some little areas on forehead and a couple on chest.It is pimply but not like chickenpox and gets redder when she cries or hot.Is this milkrash? It started last week with a couple of spots and has gotten worse.She shouldnt be alergic to the milk as she has had this from 2 weeks.It is like sand paper to feel.Its unsitely the poor mite.
    Measles is all over the body isnt it? and she would be really ill if she had it? Health care nurse last week said milkrash but she didnt even look at it closely.Thanks guys.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Caddie - Lily has that rash too. It sounds like a milkrash, or also known as a hormonal rash.

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    Mar 2004

    Caddie, if its milk rash its also called a hormone rash and its caused by Millana getting a big dose of maternal hormones at/just before birth its not an allergy to milk. Its kind of like the pimples that some teenagers get and when all the hormones are out of her system they will go. Yasin has milk rash and you're desciption sounds similar except Yasin's showed up in a week or two of birth. I've been waiting for it to clear up for nearly three months now!!! Every time it looks like its gone he gets some new zits. The ECHN didn't pay much attention to Yasin's rash either but she said I could try to clear it up with some salt water and a bit of olive oil as moisturiser afterwards if I wanted. I didn't bother because it doesn't seem to worry him and the olive oil idea seemed a bit icky.
    Mipsy, yay for Ashliegh's long sleep.
    Bon, I started putting Yasin in the big bath yesterday. He seems to enjoy it more now that he can splash around a bit more but he's still not super keen on bath-time. I try to be enthusiastic about it but it doesn't seem to fool him.
    Spiddles, Congratulations to Liam on his first tooth!!!!!!
    Michelle, I hope you have fun on your anniversary. I'm crap at golf too and DH loves it. When we go away I'm planning on getting my bro to take him while I kick back and enjoy the tranquillity.
    Only 5 sleeps to go \/

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    Hi girls

    It is definitely milk rash, but as Dach said it doesn't mean they are allergic to the milk, so nothing to be concerned about and it will clear. Kameron had it quite often and Lachlan only had it for a few weeks then they cleared, without treatment


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    Hi Girls

    I have created a listing that has all of your baby's first's on it ie first smile, first laugh, first tooth etc etc.

    If you want to check it out and start adding your babies details reply to the thread it can be found HERE

    I will be deleting the posts as I edit them into the first post to keep the thread short, so if you need something else included just leave a post asking to have an age included against something (ie Kathryn can you put 4mths 4 days down for commando crawling.)

    If you have older children feel free to add them into the listing as well.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hey everyone. Just quickly posting as we have been staying at my parents place since friday and will be here until Wednesday, and I have to fight my Father for a few minutes on the computer. LOL! We are ripping up all the carpet in our house and replacing it with floor boards. I can't wait, I hate carpet.

    Anyway Alana has an appointment with her Paed today. She got weighed on Friday and put on 310g (in 2weeks), so now she weighs 5035g. We got pretty excited that she finally hit the 5kg mark! LOL! So we will see what her Paed says today about her weight as she still is sitting in the 10th percentile. She is having 4 x 230mls of formula. They did discuss about playing with the formula to make it stronger. Anyway we will see.

    Alana hasn't started rolling yet. Do you think she is behind? When she is on her activity mat she twist her body heaps but hasn't quite rolled. I put her on her tummy heaps, but she is not that keen. Her neck control is fantastic. I guess it will happen soon.

    Who knows when I will post again. Dad is such a computer head!

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    Hi Iris

    I just want to let you know that Lachlan wasn't rolling till 6mths, so I wouldn't worry about Alana in that department too much.


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