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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, August '05

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Michelle do you have a digital camera? I've had one since being with DH (3 years) & it's even harder to edit the pics because we take so many at a time. Yeah, kids love boxes all right, & the cats love them too! Hope your Dad had a nice birthday.

    Michelle hope Kimberely settles into a good bedtime routine for you. 9pm is not too bad though compared to some I've heard. I always insisted on 8.30 so I could settle down & watch tv. Yay the potty successes.

    Kathryn, I didn't lose my big post, it's at the end of the July thread if anybody wants to read it. Angus loves to dance too, gotta love the Wiggles & Hi 5. He likes Mummy & Daddy's music too. Poor Lachlan, but I did have to laugh at chucking in the bag of golf balls.

    Christy, yay for uninterrupted showers! One of life's little luxuries when you can get it. How lovely to be working with puppies.

    Ambah woo hoo on DP's promotion, that's wonderful. Bugger about the cold, Angus has just started another one too. Are you giving him anything for the symptoms?

    Poor Angus is snotty again & we need to buy yet more Demazin & childrens paracetamol. He's happy atm though, watching Hi 5 & eating a cheese sandwich. He was late going down for his morning nap, & fought it for a while, so is not long up from it now.

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    Hi Girls

    Lachlan hasn't been sick again since Lunchtime, although he has really had anything major to eat either. We will see what happens with his tea. He feel asleep on the lounge about 1pm so I transferred him to his cot, and my friend and her little girl came around just after 2pm which woke him up so he had about an hours nap. So that is two naps he has had today, as he went down just after 9am this morning for an hour or so.

    *yvette* I just ran out of baby panadol too, thankfully though he can also have the one that Kameron is on now that he is over 1 year old. So that will get my through till when we can manage to go shopping......

    Argh spoke to soon he just threw up again.


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    oh Kathryn thats awful! I hope he is going better! *hugs* its so awful to have them vomit heaps....

    well.... I wish that things were going great with Matilda now... yesterday she slept for 3 1/3 hours at family day care and when she got home within an hour she had a 39 temp....so I gave her panadol but all she did all arvo was sit on the lounge reading books :shock: OMG my daughter has never sat down for over 15 minutes without being strapped in!!! So her temp went down to 38 after panadol & stripping her of her tops and today has been the same way she's slept 2 hours this morning & constant panadol but her temp hasn't gotten below 38. So we went to the GP and she has tonsilitis again.
    ](*,) poor little sausage has just been laying around today and sleeping.... I feel bad for her, but somewhat relieved at not having to chase her around all day.... We gave her some neurofin tonight & she's just now starting to get more like herself #-o

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    Me again

    Well i just rang another mum, to tell her to take control of playgroup for me tomorrow as we aren't going. Lachlan has thrown all of his tea up so he is now in bed.

    hmmm @ what my husband typed while I used the ladies room "I don't feel like going as I am going to get into some lingerie and wait for my sexy husband to get home so we can have sex all night. " he bloody wishes

    Christy - at Matilda, she can't take a bloody trick at the moment can she.


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Oh dear to both Kathryn and Christy- 2 sickies. Matilda can't take a trick, and yuck at Lachlans vomit! Poor bugger, it's not nice being like that, as matilda well knows!

    Ambah- sounds like a good first day, hope Aidyn and yourself get some sleep tonight and you stave of the sickness. It was me asking when your sis was due, I really feel for her having to go into March!

    Yvette- Dad had a good bday thanks, and yes we have the digital camera too and same, a million photos and the prob is they are all good!LOL With the film camera you got crap ones but didn't know so took less good ones IYKWIM! Oh well I hope my kids appreciate the blood sweat and tears I put into the albums!

    I hope Matilda, Lachlan, Aidyn and AMbah all feel better tomorrow!

    I am tossing up whether to take Jemma to the drs, cos she has a terrible cough, not a constant cough but very violent, almost sounds like she'll chuck! SHe's had it for awhile, her glands are up and I am pretty sure it's a virus. The tonsils look swollen too though, so I might ring in the morning.

    josh has a friend over tomorrow, Jordan has a friend sleeping Sat night and we have lunch at Josh's friends place on Sunday, the Dad's a chef so should be beautiful. There goes Jemma coughin now! I will ring tomorrow!

    I will email you tomorrow Christy when I get a sec! House is atrocious atm and I had no time to get on today and now of course I am very tired.

    See ya Michelle

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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Poor Lachlan and Matilda!! I hope they both pick up and feel much better tomorrow. Big *hugs* for the little sweeties...

    LMAO @ what Andrew wrote, Kat!!

    Aww poor Jemma too... It must be the month for being sick or something. I hope her Drs appt goes ok and he is able to give her something to help her feel better.

    Yvette - yeah I need to stock up on baby Demazin too... I hope Angus isn't as snotty tomorrow either...

    Well, what can I say... it has been a real eye opener staying with my sister... I cant believe how chaotic it is with her 3 kids, and just how stressed she is. I really worry about how she is going to cope with 4....

    Aidyn seems to be sleeping soundly now, and I have taken some cold/flu meds so I am feeling much better. Hopefully it will be a quiet night tonight!

    Sleep well ladies & babies, etc...

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Anbah- I know how your sis feels with the craziness of lots of kids, is her DH away lots? I guess the answer to how she will cope depends on her but from my experience you do what you have to do. What ages are the other 3 and what sex? When jess was born I had jordan in Grade 4, Josh in Kinder and Jemma was 18mths. Life was hectic and busy and I was tired and stressed but we got through and although things still seem like they are hectic and crazy, we are much better organised now. I hope things work out for her, cos it's not easy but you love them all the same .

    Cheers Michelle

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    Morning Girls

    Had to change Lachlans bed sheets about 9pm last night cause he had been sick in bed. He seems to have a headcold as well, snotty nose, croaky throat, you know the drill. We have found though he gets a head cold when he cuts a tooth..... weird I know. So I will be checking for that next molar later today.

    Will have to head down to Playgroup later today as I have a meeting to go too and I can't go to next months as I will be away. At least there will be no other kids there then, so Lachlan wont be able to pass his germs around to other little ones. My parents are also turning up down there about 2pm to pull down our playgroup shed (we are getting a bigger one, so they are taking the old one).

    Well Lachlan has eaten some toast for breakfast and so far it hasn't come back up to say hello, and he is now laying on the lounge.

    Ambah - I hope you and Aiydn are both feeling better soon as well.


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    Jun 2003

    Christy ... How many times has Matilda had tonsilitis this year? Have you kept a record of it? Have you thought about asking to have them taken out? I know that sounds drastic but Emma was the same as a baby and toddler ... it seemed like every second week she had tonsilitis. My doctor would always say if she gets it again then we will think about taking them out. Well that went on for ages until she was nearly 7!!! I finally went to a new doctor about her snoring and we followed that up with a visit to an ENT specialist and she ended up having her tonsils and adenoids out! OMG @ the change in her!!! It was so nice to not have to worry about tonsilitis anymore. Emma used to get temps close to 40 when she had tonsilistis so for her it was just awful and if the same happened to the other two I wouldn't hesitate to get them taken out. The small amount of stress involved in teh operation was so worth the end result!

    I hope she feels better today ... no fun having a sick kid.

    Wow was going to do more personals but just looked at the time ... have to get the kids organsied to get to school.


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    Oct 2003
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    kelly - Matilda's had 3 lots of tonsilitis now, and 2 ear infections. Our GP said to us yesterday that if she gets to 6 this year we will be heading over to see an ENT...

    But...they also discussed seriously weighing up getting the pneumococcal vaccination. Because apparently the bacteria that causes the majority of ear infections & tonsilitis problems can be stopped with the vaccination, something like %80.... and although we have been anti-immunisations...we are going to go to the natrupath and get some stuff to counteract the vaccine and get it done when she's been on antibiotics for 7 days... [-o< hope that this helps first!

    Matilda's been chucking too ...today, she's had a good 4 vomits and there's not much in her because she doesn't want to eat, so its all small :smt022 she won't stop crying or screaming either, even when she's laying in our arms on the lounge she just whimpers and cries. I'm not used to her sitting still for so long.

    Thanks girls for listening to me rant about Matilda's sickness'es I sometimes feel like I'm being an overreactive mother, but I'm so grateful I went to the GP yesterday. And I feel better reading your responses too.

    Thanks GOD mum's here right now, although we've been fighting about her obsessive cleaning habits, I am grateful she's taken Matilda for a walk right now so I can clear my head from all the crying & screaming today so far and have a shower, come on here...bit of sanity time before I will trial late m.tea/lunch and then bed.

    LOL Kat at Andrew.... he wishes

    Ambah I hope you are feeling better up there! When we went to Sydney in May, Matilda took a few nights to get used to sleeping somewhere else.

    Michelle I hope Jemma gets better from that cough! You have so much on with all your little ones... No worries about getting back with me right away...

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Michelle - atm she has a 5yr old(girl), a 3yr old(boy) a 1 yr old(boy)... and one due in March. So thats 4 kids with 2 years in between each. yeah her DH does go away a bit now and then for the army, and is also very much into his golf and soccer and spends lots of spare time doing that. To be honest... I am feeling quite sorry and worried for her. At the stage she is atm... she is just constantly stressed and yelling at the kids (even when they havent done anything wrong) I wish I could offer her my advice and opinion on some stuff with dealing with them, but I know I can't... its not my place to do that... I just pray that she doesnt burn out and have a breakdown or something...

    Sounds like little Lachie could be on the mend today Kat, I will keep my fingers crossed that he doesn't throw up again... :corssfingers:

    Christy, I'm so sorry to hear that Matilda is so unwell I'm glad your mum is able to be there and help you out with her...
    I hope the little chook is feeling better really soon...

    Well, Aidyn had a better nights sleep lastnight... he woke about 3 times, but only for 10 mins each time. and I am feeling much more rested as well... We are also both feeling better I think. Aidyn seems to be mostly over it now, and I am feeling fine thanks to my Codral

    Anyway, I have to go, as I am babysitting the 2 boys plus Aidyn while my Sis takes her daughter to a birthday party.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Amabh- she does have alot on her plate with them that close. When does the oldest start school? I know what you mean about being worried for her, cos it is very hard when you feel like you are the only parent, and esp when your DH still takes his time out in the way of extra activities. Have you talked to her about how she thinks it will be once the 4th comes along, can you actually say that you are worried cos it seems she is very stressed and rightly so? Does she have friends etc? Usually you meet people when the kids start school, so maybe if she meets some people she will have some extra support. She could always come on bb!
    Oh and great news on the promotion too, sorry I forgot bf.

    Christy, fingers crossed Matilda doesn't reach 6, but good idea to check into other options, I never heard that bf, you always learn new things don't you! And we are hear to listen so vent away. Hope this new illness goes quickly.

    Well I took Jem to the drs as we had the worst night, in and out of our bed, coughing her lungs up and coughing so much she vomited 3 times, twice in her bed and once on our floor. So the cough medicine andthe panadol didn't get in. Her temp was over 3 and she just kept coughing. Needless to say we are all tired today. Dr gave her penicillin and said panadol and Demazin too, but she just vomited up her sandwich, it's like there's so much mucus that it just wouldn't stay down. She is so miserable and Jess is coughing too, hopefully she doesn't end up the same. $24 at the chemist this morning and that's cheap cos of the healthcare card, but if Jess gets it too, then double that.

    Kathryn- hope Lachlan feels better by tonight, would be nice to get a good nights rest.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Morning Girls.

    Well we had Lachlan with diarohhea yesterday ](*,) and he has just thrown up again this morning double ](*,) ](*,) I am now feeling nauseated and struggling not to throw up myself.

    On a positive note Andrew might have to go food shopping himself today, unless we try and survive till tomorrow.


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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Hi Nelbe

    Can you please add me to the list ????

    Forum name: Jen Schuster
    State: TAS
    Baby's DOB: 19th July 2004
    Gender: Boy
    Babys name: Joshua Seth Michael
    Web Address: N/A
    Health Concerns: N/A
    Notes: Born after 22hrs Labour by forceps - 10 Days late.
    Real little Cheeky Monkey!!!!!



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    Jen Schuster Guest


    sounds terrible. I hope you dont get sick and the boys recover quickly.

    I know what you mean about the sick smell. Takes all my efforts not to chuck myself!!!!

    Love Jen

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    I have added yoru details for you Jen


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    hey there girls

    *hugs* Kathryn thats awful! I feel for you atm, not that we are without sickness, but the constant vomitting & diarrhoea is the worst! I did finally use the stomach calm by Brauers on Matilda when she had diarrhoea for 2 weeks & it worked wonders for her.

    Well...I got 2 1/2 hours sleep last night. & DH got 2 hours so I was the lucky one. Matilda just screamed & screamed & wouldn't sleep... so DH took her to the GP while I was at work & she's also got an ear infection & he gave DH some StopPain for babies & it has codiene in it as well...she's gone straight to sleep & has now been asleep for an hour & half [-o< please give her another hour! I've sent DH to bed as well. I hope these antibiotics kick in!! HE's had us up the dose as well.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Kathryn- I hope Lachlan is better soon

    Christy same for Matilda, hope the medication gives you all some rest.

    Well it is sick land here too, Jemma had a temp between 39 and 40 all night, and slept on hr barebear couch next to our bed in a nappy last night. I slept ion m,y clothes cos I was sure I was going to have to drive her to the hospital in the middle of the night. SHe woke up still 39 deg, but by 12 was down to 37.5 and has stayed there. And as if that wasn't bad enough Jessica too is between 38 and 39 deg. Her gums are bulging her nose is running and she is coughing too. I am hoping it is teeth cos I don't want her to have what Jemma did. AARGH! I hate winter illnesses.
    Kids want tea, see ya

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