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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, August '05

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    Hiya Girls

    I *think* we may be on the home stretch. We never did go shopping we are going to do it tomorrow, since we have to go up to my mums and pay some of our layby as well.

    Lachlan only threw up the once today and hasn't had a major dirty nappy since lunch time (just a tiny bit). Poor thing though, he woke up from a afternoon nap and just cried and cried and cried. All he wanted to do was sit with Kameron, but Kameron was having an afternoon nap as well. Kameron ended up waking up from all the noise but that still didn't make Lachlan happy and he continued crying. I managed to get him to 6.15pm and I couldn't deal with it any longer so I put him to bed and he fell straight to sleep, so I am now wondering if he did indeed have an arvo nap, cause I went to sleep myself but I can't remember what time that was.

    Anyway I hope everyone's bubbas are feeling better by tomorrow.

    Love to all

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Hey Girls

    Lots of Hugs for you all

    Im so sorry all the little kiddiewinks are not too well, but glad you are on the home stretch.

    Joshua isnt sick but is getting another tooth so he is very clingy. He will only sleep while one of us is cuddling him. So we have given up putting him in the Cot.

    Kristy - I hope Matilda slept some more and gave you a little break.

    Michelle - Hoping it is just Jessicas teeth and Jemmas temp continues to fall.

    Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow and get a good nights sleep

    Love Jen

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Good news today. Matilda slept through last night *whew* I don't know how we would have survived otherwise. Things have been borderline behaviourally today, heaps of mini tantrums but she's had a good arvo sleep & we are hoping for a good afternoon. (we have to live in hope )

    Kathryn thats great news that things are looking up for Lachlan, I hope you are feeling better too!

    Michelle I hope the girls are feeling better too! High temps always scare me.

    & too all the teethers atm....I hope they pop through quickly & painlessly (
    8-[ )

    Ambah I hope you are having a great time up north & a quiet & sedate trip home LOL

    Kelly it was great to hear from you, I can't wait to hear how Asha is going. Thanks for the info on Emma & tonsils..... I am [-o< that we don't have to go there, but its good to know that things were that much better afterwards

    ok...well I'll be around again sometime tomorrow hopefully, after work & mum being around LOL

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Kathryn, so sorry Lachlan's been sick still. Must be awful for you. Lol @ your hopeful hubby.

    We keep getting our paracetamol & Demazin cheap (20% off) coz we take the dented boxes. It's good, but means we have to get the blue rather than colour free. Who's crazy idea was it to make the stuff blue? Btw, with the Demazin, we read the label with the baby one & the one for over 2 years, & it's exactly the same stuff, except the baby one costs twice as much & the dosage is different.

    , so sorry Matilda has tonsilitis. Hope she gets better soon. That's interesting about the vaccination connection with ear infections & tonsilitis. I wish my mum would come & clean obsessively for a bit. I'm seriously thinking of asking her to, lol.

    Michelle, I'm sure the kids will appreciate the work you've put into the albums, especially when they're much older. Hope Jemma & Jessica feel better soon, poor sausages.

    Ambah I'm sure it will do your sister good just having you there & I hope she's able to talk to you about how she's feeling. Hope you & Aidyn feel better soon. I envy you being able to take some Codral.

    Hi Jen, teething, what fun. It just goes on & on doesn't it. Lucky Joshua getting Mum & Dad's cuddles.

    Angus has a cold still, but seems less snotty. He's not too happy atm though. Lucy, I remember you mentioning some high pitched screaming. Well we're getting a fair bit of that atm. He had a bit of nappy rash the last day or so, I think connected with this virus thing. I have a cold now too, & feel awful, so I can imagine how Angus is feeling. Sore throat & chesty. He's sleeping fine overnight though, so we're lucky there.

    What a rotten year it's been for kids getting sick. We've had quite enough colds/viruses here for now thanks. Hope everyone fights them off bravely & feels better soon.

    Other than that, Angus is the most gorgeous baby that ever was, since Lola & Ruth were that age. I love watching him play, he gets all 'busy' and industrious, & very involved in what he's doing. And he's always so happy to see other kids.

    He has vaccinations on Tuesday. This might be the third time we've had to postpone them due to him having a cold!

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    Hey Girls

    Lachlan has only had one major dirty nappy today YAY and that was at 6.30am this morning. He hasn't thrown up today either. I for some reason didn't get much sleep last night so am feeling a bit like death warmed up today. Just so tired. Might go to bed when I put Lachlan to bed tonight and let Andrew deal with Kameron.

    Will do personals when I am a bit more with it.


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Yay kathryn- hope he is 100% by tomorrow and that you get the sleep you need.

    Christy a yay for Mtilda sleeping too, must have been exactly what the dr ordered for you guys. i can't imagine how exhausted you guys are with so little sleep int he past yr or so. When does your mum go home?

    Ambah- hope you have had a cool time. And hope you both are feeling ok.

    Jen- Hope Joshua's teeth don't take too long to pop. jessica's 3rd tooth took 6 weeks of pain and agony! So glad i don't have to teethe as an adult, I'd prob be dying, well I know Arron would be.

    Arron looks like he has what jemma has and he is dying, wouldn't you know it! I am praying that the other 2 don't get it and neithr do I cos I am way too busy and the others need to go to school! Or I'll go insane. I am going that way know, esp with Arron out of action, cos I am left to do everything. Jordan was asked to help and her answer for everything is "I shouldn't have to do that, I Didn't make the mess." I told her that I never see her jumping up to offer to help me do things that I didn't do but that she can just help and stop the whinging, cos she had a friend stay sat and she was lucky to have that.

    The joys of pre-teens, a long way off for some of you but...thought you'd just like a peek into the futrue LOL.

    Anyway better go, about to jump into bed, just trying to get through the emails in the bothLOL

    Chers Michelle

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    Hi Girls

    Well not 100% sure if we are going to playgroup today. I really can't be stuffed, but the other co-ordinator wont be there as her daughter has the flu ](*,) So I will probably go, do what I need to do and come home again. Have some paperwork that I need to do and speak to a couple of mums about some stuff. Lachlan had another vulgar nappy at 5am and he didn't want to go back to bed, but he fell asleep in my arms till 7am.

    I was told that raspberry cordial is meant to help kill the bug inside of them, so I gave Lachlan made up raspberry cordial last night, but he threw it straight back up. The only thing that he had thrown up all day. Found a sachet of Gastrolyte in my panty this morning that was still in code, so I have made that up for him.

    But he does seem better he is only doing 1 vulgar nappy a day and that is first thing in the morning and apart from throwing up the raspberry cordial last night (which wasn't much) he has kept stuff down. You can tell though that he isn't 100% as he sits and vegies out on the lounge which really isn't like him at all, but he does have his moment where he gets down and runs amok.

    Michelle - I had to laugh at Aaron dying. I have one of those husbands too ](*,) . He was whinging about Lachlan last night, cause Lachlan was whinging so I said be thankful you get to go to work for 8 hours a day. When do I get my break !! But I have a question to ponder. We all know that baby teeth hurt when they come though, but why don't our Adult teeth bother us when we loose the baby teeth ??

    *Yvette* - I hope Angus is feeling better now. I agree it has been a real crap year for bugs and virus. We are meant to be getting Lachlan's prevnar injections on Friday so I am hoping he is 100% again by then or I will have to postpone it AGAIN.

    Christy - How is Matilda going now. Poor thing tonsillitis is no fun at all. My nephew used to get ear infections all the time as a baby and ended up having to have grommits in his ears.

    Anyway better get my day organised if I am heading into Playgroup for a while, just as well it is only around the corner.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Just a quick one from me cause I still cant get online very much...

    Hope everyone bubba's are feeling much better by now!!

    Kat - RE your tooth question... I guess the audlt teeth wouldnt hurt cominmg through because there is already a sort of hole in the gum when a tooth falls out... isnt there?

    Speaking of teeth.. I realised just lastnight that Aidyn has cut ALL FOUR of his remaining (canines? I think) He must have done it over the last week, and it musn't have bothered him at all, cause I certainly didn't know about it! Thats 16 teeth in total now... he can probably manage to chew though a big steak now with those teethies

    Anyway, have to go cause I am looking after the 2 boys + Aidyn again.
    I will be back home again on Wednesday night, so should be able to catch up with everything/everyone on Thurs...

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Ambah- so sad that your holiday is almost over. are you missing home yet? How clever of Aidyn to sneak in those teeth, Jemma did a simialr thing with her 2yold molars. They played up in Jan and didn't come through and about a month ago I noticed all 4 were out.

    I agree with AMbah re the teeth thing Kathryn!

    Hope lachlan is better today, PMSL about the red cordial theory, that was def wrong! Hope you didn't have to stay at play grp too long.

    Josh asked me today why I haven't been in his croom cos it is Monday "My day to go in", but ternm 3 is so full of bugs I just can't be bothered dragging the 2 littlies in. And lucky too cos the sickness has hit us and we haven't been in. How does that work?

    Anyway Arron dragged himself out to work and came home, showered and went straight to bed, still crook. My break will never come I don't think! Worse luck too that I got into bed then Jemma started coughing heaps. So I took her a drink and put vicks on her chest. got into bed and she started crying loudly and then on the monitor jess was crying too. I left Jess to resettle herself and went to Jemma to discover that she didn't like the vicks smell, well that was bad luck for her. So she settled and I went back to bed where I lay staring at the wall for ages. Woke up just bf 7am wedged between the coughing Arron and the coughin Jemma. If I don't catch this bug it is an absolute miracle, fingers crossed for miracles!LOL

    Gotta go and get organised, no scrapping for me tonight, we cancelled cos of big brother but Mum is sick too, so it is prob good. I plan to crop my pics though, so I may even get something done. Hopefully the kids go off to bed on time and I still have energy!

    Cheers Michelle

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    It must be the day for it Michelle

    I get a SMS from Andrew when I was at playgroup saying he has the flu. I managed to get through all of playgroup and 1 hr later Andrew was home and has been in bed ever since ](*,) What were you saying about a break Michelle ??? Lachlan has had his 2nd gross nappy for the day, so both he and Andrew have been booked in to goto the doctors tomorrow.

    I am dealing with the queasy belly again so I have just popped some Rennies to try and settle it. I think it will be a miracle if I don't get the gastro bug. I have had it a couple times already in the last 12mths.

    A girl at playgroup who's kids had the gastro bug said they took it in turns. 1 had it for 5 days then there would be a 2 day grace and the next kid would get it and so and so forth. Out of the 6 person family only 2 of them escaped it all together, her and one of her daughters.

    Poor Lachlan has a red ball sac too I think it is just all the constant wiping it has been put through the last 5 days. Well I am hoping that is all it is anyway

    Well might leave my whinging at that lol.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Oh Kathryn- you and I need violins! I hope you don't get it, I know what that lady means about sharing it around, that happened with chicken pox here. Josh had them and 2 weeks later Jemma and Jordan had them, it was great a whole month full of chicken pox. I am so hoping that 3 of us are highly immune LOL.

    Poor Lachlan's balls LOL, I am sure he'd be rapt when he's older to know you were talking about them! But with constant wiping and the moisture it probably can't be helped.

    I am planning to be very unorganised this week LOL cos it has started badly and I am out Tues and Weds. So bad luck! Oh and I also told a gf I'd drop round Thurs or Fri! That was clever.

    See ya

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    playing the :-({|= for both of us Michelle LMAO



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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    That violion may be useful for hitting Arron on the head, or else I need boxing gloves. He got out of bed about 10 mins ago, *****ing about kids and dinner. Not that he is eating mind you! I gave the kids numberghetti and toast, which they were rapt about by the way. I mean he is so good, he was out all day Saturday and was in bed all day yesterday sick and again today and he has a go at me. Grrrrr! He makes my blood boil.

    The break better come soon! Or heads will roll. I was angry, felt like kicking the cupboard, but I controlled myself!

    Don't know what I'm eating had no lunch and te seems like a pain in the arse. I ahve taken all day to get through emails today. But I don't really care. Jordan has a temp now so could be another few days of trouble in store!

    Cheers Michelle

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    Jun 2003

    Must be something about this time of year!! I am sick too and have a sore throat and sore ears but am taking cold an flu tablets and sucking on soothers in the hope that it will just go away. I went to work today as I have a student teacher this term and don't actually have to do much teaching so I just go and supervise. I will do the same tomorrow and on Wednesday!

    Asha is doing really well! She has cut tooth number 6 and is almost running now!!! She is in to everything and has just worked out how to open the kitchen cupboards and turn off the TV (much to the delight of Emma and Jack). She broke on of my chinese dipping bowls last night so I have to ask the landlords if I can put catches on all the cupboards ... all 14 of them!!!! There is no way to keep her out of the kitchen as we have an open plan living area!!! Oh well it is for her safety!

    I haven't been able to post much as my parents have been visiting and things are not so good for them right now. They have decided to seperate for 6 months and see how they feel once that 6 months is over but that means my Mum has moved back from the UK and is now living in Perth. I have spent the last few weeks helping her to find a place to live and get her furniture sorted out. She is now in her own place and has most of the furniture she needs and is now looking for a job so I have been helping her apply for jobs and sorting out her resume and typing a cover letter for her to use when applying for jobs. I am hoping that one of the two jobs she applied for yesterday will be hers so I don't have to worry about her so much.

    My grandparents have also been in hospital, but they live in Northern NSW so it has been hard to keep track of what is going on with them! My Granddad had Pneumonia (sp??) but jsut before that he had a mini stroke (he had a major one in 1994) so we have been worried about him. He has been back to hospital today as he has had a pain in his groin area but they are pretty sure it is a strain from all the coughing he was doing with the pnuemonia. But he has had to get blood tests etc becaue he is on Warprin (I think that is what its called) to thin his blood to help prevent another stroke and a so they have to make sure everything is right so he can continue to take his medication. Nanna was in hospital becasue she had a bad dose of the flu and was just exhausted from looking after my Granddad. She is home again now but is still not 100%.

    My Dad is back in the UK and is off to the doctors next week to change his anti-depressants because the last ones had side affects that he didn't like. He has been in a bad way for a while now but won't help himself at all. The depression has nothing to do with their seperation but it hasn't helped as Dad just stopped communicating with Mum.

    So as you can see I have had a couple of months where life has been pretty full on! I am trying to get back into the swing of things but now that I am sick it is making this a bit tricky!!! The kids are all well and living life to the full! Emma is still doing dancing on Monday's after school and Karate on Fridays. Jack is doing sport after school on Mondays now as well as football training on Wednesday ights and football on Saturdays. Tee-ball will start soon which will be Wed nights and Sat morning. I will be team manager for Jack's team again this year and just generally help out with Emma's team. Jack had a gala day for footy on Saturday which went form 9am until 2pm so that was a really tiring day and I wasn't feeling the best which made it worse but because I am team manager I couldn't not go!

    Anyway enough of my boring dribble!!! I have been reading about all of your tales and I am sorry there are no persoanls today but I really jsut needed to get all of this off my chest ... maybe it is stress causing this flu!

    Better go, time to cook dinner. Will try and get back more regularly from now on!


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    wow Kelly. you make me tired just reading all that LOL. I hope things settle down for you soon !! Sounds like we all need breaks.


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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Hello everyone... I've been absolutely flat out lately and have recently returned from Maitland.

    Wow I feel sorry for those of you who are sick or who are caring for sickies. (Poor Lachlan's bits, too!)

    I think from about this time on we start the downhill "busy" slide into Christmas, which seems really incredible to me!

    It's another beautiful day up here on the coast, so I intend to get the kids out and about asap. BTW we're nit-free again (hooray).

    take care of yourselves and I hope those germs get lost really fast

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    WOW kelly what a full on time! 6 teeth!! OMG!!! MAtilda still hasn't cut her second one!

    Kathryn I am [-o< that it stays contained for you!!

    Well...Matilda's coughing heaps atm, so we are off to the Dr again...grrrr... but her ears & throat are staying sore atm... I just don't know if there is anything else we can do :-k I've gotta go to the bank today and I think that & the Dr maybe our only outings...

    Michelle....I've got a double bass here ( 6ft tall violin) you can hit Aaron over the head with that LMAO....I hope the kids sickness & Aaron get better soon!

    WOW all the sickness going around...when is winter finished anyway?? lol

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    Hiya Girls

    Andrew and Lachlan are both off to the doctors as I type. Kameron is ****ty cause he didn't get to go in the car as well. Can't bloody win LOL. He will be off to playgroup in 1.5hrs but Lachlan wont be so he gets his turn then. If the boys are back in time I will be taking the car. Too bloody cold to walk so why walk if I don't have too lmao. If they aren't back in time which they probably wont be knowing our GP (always runs an hour late) then I have already arranged one of the other mums to pick us up hahahah. I am feeling okay this morning, just very tired as I slept on the spare mattress on the lounge room floor last night, and was up for an hour with Lachlan at 1am.

    Misty - Woohoo @ being Nit Free.

    Christy - Goodluck at the GP surely it has got to end for you sometime.


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