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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, August 05

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    Feb 2004

    Welcome Lesley and Chole. Happy 3 months Chole. Details all added.

    Trish - get better soon, hope sleep schoof goes okay and you get some decent advice from them, have you booked yet?

    Fi - no advice from me either. Sorry to hear Jenna isn't sleeping and I hope her cough doesn't get worse.

    Tanya - Hope Alecia has lots of fun with her production. Good on Violet rolling! I hope she gets some longer sleeps in for you.

    Dee - welcome again Matthew looks very adorable in his jolly jumper. yay on his sleeps too.

    Sarah - how are you and Zander going?

    Scarlett - sorry to hear you've been ill as well - get well vibes to you. Can't believe Emily is almost 6 months old - eekk, that means Matthew nearly is! Yay on her getting yo all fours.

    Hi to Zola, Naomi, Dinky, Bec, Nat and Kayla - (and anyone I've missed) - hope you and all bubs are well.

    Well, after a week of waking up for another feed at 11.30pm and increasing his feeds during the day, we have started Matthew on solids. Just yesterday, he had his first rice cereal and loved it. Then last night he slept 11 hours! Probably a coincidence but nice nonetheless.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fi - I am sorry to hear that Jenna has started waking during the night again. I wish I knew how to help you out too. Have your tried topping her up with an EBM bottle just before you put her down? That's the only thing I could think of to suggest.

    Nell - yay @ starting on solids. Sounds like Matty loved his first experience. No turning back now!

    Scarlett - Wow @ Emily starting to crawl! They grow up so quickly! Sorry to hear that you and your DH have been so sick. It sounds terrible.

    Trish - that cough sounds nasty. Bummer about Noah's behaviour @ the pixi photos. Like they say, never work with animals or children, LOL.

    Welcome to Lesley and Chloe! Wow.... 3 months already! I hope Chloe slept through last night for you.

    Dee - Wow @ all of Matthew's sleeping. Perhaps he has just come out of a growth spurt and is catching up on some sleep. I am sure you're not complaining

    We got Gabby's photos back. They are pretty good. Not sure if they are worth the $260 they want for the package! I might just have to buy one or two. Neil looked at them for ages then decided that a photo I took of her (it's the first one on her web site) is better! LOL He's easy to please.
    I have friends from work coming over later today to catch up. One is preggo and due next month and the other has a baby that I think is about 2 months old now. Should be good. It's nice of them to come to me as I wasn't sure if my car would make it to Werribee atm.
    I know it's not the same but I was up and down a few times last night because of our bloody dogs! Charlie decided he needed a wee at midnight so I let him outside and he took forever to come back in. Lucy then decided to bark at 3am and 5am so I had to go outside and yell at her. I tell you, sometimes I feel like I have 3 babies!! ](*,) At least the real baby behaved herself and slept through it all! Phew!

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    Feb 2004

    Oh Deb - it was you that I missed - so sorry! No excuses, just baby brain. Glad that Gabby slept through for you. So does that mean that you've decided to get the photos? Are they the ones from the hospital?

    I never had anyone come in and take photos of Matthew, whereas everyone in my mums group did... don't know where we were when they came around. :-k Oh well, DH is a photographer so we don't really need them anyway!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Nell - they were her 4 month photos by the same mob that do the photos in the hospital. I didn't buy her hospital ones because the photo they chose wasn't very nice. Gab's face was all squashed up and she had her finger sticking out covering her face. The photos we took ourselves looked better and I just couldn't justify the price for photos I didn't really like. It's a pity that you didn't see the photo people while you were there. I know that sometimes people miss them if they aren't in there for too long or if they are out of their room at the time they come past. I had photos done by a friend of the family a couple of months ago - still waiting for my sister to drop them off. So I might just buy one of her 4 month ones.

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    Feb 2004

    I am sooo slack. Im reading everything but never seem to get the time to post in here.

    LOL at Neil being easy to please with the photos! LOL also at having three babies, norti dogs keeping mummy up all night Sounds like you had a shocker yestrday, hopefully today is better.

    Wowee at that big sleep Nell & woohoo on starting solids. I can't wait, but Zanders not quite ready yet.

    Happy 3 months to Chloe

    Yuck at the chest infection Trish, I hope it goes away soon & doesn't spread to the rest of the family. Bumma about the Pixie Photos, maybe theyll turn out ok. As for the white patch in Tehya's hair, my brother has the same & it's about the size of a 50c piece. He's never had problems with melanomas (hes almost 20) so hopefully Tehya will be ok too.

    Oh no at the cough Fi. Zander had one last week & was up all night too - maybe that's the reason miss Jenna hasn't been sleeping?

    Gosh sounds like everyone's been sick. Sorry to hear about that yucky virus Scarlett & thank goodness Emily escaped it.

    Wow on the good sleeps Dee =D> And happy 3months the Matthew for the other day.

    You are definately deserving of MOTM Tanya It's our pleasure! Wow at Violet rolling everywhere, Zander is a big lazybones & won't move unless he has too (kinda like his dad LOL)!

    We had MG here yesterday & it was a blast. My loungeroom was packed, it's not real big & there were 12 mums & 12 bubs! I love going to MG, but it's just different when it's at home.

    Same old stuff here - waking at least once a night & sometimes up to 5 times, but hey I've been doing it for 4.5months so I'm used to it. I feel sorry for you guys that have had a lot of sleep throughs then gone back to waking during the night, that would be a killer.

    We have gone through soooo much money this week & we had our third thing go wrong Today the new pool filter is going in, tomorrow the manifold something-or-other gasket has to be fixed on the car and Saturday the termites are being removed/exterminated. Hopefully that's it for our dramas for a while now.

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    Aug 2004
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    Doing a one handed post here so I`m sure there will be lots of spelling mistakes.

    It`s very quiet in here compared to the 1 - 3 month thread.

    Trish - sorry to hear youi`ve got a nasty chest infection, I hope you feel better soon and keep having the panadol every 4 hours to keep on top of your fever.

    Nell - sounds like both Matthew`s were missed out on hospital photos, I`m not worried as we have 2 very good cameras anyway and I`m sure we can take better photos sometimes. I am thinking of getting some professional photos done just not sure where to go, the pixie ones look all the same to me, I`ve had to wait for Matthew`s hormonal rash to clear up plus he`s forever scratching his face to put fingers in his mouth but up until the last week, fingers often end up in eyes, ears, head etc before they find his mouth so we might be over the scratches at last. Thanks for the comment about Matthew in his JJ Yay at Matty having his first solids, you`ve done well.

    Deb - Have a great time this afternoon with your friends

    Lesley - Welcome Happy 3 months to Chloe

    Fi - oh no at Jenna`s cough and not sleeping. I hope she gets better soon.

    Sarah - I also hope thats the last of all your broken bits and pieces for now, nothing worse then spending money on problems which need fixing.

    Not much happening here today, thought I might have been in for a bad night last night after I woke Matthew with my sneezing attack, poor boy was heartbroken but after some boobie he was fine and went back to sleep.

    Take Care


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    Scarlett Guest

    Trish - that cough sounds awful, I hope it clears up for you soon.

    Fi - sorry no advice here, Emily has been doing the same thing and I asked my mum about it and all she could say was "between 3-9mths old they start to wake up again" all I could add was - WHY. We have tried feeding her more solids, at different times, more food before bed etc. Doesn't seem to do much sorry.

    Deb - LOL at the dogs - we have the same problem. However our cats are more of a issue. ONe has started running back and forwards on the curtain rod to get our attention and it fell down the other night. The other one waits until emily gets up and then demands (very loudly) to be fed when you are trying to get her to sleep. The dogs just arrive next to you and lick your hand to say they want out and then they are stuck out for the night.

    Sarah - hope the 'house' problems are finished for you. Sounds like you have been through a bit.

    Nell - Its amazing how fast they grow up isn't it, scary though. Seems like yesterday we were just pregnant.

    Lesley - welcome to you and Chloe, that is such a nice name and one not heard to often.

    Sorry to those I missed but must go teach maths now.

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    Jun 2005
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    Hi all,
    Fi: Erggh on the wake up's the only thing I do is give Eliza a bottle while she is still asleep just before I go to bed it gives us a break. As for the cough we use to sleep Eliza on her side..not sure if it worked that well.
    Deb:It is always nice when you take better photos than the proffesionals.
    Hope you day goes well with your visitors.
    Lesley: Nice to meet you and Chloe, congrats on 3 months
    Sarah:I'm glad mothers group went well, Zander sounds like he is on top of the cold.I'm with you on the waking through the night, its second nature to me too 8-[
    Trish: Hope the chest feels better, you sound like your in for some fun at the denist (shudder)
    Scarlett: Hope you start to feel better,2 teeth Emily will neally be able to eat a steak.lol
    Deeanne: Nice to meet you too. Matthew sounds like he is enjoying his sleeps.Congrats on 3 months
    Tanya:Hope the production goes well, sounds like a long night.
    To those I forgot sorry. Eliza has been drinking alot better lately, I am exhausted as MIL's birthday and threw her a bit of a party..Cleaning up the mess has me falling asleep at 6pm.lol

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    Sep 2004
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    It's been chatty in here today.

    Lesley, a big welcome to you and Chloe. Thanks for reminding me to look after me. I think sometimes as mothers we forget to look after ourselves, it all goes on the children.

    Bec, LOL @ falling asleep already. I wish I could fall asleep at lunchtime and sleep the whole afternoon and night through Good to hear that Eliza has been drinking better too. Sorry I think I called Eliza Emily a few post's back. Too many babies around

    Deb, sorry to hear that the dog's kept you awake. First the neighbours dogs, now yours. Good that Gab slept through it all though. Hope you have a nice afternoon.

    Sarah, fingers crossed that your 3 bad things are all you get. How is Zander going? Sounds like he is taking off in the growth area. Must be keeping some of that milk in. I remember when Brandon was a bub - he has reflux too. I tried him on solids a few times when he was around Tehya's age and he just couldn't tolerate them. Everything that was going in was coming straight back out the other end. I guess he didn't start to have solids properly til her was around 9 months. In saying that he couldn't tolerate formula or cows milk either. He came off the boob at 9 months and had to go on watered down cows milk. The only thing that didn't make him poop everywhere. Of course now there is alot more out there for babies with reflux too.

    Nell, My Dr faxed teh referal through to Tresillian but I'm yet to hear from them. She did tell me though, that if they hadn't called me by mid week to give them a call so I might just do that tomorrow. Sounds like Matty is loving his food. Does he give you a break in between spoonfuls or are you having to do it super speedy. That's how Tehya likes to be fed. Piggy.

    Fi, I hope that you get a better night with Jenna tonight. How is her cough going? Maybe you can try sitting in a steamy bathroom with her for a little while??

    Took myself to the Dr today and he says that my chest is clear. Not sure how that could be given that fact that I am wheezing like mad and coughing up gunk. Anyway my throat is inflamed too so he put me onto antibiotics. Still don't know whetehr or not to keep my appt at the Dentist tomorrow or not. Hehe, I'd do anything not to go, even get the flu

    Not really impressed with my Gp today either. Not the one I go to with Tehya, just one I see occasionally but for a few years now. Anway, he saw me feeding Tehya in the waiting room and when I went in he asked how old she was and for hoew much longer did I plan on feeding her for. I told him forever - then I said I fed Noah til he was 20 months so atleast til then would be nice. He says to me "oh you want to feed that long again? I remember he was always grabbing at your breasts after a feed" I say Oh well, it's good for her. And then he tells me that I should be starting to give her plenty of solids by now too. WTF, she's not even 5 months old yet.

    Funny thing is though, whe I was feedig Noah he was always telling me what a fantastic job I was doing.

    Well, we don't have too many noisy dogs happening atm. We have HORNY CATS instead. They sit either under my bedroom window or outside the kitchen window and make that feral sound.

    Hope that everyone else is going well and that all bubbies are behaving themselves too.

    Take care

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    Aug 2004

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the comments re Jenna's sleep patterns. I shouldn't complain too much really as the reason we had 3 wakeups is cos Shane fell asleep wiht her in bed at 1am, and she woke up 2 hours later buggin him to get back into bed.
    Anyway - fairly normal night last night, she was 8pm to 3am, then 4am til 7:30am. That I can handle, and yes we have tried doing all sorts of things, including stuffing her with extra milk just before she konks out, and no difference this time.
    Needles today - they were horrible, not that I watched!! I left the room and returned when the bottle ofEBM was being fed by the nurse. "She loves her tucker!!" was the response from her!
    And when I asked the Dr about the reflux and whether we should start solids, the answer was no. Apparently Jenna has nice chubby thighs, so she isn't worried. I have a funny feeling that because we haven't been breaking her door down worried about it, she thinks the chucking isnt too bad. Its never ending, and annoying, and stinky!!!
    So hopefully it will be a good nights sleep here tonight, her cough hasn't got nay worse, and its sounds like she is faking it. She only coughs every couple of hours, and has no temperature or anything. Strange bloody child....

    You know how when you miss doing a post of personals, and then try to post again later, and it all seems like too much work to catch up on all the personals you have missed?? Well its liek that here. I dont even know where to begin with everyone! So from this post on I'll get back to personals again. Sorry, I know I'm slack.

    Righto - back to the grindstone. Shower time for her. Lord give me strength!

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    Feb 2004

    Fi - no worries about personals. Any of us shouldn't have to stress about doing them, we know how hard it is sometimes. I often wonder the same thing about Matty, maybe he isn't diagnosed as reflux because I haven't complained too loudly about it?

    Dee - we go through our moments, sometimes we are super chatty and sometimes we are not. Poor little Matthew with his wake - up, maybe he had a bad dream?

    Trish - grr at your doctor - what a pain he is. Feed Tehya as much boobie as you like for as long as you like - where is he from? The dark ages? Matty loves the rice cereal, he also loves getting his hands all in it too, trying to grab the spoon while I feed him.

    Sarah - hope everything gets fixed and stays that way - there is always something isn't there? Trish is right, he is keeping some of that stuff in there for sure, which is the main - one day you'll wake up and it will be gone!

    Bec - hope you get some good sleep in after your party and clean up, glad Eliza is feeding better.

    Scarlett - feeling better now?

    Okay, hope all are well.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Time for another big catch-up!

    Sarah - bad things happen in threes, hey? What a pain in the bum. Hopefully that will be the last of the run of bad luck for you guys for a while! Actually... forever would be nice, hey?? I just realised how that was such a silly thing to say, LOL.

    Dee - that's great that Matthew's coughing didn't keep him awake. We have slowed down in the chatting a lot compared to when we were all still preggo or in the younger threads. I think it's because the babies are awake for so much longer we just don't get a chance to get to the puter. Like Nell said, some days are more chatty than others.

    Scarlett - I had to laugh @ your cat running along the curtain rod to get attention. They are funny creatures sometimes! It's hard when they go from being the babies to all of a sudden getting no attention at all! Our little "neglectarinos" will hopefully get some more attention as Gabby gets bigger. Lucy loves kids so she is going to be like a pig in slops once Gab can play with her.

    Bec - wow @ throwing your MIL a party. I am not brave enough to throw parties yet. Sounds like you were pretty tuckered out. That's great that Eliza is drinking a lot better now. Such a relief for you.

    Trish - big *frowns* at your GP. What a bloody odd thing for a health professional to say!! Honestly, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. People should just mind their own fricken business! I hope that when I am older I don't go around telling younger people what to do and how to rear their children. Can someone remind me of that when I become an over-bearing MIL??

    Fi - No worries about the personals. Some days I can't be fershnickered either. Good to hear that Jenna only woke up once. How did she go last night. I figured you had already tried what I suggested - I just wanted to feel like I was trying to help, LOL. If I had a magic wand...... well.. it would be over-worked!! Isn't it funny how just because Jenna is putting on weight and healthy that the severe reflux isn't a problem? I can only imagine how fricken annoying it is. Maybe go to the chemist? Do you need a prescription for gaviscon for babies?

    Gabby decided to wake up at 5:30am. No way Jose! So I popped a dummy in and she slept for another 2 hours. Wish that worked every morning, LOL. We have MG in an hour so I wanted her to take a nap before we had to leave. Only problem was, she had only been up for an hour when she is normally up for 2 before getting tired. I wrapped her up, popped her in bed and, blow me down, she fell asleep! At least she won't be a huge grump at MG. Now I just have to hope she wakes up soon so I can feed her before we go. Don't you just love it when things go according to your plans for once??

    We have a busy afternoon. We are going to get our tax done then drop off some forms to the mortgage broker. Somewhere in there I have to do groceries as we have no food. We may just have to starve until tomorrow Neil wants me to go out for dinner @ the pub where he is holding a bit of a function tonight. I told him I would see how Gabby goes with all the running around today.

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    LOL at the horney cats Trish..
    Sometimes I cn't tell whether it is Eliza screaming or the bloody cats!!
    Don't worry about the Emily thing the priest that married us called me Racheal all the way through...hmm does that mean I'm not really married :-k
    Going to get rid of the re-growth..feeling that I am not going blonde again as I really havent been blonde since 12...lol

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    Nov 2003
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    Hey Everyone

    I have again been MIA. But I found my way back again, lol! Thats something I guess.

    So how is everyone?

    I am feeling like crap, start of the damn flu I think. What timing, with a week before we leave on holidays. Grrrr!! Anyway, I went off to the chemist this morning and bought half the damn shop, and have to say I am beginning to feel a little better. Maybe they were worth the money!

    I am trying not to have too much to do with Hayley but then again I think she gave it to me anyway. She has been really snotty too, but dimetapp and baby balsam, with the breathe ezy on at night and she is seeming better.

    Sounds like everyone is having the no sleep thing happening. Me too, maybe they are all growing OR they like to keep us guessing. Hayley is being really grumpy now when she is tired, never done that before, but thankfully she is sleeping about 9 hrs at night. Have had her off solids for a couple of days as she was getting sick.

    On the reflux thing...Hayley is the same spits up all the time, although the paed has me giving her 1ml of Mylanta before a feed and that is helping heaps.

    I cant remember who said what.

    Will hopefully catch up again soon

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Fi and Nell - We`re the same with Matthew his reflux hasn`t been diagnosed and like both of you it`s probably because I`m not banging down the door and he`s on the 97th percentile so still obviously getting enough, I had a bad time this morning of it, 2 projectile vomits within seconds of each other all over me, Matthew and the chair and floor, icky, no wonder I feel like I`m forever washing.

    Dinky - I hope your feeling better soon and I`m glad Hayley is improving.

    Deb - your going to be one busy lady today I hope Gabby`s good for you and doesn`t get too unsettled with all the running around.

    Fi - I hope you had a good night and Jenna`s cough has improved.

    Trish -I can`t believe what the Dr said to you, obviously speaks his mind. Would you like a couple more horny cats, they are driving me mad.

    Matthew`s just gone down for his nap, probably only an hours worth but it`s better then none.

    Take Care


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    Feb 2004

    I've heard that it can be really hard to get bubs diagnosed with reflux if they aren't screaming in pain because of it. My Dr was really good, listening to everything I said about it & that's why Zander was diagnosed at 2 weeks old. The thing is, even though he's on medication it hasn't done anything for the spewing, it just stops the pain. Zander is still a very very spewy baby (we've gone through 5 bibs & 3 outfits today so far) and having the diagnosis hasn't done much at all.

    Isn't it horrible when you scare them accidentally Dee? They look so upset & confused. Glad he got over it quickly though, norti mummy for sneezing

    OMG at your cat running across the curtain rod Scarlett, mine's so lazy she barely gets out of her own way!

    It is funny how waking during the night becomes second nature isn't it Bec, hopefully soon we can both wave goodbye to the night wake ups.

    Gee Trish it sounds like you hard a hard job with Brandon. Zander is going well for the moment, as I said before he's still spewing like the exorcist but all is good. It's funny that now-a-days I can deal with spew just about anywhere - I got it on my chin & down my neck the other night! How did you go with ringing Tresillian? On of the girls from MG had to wait almost 6 weeks to get into Karitane. Strange about the Dr saying one thing when you were feeding Noah & another when you're feeding Tehya, I wonder what that's about :-k

    LOL at Jenna faking a cough now Fi, Zander is doing the same. I'm sure they figure out that when they have a real cough we come running so they think they can get away with a fake one!

    I'm waiting for the day when I wake up & the reflux is all gone Nell..... Nope not today Have you taken many pictures of Matty with his solids? Sounds like he makes a right old mess with it!

    LOL at hoping is the last lot of bad luck forever Deb, we all know it won't last forever but a little while would be nice. How did MG go? And how did little miss Gabby go with all your running round? Maybe you should invite yourself to your mum's for dinner then you won't have to worry about cooking

    I hear ya on the feeling crap Dinky, both Aaron & I have the flu too I hope it goes away soon.

    Well as I said Aaron & I both have the flu. It's a shame too cos it's our 5th anniversary today & we are both too sick to bother going out. I think we might order some Thai takeaway & sit in front of the heater all night! Doesn't sound half as good as sitting in front of a fire hey?!

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Sarah, yoru right, a fire sounds so much nicer. even nicer without kids. I think I'd end up falling asleep in front of the fire atm if it were me. This flu is horrible hey. I hope that you guy's aren't down with it for too long.

    Dee, the cats aren't mine so nope, don't want any others Hopefully you got a decent sleep out of Matthew.

    Dinky, hoping that your flu goes away really soon too. I think we must all be breathing too close to the computer screens

    Bec, sorry sweety I think if your real name is on the certificate then your married. Damn hey. How did you not stop the priest and tell him your name.

    Deb, hope that you had a great time at MG. Well done Miss Gabby on going back to sleep like that for mummy too. Good Girl.

    Nell, good to hear that Matty loves his food. I swear when I am feeding Tehya it's like a race, if the spoon isn't back into her mouth fast she gets the craps.

    Like I said, the horney cats aren't even mine. We don't have any pets. I'm the only breader around here. So.... can someone tell me how to stop these noisy cats hanging around outside our house. All I here is them making THAT sound and it stinks from the spraying out there. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Why is it when I ask someone - the big boys or Mark to pick up the baby when she is whinging they then bring her straight out near me. The minute she see's me she whinges harder. If I wanted to be nursing her, I would've picked her up ](*,)

    Hmm better go, somebody just reminded me that I still need to ring Tresillian (thanks Sarah)

    Didn't go to the Dentist today either. I called them this morning and they told me not to come as they could here how sick I was. Rebooked now for 15th August. Hopefully it doesn't hurt too much between now and then.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Happy Anniversary Sarah and Aaron! Sorry to hear you are both sick for it tho That's no good at all. Oh dear on all of Zander's spewing. I guess those of us with non-spewy babies just have no idea! Gabby did a huge chuck today (well, huge for her) as I was leaving MG and I freaked out. She seemed to heave it out and it was all like cottage cheese. Poor little chook! Still, it gave me a taste of what you and Fi and Dee and others have to put up with several times a day. I can see why it must be so frustrating.

    Dee - how did Matthew's nap go?

    Dinky - good to hear from you. Bugga about getting a cold. LOL @ you buying out the whole chemist! Mmmmm drugs... I can't wait until I can take them for a cold once again...

    Bec - hope you had a relaxing time at the hairdressers. I need to go back again as I am starting to get re-growth too. I can only tell when I straighten my hair and that happens once in a blue moon these days. Actually, I have run out of foundation and have been out for a couple of months now. Goes to show how often I put on makeup!!

    Well, Gabby survived today. She really needed to have a nap at MG but refused to sleep. I think she is getting really used to her cradle now and doesn't like sleeping in my arms anymore. Like I said before, she had a huge spew which is very unlike her so I am wondering if she had a tummy ache. We got home and she had a good sleep. Then we had to do stacks of running around. By the time we got in to do our tax, she was very much over it. She cried for the last 10 minutes. Good news tho... I am getting a little over $3000 back! WOO HOO!! I am so glad I kept every receipt of every little thing I bought for my classroom and for the kids last year. At least teachers can write off a whole lot of stuff!! Yay!
    Neil is throwing a function down at the pub. We were going to stop for tea but Gabby was too tired and we would have had to sit in the bistro to eat while the boys sat in the pub. It's far too smokey in there for a baby (and I can just imagine the stares I would get for taking her in there). So, yay, I get to come home Oh for the day when Neil has to be stuck at home and I can go and have some fun!!

    Ok... gonna go and update Gabby's pictures

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