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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, August 05

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    May 2004

    Hello Everyone,

    Can Alexander and me join in please ??

    Alex is 3months old today that time has gone so fast.
    Not much going on with us Alex slept for 10hrs last night just a shame Kimberley did not or i would have had a great nights sleep. I did check on him twice during the night just to make sure he was ok.
    Yesterday Kimberley put the cat into Alex's room while he was sleep and i did not know until i checked on Alex just glad the cat was at Alex's feet on his cot.
    Going to the clinic tomorrow to have Alex's weight checked and everything else as we have not been for two weeks.

    Will catch up with you all later

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Welcome to Michelle and Alex! Yay for 3 months! Oh no @ the cat in his room - lucky it wanted to sleep at his feet tho. Bumma that you didn't get to take advantage of the 12 hour sleep!

    Bec - yeah it was pretty cold yesterday. I got that many comments from people about how I really shouldn't take Gabby out in such cold weather. It's not like she was nude!! Crikey! So, people that live in countries where it snows must have to stay cooped up in the house all winter?? Hmmm... LOL @ having to make yet another decision about work. Best to write up a pros and cons chart so you can see whether or not it's worth it.

    Dee - I would say that Matthew is 1/2 Kiwi too. After all, kids that a born with say a white parent and a black parent from... for example... Africa.. would be considered 1/2 African. Or a parent from an Asian country - would that child not be considered 1/2 Chinese or 1/2 Vietnamese?? Just because the skin colour isn't an issue doesn't mean that Matthew isn't 1/2 Kiwi. How's Matthew's head?? The poor chicken. I know how you feel tho. I have banged Gabby's head a couple of times when getting her out of the car. I was beside myself!

    Sarah - yeah, it probably is the farex even tho she has only had a really small amount 2 times in the last 4 days. She's probably not ready for it. Have stopped it for now.

    Hmm.. well, Gabby hasn't been putting on much weight. She is averaging 52 grams a week which is only half of what she should be doing. The MCHN said I need to start giving her some formula during the day too but I really don't want to. If I have to go to the hassle of making bottles during the day too, I may aswell just switch altogether. Gonna go to the breastfeeding forum and see if anyone has some ideas. I just feel so... ick. I feel like I have been depriving Gabby. The stupid thing is, she has been so happy and cruisey in the last month. If she was hungry, surely she would be grumpy all the time??

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    Feb 2004

    Deb did you see the thing on A Current Affair (I think) the other night saying that the charts the ECHNs go on are 50yrs out of date & were based on formula fed babies? Having said that though, my Dr said bubs should really be putting on around 100gm a week on average. Don't feel bad either, you haven't be depriving her, I'm sure you're feeding her whenever she needs it. Maybe she just has a super fast metabolism?

    Welcome Michelle & Alex. Wow that 3 months has gone fast hasn't it!

    Well, my litle boy is getting bigger & bigger - he's now 7.9kg. We have to go out & get his new carseat soon, $330 worth :shock: His capsule goes up to 9kg & the carseat is from 8kg. I figure at the rate he is gaining, in 2 weeks he'll be up to 8.5kg & ready for the new seat

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Ok really pressed for time at the moment so please forgive my rather scabby post. I promise to make a better effort next time.

    Sarah, sounds like Zander is growing like a weed. WOW at him being 7.8kgs already. Tehya is 6.89 kgs and 66 cms long. She has super long legs, I guess she gets them from me hey I went out and brought Tehya a new carseat a few weeks back, I will highly recommend it too. It's the safe and sound Regency I think it was. Probably wrong on the name. I got it for $440 at Babies Galore when they had their last sale on. I sat Noah in it just to check on the size and even his head only just comes to the top of it. I love it, when it is in the forward facing postion you can just pull this lever and you can lay it back. Perfect when they get abit bigger and what to sit up but then fall asleep on you. We have to try and orgainse another catch up, I'd love to see Zander and you again seeing as how I missed out on the last one.

    Deb, I wrote a nice response to other post so I won't go into it too much here. Tell your MCHN nurse to shove it. Gab is doing fine, she's happy and looks healthy so whats the problem

    Bec, hope you got work sorted out and that Eliza is doing well. Happy 5 months to Eliza.

    Dee, Poor Matthew, I'm sure his head is fine but that scream really scares you hey. Yep, I'd say that he was part Kiwi too. Obviously your DH is in denial.

    Michelle and Alexander welcome. Good to hear that you are getting great sleeps out of the baby. Shame that Kimberly didn't sleep so well for you. It's always the way isn't it. I swear my kids play tag team.

    Nat, sounds like Jacob is loving his food too. How very cute of Jacob laughing at his big brother. I'm yet to be brave enough to let someone else feed Tehya.

    Tanya, norty Violets hands. You'd think by now they would've learnt to stay still and wrapped up in the night. It's ok about you other post to me, I knew what you meant. You couldn't be that mean to a little baby I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.,

    Fi, how are you and Jenna going? I hope all is well for you pair.

    Nell, how are you and Matty going? I hope everything is going well for you guy's too.

    Well considering this was going to be a scabby post I think I did ok.

    I have been offered a casual job at my local scrap shop \/ after making sure that it was ok for me to take Tehya with me, I of course said yes Very happy about it all. Still have to sit down and work out the finer details like $$ and stuff. It's so hard to know how to approach the whole money thing when your offered cash in the hand work. I called the girls up this afternoon to say thank you for the offer and to see where we went now and what the go would be and I think they are after at least 1 set day a week and then whatever pops up. I know they want me for weekend work, they are open 7 days a week so they really need some time with their families too.

    Ok I'll stop taking up space in here. As you can tell I'm excited about it.

    Tehya still has her runny nose and now she's getting a nice cough on top of it all. I think it's from all of the snot going down the back of her throat that's making her cough. Joel has come down with my flu now so he is barking like a dog too.

    Got my letter today for baby boot camp and I have to start up a sleep diary for her. Fantastic now I have to make sure my eyes are really open in the middle of the night so I can see the clock.

    Take care

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    Aug 2004


    Seems hard to post here at the moment. Like its not a high priority.... I'm sure that will change when Shane goes back to work, but for the time being I guess I'll just have to cope with checking in every couple of days.

    BTW - Shane is off work for another month, then goes back on restrictged hours - 2/4/6 hrs a day etc. Good but bad.
    On the plus side - we did some bding last night for the first time! AND it didn't hurt!!! It was really nice, and we have been doing sex talk all day as a result. Jenna's little bro or sis here we come! Not sure how I'm goign to cope, but I'm sure we'll manage!

    Trish - good luck with the diary. I can't think of anything worse, but it will probably do some good in the long run. We've decided to let Jenna do what she wants now, and shes doing about 4 x 30-45 min sleeps a day. Probably not ideal, but she sleeps OK at night usually, so she'll be right.
    Yay for the work!! Cash in Hand even better.

    Deb - All is OK here, just you know how it goes. I'll go read your post about feeding, but I reckon you shouldn't stress too much. Saying that though jenna has put on 160g a week since she was born, so its easy for me to give advice huh? Not sure what I'd do in your boots, maybe ask for a second opinion? Maybe talk to the corio people too? Or your Dr?

    Sarah - what a strange dream! And dont laugh about the mothers group preggo one - it could be me in a couple of months!

    Dee - definitly half kiwi. The better half too I say! Although we bicker terribly about it, at the end of day my girl will grow up with a Kiwi accent, so I win! =P~ to Shane!!

    Bec - LOL on the stack hat. Buy one for me too OK? And go the work!! Extra money to pay the next power bill right?

    Michelle - happy 3 months!

    Tanya - I know what you are saying on the 1am feed. Try the dummy a couple of times, but then resort to a feed. Sometimes though Jenna falls asleep halfway trhough thank god. I've even stopped changing her nappy at night unless its a pooey one, or she really wont settle. Its taken 30mins of the night feed. Woohoo! \/

    OK - better go, my toes are turning to blocks of ice..... Damn its cold in Geelong!


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    Feb 2004

    Dee & Fi - I have no problem with people TTC soon after birth, more power to you I say. I'm sorry if it sounded like I thought it was a bad idea.

    Yup he is getting to be a big boy Trish, but not real tall yet only about 62cm. The carseat we're looking at is the Safe-N-Sound Maxi Rider, it goes up to 32kg & converts to a booster so it will be the only other seat we will need for him. It also has the recliner thing which I thought would be handy. Yay at the job at the scrap shop. :-k do staff give friends discounts.... j/k! Oh no at having to do the sleep diary, thats gotta be a tough job.

    Yay at the BDing without any pain Fi, sounds like you're well on your way now. It's cold here as well at the moment - bring on summer I say!

    Well, I better be off - Lost is on!

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Yeahh happy 4 months Jenna - hmm 4 months ago I was sitting with a chardy wishing that girl would arrive so Fi could come to our reunion. Guee time flys.
    I'm going to marathon post tomorrow cause I have sooooo much free time on my hands...lol

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    Feb 2004

    My turn for a very quick post, haven't had a great day, feeling terrible due to my teeth and Matty having a sore belly. Poor boy. At least teeth come out tomorrow and I'll be back bigger and brighter than ever. lol.

    Hope everyone is well, so sorry for the short, self centred post!

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    Aug 2003
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    Janelle - Good luck for tomorrow

    Fi - Yay at the bding without pain!!

    Trish - Woo hoo at the job! I think I would end up spending everything I earnt there before I went home though 8-[ Great about being able to take Tehya!

    Deb - I agree with the others! Don't stress too much over Gab's weight at the moment because that is one thing a b/feeding mum doesn't need! If she's happy, alert and having 6 - 8 decent wet nappies a day she is doing alright. Jacob is on the light side as well and it was suggested that I give him comp feeds too. I just told my MCHN that unless he was losing or not gaining any weight I was going to continue to exclusively b/f. She did say that as a MCHN she was "obliged" to suggest the comp feed but was happy to support my decision. If you are getting worried about it though I would make a call to an ABA B/F Counsellor just for a chat - they're great sounding boards!

    Michelle - Welcome to you and Alexander!! Happy 3 months.

    Dee - Awwww for Matthew's head!

    Had Jeff home from work today - work made him sick literally! He's a Steel Fabricator and has been throwing up the yucky chemicals. So I got absolutely nothing done today - oh well always tomorrow whe it's another darn "pupil-free" day at the primary school arrrrgggggggg my weeks gone to crap and so has the house #-o

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Nat - oh no @ the pupil free day. While teachers cheer, the parents go mad, LOL. Oh dear @ Jeff throwing up all that stuff. I hope he get compensation for it?? I always worry about people that work around any types of chemicals. Neil's work wreeks of Turps and he always stinks of it when he comes home. I often wonder if it was the cause of his low sperm count.... :-k

    Nell - I hope everything goes well today with your teeth. I am sure it will be such a relief to get the darn things out!! I hope Matty is feeling better too. Here's to a nice and restful weekend for you guys

    Sarah - awww... little short and plump Zander! Just the way babies should be That car seat sounds great! Thanks for the tip about what they said on ACA about weight standards. I can't believe they still use such old information!! I think it's the same with adult dress-sizes. They are still based on the size that people were in the 1950's - when people were shorter and skinnier.

    Fi - wooo hooo @ the BD and yay for it not hurting. I know how much you were missing it so I am glad you were able to finally have a go I bed Shane is relieved too!! LOL @ Jenna having the Kiwi accent so you win!! My step-sister is American so her eldest has an accent but only with certain words (she called her Momma for starters). She's definitely half and half!! Yay for 4 months old!!!

    Trish - yay for the job!! That's excellent! What a way to earn some extra cash - doing what you love to do AND being able to take Tehya in. That's nice and flexible for you and helps them out too. If only more work places could be so helpful!! I hope Tehya and Joel start feeling better soon.

    We have mother's group in 30 minutes and, once again, Miss Gabby is fast asleep :roll: Ah well... at least it's not an appointment where I must be on time. Thanks for all the comments re. my breast milk (or lack thereof). It's amazing how the mere suggestion of a drop in supply has made me feel so empty. I hate it when doubt creeps in. Ah well.. I have fought through it before... I can do it again!!

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    Nov 2003
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    Hey Ladies

    Thought I would pop in for my last post for this month!

    Hayley did well with the MCHN, now weighs 6110g, 13lbs 7ozs and is 60.5cm long, so she is on the short side, nothing unusual for my kids though. She passed everything with flying colours. Had to laugh when she told me that we would discuss starting solids at my next visit, too late already done it.

    Dont really have a lot of time, so excuse my lack of personals!

    I hope that you are all doing well.

    We are in the midst of packing for our holiday, leaving at 3am tomorrow morning and there is still so much to pack and the house to clean and a house full of visitors to contend with this afternoon.

    Will catch up with you all next month!

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    May 2004

    Hey all

    Welcome to Michelle and Alex! Yay for 3 months!!

    Dink... have a great holiday
    Sounds like hayley is doing really well! She has stacked it on huh?!

    Deb, don't you just love self doubt!! If you go through the MCHN chack post have a look at Emily's weight gain

    Nat, sounds like a busy day at your house.... AGAIN!! Yuck at Jeff's spews too ewwwwww!!!

    Happy 4months to Jenna!!!

    Dee, I think if I lived in NZ and had a baby to a NZ'er I would say the bub is 1/2 Aussie...
    Good luck TTC too... I was hoping to get pg really soon after Emily, but BF really stuffed my cycles up, but I got htere eventually... when Em was 8mo. Mind you I am getting reeeaaallly clucky again #-o And hearing about Jillian's little girl makes me want to try for a boy!! I have to keep talking myself out of it 8-[

    Fi, when are you offically ttc again?

    Trish, well done at taking the scrapbooking job . I bough Alecia some scapbooking stuff 4 xmas , she is gunna love it, maybe she'll get me into it

    Violet has digressed again last night, she woke up at 2:30am... oooh I wish she would make up her mind!! Although I did try and give her her tea a bit earlier last night si that might have mucked her up.... oh well.
    Wato took Em swimming this morn, so I get some time off
    Bought Alecia's birthday pressie yesterday... Simple Plan tix , mind you I get to go too . I'm not going to tell her, I am just going to tell her we are going out for the day and that is were we will end up... her first gig It isn't till the 8th of oct tho, can't wait to take her.


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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    I`m glad everyone agrees with me re Matthew being a half Kiwi, not sure if Mark is ever going to be convinced LOl Fi that enna`s going to have a kiwi accent, I know Matthew will be a bit confused with my accent, even though I`ve been here for 25 years I still have a slight kiwi accent, guess it`s becuase I started school in NZ.

    Tanya - I know what you mean by being clucky, I`ve been that way for a while, I`m with you about Bfing stuffing around my cycles, i should have been due for AF on Monday just gone yet I think I ovulated over the weekend, so I`m very confused. Sorry to hear Violet is waking at night again.

    Dinky - Have a great time away and Hayley sounds like she`s coming along nicely.

    Nat - Hope Jeff is feeling better soon.

    Nell - I hope Matty feels better soon and good luck with your teeth today icky.

    Fi - Yay at the Bding are you all set to give Jenna a little baby brother or sister? I`m like you not sure how I`ll cope with 2 little ones but I`m sure once we`re both in that situation we`ll be fine. Happy 4 months to Jenna.

    Deb - Like the other have said Gabby looks like a healthy, happy, content little girl and I`m sure she`s not starving and if she was she`d let you know by screaming down the neighbourhood, when I go to the mchn I always listen with only half an ear open LOL I know how some mothers must get so confused some of the things she has told me is absolutely rubbish. Keep your chin up your doing a great job.

    Michelle - Yay at the 10 hrs sleep but what a shame Kimberley`s sleep didn`t fall into place.

    Bec - LOL at buying Eliza a stack hat.

    Sarah - you`ve certainly got a chubby boy there

    Trish - yay at the casual job, thats fantastic

    Sorry girls have to go Matthew`s calling for his din dins

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    May 2004

    Just letting you all know I have finally put some more pics of Violet on her site

    Dee, great to hear form you, how is your sweet little boy doing?

    Alecia is going wiht her Nan (my Mum) to see the lion king tomorrow... I have just relised that there is a bag of her clothes still sitting on hte lounge floor!! Wato was supposed to take them into Shep with him to drop them off to her at school!! #-o


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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Fi, yay on a bit of bedroom action. Good to hear that it was pain free too. That's what has been putting me off it, oh and the lack of sleep

    Dink, hope you guy's have a great holiday and come back well rested.

    Tanya, Alecia is just going to love her bday present. Joel would love me forever if I brought him Simple Plan tix. Only problem is I wouldn't be able to go - Tehya still won't take a bottle. Sorry to hear that Violet was up again last night too.

    Nat, don't you just love those pupil free days. I call them the kids flexy days. Mine usually have them the first day back of tem so it's just another holiday day for them. I hope that Jeff is feeling better soon. I think I'm going to have to restrain myself from buying the products. Atleast this way I get to see all of the new stuff as it comes in.

    Nell, I hope you go ok today getting your teeth out. My turn next Monday for the Dentist. If you have horror stories hide them from me ok

    Deb, hope you girls have a fun time at MG this morning. Of course Gab was asleep when it was time to go. I think they just know somehow. And remember no doubting those bb's of yours. Their doing a great job.

    Sarah, I wanted to get one of the maxi rider seats for Noah but Mark brought a cheaper booster seat. I didn't realise that you could use them for a bub so little. Do they recline at all? Zander is just compact, thats all Mates rates at the scrap shop hey. Even I don't get a discount atm. I wonder if that wil be a perk working there :-k

    Took Tehya to the Dr's again this morning just to get her cold checked out. Afterall this is how it all started last time and she ended up with Pneumonia. Her chest is clear atm as is her nose, just clear a runny and thats' what is causing the cough. I also asked him about her hair - yes this is the 3rd Dr I've asked about it. Finally someone agrees with me and suggested that she goes to a Paediatric dermatologist. She has an appointment 2 days after we get out of Tresillian. It's going to cost us another $110. Tresillian is $180, looks like a very expensive week for us. Atleast I can get half of the Paed's fee back through Medicare.

    I have Joel home from school still. What a pain in the butt that is. I swear I have never seen a kid make as much mess as he does. Oh the joy's of teenage boys........

    Take care

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    May 2004

    Thanks everyone for the welcome.

    Last night Alex slept for 12hrs \/
    Took Alex to the CYN today and he now weighs 6.230kg and length 59.5.
    He put on 540gs in 2 weeks.

    Dinky - Have a great holiday

    Dee - How is Matthew's head today ??

    I'll be back later to catch up some more.

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    May 2004

    Wow Michelle!! I think Violet only weighs that much!! He is doing really well isn't he!! Esp considering he was early!!

    Trish, if oyu live in Melb I would take Joel... I am sure he'd love it!! The tix aren't that good, but it's better than none


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dinky - hope you have a great time on your holiday!!

    Tanya - Alecia is just gonna love those tickets!! Yay 4 surprising her by just turning up to the concert. You sneaky thing! Violet's pictures are soooo cute! I love one of the ones where she is sitting up and laughing - the one where she looks all cheeky and trying to hide her face. Very cute!

    Dee - I don't think Matthew will be confused by your accent at all. After all, the aussie and kiwi accents aren't all that different except for a few words (I know that my step family can't tell them apart... although they aren't a good example because they also say there is no difference between an english accent and an aussie accent... hmmm).

    Trish - good to hear that Tehya's chest is clear and that you will finally be able to get her hair checked out. Nice and expensive for you!

    Michelle - yay for the 12 hour sleep! I take it you got a decent sleep too or did Kimberley make it difficult? Wow @ his weight. He has well and truely passed Gabby. She hasn't even hit the 6kg mark (and I was wondering why her nappies were too big for her... they are the snugglers ones from 6kgs.. ah well!).

    MG was good. Gabby woke up at about 10:30am so we were only a little bit late. I tried to feed her there but she wasn't that interested. I did the groceries afterwards then she had a feed when we got home (a much better one). She's in bed now.. the poor little mite was worn out because she had been up for 3 hours. Neil was home and, after I wrapped her, I faced her to him from across the room and she started giggling and talking to him. It was so cute! She was chatting to him in a way that she never chats to me. It was nice - a daddy/daughter type thing.

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