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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, July '05 #2

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    LOL Tanya - freedom time over, hey? That will be me next month when Neil goes to Fiji. Ice cream for breakfast and no dinner if I don't feel like it!!

    Trish - oh dear... I hope it isn't the start of mastitis for you. It sounds horrid. I hope that lots of feeds can clear the blockage for you.

    Fi - the hen's night sounds like it would have been fun PB (pre-baby). The bath and the port sound like the go. It's good that Jenna didn't chuck after her EBM bottle. Perhaps it's the start of her being able to handle the milk a little better? She'll stop chucking soon.

    Nell - that is one awesome weight-gain for Matty!! Any wonder you are pleased.

    Sarah - nothing like a tidy yard, hey? Ours looks like we should be living in a trailor park in Hickville USA, LOL. Zander certainly is a big boy!! Excellent on the wonderful weight gain. As for the ute, it won't be fixed because Neil is in the process of combining 2 utes together to make one good one. Paint job and all! Mind you, this "new" ute will be even louder than the old one so every time he starts it, it rattles the house. I complain but I secretly love it!! Nothing like the sound of a V8. So we are down to 1 car for a couple of weeks. It's not too bad - it just means I have to plan ahead so that I know if I need the car or not. If I do, Neil can catch a lift and I will just pick him up after work.

    Got the girls from MG coming over soon. Gabby is asleep in her cradle so I am not sure how long that will last. So long as she isn't all grumpy as they come in the door - I have coffees to make, LOL.

    Oh... and get this! My lovely littlest sister decided that I needed some more scrapping materials so she went to kmart and bought me some eyelets, a hole punch and all the accessories I need to make a really nice page. She thought I already had them but when I told her that scrapping got put on the back-burner for lack of $$$, she decided I needed a treat. She is just awesome! Actually, all of my sisters are. I am one lucky girl to have them in my life

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Hi All

    Deb - I hope you have a lovely time with your MG today and I hope that Gabby is a good girl for you and at least allows you to make coffees. You are so lucky to have fantastic sisters!

    Trish - I hope that your bb are starting to get better, fingers crossed for you!

    Nell - Well done on Matty's weight gain, you must be pleased. Yuk @ the poos, I have that to look forward to after tomorrows needles.

    Scarlett - What perfect timing for you to get sick and need to spend time in bed with a new book! I hope that you are feeling better now. Yay on the crawling!!!!

    Sarah - You have to love helpful friends, I bet your backyard looks heaps better. Zander is a lovely big boy. I hope that your Dr gives you some reassurance.

    Fi - Its amazing how things change after you have a baby and stuff that you would have loved pre-baby becomes so silly post baby! Yay on Jenna's weight! I am glad that I am not the only one with an idiot for a MCHN!

    Well, Hayley is fine! She now weighs 5320g, and is 58cms long! I will have to finish this later as friends have just turned up to mow the lawns for me.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dinky - it sounds like Hayley is going great guns! She is almost as big as Gabby. Looks like being prem isn't holding her back at all! How nice of your friends to mow your lawns! We get a guy to do our lawns every 3 weeks because it was just getting ridiculous.

    MG went well. Everyone told me I was being silly about my place - they said it was nice and cosey. We've had to change our day to Fridays now because one of the Mums has to go back to work (not by choice) and we didn't want her to miss out.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Dinky - yay on Hayley doing so well. What do we do about stupid MCHN?? They get right on my nerve!!!

    Deb - pleased your mothers group went well. And you house is lovely and cosy!! We are due another lunchdate together I reckon.....

    Tanya - I got some new sneakers today with special innersoles. Hopefully they help me for my next game. Hope you enjoyed your time alone. I reckon its pretty good to have them around though aye?? I had a quiet moment with Jenna today - we dont seem to have had one since shane has been home. I just held her and sang Missy Higgins with her, you could tell she had missed it. My lovely singing voice and all!! Still, there is nothing better than passing the baby over when you need a break.

    She didn't sleep well today, and has gone done for the night at 7:15, so I would say we will be up at about 2am for a feed. D'OH!!! And then court in the morning. Hopefully the magistrate will see through this sick wench, and the intervention order will be ki-boshed. Hopefully.

    Hope all else are well - very quiet in here today!


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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Fi, nice that you and Jenna got some time alone today. Unfortunately for me today there was far too much of that. One of THOSE days. Good luck for court tomorrow. I'm sure it will all fly back into the witches face. Yay on Jenna growing good too, go the Mummy milk

    Dinky, sounds like little Hayley is growing nicely there. Yay on getting someone to mow the lawns for you. I think my mower man is on strike - Mark that is.

    Deb, good to hear that your MG meeting went well. Yay on getting some new scrap stuff too. I have to clean out my scrap cupboard, I'm sure there is so much stuff in there for me to toss that I know I won't use. One of those crafts where you acccumulate alot of extra's for "just in case".

    Sarah, was Zander going to have his injections done today? If so, I hope that he went well and is doing ok after them.

    Tanya, bummer that she woke up but YAY on no wee's, got to love that. Noah has taken to pooing in his nappy again. I still put one on him for naps and nighttime. Couldn't be stuffed washing sheets. How good is it to relax on the housework when theres no male around to complain of the mess. Funny thing is imagine if it were the other way around. Still I don't think we'd let it get as bad as the men.

    Nell, yay on Matty's growth spurt too. I weighed Tehya last week and she was 6.68kgs. turning into quite the fatty she is.

    Well as I said in my post to Fi, I have had one of THOSE days. Tehya barely slept and while I'm pretty used to that, she spent most of the time she was awake crying. Not sure what was wrong with her but by this afternoon I was in the filthiest of moods. I've been snapping everybodies head of and feeling shocking within myself. Almost on the verge of tears and I'm not really sure why. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Awww Trish... sounds like you're at the end of your tether matey! I don't blame you. It's a lot to contend with. Maybe time to call in some reinforcements before it gets worse? You need a break!

    Fi - I hope it goes well at court today. Hopefully common sense will prevail. I also hope Jenna is well behaved today too. How did you go last night?

    Gab woke up early this morning (that'll learn me for not going to sleep when she did - God forbid I wanted a bit of nookie, LOL). It turns out she did a poo! Needless to say, she was only up for an hour and was tired again so hopefully this morning nap will be a nice, long one!
    Her arm pit went all icky again yesterday. I can't figure it out! After last time, I make sure that the area is nice and dry. I guess I am not being careful enough. The poor little sausage!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Went to work again yesterday so I have a good reason for being AWOL this time

    Oh no at Gab's little arm being yucky again Deb. I wonder what's causing it if you're being extra careful? It might be seams in her clothes rubbing or something, have you checked that? Yay that MG went well, all that worry over nothing! Sam situation here with the car cos we only have 1, Aaron gets a lift to work & I pick him up most days. Oh & yaay on the new scrap stuff, gotta be happy with that!

    Nope, next Tuesday for the injections Trish. Oh no on another bad day yesterday Trish, how are thing going this morning? At least the boys are back to school now I guess that's on good thing!

    Good luck today at court Fi. Fingers crossed everything goes Shane's & your way

    Woohooo on Hayley's growth Dinky, sounds like she's going well!

    Sounds like you've got a tall skinny little guy there Nell! Yay on his weight gain as well. Sounds like all the bubs are doing well in that department at the moment.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - is Zander still sleeping well? Gab will probably have her injections next week too. Not looking forward to them at all! They are a little bit more aware of their surroundings so it will be interesting to see how they go! It could be the seams in her clothes. I dunno. I think I may just have to put sudocream under her arms all the time until she starts moving her arms around more and letting me get in there. We have her photos tomorrow and I want to get some nudey shots so hopefully it won't be a prob.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    I didnt manage to get back on here yesterday as my friends were here all day until about 5pm. we only have a small square of lawn at the back and the nature strip, so should have only taken 20 minutes or so BUT he decided to do everything including sweeping up all the leaves and the backyard, OMG it looks amazing! Lets hope it will stay that way until my Dad returns home in another week or so!

    Fi - Not sure what to do about the MCHN, well the crazy ones anyway. I had a choice of 2 and the other one is the same lady I had with Shannen and my Mum abused her for telling me crap...especially as she doesnt even have kids, learnt everything from books! I am just doing the usual weigh in stuff and ignore everything else. Good Luck with the court stuff, been there with a friend of mine, not fun but relevantly easy.

    Trish - Sweety, you sound at the end of your tether there. I hope that Tehya is being good for you today, horrible when they scream all the time and you cant work out what the problem is. Hayley did that last week and I was hysterical, but ended up giving her some colic stuff and she settled down. Fingers crossed for you.

    Sarah - How is Zander doing? I hope that your needles go fine!

    Deb - I hope that you can work out what is happening with her underarm. Maybe she sweats a lot there? Especially as its so nice and cosy.

    Well, I am off to have lunch with my sister today, she is selling cheap nappies and has put some away for me, YAY! I have Shannen home with a sinus infection, but hopefully she will be fine to go back to school tomorrow as she is going to school for netball training tonight anyway. But I guess I will have to see how she copes with it all!

    Hayley has decided to go up in the amount of formula she has each feed, changed her yesterday to 250mls, and she is scoffing the whole lot, so I guess she was hungry.

    I am having a slight meltdown here as I am still trying to work out all the stuff that we need to pack for our holiday, not enough hours in the day I tell you. We have 3.5w before we leave and there is so much stuff to take for Hayley that its not funny! Never mind the driving the whole way to Qld with 3 kids, maybe I am nuts!

    Okay, rambled on enough and I will catch up again soon.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    LOL Dinky - you certainly have your work cut out for you there! Will it be much of a holiday for you in the end? Ahhh.. the joys of motherhood! Yay that Hayley is taking more formula. Sounds like she is going great guns. You MCHNs do sound like tossas. Mine is ok - a little scattered but so far hasn't made me feel bad about anything. I hope Shannen starts feeling better and that you have a lovely lunch today

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Oh oh, BTW happy 4months to Violet today (& Zander ).

    YAY at Hayley going up in her formula. Poor Shannen with a sinus infection, hope she gets better for school tomorrow. Not nuts Dinky, just going to be really really busy!! We used to always go to QLD for holidays & we drove too. That was with mum, dad & 4kids!

    Zander is still sleeping pretty well. In bed by 8pm usually & he wakes at 3ish for a bottle then sleeps to 7/8/9am (today is was 9am). Yay at getting photos of Gab done, I'm sure her arm won't matter.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Happy 4 months to Violet and Zander!!!!

    Deb - I am just hating all the organising for the holiday, should be great once we get there though. Doing all the theme parks again!!! DH thinks its easy but with all the little extras we need for Hayley its a huge job, thankfully he is having a day off before we leave but I have to have everything done by then, arrrrgh!

    Sarah - YAY for Zanders sleeping!!!! Hayley went down at midnight last night and is still asleep now!

    Hayley has her needles tonight so that will be interesting, NOT! I cant wait for my Dad to come home, he left when Hayley was 6w old, so he will sure notice the difference.

    Silly me has booked Hayleys naming day in for October 9, which is fine but we dont get home from Qld until the 5th of September, and we are having the dreaded BIL/SIL here for dinner on the 10th, so it will be flat out!

    I will never learn!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Yay for Violet and Zander ...
    Dink I just realised Hayley was 4mo a few days ago... sorry we missed it 8-[
    Sounds like you are one busy mumma!!

    Good luck in court today Fi...fun.... NOT

    Trish... I am so sorry you are having a rough time sweet!! Your poor little girl is having a bit of a rough trot, I hope you are ok!

    Deb, I am glad your MG went well, and congrats on having a 'cosy' house

    Took Violet for her 4 month check today.... she is 5.96kg, 63cm long and 41cm head... so she is doing well Go a bag with lots of free suff in it too... including a counting book... Emily will love!!
    Wato got home at 4am!!! Norty boy! Hardly had any sleep... Violet was being a pain... up at 11:30, 2am (I just gave her a cuddle in my bed and we fell asleep till dad came home, fed her at 4am, and she just didn't want to go to sleep!! So I sat up with her in the lounge and fed her again at 6!! Hmmmm... dunno what was going on there!

    Anyway better go and get some lunch.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Ick... that's a terrible night, Tanya. I hope Violet sleeps well tonight to make up for it.

    Oh yeah! WOO HOO for Zander and Violet on 4 months today!! \/ I really should have remembered since Gabby is tomorrow!! I will try harder for the 5 months mark

    Damn... she's awake... only a 30 minute power nap :roll:

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Hi All,

    Well Shane has an intervention order against him! Its unreal how much the system is open to abuse. Apparently if we wanted to contest it, it would still have been granted today, and we would have had to come back in a months time with legal representative. So we just decided to accept without admission - although we have built in that Shane is entitled to be at any netball game with me as long as he doesn't approach her. The only positive for the day is that she had a lawyer there (we used the free legal aid), and all up probably cost her about $500-$800 for the morning. Ha ha ha. Thats the only positive.
    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? So for everyone out there who wants to screw up someones life - go apply for an intervention order. Apparently you can lie blantantly and still get one.

    Dinky - hope the needles went OK. its our turn in a couple of weeks, thankfully Shane will still be off work. I bet deep down you are really looking forward to your holiday, even though lots of prep is required! Is Hayley on 4-hour feeds?

    Tanya - Great weight for Violet! Isn't it funny that sisters can be so different? My sister and I are 3 years apart, and apparently I stopped being able to fit into her hand-me-downs fairly early on. A few years ago we were actually the same weight of 70kg. She was 9 months pregnant, and I had been on Jenny Craig for 3 months! She's a skinny one. That is certainly a strange night for Violet! Hopefully tonight will be better.

    Sarah - great that Zander is being such a good boy sleeping. Does it make up for all those sleepless nights?? Or like me, have you already forgotten how bad they were?

    Deb - I hope Gabby's armpit heals up quickly. When I am rubbing Jenna down at night with her almond oil, I always put some under her chin (where the spew congregates) and under her armpits. She has only been a bit flaky once. Because we have been getting jenna to bed about 8:30, she is waking every morning about 4am for a feed. Every morning she does a poo - without fail!! she is really getting concentration going when she does them. Its so funny!! Of course not so funny when there are at least 3 pooey nappies to clean every day!

    Trish - I hope Tehya has a better day for you tomorrow, dont you hate when they cry??? Jenna was doing that today too, but I know it was cause she was tired, and Shane kept playing with her! He does monsters with her where he lifts her up and brings her face towards his, he sings monster mash, and she opens her mouth and bites his nose! Quite cute.

    Nell, scarlett - Hope all is well with you too.


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    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Tanya - Its hard to keep up in here, doesnt really matter that you missed Hayley's 4 month day, but thanks for the thoughts. I hope that Violet slept better for you last night, its horrible when they are like that. Sounds like Violet is doing really well, her stats are brilliant!

    Deb - Happy 4 months to Gabby!!! I hope Gabby is being good for you!

    Fi - I have to agree the system sux! I went with my g/f 3 times to get one against her violent ex, didnt work at all, he moved in 12 houses away, 1.2m more than the order and no one could do anything about it. As for your case, that really sux but at least you got that he can be at netball with you....she sounds like a weird nasty woman! Beware though that she will make it hard for him to be at netball and there is nothing to stop her approaching him and then calling the cops saying that he approached her! Make sure you have friends with you all the time that can be witnesses! Pity it didnt cost her $1000's thats what she deserves!

    Hayley is on 4 hr feeds during the day but usually goes down between 10-12 at night and only because I have to wake her to go to school she is up about 8am. The needles were fine, really easy! She was a little grumpy last night, but is happy as this morning. Will wait and see how she goes today or I might have to drag the panadol out again.

    Well, I still have Shannen home today, damn it! She could have gone back today but she begged to stay home and only has another couple of days of tablets left. But she is back at school tomorrow, has a huge essay to write today about her hero, which is my Dad! He will be stoked, lets hope she wins the prize of $500.

    Not much else happening, except that its freezing cold and I am trying to get the rest of the washing done today and then I will be done for a while, just the vacuuming left to do and of course clean the kitchen as DH cooks and never cleans it up...really annoying.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hope all are well.

    Fi - we are fine, thanks for asking! Bummer about the intervention order, silly woman she sounds like she is! Is it to stop Shane seeing her or her and the kids?

    Deb - happy 4 months Gabby! Hope her arm gets better soon.

    Tanya - it didn't sound like agood night at all. Hopefully she had a better sleep last night. happy 4 months to Violet for yesterday. Yay on the free stuff from your check up - oh and Violets weight gain! Still giving her rice cereal?

    Sarah - Happy 4 months to Zander for yesterday.

    Dinky - hope Shannen feels better soon. Best of luck to her for her story contest. Hope Hayley is still okay from her needles.

    Hi Scarlett.

    Matty is going okay. I left him with MIL this morning while 'santa' went to the Target toy sale. It was busy but not overly and I spent $100 and saved about the same so I am happy. I also bought for his birthday. Bought him a sippy cup as well so we'll see how that goes tonight.

    Hope all are well.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fi - OMG... I can't believe that the intervention order went ahead! What a crock! I really feel for Shane. He is such a lovely guy. What goes around comes around so she'll get it all back one day. Awww... that's so cute with Shane playing "monsters" with Jenna. I bet she loves it. LOL @ all the poos!! At least she is consistent!

    Dinky - good to hear that Hayley is ok after her needles. Bumma that you still have Shannen home. I hope she does well on her essay. Such a lovely thing to write about!

    Nell - good job on going to the sales! Sounds like you got some bargains. I hope the sippy-cup goes well. How does Matty go with your MIL? I bet she just adores spending time with him. If it were up to my Mum, she would be living with Gabby, I reckon!

    We had our 4 month photos done today. It was sort of restricted tho. I could only choose 3 poses from a catalogue. I got dressed up to get a photo with Gab but I didn't want to waste one of the poses so I ended up just getting photos of her. One was with clothes on and the other 2 were nudey. Thankfully she smiled. I had visions of her screaming the place down because it was right on sleep time. She smiled her little head off so hopefully there will be some good pictures. I guess I will find out in a couple of weeks!

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