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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, July '05 #2

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    Sep 2004
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    Happy 4 months to Hayley, Zander, Violet and Gabby

    Deb, fingers crossed that Gab's pics turn out great, I'm sure that they will though. Who did you get them done through?

    Fi, hopefullly karma will come back and bite the B on the butt. Cute Shane playing monsters with Jenna, I think they love the whole surprise thing. Tehya cracks up when we play games like that.

    Nell, yay on Santa getting into Target today, Mum and I did the same thing. Of course way too much $$ were spent but then I have lots of kiddies too.

    Dinky, glad to hear that Hayley did well with her needles. Sounds like she's a pretty good sleeper too. Hope that Shannen starts to feel better sooon so she's back at school for you.

    Tanya, bummer about your bad night with Violet, hopefully last night was a better one. Yay on her weight gain, she's still a little skinny hey, cute

    Sarah, yay on Zanders good sleeps. Ok, so I was early with the needles, I wish him well for next week then.

    Scarlett and Kaylah I hope that all is going well for you too.

    Ok, I'm slightly over my meltdown Got myself (and the little ones) out of the house for a play date and some lunch and adult conversation yesterday. I think I really needed a break. Pity I can't up and go without any kids though. Tehya still isn't sleeping great and I am seriously considering sleep school. I know that with 4 kids I won't be able to go for a week, which is probably what we need. I'm thinking of trying to see if I can just go for the day maybe??? Buggar, Mark was just out the back playing with Noah and he has let him bring his bike into the house. Bikes belong outside, not in the house. Stupid male.

    Went to the toysale at Target today and got what should hopefully be the last of the Christmas pressies. I have Brandons birthday tomorrow so I had to get some laybys off there too. We are taking him and some friends out rock climbing on Sunday for his party. Hopefully it goes smoothly. Brandon even rang his Dad to ask if he wanted to come. Lets see if he turns up.

    Take care

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    May 2004

    Hey all,

    Violet got her needles today, she seems to be going ok with them... poor chook! Dad held her again
    Went into town to the Target sale too!! Only got a few things, but that's a ot out of the way, less to spend at X-mas.
    I have a really sore wrist... dunno why, if it continues I'll have to go to the dr! Hit my funny bone reeealy hard last nigh...OUCH!! Couldn't move my arm for a while...lol... it realy hurt!

    Yay for Gabby!! Happy 4months today!!

    Well done Trish, great to hear you are feeling a bit better! I think sleep school sounds great! I think a day would fine, considering she is only 4 and a half mo... it's not like she only sleeps at night.

    Fi!! I can't believe our legal system!! The out come really sux!! Are oyu going to appeal it?

    Nell, great to hear you got some good bargins too!! . I could've spent a fortune! But I am tooo poor!
    Good Luck with the sippy cup.

    Deb, can't wait to have a sticky at Gabby's pics !! I haven't gotten Violet done yet! I want to but I never see pixi photos or any of those type of places around atm!! Isn't that just the way! I should put a cute outfit in the bag just in case

    Dink, I hope Shannen is well for tomorrow, she soinds like a sweety! Writing her essay on her Grandfather! Speaking of being freezing... I went outside to feed Jorge this morning at about 10am and there was an icream container out there with water in it that was still frozen! BRRRRRR... -1 last night I think.

    I bought some tickets for Alecia's production today, we are going on the 5th of next month... its called Tribute... Is a show about passed performers, she is a dancer. Hopefully next year she'll get a bigger role.


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    Hi all,

    Fi - the ex sounds unbelivable, I can't fathom how our legal system can work like that. LOL at the money she would have had to pay though. Are you enjoying playing netball again? I have a nice bruise on my ankle at the moment from an overactive goalkeeper who stood on me. I hate it when they insist on standing 2mm behind you and then get cranky if you turn and bump into them.

    Sarah - yey on the backyard, ours is disgusting as we have never fully finished landscaping it after we built 4.5yrs ago. It will apparently be done eventually. I hope Zanders sleeps continue and that they needles go ok. Tougher on you I think.

    Trish- glad you are feeling better matey, I hope you get some time out soon. Up here they have a one day sleep school called IMPS, I'm not sure if it is a national thing though - probably not seeing as health is a state thing. Hope your BB's are better too.

    Nell - yey for the sales, I am hoping to get to target this weekend but am not really sure what to buy. Will have to restrain myself well however.

    Deb - I got our 4mth shots back this week and am fairly happy with them. Just have to decide which ones I want. I am glad to here that yours went well. I hope Gabbys arm is better soon and that you work out why its happening.

    Dinky - I'm glad the needles went well for Hayley.

    Tanya - I hope Violet is sleeping better but whoo for the weight gain and the free stuff.

    If I missed any one I'm sorry.

    I have my voice back, sort of, it stays until I have to use it for a longish period and then disappears again which is really frustrating and making work difficult. Harry potter was great - if you haven't read it make the time. Emily is going great guns, polished off two full icecubes of sweet corn and sweet potato tonight which is a lot for her.

    Hope everyones bubs are well.

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    Feb 2004

    Scarlett - I forgot to ask you about your voice. Sorry about that! Are you going to work or having time at home with your voice like that? Yay on Emily doing so well with her solids. I am still yet to start Matty. Yes, I know, I will soon.

    Deb - were the photo's done at your house? I'm sure they'll turn out great. Yep, MIL just loves Matthew, am very lucky there.

    Tanya - how far is your Target? What did you get Violet?

    Trish - what did you get Tehya?

    Just interested as you are both veterans at getting pressies. I had no idea what to get Matthew for his birthday, I knew I wantd the 'Laugh and Learn' Table from FP, so that's Christmas, but for birthday my g/f's suggested Little People from FP so I got him a set of that plus a peek a block dump truck and extra blocks for birthday. It's so hard to know what they would like!

    Also forgot to tell you guys. Matthew did the cutest thing the other day. I put him in his rocker. And when I strapped him in, I bent down to give him a kiss, as I was leaning back, he put out both hands, grabbed my face, pulled it in towards him, with his mouth open (his version of a kiss!), then he planted his mouth on my cheek - aaawww, it was so cute! He was smiling when he let go. He is such a treasure my little man!

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    Aug 2004

    Hi Everyone. I know I need a good smacking for not being around.
    Things have been so busy around here but finally have some time on my hands.

    Pheonix just got home from hospital today. Nothing too serious thank god but it was a little dicey. She had gastro and when she had only taken 180mls in 16 hours I decided enough is enough and it was way out of our control and power.

    She had been to the hospital a couple nights prior because I was worried but they sent her home. Anyway after 2 days of gastric tube down her nose and throat and 2 needles in the belly trying to get urine which failed so they needed to use a catheter she is back home and doing better.

    She is still very irritable and cries all the time but thats to be expected I guess. She lost 520 grams in 24 hours which was scary but luckily she has alot of padding lol.

    She weighs in at 14lbs 2oz and 62cms long. She is sleeping all night still from 9.30 til 7.30 which is so ace.

    Chase and Zahara both have the flu and dh has gastro now and I feel like a nurse #-o. I honestly can say I never thought farts smelt so bad. Pheonix has been popping off every couple of minutes and its enough to clear out the whole street. Gastro is so nasty.

    I cant believe how time has flown by all the babies are growing up so fast. They are all so beautiful too. Good job mums. =D>

    Will catch up some more I have missed so much. I have put some recent photos up so please feel free to have a look click on the www

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    Hi All!! I'm still here.... just. The whole family has been sick with coughs and sneezes I thought it would never end! Poor little Jacob has been the snottiest and has decided that sneezing is the funniest thing in the world. It's a funny/sad thing to watch him sneeze (always 4 or 5 in a row what's with that??)he looks all distraught, goes for broke then he finshes then just cracks up laughing. I felt awful yesterday when I realised I hadn't taken him to the health centre for 3 weeks but decided that he must be doing ok since he has exploded out of all his 000 outfits!

    Started to do personals but forgot what I was going to say DOH! Think I should just head of to bed since no one has yelled out "mummy" or wahhh in the last hour.

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    Aug 2004

    HI All,

    Thanks for all the comments re: Shane's ex. The order only includes her, but as it is, we wont be able to make contact with the kids as we cannot phone the house without prior consent, and I dont know how we get that as we cannot phone the house! Anyway, its over with, and there will always be plenty of witnesses around when we are in the same place as her, as I woouldn't put it past her trying to stitch him up. Such a bloody cow.

    Kayla - nice to see you back! Poor family, I see that black cloud still hasn't moved on from your house. At least Nixee is doing OK, hopefully she'll have no problems putting the weight back on.

    Nat - Hi to you too - I'm a wombat and disconnected before I the topic review downloaded, so I have absolutely no idea what you said. Hope you are doing OK!

    Nell - Yay on the target bargains. Shane and I are hoping on getting there sometime soon, but we decided to miss the initial rush and chance not getting exactly what we want. Its a hard decision as to what to buy though as there is so much cool stuff!!! We also get to buy for our niece who is walking, so alot more fun there! Let me know how you go with the sippy cup - I've bought one for Jenna too, but haven't tried it out yet. I got a little Tommy Tippee one for 4month olds.

    Scarlett - LOL on the overzealous GK. I admit I'm one of those as I'm short, I have to use my body, and GS usually get very annoyed with me!! I dont get narky though, as soon as they get annoyed, I know I've won! I do get pulled up for a reasonable amount of contact, but sometimes its all worth it. Today I'm playing WA again I think, which is strange cause I always feel useless in it.

    Argh.... I can't remember what people have said!! I might have to reconnect and refresh soI get it all right....


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    Aug 2004


    I have a nasty lump in my bb, and I'm trying to massage it out. Ouchy...

    Nell - dont you love the open mouth kisses?? How gorgeous that he pulled your face in!

    Tanya - hope Violets OK with her needles still. Youch on the wrist, I get sore ones too, usually from how I hold missy moo.

    Trish - go the karma. we are just a little overdue at the mo. How is your BBs?? All better? Sleep school for a day sounds great. Little missy sounds like she is running you ragged!

    Deb - I have Jo's money for you. What do you want me to do with it?? Can't wait to see gabby's photos. Where did you get them done?

    Dinky - I was talking to the ATO yesterday and he said a horroe story that a guy got removed from his house becayse the ex and her bf moved in next door. Apparently they sat out the front drinking while the police took him away. Charming huh? Good to hear the needles wentwell. Hope shannen gets her essay done.

    Better get my tax organised. I have an appt at the accountant this afternoon. Yay on a huge refund I hope!!!


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    Feb 2004

    Wow, everyone is back for catch ups!!!

    Yuck at everyone being sick Nat, sounds like your are playing nurse as well. Zander finds his sneezes funny, but has only ever done 2 at a time! I hope everyone gets better soon for oyu.

    Welcome back to you too Kayla. Poor Nixee, what was wrong? Was it just the gastro? I had a look at the website as well, and wow you have a gorgeous girl there Hope things start getting better for you guys real soon. How's your back doing BTW?

    How sweet at getting a kiss Nell! Zander has started to feel my face & looks like he is concentrating really hard while doing it, so cute! How did the sippy cup go last night?

    Oh I agree Scarlett that the needles are tougher on us than the babies! What a pain about your voice still playing up. Any idea what's causing it? And yay for Emily eating so much, sounds like she is loving her solids

    Geez Tanya sounds like you're in the wars as well! Yay for the sales too, sounds like everyone is getting some bargains. I'm thinking of going down today.

    I think sleep school might be the way to go for you Trish with the way things are going at the moment. Just so you know though, one of the mum's from MG had to wait almost 6weeks to get into Tresillian. You can go just for the day, but why don't you go & take Noah as well? Couldn't Mark look after the big boys for a week? Just a thought! :happybday: to Brandon for today as well.

    What a shame that you could only have 3 poses Deb & they were restricted as well. But I bet the photos will be beautiful anyway.

    How did Shannen go with her essay Dinky? I bet your dad will be really proud even if she doesn't win the competition.

    Bugga about the order Fi, how rude! Ouchies on the sore BB, I hope it's better soon. Can't wait to do our tax either this year, between the 2 of us I think we're getting back around $7000 \/

    As for us, things are going well. MILs birthday was yesterday & she just loooved the DVD of Zander that we made for her. It has a digital scrapbook, plus heaps of little videos we have taken of him - his ultrasound, just after the birth, rolling over, in the bath etc etc. We told her she would get Volume 2 for Christmas! I'm going to do the same for my mum for Christmas too probably.

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    Mar 2004
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    Hey everyone... here for my once a month visit

    Felius is sick of being cold every time he wants to use his computer, so he's moved it from the office outside to the dining room table.... but it might make it eaasier for me to log on too, so I haven't complained

    Happy 4 months to Zander, Violet, Gabby & Hailey (even though it's a bit late!)

    Nell ... how cute of Matty pullling you in to give you a kiss! Bas tends to give me open mouth sloppers when we're playing and I'm lunging him at me. The closest he gets to pulling me to him is trying to rip off my lip or my nose

    uuumm... what else has happened...

    Fi... sounds like Shane's ex is being a real *****, not to mention petty. Hopefully she won't be able to make up anything else to get to him, especially if you've got all the witnesses.

    Sarah....isn't it so cute when they crack themselves up after sneezes! Sounds like you picked a great pressie for MIL too...but what Grandmother wouldn't love something like that... it's almost as good as having them there.

    Trish... I hope you manage to get Tehya's sleeping sorted out without having to resort to a sleep school...I can only imaging how tricky that would be to have a week off with 3 other kids!

    Tanya, glad Violet handled her injections ok... and that she's growing away She must be liking her Farex. I had such a shock yesterday... a friend came to visit with her daughter who is 9 1/2 months old, weighs 9.8kgs and is 71cms long. Bas was 8.9 kgs at last weigh (clothed though), 68 cms long and is 5 months younger!! They are even wearing the same size clothes!! That said though... he doesn't look fat, he a a roll at the top of his legs, but not all over him... he's in proportion.

    Yay at all the bargains at teh Target sale! I was banned from going.. and I think Felious even threw out the catalogue before I had a chance to look at it! It doesn't really matter though cause I went and put a lot of Christmas pressies on lay-by in May for Bas and the other kiddies. Plus I know my Mum will go nuts buying him pressies too!

    Sorry if I've missed anyone out...Bas is waking up so I'd better go get him.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Wow! Lots to catch up on!

    Good to hear from you, Kayla. Sorry to hear about poor little Nixee having to be in hospital. It sounds like she is on the mend so that's great! Good to hear she is still sleeping through the night too.

    Nat - ick at everyone being sick @ your place. Poor little Jacob with his snotty nose. It does sound cute with his sneezing tho!

    Zola - I am so jealous! I wish Neil would move the computer inside. It's a pain in the bum getting out here to check in. Probably a good thing in some respects. Sounds like Bas is doing really well with his weight and everything

    Sarah - sounds like you MIL's gift was a hit. What a great idea! It's great once you have kids because it makes presents for the grandparents really easy. Mum and Dad will be getting framed photos all the time

    Fi - I hope you got an ok tax return. I am still waiting for fricken centrelink to send me my group certificate so I can get mine done. Think I will have to call them. I will come and pick up Jo's money at some stage. I keep forgetting about it!!

    Nell - awwwwww so cute with Matty's kisses!! Gabby lurrrrves kisses too. She does the open mouth thing and sometimes tries to slip in the tongue, LOL.

    Scarlett - good to hear your voice is coming back. I lost my voice for a while last year and it was near impossible to control the kids. I was amazed at how much I must use my voice! The little ferals ran rings around me for a couple of days, LOL. Sounds like Emily is enjoying her food. Oooo I can't wait until Gabby can start tasting new stuff! She is soooo not ready for solids. Ah well... another couple of months...

    For those that asked, the photos I got yesterday were through the mob that does the photos @ the hospital. They call at 4 months to offer a free sitting and a complimentary photo. I think it's then done at 8 months and 12 months?? Not sure. I am surprised I got offered the sitting as I didn't buy any of Gabby's newborn photos (I didn't like them). Not complaining!

    Gab's arm pit is all healed again. Once I put some sudocream on it, it seems to go away. I guess it's just nappy rash but under the arm. I will just have to be even more vigilant when I dry it.

    We are meant to be at Mum's in half an hour but I can see that it's not going to happen. Gabby didn't sleep for very long last night so I am rather tired. I should be sleeping while she is now but she normally only has a short nap @ this time of day so there's no point. Knowing my luck, she'll be down for another 3 hours :roll:

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    Nov 2003
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    Hi Girls

    Zola - Yay on Bas doing so well. LOL at Felius hiding the catalogues.

    Sarah - How is Zander doing?

    Fi - I hope the witch doesnt cause you any more problems, nasty woman! Karma will get her in the end!

    Nat - I hope that you are all getting better, horrible having sick people!

    Kayla - I hope that Phoenix is getting better now. Gastro is horrible, Hayley had it too but at 11w, its the worst!

    Nell - Its hard picking pressies isnt it! I am finding it really hard this time around and wait until he gets older its even worse. Too much choice I think.

    Scarlett - Amazing that Emily is doing so well on solids. You must be rapt!

    Tanya - So you make Dad hold bubs for needles too! I am glad I am not the only one. You can keep the -1, I am having enough trouble here with 3.

    Trish - I hope that Tehya starts sleeping better for you! Maybe sleep school is the way to go for you! I hope Brandon has a lovely party!

    Deb - How rude that they restrict your photos! I know that you will get amazing ones anyway.

    Hayley is still being amazing, apart from about 2hrs last night when DH decided that she could go down early, only for her to wake up an hr later, told him but he wouldnt listen, so I made him do everything and told him that would teach him for thinking he knows better than me.

    Shannen did a brilliant letter, it was only allowed to be one page and even that was enough to make me cry! My Dad will be amazed, she wants to be as brave and strong as him and wants him to be proud of her! Thankfully she is back at school today!

    I rang the Family Assistance people yesterday as a friend told me that she got the $600 bonus yesterday. Thankfully I rang them and they worked it all out on the phone for me, it helped that DH got his tax done and the money in the bank already. So anyway, I get my money on Monday, including the extra $150 for FTB B, so I am rapt!

    Its lovely to have the house to myself, but I have a friend coming over later and she just drives me nuts, hopefully she wont stay for long, although knowing my luck it will be all afternoon, grrrrr!!!

    Well, I am off to clean again, trying to get everything organised before my Dad comes home next week. The girls are back at netball tomorrow but have gone up a grade, so I have one at 9am and the other at 10.55am, very annoying, thankfully I only live a few minutes from the courts but they have changed some of the later games to 11.40am at the indoor centre which is 15 minutes away.

    Okay, now I am raving....very tired this morning.

    Catch up again soon

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dinky - I hope your friend doesn't hang around for too long. Yay @ getting some money! Will a shopping spree ensue?? Hope you manage to get the house nice and tidy. Shannen's letter sounds fantastic! I hope she wins

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    Feb 2004

    HAd to laugh at Felius hiding the catalogues as well Zola! If Aaron was here to get them before I did I'm sure he would hide them too!

    Framed photos are definately the go here as well & my sisters are stoked with that as well as obviously the grandparents! I got the phone call as well from the people that took the newborn photos as well even though I didn't buy them. How did Gabby's sleep go this morning?

    Zander is going really well Dinky. Still spewing heaps & heaps but we are getting that checked again on Tuesday. Other than that he is a very happy smiley baby now, laughing all day long at everything! BTW what is the $600 bonus?

    Went to the Target sale this mornign, what a bust!! The place was a mess, the layby line was huuuge & from what I can tell heaps of stuff was sold out. Still, I bought a funky Tommy Tippee bath toy, a Winnie The Pooh colours book & a Disney ABCs book with CD. I also bought Aaron a Simpsons game, he's collecting them - so far he has Cluedo, Trivia, Monopoly & another one I think!

    OMG, just looked at the TV at the wrong time (I'm watching/listening to Birth Day on Foxtel), I am soooooo glad I didn't see the epidural go in cos I think I would have spewed & passed out. it's gross!

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    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Deb - Good news is that my friend never turned up, and didnt even call to say she wasnt coming! Grrrrr! Oh well, knowing her she will think that Monday she can come all day and tough, we have Optus here in the morning and then we are off to do some Xmas shopping, we hope!

    Sarah - Great news that Zander is doing so well! I hope you get some answers on Tuesday and that the spewing slows down a little. The $600 bonus is a one off payment that you get from Centrelink at the end of each financial year, although I only got $204 for Hayley as she is only claimable for 3 months, but if you get family tax benefit B then you get another $150 as back pay, so that isnt bad really! You can give the family assistance office a call and see if you will get it, but you have to do your tax return first!

    I hope that Target has some stuff left on Monday, if not then it wont really matter, just talked DH into taking a sickie so that he could come shopping with me. I am sure that the girls dont believe the Santa thing, but arent game to say anything, yay!!!!

    Will catch up again soon

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - bummer about the Target sale. I have avoided the place like the plague. From working at Kmart for so long, I loathe sales. Having no $$ also helps, Great to hear that Zander is doing well. Some babies are just chucky babies, I think. Gabby has her days where she will spew a fair bit but she doesn't normally chuck very much. I am pretty lucky there! Little Zander will probably grow out of it soon enough.

    Dinky - good on you for getting your DH to chuck a sickie. I try to get Neil to do it every now and then but he just refuses. He's not one to take sick leave unless he is really crook. Fingers crossed that Target has the stuff you are after.

    Gabby had a shocker last night and only slept for 5 hours (I know that sounds blissful to some but she used to sleep 10 hours so it sux for me!). I brought her in to bed and fed her still wrapped. I have never tried feeding her whilst lying down so I was surprised she fell asleep. I put her back in her cradle as I don't trust myself to not roll on her and she slept for another couple of hours (thank goodness!).
    I just fed a few blokes some bacon and eggs this morning. Neil sold his pool table and had to call in reinforcements to move it (it's made of slate so it's reeeeally heavy!).
    Neil has gone to the footy and left me a little bit of money from the table for some "retail therapy". More like bribary so I would let him go!! LOL

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    Feb 2004

    Oh Deb - who cares if the money is bribery? Take it and run! lol. Did you get to the shops? So you did manage to sell the poo table in the end - excellent news. Hope Gabby has a better night for you tonight.

    Sarah - the DVD you made sounds great! What a fantastic idea. How is Zander going? Some days I think Matthews vomitting has slowed down then he has another really bad day with it. Nowadays if it's not vomit it's slobber, there is just so much of it!

    Fi - did you manage to get that lump out? Fingers crossed to get a decent tax refund.

    Dinky - lovely to hear from you. I hate it when friends don't come around when they say they do. Oh the bonus sounds good, have fun shopping!

    Kayla - lovely to hear from you as well. So sorry to hear that Nixee has been in hossy. Hope she is better and that the rest of the family get better soon too.

    Nat - fingers crossed that black cloud has lifted from your house too. lol at Jacob sneezing then laughing - what a cutie!

    Hey Zola - sounds like Bas is going well and great idea on moving the pc.

    Bought Matthew a jolly jumper today, popped him it in and omg he loves it! What a great thing to have, he never stopped moving up and down. We haven't been doing so great on naps during the day, but am hoping this tires him out a bit! Even if it doesn't - it's fun for him. He has also started doing the pelvic thrusts when he is on his back - that is the funniest thing to see!

    Hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend.

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Ok going to try for the mammoth post and rememmber everybody.

    Nell, for Tehya I got Leap Frog "touch and Tug discovery book" and the " Counting Pal caterpillar" I also got her one of the big padded disney story books. In Kmart I got her a Care bears ride on bike, it has a bottom on it so that it can rock and has a surround for the seat so little ones can use it earlier. Very cute. Oh yeah, a Cabbage Patch doll too matthew sounds like he loves his JJ, fingers crossed it wears him out for you.

    Deb, I agree with Nell, who cares if the money is bribery. It's been a long time since Mark has handed over $$ for me to have fun with.

    Sarah, Granparents love getting stuff like that. Only problem for my parents is that they are now asking for a new wall to put all the pics on, I think I've over killed the idea. I thknk Brandon's reflux continued for the better part of the first year. Sorry to tell you. Even now if he has a spew it's like the exorcist.

    Fi, hopefully your lumpy BB has settled, hurts so bad hey. Fingers crossed for a lumpy tax return for you

    Zola, yay on thte computer move, now you can chat with us more often. How's Bas going? Sounds like he's still growing nicely.

    Dinky, I called up about the bonus an I'm eligible too. YAY!!! Pity I won't be allowed to spend it. Into the bank it goes. Oh well abit more towards the house. Have a great time shopping. Hope that Hayley is doing well too.

    Nat, hopefully everybody is getting better in your house. I bet when your sick you don't get nursed, always the way for the poor mum's. LOL at Jacob laughing at his sneezes. Tehya laughs at her farts sometimes 8-[ must tickle her bottom. Oh yeah and she ususallly sneezes in sets of 2 or 3.

    Kayla, sorry to hear that Nixee has been sick again. What was wrong with her? Gastro is the worst, Tehya had it when she was in hosp with pneumonia, poor chook, everytime she had a coughing fit she'd poo herself. And the smell, PeeeYuuuu!!!! Fingers crossed for you too that she is on the mend. How are you feeling?

    Scarlett, yay on your voice coming back. I agree with you too on the needles, much harder for us. Sounds like Emily loves her tucker. I tried Tehya with a little rice cereal last nihgt and she gobbled it up.

    Tanya, I usually get Mum to come with me for the needles and get her to hold them. She was busy for the last ones so I had to do it alone Have you worked out what's wrong with your wrist? Hope it feels better soon.

    OMG, I think I did it. Did I forget anyone? I think it has taken me the better part of 30 minutes to catch up.

    Tehya still isn't sleeping any better although we did get a half decent nap both yesterday and Friday afternoon out of her. I tried her on alittle rice cereal last night and she ate it up. Thinking she is probably ready for solids. She loves banana, I sometimes give her a little bit when I am having one. Went out to raffles on Friday night and took Brandon along with me. We won 2 meat tray so I'm happy with that. Went out last night too to a gf's adult toy's and lingerie party. Had a great laugh and brough myself a Hustler G string. Couldn't go home with out buying something.

    Have Brandons party today. Hopefull his friends turn up there. I still have to pay if they don't show so fingers crossed. Better go and get organised.

    Take care

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