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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, July '05 #2

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Nell - Urrgh... I hate funerals! I hope it goes as well as it possibly can. As for having to fork out all that money for your teeth - OMG! Lucky you have insurance. Why dental stuff isn't on medicare is beyond me! Hey... no apologies necessary. Soooo cute with Matty "talking". Gabby will say Mumumum sometimes and I pretend she is saying "Mum"

    Bec - LOL... "That old thing..." I will have to try that. Although, I doubt Neil would even notice n e way Sounds like the farex went well. Is Eliza sleeping any better because of it, or is it too early to tell? We got our power bill too. I think I will be getting an extension

    I wish I could say I had a brilliant night's sleep last night but I didn't. Gabby slept well and I would have too if the fricken neighbour's dog wasn't barking all bloody night. It can hear me from our toilet so I would go in there and tell it to shut up. Honestly, our big dog will bark every now and then but if she starts up on a tangent, we tell her off and she stops. I didn't hear them go out there once to tell off thier dog. The annoying thing is that it barks right near the fence that runs along our bedrooms. Pain in the butt!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Deb, oyu should've yelled at the dog!! My sis screams at the dogs next door to her. So much so another one of my sisters who lives pretty close to her can hear her when she yells at them, lol.

    Nell, I hope the funeral goes off ok today. How cute of Matty... awwww so sweet!!

    Bec, lol at buying clothes . The old saying goes what they don't know won't hurt 'em

    Not much happening here, just trying to aviod the house work. Violet is waking again during the night... oh well, it was good while it lasted...

    *edited to fix my crappy spelling*

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Bugga about Violet waking during the night, Tanya. Perhaps a growth spurt? LOL @ your sister yelling at the dogs. I was kind of yelling at it but I will definitely be having a real go if it tries it on again tonight!
    I am trying to avoid housework too. Might have a nap on the couch if Gabby stays asleep.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Hello all,

    Tanya - bugger on the AF situation huh?? How long did it take with your other kids? I'm over the cramps already, hoping it goes soon. Yay on the kick and whirl! And yay for Wato saving the day on the whip cracking! At least he did something! shane will just sit there and be nice, wont say a thing, until I get that narky I just scream at them!

    Deb - glad you are feeling better.

    Nell - Hopefully the funeral goes/went OK. I'm sure thats a silly thing to say, cause really they aint nice, but YKWIM! Yay on the baby talk too. Jenna is definitly getting some hard consonents in there whihc is sounding more like gagaga and dadadada its cool huh? And she has learnt to do raspberries, so the world cant shut her up! She blows them constantly. Cheeky bugger.

    Sarah - I hope Zander gets better soon. Poor little mite.

    Bec - LOL on the clothes! Shane notices everything...... Bugger!

    Scarlett - Those maths comps huh?? I used to get distinctions in all of them, and I'm sure I only answered half the questions! I loved the working ones, not multichoice. I always did better in those - something about showing my thinking on paper I guess. I'm sure you can bribe some to do it!! I can surely see how you would be exhausted from work. It just makes me feel tired!

    Well the excitement for our day (there is always something...) is that shane's daughter met her sister!!! We were playing at the same grounds, and Sam came over and talked to shane and his nieces for ages!! And of course had a cuddle with Jenna. Then, after her game, she game back with all her firends to show Jenna off. Luckily I had my camera there to take a photo of the girls last game, and so I got a couple of Sam adn Jenna together. Apparently all the photos I have sent are on Sams wall, so thats really nice. it will be interesting if she wants to spend more time with us now?? Hmmmm - not sure I'm up for it to be honest. I've told Shane we have to take it very slowly as we dont trust her yet. She stole heaps of stuff of us last time she stayed, and its just all too hard. We shall see!! But at least its a start - right??


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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Okey dokeys I think I am back properly now! Zander is still coughing alot, but is much better than he has been so hopefully the cold is slowly going away.

    Wow at your ANC class still meeting up sometimes Fi, Deb, Bec & Angela. We had our last class & that was it!

    Yuck at AF Fi, hopefully it has calmed down for you now. Awww that's lovely that Jenna's sister wpent some time with her & yup you are right at least it's a start.

    Eek at having to find all the kids to go into the maths comp Scarlett, how are you going with it?

    LOL at Violet quirming over to the coffeee table Tanya, wonder how she did it?! OMG at all the students making so much noise the other night & good on Wato for doing something about. Great though that he apologised in the morning too. Yay for the Kick & Whirl for Violet, is she enjoying it?

    Wow at that walk the other day Deb (to MG) pretty impressive! Aww how cute of your dad putting Gab on the pony. How did your family day go with Neil? Hopefully he wasn't hung over. GRRRR at the dog barking all night, hopefully last night was better.

    Yay at starting solids Bec how exciting LOL at "that old thing" as well, I do that sometimes - yeah I bought it aaaages ago!

    Awwww, yay at getting some words Nell \/ That's so cool & sitting up, my goodness Matty will be learning to drive LOL!

    Ok, now where to?! Zander stayed with my parents on Friday night cos I was exhausted from roughly 3hrs sleep (broken as well) on Thursday night so I got a half decent sleep.

    Yesterday we went shopping & I finally found the toy I had been looking for for ages. What I wanted was just a set of linked rings that can hook onto the pram & then other toys can hook onto them if that makes sense. I had searched everywhere & mum had searched everywhere & couldn't find them. We take my sister out yesterday & what do you kow she finds them straight away! The way they were packaged they didn't look like what I wanted so both mum & I had glanced past them - about 5 times LOL! Anyway, they were $7 and Zander loves them so it was a success!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - I was given some link-a-doos for my baby shower. They are great, aren't they? Gab has a set in the car, in her rocker and one in the nappy bag all with a little toy attached. That way she can play with them and not drop them as easily. Good to hear that Zander is doing much better. Yay 4 your Mum giving you a break.
    It is pretty cool that our ANC still gets together. I think it helped that all of us are chatterboxes. Sometimes it only takes a couple of people to get the ball rolling. Most of us agree that we are more comfy with our ANC than with our Mother's groups, LOL.

    Fi - that is awesome news about Shane's daughter! It must have been so nice for him to hear that she has Jenna's photos up in her room.

    Doh... bubba's up... will finish later...

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    I think its great Deb about your ANC, no-one talked much at ours at all. But my MG is great we all get along really well.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    the girls in my AN group are really nice too!! lol
    I'll post properly tomorrow...given up on solids as it really clogged the poor girl up, I go and see the ped this week so I'll get his advice

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