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thread: 3 Months to 6 Months, March '05

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    Mar 2004

    Hi all,havn't posted for ages i keep forgetting.My sister has been home the last month and after i spend time with her,i am tired.Just going out for the day puts the homelife in a whack and i have to get the place in order again! Last nite we had a power failure which was a pain as everything is electrical and i have to heat millana's bottles.Lucky it was only out for an hour.Otherwise it would have been an interesting nite.
    Millana had her 4 month needles last week and the pnuemoccal (excuse spelling) ont too.3 NEEDLE AND DROPS.poor little thing.She now weighs 5 and half kilos and 61cm long.Not as big as your boofer snowy.Millana continues to wake up twice a nite for a feed.Goes down at 6pm,wakes at 1130pm,again around 3-4am.I keep trying to get her to stay awake later but she just grizzles big time. Any tips girls? I suppose the seacret is to keep them up! Last couple of days have been good as she has been sleeping in the afternoon for 1 good 3 hrs.Last week she was only sleeping for an hour during the day.I also used the jolly jumper first time yesterday.She enjoyed it and hoplefully it will tire her out.Have read some posts and glad to hear bubs are all going well.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone!

    It's been awhile, sorry. Beth, funny what you said about the easter egg, Aidan's Great-Granny bought him one and I said 'oh no I'll have to eat it' (as in bad because chocolate = weight), and she said 'i havent known a baby that didnt like chocolate', I'm pretty sure she was serious, how strange!

    Aidan has started to chuckle, it is so amazingly adorable I just want to bottle it up! We discovered tonight he thinks it is hilarious when we pretend he is eating our fingers - I never knew babies were so smart and 'communicative' at just 3 months! Just thinking about it I am getting all emotional.

    We went away over Easter which was nice but probably a bad idea as I think Aidan has started teething and he has started waking in the night. I felt soo bad because there was 5 of us in a caravan and annex... oh well. I am glad to be home, but hope Aidan is a little more settled through the night, but if he is teething, not much I can do...

    Oh, something else I rememberd, Aidan does EXACTLY the same thing with his bottle (I now do half b/f and half formula). He almost skulls the first 60-100ml, then takes ages for the rest (he drinks 4 times a day with 2 bottles at a whopping 260ml!)

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.


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    Feb 2004

    Hey Jess, good to hear from you, just checked our your website, what a gorgeous boy Aidan is! Glad to hear you had a good easter. How's it going with the half and half feeding? Reassuring to hear that Aidan does the same with his bottles, I wonder why it is? I think Kaleb is so ready to start solids, on Sunday he was sitting on my lap while I was eating icecream (hey, it was easter!) and every time I the spoon would go from the bowl to my mouth he would bat at it. I'll wait till his 4 month checkup which is in 2 weeks and see what the CHN says. Hey Caddie, woohoo for Millana's good arvo nap - let's hope she continues thanks to jolly jumper! Snowy, hope the jetlag is wearing off!

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Wolf is cracking me up lately. he loves rolling on his belly and then he tries to crawl, which kinda looks like he is swimming on the floor. then he gets really angry cause he is not going anywhere<! lol

    yep, Caddie, Wolf is a whopper. He has almost grown out of the suit you gave him!! (it´s a 00) ... incredible... went shopping today for 0 and 1 size outfits with DH. he went totally nuts and we ended up buying 16 pieces for Wolf!!! But that should last for the rest of this year i hope....

    Tegan, I just checked out Lily´s website. She is so cute! Can´t believe you have posted >Easter photos - you re so organised.

    sorry for any typos. typinh wqith one hand, wolf on lap, trying to roll...


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    Jul 2004

    Snowy, i know what u mean with the trying to crawl thing. Lily does the exact same thing. Kinda looks like she is body surfing lol. You can hear her grunting trying to move but it doesnt happen and she gets so frustrated!

    Lily is between a size 000 and 00 which is annoying. She has the length for size 00 just not the weight! So it looks heaps daggy on her.

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    Mar 2004

    hi girls,
    the trying to crawl thing is a crackup isn't it. the floor swimming always gives me a laugh. Yasin has a thing where he gets his bum in the air and pushes really hard but because he doesn't use his arms all he does is shove his face into the floor, he's also master a back stroke/crawl. He lies on his back pushes his feet on the floor and then does a big pelvic thrust to move himself. He's quite mobile now and he gets around by combining the back-stroke and log roll.
    I think he might be growing a tooth because he's chewing everything he can get his mouth around and trying to chew everything he can't get his mouth around. Yesterday he was mouthing the floor!!!! (I'm beginning to wonder why I disinfect everything when he's getting busy licking the carpet). I'm not allowed to mention the tooth at home because DH says I've been talking about it for ages and he still can't see one.
    We started solids yesterday. We tried them about a month ago because his ECHN suggested it but it didn't feel right so we stopped again. In the last couple of weeks he's been staring at us eating and making little chewy faces and also he seems to be getting more hungry. So last night we mixed up about two teaspoons of rice cereal and some breastmilk. When we offered it to him he gobbled it up. He hardly spat any back out and at the end he looked like he might want more so I think that its the right time to start.
    Tegan, Yasin is between sizes too and he looks kind of funny in his baggy clothes. Does anyone else have any problems with the foot sizes on the bodysuits? I think I have a big footed baby because his feet are too big for lots of them. The first thing I look at now is how big the feet are. One of my friends is a podiatrist and she advises clients to cut the toes off if they don't fit because its really bad for little people to have badly fitted footwear (it can alter the way thier feet develop). Its a good idea but I worry that his toes will get cold and also I'm sort of wierd in that I couldn't cope with messy frayed ends and would have to hem them.

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    Jan 2005
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    lol at all your babies attempts to crawl & move around - gone are my days of putting eliana down somewhere to do something & coming back to find her in the same spot - she too has mastered the back slide & gets a fair way using her legs
    hope you all had a great first easter with your babies - we had a good time though DP had a bad fall while holding eliana - how he managed not to smash her into the concrete is still amazes me - he ripped open his leg & hand but nothing happened to her - though she did have a lump on the back of her head & after going to the dr today he said it is a swollen gland
    anyway hope you all got lots of chocolate

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