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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, May '05

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    Feb 2004

    Great to hear from you Tegan, I was wondering how you and Lily were going? And Jacob of course! How is his new job?

    Matty is 14 weeks and he 5.6kgs.

    Not sure Elijahs_Mum about the farex thing. I guess it is best to ask your MHCN about it. You could always comp feed with formula if you think he is still hungry at night.

    Hope the rest of you are all well.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone!

    Elijah's Mum, if you are worried about Elijah's weight, maybe speak to the MCHN? I dont think Farex would be recommended for Elijah just yet, he would be too young and especially since he is doing sooo well on breastmilk alone - you should be very proud of yourself! =D> But if you are tired of b/f, dont feel guilty at all to consider other options! You could always replace just one feed with forumla? I suggest think on it for awhile, but do whats right for YOU!

    Colleen, what does the MCHN say about Jaykob's weight? I am worried at Aidan's next visit in 2 weeks they will suggest a diet, but I love my chubby bubby, he is 'just right' as far as I'm concerned = 20pounds when I weighed him myself yesterday. It is almost off the scale in the Child Health book but I think as soon as he starts crawling he will even out more.

    Beth, your business sounds really exciting, I hope it goes well, let us know what products we can buy!

    Tegan, yes, scary that you, then I, will soon be in the next forum. Wouldn't you agree though that this is such a fantastic time. Aidan is so responsive and really has personality now. I am also noticing that DH seems so much more 'interested' in Aidan now that he isn't a precious newborn!

    Speaking of Gymbaroo - does anyone have any thoughts on it? I am thinking of joining Aidan up but not sure if it is worth it just yet? Would love to hear your opinions.


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    Colleen Guest

    jessica 123,

    they've never really said anything, because he is tall - it all evens out to be within ok ranges.

    He just looks older, still got lotsa rolls but yeah.... they've never suggested diets, i think because hes purely breastfed.

    Hope everyone is well, alls well here, Jaykobs starting putting his hands out to be picked up now which is cute...


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