thread: 3 Years - 5 Years, May '05

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    We still have the colds happening here too. Kam didn't want to goto playgroup today either, but ended up going anyway. Everyone there has it as well I reckon, I know his best friend also has it.

    Both he and Lachlan started the coughing up from it today, so I got Kam some cough medicine but Lach is too little for it, so if he isn't over it soon we will goto a doc cause he has had it for a good week now.

    Not much else going on here. Went to a friends place tonight and Kameron was mimicing the little girls voice exactly. Kam said "Yes Mum" and my friend and I both thought it was her little girl but she was no where to be seen lmao. After seeing those 2 together I am glad I don't have twins


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    Hey - caitlin goes to creche on a monday and the last two times she has had colds, she's come down with them on the thursday after creche. I've always had this 'thing' that you come down with a cold three days after being exposed to it.

    I'm not sure whether to send her tomorrow to creche - she's al ot better, but prone to the odd double barrelled snot attack. Half of me thinks I should send her cos other parents obviously leave their kids there with colds and the other half of me wants to keep her home.


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    I'd send her. My way of thinking is you will be sending them to school with the odd sniffle so why does playgroup/creche make any difference. We have a playgroup free day tomorrow cause it is a public holiday here in Adelaide

    Just got home from the doctors actually. Nothing much they can do with mine and Kam's cold we can't shake just let it run it's course.

    Does anyone have any soloutions of getting cough medicine into a 3yr old lmao. He refuses to take it plainly and I can't say I blame him ROFL


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    Hi Kathryn

    If you really want to get that medicine into him, try an industrial-sized syringe or something like that. We have one that takes 6mls at a time, and it's much easier to get them to swallow it if you put it towards the back of their mouth.

    Just watch out for the "gag" button :-#

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    Yeah we use a syringe he only needs 2.5ml at a time and yep had the gagging happen so most comes out again. Even did the bribe trick lmao.


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    Mix it into softdrink I know it sounds gross, but thats what we do with Paris' herbal medicine coz its BLERK by itself. Otherwise strawberry milk or something similar to the flavour of what it is, even red cordial

    I know its not really ideal but it works!


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    Thanks for that heads up Cailin. He knew something wasn't right with the drink when I gave it to him but drank it anyway

    He still has a croaky voice but this weather is so bloody stupid at the moment. I am taking jumper off then putting it on and taking if off ARGH.


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    Hi - never had a problem with cait taking medicine - I'm not big on cough medicine and she's only had antibiotics twice in her life and the odd kiddy panadol.

    We've got over most of the cold here, but something new and exciting has cropped up in the middle of the night - nightmares. Last night/this morning she wakes up crying that there are insects in her bed. wha ? she was 3/4 asleep still so I brushed the 'insects' away and she went back to bed ... for about 10 minutes when she came into our room and said there were bugs on her legs.

    we talked about the insects today and about dreams and nightmares and i told her to try and have nice dreams about puppies and pussy cats !!

    Nick has just started feeding his lizards (going through second childhood) live crickets, so I think thats where the insect thing comes from.

    Oh well - what next ??


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    Yeah just wanna stress that it was the first time ever Kam has had cough medicine. Just in case there is people thinking I give him medicine all the time LOL

    Antibiodics is never a hassle cause he likes the taste of that but only has that too if something is majorly wrong like a huge ear infection with 40c temps which he has got a few times

    @ the nightmares. Have had to deal with that yet so can't help you out there.