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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, December '04

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    LMAO we make it seem like sterialising bottles takes hours to do instead of a few mins for some. Longer for me cause i never had a microwave one.


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    Jun 2003

    Thanks girls for the welcoming words ... Last night was not a good night for me ... if you hadn't already guessed. It is just the time of year I think and the fact that Christmas day I won't have Emma & Jack and none of my family will be here (except Ryan and Asha of course). It makes me VERY sad to think that my parents will miss Asha's first Christmas when they would never in a million years have missed Emma or Jacks! I do understand that this time of year Dad can not take holidays (he lectures at University in London) as they only have 2 weeks break and that they will be here in July but it still doesn't make the next week or so any easier!!! So please ignore last nights ramblings ... I was home alone as Ryan had his work Christmas party and it is too hard to find a baby sitter on a Thursday night so close to Christmas!! *sigh* okay so ....

    Today has been pretty good!! I had Em, Jack and Asha's photo taken with Santa ... it was okay and I would have liked a better photo but I just wanted to get out fo there by then!!!! Anyway I have a record of Asha's first Christmas now. I got a letter about my raincheck for our new digitalk camera and printer dock ... so I picked that up today only to get home and not have my FREE digital camera! We paid $299 for the printer dock and in the deal you get a $199 camera thrown in!!! So I rang them straight away and have to go back once Asha wakes up from her sleep to pick up my camera!! I want it for tomorrow to take photos of Emma & Jack opening their presents! So I can send some photos to my Nannas!!!

    Asha is loving her cereal and today I bought her the 6 month stuff!!! I hope she likes that just as much ... although I mix so much fruit in with it to hide the cardboard taste I am sure she wont even know the difference.

    I can not believe how fast the last 6 months has gone ... I really want to stop time for a bit so I can enjoy Asha at this age for a lot longer than I know I have got!!! I don't think we will be having anymore babies so I want to enjoy Asha as much as I can.

    Better go


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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone

    Happy half birthday Matilda and Asha (almost)! LOL at the dog toy! Adara once did that with our dogs ball for a second before I noticed, too.

    Hope you find a good routine for Aidyn, Ambah.

    Kelli, hope Liam's eyes get better, they must be shocking! And also that you can one day get some decent sleep!

    Well Katanya, don't worry about your baby weight rants... I'm going to continue with my own again. Took her to the MCHN on Wednesday for another weigh in and she's lost another 110g, which makes 300g in total since I fell pg. She now only weighs 6.5 kgs and has fallen below the 3% mark in the growth charts. On the positive side though, I tried a 5th different brand of formula this morning and for the first time ever, she drank ALL OF IT! After getting excited and then let down again when she drank a little with the fruit water once, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much but I am quietly hopeful she'll take to this one. If she doesn't I have no idea what to do next... Oh well, I'll take it as it comes.

    Take care!

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    Hi, me again...

    I thought I'd pop in again, I'm feeling kinda flat. Andrew (DH) has been working really long days, usually around 12 hrs a day 7 days a week lately and although I'm really busy and still catching up with friends a fair bit, I feel lonely a lot and miss him. He owns a business and is really busy this time of year and to make things worse, he's down 2 workers ATM but still has to complete all the jobs he took on when they thought there'd be 4 of them, with only 2 ppl. Then he's really stressed out and tired when he is at home. I just want Xmas and moving house to be over already! Things will settle down again after we're settled in the new house and he's going to take a few weeks off then, too.

    What really bummed me out today though was talking to our wedding photographer earlier. We were married on 30th November last year and we still don't have ANY WEDDING PHOTOS! We paid over $6000 for an album, a montage for the wall and enlargements and he's been jerking us around all this time. It took us 3mths to decide on the photos we wanted to go into the album but then it took him 3mths just to get in contact with us again and since then it's been 1 lie after another to buy more time. I had been fairly pleasant but insistant before but today I really let him know how I felt about it. He wasn't very apologetic, he atually told me to put myself in his shoes!!!! What, feel sorry for him as he has to juggle his money around b/c he's so much in debt (lives way beyond his means) and has spent the money we gave him long ago so now has to over-commit to other jobs to get ours done now..?! I have to say, our wedding photos really are the best I've ever seen but will we ever get to show anyone???

    Ahh... feel better now! Sorry, I seem to use this to vent a bit too much!!!

    Thanks guys!

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    Mel I would be ringing consumer affairs. You probably are not the only person he has done/doing it too. Definitely be seeking further action. That is just not on !!


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    katanya Guest

    Wow, what is with this week with us girls..we all seem to be having quite a week..except maybe you Kathryn you seem to be doing okay..you are I hope..?

    WELL...god where do I start with MY day... 8-[

    I saw paedrictrian at 1pm first thing he did was do a chart of all his weights and basically his opinion is he needs to gain some weight and fast..he is about 20% underweight and if he drops any further it will affect his development.. 8-[ So his recommendation is 5 meals a day before breastmilk, with HEAP of calories, he wants him to eat yogurt, meat, butter in veges, pototoes, custard basically all the food you avoid when trying to lose weight..he said vegies are just water and fibre and he need to pack on some serious weight..didn't recomend formula though which was interesting I thought! Okay I was just sitting there freaking out at feeding Felix everything I have been planning on waiting a lot longer for and torn because I don't want him sick..okay this was all before the chest exam..

    Then I told him about the breathing, he examined his chest explained that although he has a cold and a slight cough this is always the way he breathes (really deep and his whole rib cage gets sucked in) anyhow after a exam and feeling his organs, pulse etc..he sits down and explains he wants him to have test done this afternoon for his respritory and circulatory system, he says don't worry we just want to eliminate the possible causes it could just be him..of course when I hear that he is ordering a CTG, a chest xray, and a full blood test I nearly lost it..I managed to hold it together but I just got scared..

    Anyhow Felix was just amazing though everything, despite want to chew on the CTG wires, trying to eat the x-ray person's glasses and got a teddy bear for being such a good boy when they stuck a huge needle into his arm and drew blood for his blood tests..

    Outcome..chest xray was fine, so was CTG..to cut a long story a bit shorter they are concerned about his heart not lungs at moment, the problem is with the chest xray they can't see it properly..there is a lot of noise in his chest, but paed couldn't work out whether it was from the cold or from something else, got in a second opinion, rang cardiologist basically they want Felix back there on Tuesday to be examined again and if the noise is still there he will be sent to Brisbane for a heart scan..

    I have had some teary,scared moments today, the thing that scares me the most was my little boy being subjected to all these tests and being in the hospital environment it not the place for children..it scared the hell out of me, not to mention what could be ahead for him if something is discovered. They explained they are being thorough to ensure nothing is overlooked, but to have two paedrictian discussing your child's heart when you thought it was perfect..something is wrong with a cardiologist discussing a 7 mth old baby..

    I'm sorry this has been an epic post but I needed to write it down, I haven't even responded to anyone else here tonight I will try to in the morning..

    Mel I read what you said about Adara's weight dropping further..it is just plain scarey isn't it? I have to re-adjust my thinking and careful planning of what goes into his mouth and now start to feed him carb loaded food..one thing in the positive it will be a hell of lot easier I imagine feedinging him custartd than trying to get formula into him! (I found sample tin of fruit custard in the cupboard and he gobble it up!)
    Worse thing is I got a "oh i bet you feel like you've failed" talk from my MIL, and her saying. "well I didn't want to sat anything but I would have started him on solids months ago and I noticed he was too thin.." I get on really well with her and I appreciate her not telling me this months ago, because she is usually very careful not to enforce her opinion. But today after my day I didn't rteally want to hear "i told you so"

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Oh dear... sounds like its been a terrible day for everyone

    HUGE :hugs: Katanya
    HUGE :hugs: Kelly
    HUGE :hugs: Mel
    and HUGE :hugs: to anyone else that needs them...

    Oh Katanya, I will be thinking of you and [-o< ing that little Felix is going to be just fine!!! I will have absolutely everything *crossed* for you both on Tuesday that his chest will sound as clear as a bell.

    It is also going to be interesting for you and Felix to up to five meals a day... like you said, he hopefully should enjoy it, cause everyone knows that fatty foods taste much better than low fat/low carb foods. Aidyn (my little piggy!) would be jealous of all of those yummy custards etc that Felix will be able to eat LOL!

    That was really off for your MIL to say 'I told you so' like that. I mean, where's the compassion and comforting when you need it?

    Hey Kelly, It must be so, so hard on you to have to face the thought of Christmas without two of your children. No wonder you are feeling so down And bummer about your parents not being able share Asha's first Christmas... it must be like a double blow to you.
    Only 1 week to go and then it will all be over for another year...

    I hope you got your camera in the end, how exciting!!! Would you believe DP and I still dont have a camera!? We are hoping to be able to borrow BILs for a week or so though.
    How cute getting a Christmas photos of all the kids!!
    I would really like to get one of Aidyn & Santa, but now that we dont have a car getting to the shopping centre is going to be a bit of a worry.

    Mel - I dont know how you manage to do it! Being pg, with a bub as well, and DP working 12hrs/7 days a week... I truly admire you for getting through it like you are, if it were me, I doubt I would handle it very well at all.
    Goodluck with your move, and I hope you and DH have a wonderful few weeks together when he gets some time off.

    RE: that photographer... that is SO dodgy. $6000 is a LOT of money... I agree with Kathryn, that you should get consumer affairs involved. Especially as it is your priceless memories that he has in his hands... geez, that would drive me crazy!!

    I wish I had some helpful sugesstions for you re Adara's weight..... goodluck with this formula you are trying (which one is it?) Also do you think feeding her more fatty foods (like katanya's paed advised for Felix) would be helpful?

    Oh well... that is it from me tonight... huge :hugs: to everyone again. I hope you all have a wonderful (and less stressful) weekend...

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    katanya Guest

    thanks Ambah, I am feeling alot better this morning, sleep is always good, not that I slept that well (or should I say felix either) LOL at aidyn feeling jealous at Felix's food, the paed said that the lack of weight could be contected to whatever else is going on, now the whole notion taht it's my milk supply is more appealing 8-[ I hope aidyn is doing some poo's for you..I must say that is one problem Felix has never had, he's like me in that regard. Good luck with rearranging his routine, I did that once when he was sleeping through the night, and I stuffed everything up and he hasn't done it since but in Aidyn's case he is having troubles...just have akll my fingers crossed that there are no early morning wake ups!

    Mel :No wonder you are tired you poor thing, that would be extra hard with your DH working so much. I will be expecting Lachie to help more when I am pregnant with #2, if next pregnancy is anything like the begining of my last..have you had morning sickness?..I had it till around 5 mths into it..yuk!
    I agree with everyone else about the wedding photos issue, $6000 is a HUGE amount of money and if he can't deliver these things then he shouldn't be promising them, what happens to all those other people..put your self in his shoes, how ridiculous! It must feel incrediably frustrating not having your beautiful photos..shame there isn't a Judge Judy in Australia..hope you find somebody to deal with though!
    I hope things settle down for you, with Adara's weight and everything else in your busy life, one thing about it being all at once , when things calm down you'll feel wonderful!

    Kelly, I can only imagine how hard it would be having your kids separated from you at Christmas, and then to have the drama's with the camera on your early christmas celebration..they are WONDERFUL when you get one...DP bought me one last year for my birthday and it has been a GODSEND with Felix, I can take as many photos as I want and it only costs when I print them, and batteries of course!
    One word of advice, those cameras CHEW batteries even the high quality E ones, buy a double set of rechargables witha rechager (you can get E rechargables) and you'll make your money within a few months, and they last up to 1000 times..very good investment! other wise you end up buying $12 batteries every couple of weeks..

    well Feix has just woken up..I'm up with the birds..it's just turned 6:00am!

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    Oh Katanya. What a day you had to endure. !!! I hope he passes all his upcoming tests with flying colours

    I have been okay this week, was on the verge of a migraine yesterday that Ambah keep hearing me complain about LMAO. Have had Lachlan wake up during the night 3 times this week, but I think he is just hot and thirsty, have had some pretty warm nights and even though his ceiling fan is going full bore it still gets warm in his room. So I have just been making him a ribena drink and giving him the bottle since he finally realised HE CAN HOLD IT HIMSELF !! yay. By morning the bottle is totally empty so he must just be thirsty.

    Anyway no real great news from me. Just plodding along.


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    mama mel Guest

    Thank you Kathryn, Ambah and Katanya for all being so supportive. I'm continually amazed at just how nice everyone is here and really appreciate it!

    Kathryn, I never thought about consumer affairs... I think b/c I want him to do the best job possible of compiling our album I had wanted to keep things nice btwn us. You're right though I think I might have to if it goes on for too much longer.

    Oh wow Katanya, I'm so sorry about Felix and what you both have to go through ATM. That must be so hard for you. Good luck trying to give him the extra solid feeds now, should be easier with the yummy foods though! IKWYM about worrying about suddenly giving them lots of food and fatty foods, that's the same advice I got from my MCHN when we discovered Adara's problem and I had been taking it very easy with one safe food at a time too. She loved it though and hasn't had any problems, even with the yoghurts and cheeses and stuff. I'm sure you're aware of this but just with the custard, as most of them have egg in them try to find an eggless custard to give him until you've tried him 1st on the yolk and then on the white. Sorry, really don't mean to sound like an educator if that's how it came accross! There's just some things that I personally wouldn't mess with like eggs, or nuts when they're older. That sort of thing just scares me.
    OMG at your MIL! What is it about family always "knowing better"?! That really gets on my nerves, especially at a time you need support and reasurance. Anyway, I'll keep [-o< for you that everything will work out to be ok with him in the end.
    OMG - m/s for 5mths!!! Yeah I had it but it really wasn't that bad this time and it's gone already. 'They' say it's worse with your 1st and it seemed to be true for me.

    Thanks Ambah! Yeah, we're counting down the days until we can relax in the new house together! The only formula she'll drink is Karicare Gold, I tried sachets of the the other types of Karicare too but she wouldn't have any of them.

    Ok big news - After 2 half bottles of formula yesterday, she happily slept 9.5hrs straight last night :smt041
    And - she's had formula all day today!!!! \/ She's had 3 bottles, wouldn't have all 250mls but she's had around 170mls each time which is fantastic, considering I'm still BFing as normal and giving her 4 large meals. Not just that, my happy dream baby has come back. She's gone back to being easy to put down for naps and a lot happier all round. I'm ecstatic! I'm sure everything will be fine with her from now on. *finger's crossed still*

    Hope everyone else is well!

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Hi everyone

    Just popped in to say to Katanya that I hope all your tests on bubs come back clear.

    And even if there is something the cardiologist wants to investigate further, then it's better to catch it now, rather than later.

    I know it's a bit of a shock, and I'm praying for a perfect outcome for you.


    ps my baby boy had two lots of heart surgery when he was born, and today he's fit as a fiddle and two years old... and his case was one of the worst ones the NICU had seen

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Very quickly, just want to say HAPPY 6 months to Asha!!!! I love the new ticker Kelly!! (you did change it didnt you??)

    Will post more tomorrow!

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    katanya Guest

    Kathryn that is no good about the migranes Hope you are feeling better..it looks like it IS all all of us having a full-on week..it can only get better from now on! Lachlan is so clever hold his ribena bottle himself..

    Mel, I am SO happy for you, it is inspiring about Adara being so settled AND drinking formula, not that we're doing that but it just seems like you have a great balance of everything AND you can still BF..she MUST be getting there to have sucha noticable turn around in her behaviour..
    THANK-YOU about the egg comment, I had a "discussion" about sugar and egg with MIL, who wants to make a egg custard for Felix, I;, not happy about either. But guess what after all that guess what he loves..you guessed it..fruit custard..I am trying not to give him TOO many new things at once, I did try streak and veges last night..he hated it..it smelt revolting..can't blame him..I bought out the coles custard section yesterday, with vanilla and fruit ones..they have added SUGAR! It is killing me that the only thing he gulps down is sugary..the thing is he is eating and that is positive.
    One that sleeping front Felix slept through from 7:30pm to 3am! he hasn't done THAT for ages, so perhaps this new diet is going to change things majorly too, I haven't had him sleep through the night since he was 3 months old..

    Thanks MistyFying, those words of reassurance are great, I just hope everything comes back negative and he's just a heavy breather, some how now asthma looks more apealing. I'm sorry your little son had to go through that, but fantastic that he is doing so well. I think you never think it will be your child do you?

    I found out yesterday there IS someone in our family with a heart problem though his was discovered at 16, Lachie cousin has heart problems, he is ALSO very thin, I wonder if there is a connection? I hope not..

    Anyhow I am actually not stressing about anything yet, my thinking ATM is that nothing is definite about anything and the only thing that is definite is that he needs to gain weight..so I'm focusing on that for now!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    awww katanya I hope that everything goes well with the tests...how scary! You do sound positive which is great... I had a hole in my heart detected at 6months and nothing was done about it and when I was 10 they found that it had gone after some tests...but I was very thin throughout young childhood... :-k they didn't have to do anything more on me... Thats great that the paed didn't say to stop bf that would have been traumatic...I guess increasing solids is a happy medium...

    Kathryn I hope you've recovered from the migrane! They truely suck...

    Mel thats awful about the wedding photos!! I guess you could write a letter and get it in writing what you want and then if nothing happens then you could report it...iykwim...give him a chance first to do something... its great that you got good sleep!! Life feels different after that!

    YAY Kelly on Asha's 6 months!!! I hope you had a better night!

    Matilda started crawling like a trooper this week & I've just added some photos on her site this morning of her moving around the lounge room... oh dear.... I found that in the play pen she doesn't crawl around.. and we were at a friends house yesterday & Matilda was doing laps around the coffee table :shock: Thank God for the playpen!!!!

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    katanya Guest

    Christy, thanks for that info on your hole in the heart, it makes me think positively about the posibility of something being wrong, I think with asthma posibility didn't worry me AS much because we have a family history and I know that it is treatable, I guess the whole UNKNOWN factor is the scary bit, and the thoughts of MORE tests and then the horrible ideas of hime being operated on..I figure if it's taken this long to diagnose, then he's doing okay (apart from the weight issue) and if it is something like you had there is every posibility that he won't even need an operation!

    OOOh just realised Matilda is 6 months today happy half birthday!!!!!!!!!AND already crawling!! I'll bet you get all those "she'll be walking at 9 months"comments!

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    katanya Guest

    Christy just been checking out the updates on matilda's site..she is SO gorgeous! and SO clever..look at her crawling..it's proper up on all fours stuff!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    8-[ awww thanks!! We think she's pretty cute... & I know the proper up on all fours happened the day she watched Aidyn do it, she got home & had to have a go too...LOL! Then a few weeks later she's off! I'm sort of scared of the whole movement thing, but at the same time I'm a proud mummy too!!!

    We just went to the park for a picnic with friends & she was all over the place!! oh dear...lifes just become heaps more constant... we finally put her in the pram so we could eat something...LOL!

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    katanya Guest

    ROFL at Matilda.. thank god we haven't reached that stage yet! he can roll and creep around the room though.....he is MR ROLLY...he fell out of bed after a nap this morning..I heard a huge thunk..and then a scream, he was hysterical, not hurt but I think he might have winded himself as he was white for about 10 mins after, poor little guy..this is DESPITE the bed rail...he rolled of the end, after sleeping in the middle of a double bed at the top..we might have to consider using the cot for naps or a floor mattress...SCARY! 8-[

    I bought some flaxseed oil today as I was told it is a good additive to help weight gain..so hope it helps! Felix has eaten REALLY well today, he's had yogurt and fruit for breakfast, avocado and yogurt for morning tea and lunch, vanilla custard for afternoon tea and he's going to have chicken and veges for dinner..I will leave flaxseed till tomorrow as I don't want to risk trialling it at night..

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