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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, February '05

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    katanya Guest

    I must have taken so long to write that post this morning because both Christy AND Kathryn posted in between when i started, I usually start and then felix will wake up or want attention etc.. and it takes me awhile!!

    kathryn hope that shocking headache improves how awful! it sounds more than the usual! 8-[

    christy: wow you poor thing with the pregnancy scare, i am with you on the wait for more time between pregnancies, one's enough right now! hope matilda slept and playgroup went ok?

    lulu: glad you have decided to enjoy life, i know owning a house is a big dream of mine too, but the thing is it can't come at the expense of everything else! glad you have decided to spnd abit and enjoy your life more!

    well good news one of the houses i looked at today has possibilities! it is much smaller than our current house but still 3 bedrooms and has potential, i'm taking DP for a drive by tonight!

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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone, been trying to get on and post for the last few days but I'm so dizzy and my vision has been so blurred everytime I jump on I can barely see the screen 8-[ Could just be tiredness...

    Thanks for the link Christy, and all the activity suggestions guys!

    Kellee - Glad you found a great way to settle him that works for both of you. :luck: for better nights now too! Gymbaroo's great, they have all this equipment to climb on, through, swing on, etc. which they change around each week, plus we sing songs, do activities on the mat together and have a word theme for the week. Everything they do there is based on research and aimed on helping their development. From what you've said about Charlie and how active he is, I think it'd be great for him.

    Big Katanya! If it's any consolation, as mothers we all have times when we get frustrated and question whether we're doing the right thing or not. I've said it before but I really think you're doing an amazing job with Felix and coping with all the extra stress that his unknown condition, night feeding and lack of eating brings. I know how much harder it is when you're in limbo still and not sure which way you should go with things or when things will even be able to improve. Are you considering formula to see if that'll make him sleep through the night or to be able to have a break and have DP get up to him? If it's to help him sleep, I'm not sure it'd help anyway as I know other mums who've done that without success. In any case, you're the one BFing, it's your body, Felix is primarily your responsiblity and you have the right to make the decision that suits you and Felix the most and you should never feel guilty about what you decide.
    Wow @ Felix walking!!! =D> Adara's still a long way from that!
    With the teeth and eating sandwiches thing, Adara's been eating them since she was around 6mths, well before she had teeth. I just made sure that I fed her bite sized pieces and then she'd suck and squish it around her mouth like anything else.

    Kathryn - :happybday:

    Christy - I'm sorry, I hope I didn't put the idea of being pg in your head and stress you out more! It's just that before I read your post I'd only just finished saying to Andrew that I'm constantly exhausted still and it doesn't seem to be lifting much this time around so it was on my mind!

    Ambah - So glad you didn't read my post the wrong way! I just like to make things clear when I'm posting b/c I think it'd be so easy to misinterpret things.
    Gymbaroo is $135 a term, which works out to be $15 a class. I think it is on the pricier side of activities but I think it's still worth it. They let you watch a class first if you'd like to or, you can do what I did and sign up towards the end of a term so you only pay for the remaining classes left that you do and see if they like it. I have seen a whole heap of things you can do like singing classes, etc. in the Melbourne's Child Mag (I'm sure you guys would have something similar?) and I know there are cheaper things out there if it's too expensive.
    Happy anniversary!!!

    :smt039: Susan and Lulu!

    Sorry for the epic post (again!) but it's been a while!!!! I'm sure I've forgotten stuff too...

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    just a quickie from me - what else is new LOL

    I brought my night strength Mersyndol this arvo and it (the headache) was gone by the time i started actual shopping without the need for the mersyndol but at least i have some now. I was walking around with my sunglasses on this arvo to cut out some sunlight LOL.

    Mel - Thanks for the b/day wishes. I spent the gift voucher the boys gave me. Got Collateral on DVD and brought a new purse =D>


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hey girls... guess what.... YOU ALL TALK TOO MUCH!!! How am I supposed to keep up?!?! LMAO j/k!!!

    Aidyn went to his first playgroup today, where Christy and Matilda go! My cousin picked me up and drove us (her daughter is 2 weeks older than Aidyn) They had an AWESOME time! It is a music based playgroup called Mini Mozarts, and there was lots of singing and banging of sticks, tamborines and bells, etc... Aidyn has been exhausted for a lot of the afternoon due to it. It was so good for him, I cant wait to go again!
    Oh yeah, and Christy saw him crawling too!! He never crawls that well when he is at home... I guess there is nothing he wants that much, but at Playgroup he had his eye on this lovely ball and kept following it around (until he decided that licking someone elses toes would be more fun, lmao!) He is doing it up on all fours too, I think it is easier for him than pulling all of his weight along the ground.

    Kathryn - glad to hear that your headache is better and that you had a good time shopping

    Christy - OMG about thinking you were PG... I was in the same boat a few weeks ago. Was convinced that although on the pill and getting normal periods, that I still could be pg... isnt it amazing how much you can convince yourself hey!!

    Katanya - good luck with the house veiwing, I hope it is gorgeous!!
    As for the teeth... Aidyn has 5, but I'm not so sure they assist him much more with chewing than having less teeth would. I gave him some avocado on little bread strips tonight, and he just mushed it around in his mouth and let it all sit there and build up, and then eventually spat it out, LOL. Oh well, he just needs to get used to it I suppose
    SOOOoooo cute about the marching

    Mel - Thanks for the info on Gymbaroo. Am definately thinking of adding something like that into Aidyns week as well... I would like him to have at least 2 outings a week that are just for him iykwim? Will be much easier to get to places though when we get our new car.
    I hope you are feeling better and have gotten some rest, the dizzyness doesnt sound too good... I got that when I was pg, and usually needed to eat something or I would pass out, low blood sugar I think.

    Lulu - LOL @ Mitchell beating Sleep school, what a stong willed little man!! Glad you have worked out what works for you though
    IKWYM about 3am wake ups... For the past months or 2 Aidyn has been waking at around 4am nearly every morning... and I have no idea why!
    Sounds like you will be getting lots of new goodies soon, good on you!! I agree, mortgages are so stressful!! We rent our house off DP's Mum, however DP has an investment property on the gold coast that we are paying off... and geeze it eats into the weekly budget (bloody negative gearing!)

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi girls!! I had a pretty full on day today but just thought I'd stop by quickly! Matilda's been the best today YAY!!!

    LOL at Mitchell beating sleep school! Matilda & I went to a week long one up here & the nurses kept saying we'll be seeing you girls in a few months, because when we left Matilida was only slightly more settled than when we arrived, but at least I gained heaps of confidence there.

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    katanya Guest

    We are moving to Mt Tamborine yay!! Got our 3 bedroom house, it's smaller than our current one, but cheaper and it has a pot belly stove!! We move in 12 days so I might be not on here so much! I'll be pretty busy!

    Mel: thanks for your thoughts, I think you are right the combined stress of Felix's illness, the night feeds and the fight to get weight on him added up, also the disapointment of not being able to afford our own house just yet. I realise it's not about the breastfeeding, I think I just wanted it to be all easier for once, and I was thinking about all the babies who go to sleep straight away and all night through and I just wanted that too. I know what you are saying about the fact it is my decision, but really I am happy DP said that because if he had have gone the other way and gone and bought the formula I might have regretted it later. Anyhow we are good for now!

    Kathryn, I'm really glad the headache has gone(totally I hope) I can imagine how challenging having 2 young boys would be with a thumper of a headache! Your Bday presents sound great, so nice you got to splurge and get yourself something like that!

    Ambah You ARE right we do talk too much, I pity the new people who join in and post once a week or something and then look and there's been a hundred posts in the meantime! Aidyn sounds like he had SO much fun at the playgroup, it sounds like a well run one, lots of stuff to do! That is very cool about the crawling, sounds like there is NO doubt he is indeed crawling
    Christy that is fantastic that Matilda is having such a great day!! Hope it continues for you!!
    got to go as felix is on my lap and trying everything to kick and grab the keyboard!!!!!!!

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    Woohooo at getting a house Katanya. That is fantastic !! and yes my headache is totally gone now as well I think it may have been a bit of eye strain as well, cause i looked at the computer for like 5 mins last night and I could feel pain behind the eye, so I SHOULD really wear my glasses on the computer LMAO 8-[ Need eye re-checked anyway, but don't have the $$$ if I need new glasses which i would cause of the stratches in them


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi there! Pretty full on day but Matilda was a star yesterday =D> & fell asleep on the way home so no need for settling YAY!!!

    Went to work this morning & now off to have a nap because Matilda's asleep.... :-$

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    mama mel Guest

    I had an u/s yesterday and IT'S A BIG HEALTHY BABY BOY!!!! :smt026 \/ I know that most of you are moderators here and already know anyway but I'm still just so excited I wanted to tell everyone!

    Kathryn, glad you got some great pressies! I don't know how you cope getting such horrible migraines all the time... I'm with you on needing new glasses, my eyesight has kept getting worse during both pgs but I don't see the point on getting new glasses when I have no idea whether my eyesight will improve again later or not. I'm probably just making sure I do need em later though by straining them like this all the time!!!

    Ambah - your playgroup sounds great! I'd been thinking something like that with musical instruments would be a good idea and Adara loves all that sorta stuff. LOL at the toe licking!

    Christy, sounds like you've had a good few days with Matilda!

    Katanya, great news about the house! I love pot belly stoves! GOOD LUCK moving with such short notice and a bubba ARGH!!!! :luck: Glad to hear you're feeling better about things again.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    YAY Congratulations on your BOY! Mel thats fantastic news!!

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    katanya Guest

    Oh Mel! a HUGE congratulations on your little boy :boy: you are very lucky getting a pidgeon pair! We would like a girl next, but obviously would be happy for a healthy little boy too! Of course then I will have another baby to wear all the clothes Felix has aquired!

    Kathryn:glad to hear your headaches have gone, no good about the need for new glasses and no funds

    Christy sounds like Matilda is having some great days for you, so glad you've been able to get some rest! Have you been to the Dr's yet? Feeling better on the iron tablets?

    I have been packing like a mad thing today and aquiring boxes etc..It is hard because Felix needs entertaining and will only play happily on his own for a limited time, we went around to my mum's to get some more boxes and she offered to have him in the mornings so I can get more done. Felix was really hungry tonight at dinner and ate a chicken and corn baby food, and nearly all of a fruit custard with poly joule..it was great, when you actually sit down and offre it not to get crying and shaking of the head!

    Oh and he is starting to really recognise things by name now, we saw my Mum's partners dog and I said "where's the puppy?" and he looked for her! V exciting!

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    mama mel Guest

    Thanks for the congrats! Yeah, I just realised about the whole new wardrobe thing... Then I remembered how much cheaper a boy will be in the long run and I stopped caring about the baby clothes!

    Katanya - Great he ate so well! Hopefully he'll keep it up now What a clever little boy you are, Felix! =D>

    When I found out that Adara was a girl I got a book for DH to 'choose' the sex of your baby, b/c we'd decided 2 kids was enough for us and next baby would be his last chance for a son after 2 girls. Obviously we never got to use it and never will so we'll prob just end up throwing it out... If anyone would prefer to try for a boy / girl next time, I'll happily send it to you Just seems like such a waste to throw it away! The theories are based on the best time to BD according to when you ovulate, depending on which you want.

    Adara's stopped pointing to things and saying 'ess' (yes) to ask for them and started saying 'ta'. Much better manners, thank you missy!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    O.M.G........ This crawling this is insane!!
    - Aidyn can chase the cat now, and wets himself in excitement doing so (I swear!)
    - He has been in and around the fireplace #-o
    - He is pulling himself up onto his knees and has started pulling stuffing out of one of my armchairs. #-o
    - He find my shoes and licks them!!
    - He is always pulling the Yellow pages on top of himself then getting trapped.
    - Loves pulling the door stopper off.
    Anyway... the list goes on and on....
    But at the same time it is really cute to see him crawling around

    I will have to reply to personals tonight, Dodo has not been letting me on, so I am way behind!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    WOW crazy, hey its his third day isn't it? Hmmm that just confirms my theory of third day of crawling madness!!

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    katanya Guest

    Mel That is great about that book, if it was up to me we'd be doing that next time, but DP has a thing about letting things happen naturally, and if we are meant to have a girl we will :roll: so if we get another boy its' all his fault!
    I am glad neither of us really care about sex, I actually would like a little girl for him, because he works with children and I have seen how he has a soft spot for the little girl, and a daughter would really suit him. I don't mind either way myself, I thought I wanted a girl when pregnant with Felix but now I love having a boy! So why not 2? i have met lots of women who had 3 (all boys) just to try to get a girl and they feel they have missed out and talk about how all they wanted was alittle girl in front of their poor boys!

    Ambah: That is SO cute with Aidyn, he sounds like he has finally found his knees!! Felix has been pulling his knees under and straightening his arms, but it is more to pull himself up, rather than all fours crawling, he was in a box this morning and pull himself up totally from sitting REALLY fast, and he can climb me too. He seems to be happy commando and of course walking is his new favourite thing, he can nearly run with holding hands, he LOVES it, and looks abit like a giggling marching duck!

    Christy: yup I think your theory is right, it takes them a 2 days to work out what's going on and then whoosh off they go!

    Here are some photos of Felix in the box if anyone is interested!

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Yayy!! Mel for your boy!!! You will have a lot of fun together!!

    Ambah- LOL on the crawling updates!, man I gotta move before Mitchell starts. The carpet here is atrocious. Playgroups are SOO good. Glad you are enjoying them.

    We went to the Aquarium today, Mitchell went right off and was talking to ALL the fish. Now we're all stuffed and both kids are shirty. Could only get Isabelle into a good mood by giving her my hot X bun. EARLY TO BED you little terrors!

    Kathryn, my eyes have got bloody terrible again with this pg, I just cannot drive without my glasses which is a pity cos I lose them 3x a day. They do improve when pg is over though. Mine scratched to hell but if I scrape up the $$ for new pair will lose them exactly one week later.

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    mama mel Guest

    Ambah - Aidyn got the hang of it all very quickly! What is it about babies and toes? I have to wear closed toe shoes when Adara's on the loose b/c she chases them everywhere! If I have polish on, forget it!

    Katanya - Just thought I'd offer as none of my friends will be having babies anytime soon (not planned ones anyway!) and our bookshelves are overflowing, especially since I had to clear out the bottom shelf thanks to bubba. I also believe in letting things work out naturally as IMO you get the babies you're meant to have and when you're meant to have them. Although he would've been happy with another girl, he really wanted 1 boy outa 3 which I can understand. I also think he's much better suited to having little girls and that he'll understand that special look they have just for him a whole lot more when he has a boy IYKWIM?
    That is so sad they'd say that infront of their boys!
    Love the photos, such a cheeky monkey!

    Lulu - I noticed you were pg last time but I just checked your dates and I'm pretty sure our kids are going to have exactly the same age gap! Amazing! Is this pg A LOT more painful for you too? The midwife told me I just need to accept that it will be b/c it's too soon. And, another Melbourne-ite YAY!!! I got so used to all the QLDers here, good to see a local! Where abouts are you? (Don't answer specifically if you don't want to) I'm in Mulgrave.
    Sounds like the kids had a great time at the aquarium! I'm sure it must've been a huge day for them, hope you didn't have too much trouble at night. We haven't been yet but were planning on going sometime soon when my DSD's over on the weekend.

    Wow, I can chat a lot about not much! :-$ Better go now...

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Katanya - CONGRATS on finding your house!!!! Mt Tamborine is such a beautifful area, you are so lucky!!!
    Goodluck with all of your packing... its so stressful isn't it, especially with very limited time...
    Those photos of Felix are really cute, looks like he loves that box!

    Mel - Congrats again on having a beautiful Boy!!
    How sweet the Adara is saying 'ta' now

    Lulu - sounds like you had a great time at the aquarium, how cut for Mitchell to be chatting away to the fish!

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