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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, January '05

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    Yeah Lachlan doesn't give two hoots about blisters on his feet or anything

    He is giving two hoots about his teeth though. 4 days of screaming. WHO SWAPPED THEIR BABY FOR MINE !!!!


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    wasn't me I swear!!! Just after I write about how long it takes Matilda to settle, she's screamed for hours in my arms today to only sleep 20 minutes & wake up screaming again ](*,) I just wound up crying with her before and she finally went to sleep so I layed down & now the phones been ringing off the hook! ](*,)

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    Urgh Christy. I hate that, and I can never take the phone off the hook if I do lay down in case it is an emergency. I was nearly crying with Lachlan myself today. Bonjela would help for 10mins and panadol was having no affect. He has finally fallen asleep with half a drunk bottle in his hands, so just cooking tea then i will wake him to give him a bath then he can goto bed


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    Oct 2003
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    ok and after bed lets pretend today never happened & start over tomorrow! Sounds good to me! (well...maybe after a bottle of wine...LOL)

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    Yep that sounds good Christy... maybe Kahula and milk or home made baileys for me as I don't do wine

    Argh guess who just woke. Making Andrew put him in the bath


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    katanya Guest

    wow what is it with today?? my boy has had some ugly swollen gums too, and I have turned the whole upside down trying to find Bonjella, ended up giving him panadol and he was a bit better..just grumpy and refusing to sleep this end too..finally got him to sleep for arvo nap at 4:30pm and then he woke up sceaming when the girl I look after on weekends was being dropped off, then just in a foul mood till he finally got to sleep at about 7:15 !!!

    POOR Matilda! Wonder where that Blister came from, can imagine it would have been a big shock!! I am sure it will heal fine though Christy!!

    I would love to join you in a big glass of wine too Christy, only we don't have any and I am alone tonight as DP is working all weekend (bit sad if I start drinking alone ), so I have 2 kids alone and 1 teething!!! AHHH!!!

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    Ahhhhh finally asleep after another 1.5hrs of screaming blue bloody murder !! I just had to put him in his cot, with a teething ring and let him deal with it. Ran out of baby panadol earlier so I couldn't give him more.

    To me though it looks like the tooth next to his middle teeth at the top is the most swollen, and he doesn't have his middle top teeth yet :-k Lets hope after all the noise for the last week, he cuts a couple in quick succession.


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    katanya Guest

    Kathryn Felix got his tooth next to the middle top a couple of weeks ago and now one of the middle ones looks like it is coming through..big :hugs: to you and I'm sending good night sleep vibes to poor Lachlan..hope that tooth comes through soon!

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    Oct 2003
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    Matilda finally went to sleep at 9.30pm!!! GRRRRR.... then we drank the bottle of wine! LOL! But she slept (or maybe we slept through her...) until 5am for a feed & back to sleep until 7.20am!! oh I could get used to waking up after 6am!!

    So far so good today

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    So far so good here today as well. Lachlan slept from just before 9pm through to 7.30am, but he probably was up earlier i just didn't hear him over the noise the bird was making. Our ****ateil decides 7am is a lovely time to start sqwaking and wont' stop till i drag my arse out of bed #-o


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    katanya Guest

    9:30pm OMG 8-[ Bet that glass of red(or bottle )was great!

    See today will be a brighter day!!

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    mama mel Guest

    Wow, big to you all, Ambah, Kathryn, Christy and Katanya!!! What is it with these babies, like a collective consciousness or something??? Hope today stays a lot better for you all.

    Aidyn probably is going through a growth spurt, Ambah. I heard that babies have spurts at 6wks, 3mths, then every 3mths after that until they're 12 or 18mths old, can't remember which. Seemed to be true for Adara.

    Christy, love your Avatar! Ambah and Katanya, I meant to say that to you too but with my preggy brain I've forgotten heaps that I've had to say lately! I want one too now!

    Adara has always been a really cheeky character and full of life trying to make us laugh, etc. but now she's getting older it's getting to be sooo much more! Today I was hugging her in really close while giving her a bottle and half way through she decided she didn't want anymore but I kept hugging her close to me. Sorry if this is TMI but as it was morning and hot, I was still naked. All of a sudden, she looks at my nipple with this really cheeky grin and DIVES at it! Just as her mouth hit, she stopped, looked up at me, giggled and jumped to standing to hug me around my neck! It was so funny, she obviously just wanted to scare me the little bugger. She knows they're out of bounds now as she'd tried to play with them with her hands before. After that she kept bobbing down to pretend again, then jumping up and laughing with me. So cute!

    And I'm still a bit in shock and can't quite believe this one.... Yesterday she did her usual sneak behind the TV to grab at the plugs when she thought I wasn't looking, so I said my usual firm "Adara, no". She turned to look at me, smiled and said "esss", giggled and kept going!!!! :shock: I can only assume she means yes, as she's been saying it constantly since then when she wants a toy or is pointing at something she wants. What a little bugger!!! :smt018

    I guess you guys were right about her talking but I never really considered it until you said it!!! I just thought that it'd be a lot clearer and that she'd start with babble first...

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    LOL at Adara saying yes when you said no Mel. Naughty girl


    I was holding lachlans hands above his head today and he started taking steps really slowly at first so I got a tighter grip and walked behind him holding his hands and he was walking along doing full proper steps the whole knee bent action and all and he then tried to pick up pace.

    So i gave him the walker (that you walk behind) and he took 3 small steps behind that. I reckon within a couple of weeks and practice he will walking behind the walker 8-[


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    katanya Guest

    LOL at Adara..what a cutie!!! Felix plays grabs the nipple and pull s too with a huge cheeky laugh, unfortunately I am still trying to teach him that nipples are for food, not toys! Can't ban them yet!!
    Yes mel Adara is DEFINITELy talking, she has just skipped the noraml boring bits and gone straight for the meaningful stuff. Felix is just a babbling boy, he talks to anything, unfortunately in the car he practices his screams!!
    Felix has somehow managed to work out that shaking your head means no, and of course everything is "no" now [-( especially food, and try getting extra food into a mouth that is shaking!!

    Kathryn wow Lachlan is doing well!! Felix can step now too if we hold his hands and behind the toy car, but can't pull himself up on everything though, just the things close enough. Started exploring the rest of the house today, crawling around the tiles, and chasing lizards (our house is an creepy crawly paradise) it was so cute, he crawled in the room where the girl I look after was watching her videos and sat at the door just staring at her..it is SO funnyhe way he gets more and more interactory with her each time she comes, she just ignores basically ignores him, I don't think he understands why she doesn't smile at him back!
    Christy saw the cool new Avatar VERY cool!! LOVE the lounging Matilda and the funky guitar!

    I am very excited I just when to the shops and found a Felix the cat top in my size(18) I'm so happy as all I have seen were tops for skinner bodies and So i bought 2 in different colours, DP will be VERY jealous, I have never seen them in Mens unfortunately!

    I am enjoying my time on the computer as Felix is watching a Video and Adala(girl I look after) is watching a video, and then when Felix wakes up we're going swimming!

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    Christy saw the cool new Avatar VERY cool!! LOVE the lounging Matilda and the funky guitar!
    She is riding a skateboard


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    katanya Guest

    I realised that in another post.. #-o

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    mama mel Guest

    Yay finally just finished doing Adara's web site! Now I'll let myself take the time to look at all of yours!

    =D> Well done Lachlan! That's very clever! Adara tells me off if I try to do anything like that, has absolutely no concept of that walking business (which is certainly fine by me!!!!).

    LOL at the Felix top Katanya! Very cute! Sorry, is Adala disabled? I remembered you saying that you'd worked with those kids before so I'm assuming that's why she doesn't respond? BTW, is her name pronounced the same as Adara's (Ad-ah-rah) with an l? I must say, very pretty name!!!!

    Sooo tired, off to bed now!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Wow... so much reading to catch up on in here!!!

    Mel - That is hilarious about the little game that Adara is playing with you!!! SSSOOOO cute!!! And how cheeky is the 'esss'!!! SO adorable!! (though I'm sure it wont take long to wear a bit thin, LOL)
    I just checked out Adara's webpage... she is just beautiful!! I love the piccy of her with Chrissy, as well as the 'best friends' shot... they are all great photos actually!! The wedding photos are so beautiful as well.

    Kathryn - WOAH @ Lachlan!!! Slow down boy, you are only 10 months old!!! LMAO What a little adventurous boy Well done! =D>

    Katanya - that is amazing about Felix stepping too!! Aidyn is just getting the strength now to be able to bear his body weight on his legs... yet most babies I know have been doing it since they were really little!
    Those Felix the cat tops sound gorgeous, what a great find!!

    Christy - Hope you day was a bit better today... Woohoo @ the bottle of wine! You guys deserve it!!

    The past 2 nights have been good with Aidyn, he has slept through until around 6am without waking, then has a bottle and goes back to sleep until 8am usually. He is also settling into his cot a tad easier I *think*... he is screaming and protesting less Now to just get him to settle without me being there for a whole hour, or more...

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