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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, January '05

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Just wanted to pop in and say Congrats to Katanya. I love the sound of your wedding. Good luck with the planning.

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    Oohh keep forgetting to say. Since about 2 days ago Lachlan has been clucking. you know that noise you make with your tounge. If you do it to him he will do it back. Too cute !!


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    katanya Guest

    Thanks guys we are pretty excited, it's funny but I have never cared about not being married with a baby IYKWIM, and when we fell pregnant with Felix a bit earlier than expected, we had no plans to "get hitched" immeadiately to satsify "society" we just decided that we would proceed as we were in that department, and get married when it felt "right" for us..well it feels great now we know it is the right thing. and Felix will able to be part of it too! This year has been amazing for us, and having Felix has only brought us closer, so it seems timely!

    I have had some sucess with Felix in the food department I found some farex banana custard and I have been mixing that with EBM and he has been Gobbling it up! so I can stay away from the cans!! yay!! the cut is healing but it is scary reminder of safety! Not TOO happy that he only eats custard but it's food he'll eat at least, just trying to get him enthusiatic about eating and then we'll trial the other stuff again..

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    woohoo at the farex banana custard Katanya.

    Lachlan had chilli con carne tonight minus the chilli mixed with rice and he scoffed that down too. Daddy can change the nappy tomorrow LMAO.


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    katanya Guest

    yum Kathryn dinner sounds great at your house~! DP has a shirt saying "beans the musical fruit" could be interesting..tomorrow!
    we only had chicken breast sandwiches..bit slack aren't I?

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    LOL Kantanya. Chill Con Carne or Tuna Mornay is usually my slack tea I have been known to do toasted sandwiches though.

    That is if we are excluding take out as being slack hahahah


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Wow Katanya, big congrats on your upcoming wedding! I love how you have planned it, and it is going to be soooo beautiful up there in the Gold coast hinterlands
    Yay @ finding the Farex banana custard!! Does he like it if you try mixing other pureed fruits in with it, that might start getting him used to different tastes maybe? But then again, it is usually getting them to eat the savoury stuff that is the most trying...

    We had success with Aidyn lastnight though, as he shared our spaghetti bolognaise with us, and loved it!!!

    Kathryn - how CUTE, re the clucking noise!!

    Awww Christy, that is terrible... Early morning wake-ups are so hard, and even worse is when they dont go back to sleep! Do you think feeding her a bit later could change when she wakes up, or have you tried that already?
    At least you two have worked out an agreement on taking turns, I guess that would make it a tiny bit easier to bear.
    DP only does the morning shift for me once a week, but hey, one's better than none right!

    I am so excited... I am going to take Aidyn to Gymboree to check it out!! Christy (and Katanya?) would you be interested in coming? DP has gotten free passes from a mate at his work, I'm just not sure how many he got. Gymboree is a play and music centre, just a 3 minute drive up from my place on Moggill Rd. If it is really good I might enrol Aidyn in for a weekly class, thats depending how much it costs (I have No idea as yet!)

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    Ladybug Guest

    forum name : ladybug
    state :NSW
    bubs name: Bianca Maree
    D.OB : 10/02/04
    health issues: a special condition to do with her calcium too complicated to explain.
    Notes: Elective c-section at 38 weeks bianca was admited to N.I.C.U
    she lived in the Nepean Hospital n.ic.u for a month or so before being
    transfered to Westmead children's hospital for further help and assitance.
    came home on oxygen (on it for 2 mths at home)
    outcome: happy. beautiful , as healthy as we can get her baby. \/

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    katanya Guest

    Welcome to Ladybug and Bianca (gorgeous name BTW) Hope you feel welcome here at Belly Belly. it's a very friendly forum, and we are always happy to welcome a new face I was reading your intro about Bianca's hospital time, i can imagine it would be the worst feeling in the world to give birth to your little girl and then have to leave her in the hospital for a month before you could bring her home..very difficult, but I am so happy that she is now a really happy baby..looking forward to hearing about your adventures together!

    Felix has his paediatric appoint today, Paed said he will weight him and look at lungs again..fingers crossed he has gained weight not lost it again [-o< If things are what he was hoping then I think we'll be refered to a paed dietian which would be good in one way because I get confused with all the recomendadtions out there about foods and the fact I have to feed him so much rubbish..well egg custard..

    Ambah it's a great idea about adding the fruit and stuff, the farex custard isn't really that calorie laden unfortunately..I have the egg custard to take out when we are out..at least he is learning to eat with the food we have..I was thinking perhaps I'll start doing what you guys have been doing and whiz up some of our dinners..tonight it's pasta so that's full of carbs!
    I am getting anxious about the wedding already, I kept trying to work out how much it will cost us, and what we can do with food etc..*sigh* the things with weddings is even the simple ones take time to organise AND money..hoping our parents might offer to help out abit, but if not then we'll just have to take it all abit at a time.

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    Hey Katanya.

    Re food at the wedding. We hired a hall and had Aussie Spit Roast Catering cater for us. Foodwise it worked out to $12.00 per head. My wedding cost just a tad over $4000 and that included everything last thing.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    Hi all

    Not a good start to the day. My friends body was found by his Dad yesterday. I am questioning my own faith at the moment and wonder if what I always thought was true is or not!!! I guess that is normal when things like this happen. I try to tell myself that God had other plans for him but it is hard ... he hasn't been married very long and now his wife has not only her injuries to deal with but the knowledge that she has lost her husband.

    Asha is off for her immunisations today, a bit late but she has had a shocking virus and has only recently managed to shake the cough.

    Better go she is calling.

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    Yeah Kelly :hugs: I saw the news this morning that they had found him. It is good that his body was found at least they will have some closure, it would be hard to always wonder iykwim.


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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    Hugs Kelly. Hope you feel happier soon.

    CONGRATULATIONS KATANYA!! The year will just fly!! Sounds like a lovely wedding plan. Christy - I soooooo feel for the early waking!! Liam was up at 4.10am today - ready to play saying "uh oh, uh oh". ](*,)

    Kathryn - you have made me hungry by mentioning tuna mornay (num num nummy!!).

    Sorry, I gotta go. I am sooooooo tired this morning!!


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    katanya Guest

    Not a good start to the day. My friends body was found by his Dad yesterday. I am questioning my own faith at the moment and wonder if what I always thought was true is or not!!! I guess that is normal when things like this happen. I try to tell myself that God had other plans for him but it is hard ... he hasn't been married very long and now his wife has not only her injuries to deal with but the knowledge that she has lost her husband.
    Kelly was this in the Tsunami? A huge :hugs: for you. I know what you mean when someone very young and very needed is taken earlier than expected, to find the logic or reason immeadiately is impossible. I lost my father 4 years ago, and although his loss is always with me, there are things I have done for myself that perhaps I would never have learnt to that perhaps came about from the fact he isn't here to help me through life still. I still struggle with the reason why he never got to meet his grandson. I hope in time you are able to see the legacy that he left behind, but the intial pain of grieving someone much loved is really hard to deal with..be kind to yourself. Hope Asha goes okay with her needles today..

    Kathryn: that is actually a really great idea with the spit and the cost of $4000 sounds actually do-able although I was hoping around $2000-3000, as I am not doing the traditional dress etc..and the main expense will be the food and photographer I think...

    Kelli: 4:10am is illegal Liam that isn't on waking up so early !!!

    Felix had his apointment..and gained 110 grams in 10 days..so up again!! I'll post the rest of the details in the tests post rather than do more epic posts..

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    Pietta Guest

    Just wanted to pop in and say congrats to Katanya!! we had our wedding done by wa spit roast and the food was womderful- ours was only $8 a head though. Ours totalled $4000 too so snap Kat!!

    Kelly I am sorry to hear your news. i dont know what to say but we are here for you.

    Ok back to my proper forum

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    Jun 2003

    Thanks everyone. I am not doing so bad. It has been a few years since I have seen any of the family and I guess it seems silly for me to feel so ... hmm I don't know. I haven't really cried but I feel so sad about it all. Once I had heard what had happened I had a feeling that they wouldn't find him alive. So I guess it has been news I was expecting but I was hoping would be wrong! I am sure that doesn't make any sense but I feel a bit better. The better news is that a friend of ours here in Perth made it home safely. I haven't managed to speak to her yet as I am sure she has things to deal with. The world can be such a wonderful place and in the same breath it can be just as horrid!

    Asha didn't have her immunisations today ... she is on antibiotics for an ear infection ... here's hoping that she won't have the same troubles Jack has been plagued with!

    Better go, things to do while Asha is sleeping.


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    Katanya - I had a proper wedding dress but it only cost $350. My parents gave me $1000 to get my dress LOL (yes that $1000 was included in the $4000 total) So I used the money to pay for other stuff. We hired a hall as I said and luckily enough to know a person that did hiring of table chairs etc so we got that pretty cheap.

    I did all our own wedding invitations on my computer and printed them. That included the place settings, reply letter for ppl to send back etc.

    On each table we had a disposable camera, and then just had family/friends take pics. We didn't have a professional photographer but had a friend who is heavily into photography so we made sure we looked at him for all the major stuffl, like signing paper, cutting cake etc.

    Alot of photos were digital so ppl saved them to disc and gave them to us then we printed off what we wanted. Inc digital we had over 600 photos :-s

    I had my and my bridesmaid (only had 1) boquets professionally done, but the flowers for the tables etc my mil did. For the little thing that the women take home I brought tiny terractoa pots and my mil painted them white did an arrangement of flowers in them using oasis to hold them in, then with the computer I printed heart shaped labels with our intials and date on it then stuck them to the pots.


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    katanya Guest

    Kelly I am gald you are feeling better, I had another friend die about 3 years ago from a rockclimbing accident, he was only 35, full of life and in his prime, writting a climbing guide for an area in the Blue Mountains. He was the sort of guy that was so full of life that you could never imagine him dead IYKWIM, everyone who knew him was devastated, he was funny, and was a wonderful person to know even though he wasn't one of my "best" friends I always felt good around him. I couldn't make sense of the afct someone so dedicated to safety and who had climbed mountains in nepal every year died in a freak wind gust on a small cliff while tying a rope on. His girlfriend found him. It didn't seem real to me. His legacy lives on still today and his memorial was very special, i wasn't able to make it but but I wrote a cartoon story about him and our rockclimbing adventures, perhaps if you wrote something for his memorial it would help make sense of it, I know it did for me..people like him and perhaps your friend just viberate life and express all that is good in the world..
    Hope Asha's ear infection clears up..poor little girl!

    Wedding sounds great Kathryn, I hope I can do it as well as you! I think Mum will probably help out a bit but obviously there are lots of things that I haven't thought of! I don't know one here that is a photographer usually I'm called upon for that sort of thing. To me that would be the best money spent, I just hope I can find someone I like...

    Pee glad to hear that you also only spent $4000, although it seems like a lot it is worth a good party..

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