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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, January '05

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    Brooke M Guest

    Hi guys.

    Well I'm a bit out of the loop here as I pretty much dropped off the planet once Oliver was born - a bit of PND combined with a way too busy business was not good for me. I am feeling much better now after selling the business and after a lovely email from Kathryn am revisiting BellyBelly and looking forward to catching up on everyone's bubs.

    I've had a quick read through but there's lots here so will have to fly by the seat of my pants.

    Believe it or not am also going to be posting in the 1st trimester forum - I can't believe it myself, with a 7mth old and 2.5yo I am soon to be one very busy lady.

    Hope you are all well and that there are a few familiar 'faces' who still remember me!

    Catch you all soon


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    A big Welcome to Ladybug and Brooke, I am looking forward to getting to know you both a bit better!
    And congrats on your pg Brooke , wowee, you certainly are going to be busy!!

    Big :hugs: Kelly... I am so, so sorry to hear about your friend... Even though you had not seen him in a while, it is still a very hard and sad thing to have to come to terms with. Please take care ok?
    Good news that your other friend is ok though.
    I hope Asha is feeling better soon, poor little thing! The same thing happened to Aidyn, his immunisations were moved back about 3 times as he always had a fever.

    Kelli - urgh @ the 4.10am wakeup!!! I hope he lets you sleep in tomorrow!

    Not much happening today... it has been soooooo hot!! It is still almost 30degrees atm, though it is almost midnight. Lucky DP and Aidyn are sleeping in the nice 24degree aircon... I can't wait to go to bed now!
    Aidyn did really well with his solids today... I mixed him up more than twice the amount of lunch he normally has (fruit mixed with rice cereal) and he ate it all! It filled him up really well too, so he hasnt needed as many bottles today. I also had sucess with his dinner, DP and I were slackbums tonight and just had sandwiches (too hot to cook!), so I opened a jar of Morrocan chicken & sweet potato for Aidyn. I only gave him a small serve, but he gobbled it up, so I will give that for dinner tomorrow too. Pity I just realised that it was a 9month+ jar... but oh well, he is over 8 months and eating our food anyway, so I doubt it would matter too much.

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    Hi Brooke.

    Welcome back to the forums it is great to have you with us once again Woohoo congratulations on your pregnancy as well. It will be nice to have them all close together, but I agree definitely a handful to begin with lol. Look forward to reading how everything is going with you


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    katanya Guest

    Welcome back Brooke! and congratulations on your pregnancy! Just have a little matra for when having 3 children close together gets too much.."it will be all worth it later on" the positives are numerous, but the early years will be a handful! My friend is one of 3 that were only 18 months apart and they are all REALLY close as adults, a boy was first then 2 girls and they all are incrediably close family, it's wonderful! No good to hear that you experienced some PND, but you have travelled out the otherside of it, well done!

    Ambah that Morrocan chicken sounds great, the 9 mths just referes to the "chunk" level, Felix is better with the really pureed ones that say 4 mths on the jar because he only started solids at 6mths(an obviously custards )But Aidyn is a seasoned eater now so I'm sure the 9mth ones will be fine for him! He sounds like such fun to feed!! Felix actually opens his mouth for custard now, and chases the spoon, so time to re-explore other options or we'll be eating custard for life!! I gave him mixed cereal this morning, he wasn't as enthusiastic as the custard but hey, he's got to move on!

    we've got to clean the house top to bottom today..house inpsction tomorrow..got to hate that..can't wait to won our own house..but at least it forces me to clean the conwebs away!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    Hi Brooke

    I'm in the same boat as you pretty much!! I can totally sympathise!!!

    Howdy everyone else!!!!

    Got some news - Liam is walking with his walking trolley!! He has been cruising for a while but wouldm't have a bar of the trolley. He was pushing a kitchen chair around this morning so I thought i'd try the trolley again. Used it straight away of course!! Now he thinks he's the duck's nuts and is doing bog laps of the house!!

    It will be good having him walking!!

    Gotta go get ready to see th ob.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    Just thought I'd let you know how I went at the ob -

    (posted in First Trimester Forum)

    Hello Again!!

    Just back from the ob - all is ok and there is just one (phew!!!).

    Onto Insulin again - very early this time round, not that I mind. Want to make sure that bubs stays healthy and small!

    Blood pressure was up a bit but reckon it was due to the fact that I just had an ultrasound probe up the "you know what"!!!


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    Woohoo @ walking with the trolley... too scary as well, and YAY to a good ob visit !!

    We are knackered went for a walk today over rugged terrain lol and it was me that had to push the pram grrr I suppose Andrew did carry Kam on his shoulders for most of the way.

    Lachlan is 9mths old today !! 3mths till his birthday 8-[


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Happy 9 months today Lachlan!!

    WTG Liam @ walking with his trolley!! =D>
    Good to hear your Ob appt went well Kelli. What sort of insulin do you take? Is it a precautionary measure for GD?
    I only ask because DP has type 1 (childhood) diabetes and has to inject himself 4 times a day with insulin.

    Katanya - I have been wondering about that (the 9 month + food, etc) I was wondering if it could be the ingredients as well, as this morrocan chicken has heaps of stuff in it that you wont find in the 6 month jars - ie Mild curry powder. Although it is still chunky, the whole mix is a bit wetter which means he's not gagging on it like the other stuff.
    I'm really getting into this food thing now, and finally understanding how to go about replacing his bottles (I was beginning to think he would never give any of them up!)... I have been cautious about feeding him large meals of solids for some reason (maybe cause he would never eat that much) but the past few days he has been going great guns! Today he ate half a banana mashed up with this Organic rice pudding, it filled up half a cereal bowls worth (adult size) and he ate it all! Needless to say he has only needed 3 bottles today!
    I have come to realise that banana is his absolute favourite food, just like his mummy! I must have eaten at least 3 bananas a day during my PG... I'm surprised Aidyn came out as a baby in the end and not a banana, lmao!!!

    *sigh* and this teething thing is never ending... I suspect his second pair of bottom teeth might be on the move, as he has had bad bouts of ear pulling and head punching all day, and is frantically gnawing on his dummy with his gums on either side of his bottom teeth.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    OMG, I forgot to mention the most important thing!!!! (Duh!! #-o )
    ...Aidyn said Mumma last night!!!!!! And he said it quite a few time as Ma Ma Ma as well. I can't be entirely certain that it was directed at me, but he did say it after a session of me and DP coaching him on Mumma and Dadda, LOL

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    katanya Guest

    OMG Ambah did Aidyn say Ma Ma before Dadda?? I am so jealous!! I have been coaching Felix to say Mumma, but although he has an extentise babble vocabulary, he has yet to say it..
    Felix is taking 2 hours to go to sleep ATM even though tired, I think we have reached the stage where they can make themselves stay awake even when tired it took shifts of Lachie and I to get him there.. He has a fascination with the sound of his own voice..like Lachie said..no question where he gets that from..he says dad dad, bubba, makes all kinds of sounds and noises..we were reading a book yesterday and I pointed to a baby and said "bubba" and he was looking right at it and said "bubba" straight after me it was SO cute!

    Ambah you could be right about the additives, although I wouldnt worry too much. My theory with that stuff as long as it's introduced slowly it is harmless..think of all the cultures in the world where they eat hot food? I have always eaten hot food while breastfeeding and Lachie would be heartbroken if his son didn't like hot stuff. LOL @ as Aidyn as a baby banana!
    WOW at the TEETH Felix has only got the bottom 2 so far!

    Happy 9mths Lachlan!! God they are all growing TOO fast next week Felix will be 8 mths 8-[ It makes it all too soon now the new year is here!!

    Congratulations Kelli on the obs appointment did you have Gestational diabetes with Liam? You are doing the right thing taking the insulin!
    WooHoo to Liam and his clever walking..how clever I'll bet he's pleased as punch with himself!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2003
    Western Australia


    I was gestational diabetic and pre-eclampsic with both Cairenn and Liam, so well and truly used to having insulin injections 4 times per day.

    Liam thinks he is the duck's nuts walking now!!

    Gotta go for a walk!!


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    katanya Guest

    Kelli I just looked at your website, your kids are SO cute and they look far more grown up that their respective ages! I didn't realise that you had to inject insulin with gestational diabetes, does it go away straight after you give birth? You are really brave injecting yourself! Not sure if i could 8-[

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2003
    Western Australia


    Thanks for your lovely comments about my kids. They certainly look (and act) older than their ages. Cairenn especially - most people think she is more like 4/5 rather than just going on 3.

    I am not afraid of injecting insulin at all. The needles are so fine that if you feel any more pain than a mossie bite, you are doing it wrong!!

    It is something I have to do to keep me and bubs well. My diabetes slowly wears off after birth, but has been sticking around a bit more this time round (ie after Liam's birth) but I wasn't able to exercise very much for a few months after breaking my elbow! Exercise helps to knock it off.

    THe doctors aren't too optimistic that it will fully go after this birth - and neither am I. I will just have to get super fit again and try everything I can to keep full blown diabetes at bay.


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    Ladybug Guest

    It amazes me how supportive you girls are.

    When I got married we had a ****tail partie in my parent gorgeous garden , but had ceremony on the banks of Nepean river,
    I wore a Ruby red two piece dress witha short red viel with a teria that
    cost more than my dress, my bridesmaides wore black and my them
    was yep ladybugs (from Ladybug candles as bombonie and stuffed
    ladybugs as decorations, it gave the gardern a little class.
    and my wedding only cost my parents $6000 for everything.

    Bianca has been teething big time she screams quite a bit a night.

    Today I had a ultra sound for the new 20wk bubba in belly

    from Jodie

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    katanya Guest

    Hi Jodie, your ladybug wedding sounds WONDERFUL!! I have always wanted a theme wedding but not sure if we'll go that way or not. My Mum actually had $10 000 saved for my wedding for years and years (I am 31) and I told her to spend it because if I did get married it wouldn't be a $10 000 one, but I know a little bit of that would be handy now !
    Glad your little bubba is healthy! How are you going with a little one and being pregnant? Teething isn't fun, hope Bianca's teeth break through soon!

    I went to my local op shop yesterday and found HEAPS of wonderful size 0 and 1 clothes for Felix all hardly worn and only 50 cents and $1 a piece! This way I can satsify my budget and my clothing spurged at the same time!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2003
    Western Australia


    Your wedding sounds wonderful. What a great idea!! Congratulations on #3 too! You are going to be as busy as I am!!

    Katanya - great score on the clothing! Pays to look in all sorts of places!!

    Liam up at 4.45am - a sleep in of sorts. Wish he would sleep past 6 just one morning!!!


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    I just had to post cause i realised I haven't posted on this page yet LMAO. Ooer at ladybug themed wedding. How cool would that have been. I love ladybugs !!

    Sounds like you did really well yesterday with the clothes Katanya. I love doing garage sales and stuff like that cause you can usually get some decent clothes really cheap. Haven't been to one in a while though.

    Hope everyone else is doing good. Lachlan was pulling himself up at the coffee table last night. He can lift his chest fully off the floor when doing and last night nearly got his knees under him as well !!!

    Just had Anthony and Lesley (mouse_9_2001) here for lunch they have now gone and checked into their motel where they will stay till Tuesday.

    Anyway must go and read the other posts then have some avatars to do


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi girls!!! Sorry I've been a bit off the planet this week with visitors but I have just read all the posts to catch up!! LOL!! I'll try to jump in eyes open... The ladybird wedding sounds fantastic!

    Kelly I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That would be such a hard thing to go through for his wife. wow.

    We had a budget wedding too...and ours was only $2000 all up! WOW!!! We did well!! Just that we had a lot of family friends do things like cakes & we did the decorations with a few trips to spotlight for some stuff & ikea for tea lights... We did the disposable cameras placed around & then we also had two friends who are into photos do the rest... which was really fun & we just paid for the film. I got a wedding dress to appease my mum & got one second hand for $400 and wore my docs under...LOL... my good friends mum sewed all the bridesmaids dresses which cost $90 all up for three of them YAY for budget weddings!!!

    Life has been crazy with Matilda crawling. she's not as content to stay in the play pen, she gets really annoyed & complains until you take her out & then she tries to jump out of your arms to get to the ground #-o ...I hope that doesn't last too long. She's eating well, and still up at 5.30 every morning... no matter what happens... we even went back to waking her up for a dream feed around 10.30-11 and she still woke up, so that might just be it now...

    ok enough epic time for me now...I will be back on more regularly tomorrow

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