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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, May '05

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    Oh Michelle almost forgot,

    Hope Jay has a lovely bday. I know exactly what you mean about them growing up. I did Josh's kinder pics in the scrapbook, and when I wrote about his first and last day of kinder I was crying, although that is a normal thing with me, it isn't hard to cry, but it is so hard to believe that one day they are born and the next thing they are 5.

    Have a lovely day and hope his party goes well.

    Best wishes michelle

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    Kellee Guest

    Hello again ladies,

    HAPPY BRIRTHDAY JAY! Wow, they grow up so fast, don't they mooshie? I hope that he had a wonderful day today and that he loved his presents (I bet!).

    What's your new lounge like, Michelle? It's so exciting getting new furniture. Hope it's durable, or it probably won't last long with so many kiddly winks in the house!

    I move up on Thursday next week. It's a shame - from what I can see, there aren't as many babies who were born in August... they're all either June/July or September/October. Which means that I'm constantly swapping from here to the forum above, and I don't think anyone else is in the same boat. Poor me! LOL. I had a peep in the 9-12 month forum and they all seem lovely. I was only in there for a week or two and then they all moved up and you ladies came along, so I didn't really get much of a chance to know them. Oh well.

    Things have been crazy around here lately. For the whole month of May, DH and I are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. DH is performing with the Brisbane Philharmonic in a major performance in a couple of weeks, so he has a lot of rehearsals for that. I am doing some accompanying work with the Australian Girl's Choir. It's not the actual rehearsals or performances that are wearing me out, it's trying to find the time to practice the pieces before rehearsal. I can't do it when Charlie is awake, and I can't do it when he's asleep or I'll wake him up! I'll have to get Mum to look after him for a few hours so I can get this work done. Then DH goes to USA for 1 1/2 weeks in June, but after then we can breathe - momentarily - until rehearsals start for his concerts in September. AAAGGGHHH!!! It never rains, it pours! Oh well, I'm sure we'll get through. And through it all, we have this little ray of sunshine to cheer us up when we're stressed. I swear, he knows when I need encouragement... when we were coming back on the plane from Melbourne we hit a whole heap of turbulence, and I was scared to death (I don't like flying at the best of times). Charlie looked right into my eyes and stroked my face - it was like he was trying to say, "It's ok, Mummy, don't be scared". What an angel.

    Anyway, even though it's only 6.30, I'm going to have dinner and go to bed. I'm exhausted today!

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    - Kellee.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there all

    well i too am exhausted - had a lovely day today - jay is now all grown up boo hoo - seriously he had a great time - 10 friends all playing mini golf no fighting or anything just lots of fun, then had a g/friend drop over with her 9yr old and her 6mth old then her dh popped in as well and we decided to get take out and relax - the boys played well together and the two babies just gooed and gaed at each other - they had a bath together and it was so cute them splashing water all over themselves and us lol.

    kellee - wow you must be exhausted what an exciting life you seem to lead - charlie is going to really appreciate music - i believe music is a big part of the development in a child - i know jay learnt alot when he did his music and was really good at picking out different musical notes at the age of 2 1/2 don't know if that is normal or not but i was impressed.

    michelle - ditto on the amazing race it can get a bit mind boggling the first few episodes with everyone - but this looks like a good one - have a few good teams in this one i think - good for a laugh, i was a bit sad to see the two go last night i think they would have been good value.

    well i am going to check out the other forums before hitting the sack - i have to take jay to auskick tommorrow as dh is hosting the box at the football and needs to leave early - so just me and the kids i guess i will take them shopping to get mum a mothers day pressie nothing like leaving it to the last minute.

    lani has a little runny nose, hopefully it is just her teeth - she was a bit cranky today and didn't drink or eat much - and it looks like her top gums are swollen [-o< for a good night lol.

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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your mother's day.
    Yasin's sleep habits are just getting more insane by the day. He woke up at 12 last night so I fed him and put him back to sleep. He woke up again at 1.30 so I figured he wasn't hungry and tried to resettle him, half an hour later I gave in and gave him a snack and he went back to sleep until 4.30, since he wouldn't resettle I bought him into bed with us and he went back to sleep unti 6 when he woke me up by kicking me in the back. I was so tired I just tried to ignore it so he started crying and DH got up and took him into the lounge room until he went to work. I didn't mind being woken constantly when he was a newborn but now I'm just totally exhausted by it. I don't have the backbone to teach him to sleep with controlled crying and I no longer have the energy or patience to comfort him to sleep especially at 2 am. Frankly I feel like I've totally lost control of the issue and I'm totally depressed by the whole situation. I'm going to try moving him to his cot in the hopes that a new environment might bring some new sleep patterns but I'm not holding much hope. I geuss that a trip to the ECHN and a sleep school referral is the next step. I feel really cross with myslef because just when he had it down pat I took him on holiday and buggered it up. I'm also really sick of my freinds being smug about how thier babies sleep through. I hope that the next time round they're all blessed with hyperactive monsters who refuse to sleep more than 10 hours in a day and scream like banshees every time they try and put them to sleep.
    The stupid Dr that was meant to remove a cyst from my back took a mole off instead so now I have to go back and get the right thing removed. grrrrrr I'm just waiting until I'm in a better mood so that I don't scream at her.

    Michelle, I'm glad to hear that Jay enjoyed the mini golf. It sounds much more fun than a conventional party and no mess for you to clean up later.
    I hope that you stop feeling down soon. The news of the little one at kinder being sick must have bought back some nasty memories.

    Kellee, things sound hectic around your place. I hope you're finding a bit of time to relax and look after yourself. I agree with Michelle that Charlie will probably be interested in a totally differant field than you but you can always hope. I don't really care what Yasin's into (as long as its legal) but I have to admit that would be a bit out of my depth if he got right into music. Sports is more my thing, I can't wait until he's old enough to kick a ball (round) around with me and hit balls with sticks.
    I hardly ever look at the miscarriage and loss forum. I went in there a few times and it made me cry so now I've learnt my lesson. I get really scared whenever I log on and I see someone's name if I know that they're pregnant.

    Michelle, I hope you're enjoying your new longue. Have you slept on it yet? The new amazing race looks heaps more cut throat and back stabby than the last one. Maybe because the survivor couple are in it. Its a shame the hillbillies got eliminated. They looked like they would be funny.

    Lara, I wouldn't be too fussed about Alana not crawling. The sooner they can crawl the sooner they can crawl into trouble.

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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone
    Dach - I'm sorry you are having sleep troubles with Yasin. I don't really have any advice to offer, except that a visit to the ECHN might help, like you said. Although be prepared for her to suggest controlled crying. Sorry that's not much help, but I hope you find a solution and start getting more sleep! Don't get too down on yourself, it's not your fault - babies can go from being perfect sleepers one night to absolute shockers the next (this I know first hand), and you can rest assured that your friends will definitely get their chance to experience this. By which time Yasin will be a perfect sleeper and you can gloat all you like!

    Had a great Mothers Day - got two beautiful cards, some flowers and chocolates and I am using my brand new slow cooker for the first time today. I am making meatballs and the kitchen smells yummy.
    Hope everyone else had a good day

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    Kellee Guest

    Hey everyone,

    I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. Mine was nice - I went and hung out with Mum and Dad while DH had a rehearsal, and I got a bit of a break. Whenever Mum and Dad see Charlie, I'm barely allowed to touch him whether I want to or not! They are both busy with their business these days, and they don't get to see him as much as they would like. We had a lovely time. Charlie's present to me (after waking up around 4 for a feed) was not waking up again until 8! That hasn't happened since the erratic sleep patterns of his newborn days, and I'm not holding out any hope that it will happen again! Just as well he did though... DH didn't get to bed until 3 this morning, as he had to finish and print out copies of a concerto that he wrote for an Italian composition competition. Then I had to spend 2 hours organising international money orders and postage - so we're all a bit stuffed at the moment. Early nights all round, I think.

    Glad to hear that Jay's birthday went well, mooshie. I remember those mini golf things from when I was a kid - I'm glad they still have them around these days. I bet it must be hard to believe he was ever Lani's age! I hope that she is ok - did it turn out to be her teeth? It's always hard to tell this time of the year with so many colds going around.

    to you, dachlostar. I really do feel your pain. We had similar problems with Charlie, so I know what you're going through and hope that you find solutions soon. I agree with bon that the ECHN will probably suggest controlled crying. I don't know if my advice is helpful or not, but I'll tell you what we did... I went to a sleep clinic (day time) and they recommended the controlled crying thing. We tried it for a few weeks, but nothing was working. Then we got in a "Baby Whisperer" - she worked at the sleep clinic for years but didn't like how everything was so precise (with the number of minutes you're supposed to let the baby cry, etc.). She made the statement that babies don't know how to tell the time, so the 'minutes' thing means nothing to them (I had often thought this myself). From her I learned that WE can't sleep for Charlie - he had to learn to do it by himself. She taught us to 'read' Charlie's cry - basically, if the cry varies in volume and pitch over an extended time and we were sure all his needs were met then everything was probably ok. If he got hysterical I went in a settled him for a short time (only a few minutes) and left. To start with, I had to settle him most times, but within a few days he was self settling and only taking about 15 minutes to go to sleep. He still has his moments (actually, I can hear him having one of these right now!) but generally he's been pretty good since then. I think finding a balance between the CC thing and other methods we had been taught worked well for us. Every baby and every parent is different though, so I don't know how it would work with you. It is hard for the first little while - having to leave Charlie on his own the first time almost reduced me to tears - but it has been worth it. Good luck with the ECHN - let us know how you go. Don't feel cross with yourself - you're doing a wonderful job. Things WILL improve - try repeating my little mantra... "It's NOT forever!" This has gotten me through many a tough night in the past! Good luck.

    Anyway, must make hay while the sun shines... or at least make muffins while the Charlie sleeps!

    Hope you're all well.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    hope you all had a lovely mothers day - my dh had to work at 5.30am so darling jay came in with breakfast in bed for me at 7am (i didn't even ask him - i guess he learnt this at kinder lol) anyway it was rice bubbles so cute he said he wanted to make me a coffee but he is not allowed to touch the boiling water (hmm he does listen to me after all) anyway he gave me a homemade card and a calico bag (i guess i will use this for my groceries) he decorated the bag with a drawing of me and the world with australia - very cute best mothers day present ever beats anything brought lol.

    dach - i feel for you on the sleeping front and totally agree with the advise from bon and kellee. the lovely lani started her sleep problems at around 5 mths and they continued up until around 1mth ago - i used to feed her whenever she woke it only took around 5mins and that would do her, to start it was only once or twice a night but then it built up to every hour or so - she was hungry on some occassions as i could hear her belly gurgling. i have been to sleep school with jessie (when she was 7mths old - she used to get rocked to sleep etc etc) and i also went when jay was a baby he turned out he had allergies - dairy being one of them once he was put onto soy he was a different child, anyway i rang the same sleep school and ended up talking to a fantastic woman on the phone she was a great help anyway basically she asked me how long before i attended to lani's cry's - she said to try waiting 5mins and a rollover feed so i did the following - i gave her a rollover feed at 11pm (formula) so i knew if she woke then she would not be hungry - then when she woke up crying during the night i laid and listened to her cries for 5mins (using the clock not just my head) once the cries were full on for 5mins i went in and of course she stops crying and kicks her legs all excited but once i resettled her briefly and walked out she kicked up a right stink but by the time i got to bed she had gone back to sleep this took a couple of nights but in the end it seems to have worked. so now i still give her that rollover (i guess i should try stopping it soon lol) and if she wakes before 5am then i try and resettle her - dh says he quite often hears her on the monitor during the night just crying out occassionaly but it mustn't be to bad cause i don't wake up and the monitor is right beside me lol.

    we do have times whne lani wakes like one day last week full on awake from 3am to 5am i sat there not knowing what to do lol but she is cutting her top two teeth atm and i just give her some brauer teething relieft and generally she resettles - if she doesn't (as in this morning 5.30am) i bring her into bed and breastfeed her - but only after 5am that is my rule lol.

    also does yasin go to bed at night on his own awake - i think this is important as i said my first dd i used to breastfeed her or rock her to sleep but when she was around 7mths old it used to take me at least 2hrs then as soon as i put her down she would wake up screaming - and she only ever had 45min catnaps during the day - when i did the day stay within 2 days she was having 2 2hr sleeps during the day and sleeping 7 til 7 at night - so they can be good places i believe especially for mum - just for that reassurance.

    sorry this post is so long just wanted to get it down for you dach as i know how frustrating it can be when they sleep so well then suddenly bang they start night waking - it really knocks you around.

    anyway i will do more personals at a later time as this post is already to long lol.

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    HI everyone-
    Sounds like Mother's day was nice Michelle, josh made a box with a poem about how the love is inside, and explained it all to me and I just cried when i read it, how pathetic am I. LOL Jordan also wrote some stuff about me and it was quite amusing at times, but I thought the fact that she thinks I am mean sometimes was funny.
    I got runners, underwear, a RUSS angel ornament from Josh and a polyresin jewellery box and a notepad from Jordan oh and Josh gave me a purple crystal and a potpurri bag for my undie drawer. I got pancakes for brekky cooked by Arron and then he suddenly decided he was sick, he had injured his knee in footy and was dying for the rest of the day, so I did everything but it wasn't too bad. My Dad is picking our TV unit up tomorrow so on Wednesday i should be able to rearrange the computer room and the lounge. And the couch and chairs are sooo comfy, I almost didn't want to get up and come on here to check what was happening LOL NOTE: I said almost!

    Dasch- I too can hear how difficult yasin not sl;eeping is for you, and don't even listen to your gf's. They'll get there's! All the girls have given you great advice and I have nothing extra to add, but I hope you can get some sleep soon as that is prob one of the biggest problems, you NEED sleep!

    Kellee- sounds liek it is hard work at your place at the moment, I guess no one would realise how hard it is to be a musician, and having a child at the same time is hard work. I really admire people who play instruments and write their own music. I am by no means a musician, but learnt recorder in primary school and then went on to the clarinet in high school. But as we moved schools I didn't get further than 2nd level exams. I really enjoyed my music and a couple of yrs ago I brought a clarinet off ebay but it badly needs repairing/refurbishing as some of the keys are not working properly. I love music, and I was self teaching piano as well when i was pg with jemma. I think that is why she LOVES the piano, and is always tinkling the keys. I would love to be better but it is so time consuming that I haven't got any further.

    Sorry I haven't written personals for everyone, but i am hoping you are all well.

    Cheers Michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hello all

    was wondering where you where michelle lol - the new couch must be comfy - i just love getting new stuff - we got all new furniture about a year and half ago and i want to change it again ](*,) lucky it wasn't expensive (mostly from ikea and oz design) but we won't be changing - just dreaming.

    i won a really nice purple velour jacket with hood - osh kosh brand new for $12 on ebay last night so am wrapt - but i remember saying to my mum last week that lani has enough clothes and i am not to buy anymore - why was i even looking 8-[ it says 12 - 18mths and i figure she will be in it for a while i will just roll up the sleeves plus i have never bought an osh kosh item before so thought i would treat lani.

    i have discovered the best thing for lani lol - our house is very open plan and as lani is getting everywhere with her slug like crawling lol - i am constantly looking for her to check she is okay and not stuck or eating something she shouldn't lol poor jay must be sick of me saying where is lani - so today i put some little socks on her which have a rattle in them so i can hear where she is - fantastic i was cooking dinner and i could hear her rattling around the house and i only needed to check when she stopped making her rattling noise cause then i knew she was discovering something lol.

    on that hearing her etc and all the sleep issues some of us have been having lately has got me thinking on something that since having children i have often wondered about - if you where deaf (and assuming your dh was too or you were a single parent that was deaf) how in the world would you know your child was crying during the night - first i thought the lights on the monitor would light up then i thought how can you see lights when you are asleep lol - it has got me beat and on my bad days (and really with lani there hasn't been too many) i often think to myself well i could pretend i am deaf and can't hear her - i try but i still hear her lol something about the pulling mechanism of a baby;s cry lol. when lani wants to be picked up after slugging around she just stops in her tracks screams and holds her arms out like a plane whilst balancing on her chest she will look at you and scream till you pick her up - looks very cute and funny.

    i better go and get miss her bottle before i hit the sack - gees i really gotta try not giving her that rollover bottle but am to scared lol 8-[

    night night

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    Nov 2003
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    Hi Michelle

    I still haven't managed to get back there yet. The plane thing sounds gorgeous and I don't really know what deaf people would do, maybe they could get a monitor which vibrates as well as flashing. It is almost impossible to ignore the crying. But the rattles was a clever idea.

    Forgot to say jessica was a right royal pain in the butt today. Very grizzly, wouldn't go to bed after her bottle, I actually had to get her out of bed cos she was over the top. We went into Josh's classroom and both the girls were great. I think she is teething, top teeth this time, she wouldn't let me look in her mouth and didn't want to eat her lunch. She was super grizzly and followed me around all day wanting to be picked up. Hope tomorrow isn't like that!

    Jemma hurt her andwouldn't tell me what she did, so I told her to take her shoes off and go to bed and she did! I couldn't believe it. She has been having an arvo sleep most days and is much happier for it. As for Josh he is so overtired that I am getting to the point of sending him to bed earlier and earlier. Only once last week did he wake himself up, he never gets quite enough sleep. The night he woke up by himself he had 12 hrs sleep which is a record for him. Jordan is also in big trouble at the moment, as her room was so bad that I lost it. SHe will now be folding all her own washing for the next 4 weeks as I am sick of doing it and then she takes the clothes into her room and throws them in the bottom of the wardrobe, under the bed, in the corner or all in a drawer where they don't belong. I also confiscated the bratz dolls and she is not allowed to visit friends or have anyone over for the 4 weeks either. It sort of seemed mean but I just am over the ****ty hole she calls a room. I hope this teaches her something.

    Anyway it is now too late for the couch, and I will have to go to bed, unless of course I go to sleep on the couch, that's an option for sure LOL.

    Good night

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    Kellee Guest

    Hey ladies,

    A big AWWWW for your Mother's Day presents mooshie and mitch! That is so adorable... I can't wait until Charlie can do things like that. I would have cried too! How gorgeous. And I LOVE the little socks with bells idea... I am going to have to try that! Mum and I went op shopping today, and at one point we each thought the other was keeping an eye on Charlie. It took a couple of agonising minutes to find him - he was hidden under a rack full of wedding dresses! I think those socks would have come in very handy in that situation.

    Anyway, not much to say today. I went back to the school I taught at a few years ago, as one of my friends is now the head of intrumental music there. All the teachers hadn't seen him since he was about 3 months old, and they thought he was gorgeous, of course. I baked some muffins for my friend, but the icing buggered up - I never usually put icing on them but I thought I would try, and the icing didn't set. It ended up looking like something a five year would make! Was very embarrassed. Went op shopping, surprised DH at work with coffee, chocolate and a lift home, and here we are! That was my day. Busy, but nice. Another busy one tomorrow, as DH has an orchestra rehearsal after work, so I have to put Charlie to bed on my own again. Bugger. Oh well.

    Must go. Dinner to cook and then bed to lie in! Hope you're all well. I will post again tomorrow and Thursday, as Thursday is my last day in here! Boo hoo. You'll have to tell all your kiddies to grow up quick so you can all come in the 9-12 month forum with me!

    Hope you're all well. Will write tomorrow.
    - Kellee.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all well. Thanks for your support and advice. Yasin doesn't need rocking to sleep but he likes to have his hammock bounced until he sleeps so he doesn't quite self-settle. He woke up about an hour ago and after almost an hour of bouncing is back to sleep without a feed. He was fed an hour before that so I know he wasn't hungry. He only went to sleep when DH stepped in (I geuss he knows that there's no milk there) which is annoying because DH gets all smug about how he's better at putting him to sleep than me. I geuss that we'll just have to keep working on it. I've decided to give him a chance at self-settling each time I put him down and not to step in until he starts to sound unhappy. If he hasn't started sleeping better by 9 months I'll call in reinforcements. I know that if I go to any of the sleep schools they'll want to do controlled crying and I'm just not strong enough to listen to him sooking.

    Kellee, its so annoying when you're baking doesn't work out isn't it. Especially when its an icing error not the baking itself. I'm sure they tasted great which is the main thing. I'm trying to figure out the baking time for chocolate mud cake in cup cakes at the moment. I have a plan to ice them in differant colors then arrange them like a bunch of balloons.

    Michelle, I hope that Jessica was a bit nicer to you today and her teeth stop hurting her soon. Did you see the Dr Phil episode about the messy bedrooms? He gives them an hour to tidy and then anything in the wrong place belongs to thier parents. I saw his family first book in the shop the other day. I was going to buy it but I figured that I wouldn't need it for another year or two and bought a useless sleep guide instead. It was full of stuff about colic and crying and had only a small part on sleeping. grrrr. I bought a copy of The Story About Ping too. It used to be one of my favorites when I was a child I was always harassing mum to read it to me.

    Michelle, I love bells on socks idea, its cute as well as practical. Maybe for deaf people they could have a pager that vibrated when they were asleep. Maybe instead of cutting out Lani's rollover feed all of a sudden you could start cutting down the amount gradually so that she doesn't notice it going.

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    Happy 6mths Eliana and welcome to this forum Melbee70


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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    thanks i can't believe she is already 6 months old - where has half a year gone to?

    i will have to catch up on who is in here

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    and welcome to melbee and eliana - yup time flies with these little ones.

    kellee - you off to the next forum soon - 9mths wow - lani will hit 8mths on sunday and that is to old lol. cheeky little charlie playing hide and seek amongst the clothes - the bell thing is great i love it and i think she does to.

    michelle - you sound busy as you would with 4, glad you like the new lounge sounds very comfy. i am dreading when my 2 get older and we have the issues of cleaning there rooms - i already seem to be picking up after jay all the time although we have a rumpus room and i must credit that he doesn't seem to bring much stuff out of there and generally leaves everything in the one room - our home is open plan so i can see the rumpus room from anywhere usually the kitchen cause thats were i always seem to be.

    dach = hopefully yasin will get the idea soon - it is really hard listening to them cry - if lani is crawling around but tired and i walk out of her sight she goes crazy until i come back and pick her up but i take my time and not rush - quite often she forgets why she was crying and goes looking for something to investigate.

    re: the cutting out of rollovers, i have a few ideas

    #1: gradually over a few days give her the rollover 1/2hr earlier until i get back to original bed time of 7pm

    #2: offer less bottle (she only has 150ml as is) but was thinking of doing less each night until none.

    #3: offer 1/2 water 1/2 milk till all water.

    #4: offer water only

    #5: grin and bear it or stop alltogether and hope she sleeps through lol

    not sure what i will do yet - any suggestions? am going to health centre on monday for her 8mth check so will get the crazy echn opinion as well.

    well i guess i should be getting dinner prepared - looks like spag bog tonight nice and easy - then there is making of bottles and general tidy up before dh comes home and sees me sitting at comp all day lol.

    have a good night

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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone and welcome to Mel and Eliana.
    Yasin managed to creep forwards today, not far but I don't think that it will be long before he's crawling properly :smt022 . I think that my job is about to get much harder once he's mobile. He's already into everything he can lay his hands on and soon he'll be able to find so many more things. I'm going to have to start doing my floors more often too #-o.
    We had a better night last night than we have for a while so I'm really hoping that we get a repeat performance tonight [-o<.

    Michelle, I like option 1 and 2 the best but what would I know. I hope your crazy EHCN can offer some helpful ideas.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI everyone-

    Kellee- 1 more day, how sad but it flies and on the 2nd of June I will be there too. Sounds like it was a very nice catch up with the people at school, bugger about the baking. I am so feeling like cooking at the moment, had this need for scones and cake, the hips don't need it but I won't tell myself that if nobody else does LOL.

    Dasch- I didn't see the messy room thing but I went into Jordans room tonight and it is almost completely clean and neat. She has folded her own clothes for the last 2 days and she doesn't like it very much, but bad luck. She also wanted to go to a friends and the answer was no so maybe this will be the breaker. I hope so cos she needs to learn now. And with Yasin moving forward you can bet things will get harderLOL, but it's so fun to see them getting into mischief. jessica crawls to the cupboard with the plastic stuff and pulls everything out and then almost climbs in the supboard. She also pulls out all the videos and spreads them all around the lounge room. FUN! with a capital F.

    Welcome Mel and Elian, good to see/hear from you again. So we lose Kellee and gain Mel, that's ok!

    Well Jessica loves avocado, and she has terrible urine at themoment, due to teething. I have had her in clothe nappies for 2 days and I have decided I am really over clothe nappies. I can't be bothered with the washing and soaking and the plastic pants, so I am just going to fully use disposables, which I have been doing anyway. Still no teeth through, and she was a little less grizzly too. Jemma also has a tooth coming through, the top right 2 yr old molar, and she has a runny nose as well, but I think she also has the start of a cold.

    Michelle- I like option 2 as well or option 1. It will be interesting to see what the MCHN says. Hope she is helpful.

    my dad delivered our tv unit last night and the lounge just looks like a new room, almost like someone else's house LOL. I have to rearrange the study tomorrow, not a happy job that's for sure and not good to be in the same room as the comp and not being on here LOL.

    My gastroscopy has finally come up and will be done next Tues 17th May, I am looking forward to it being totally over and then I can find out what the hell is wrong and do something about it. Cos after that I have a whole list of other medical stuff I want checked. LOL It never ends, I turned 30 and started to fall apart.

    Anyway hope you all have a lovely day
    Best wishes Michelle

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    Kellee Guest

    Hey hey!

    Glad that Yasin is doing a bit better, dachlostar. Yay for him moving a bit! But you're right - your job is about to get a lot more demanding! But it is pretty fun too, and you get so proud!

    With regards to the rollover feed... I like the last option, believe it or not! That's what we did with Charlie. One night, when he was on three meals a day, we just stopped it. The first night he woke up for a few minutes, but then self settled, and since then it's been ok. I know it's scary, but maybe it's worth trying... if it doesn't work you can always try another way. Good luck!

    Not much time to write tonight - had a rehearsal at the last minute, so not enough time on the forums. Will write some more tomorrow (my last day, boo hoo!).

    Hope you're all fabulous.

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