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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, October/November '05

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    Thank you Tanya I can`t believe my little man is half a year old today, it`s gone far too quickly, he has developed in leaps and bounds from the moment he turned 5 months he decided to roll from back to front, then a few days later got 2 teeth, then rolled from front to back then decided rolling all over the floor was the next thing to do and getting into Daddy`s Playstation is fun LOL then he sat up unaided all this within 3 weeks!!!!! He certainly is exhausting at times and is developing into a real boy but is the most precious thing, I`m sure you all KWIM

    Tanya - Glad you and Wato have worked things out (not sure what was wrong as I haven`t been reading this thread) but anyway I`m glad all is good now. Violet sounds like a real cutie.

    Bec - LOL @ all you Melbourians complaining about the heat, sorry but I have to laugh since we`ve been getting 30 plus temps for weeks here but I guess down in Melbourne your not so use to it. LOL @ pretending to be on a tropical island. I actually read your post the other day about feeling like a single mother, I went through that stage with Mark and I told him on a number of occasions how I felt, now like you I get Mark to give Matthew his evening solids, since doing so I don`t feel so stressed otherwise I was doing everything making tea, doing the dishes, feeding Matthew solids etc etc etc I`m sure you know what I mean. I`m even at the stage where I just give Matthew to Mark at times so I can have a break for a little while. I hope Nick continues with feeding Eliza her dinner.

    Fi - I hope Jenna is feeling better soon.

    Nell - Sorry to hear that Matthew is probably another baby to get eczema, it`s dreadful in the last 4 weeks I`ve had 2 major flare ups with Matthew, he gets it all over his face, chest, arms and legs the only place he`s free of it is on his back and the heat doesn`t help, he looks burnt at times it gets so red. Poor little babies. I hope the Dr gives you something which will help Matthew.

    Nat - I hope the Garage Sale went well, woohoo on Matthew`s run.

    Hope your all keeping cool in this hot weather

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    Woo hoo for 6 months Dee and Matthew!

    Bec - I'm here! I have been reading everyone's posts but not posting myself. Being very nordy, I know! Yay for Nick feeding Eliza her dinner last night. LOL @ you imagining you are on a tropical island. I might have to adopt that behaviour as I totally loathe the heat.

    Tanya - that's fantastic that you and Wato were able to sort things out. Hope things get better from here on in! LOL @ Violet dancing and being such a goose. They are funny little creatures, these babies of ours! She sounds absolutely delightful!

    Fi - we didn't get any trick or treaters either. Just as well because we have nothing in the house. I would have had to give out Gabby's arrowroot biscuits! LOL As much as I try, I just can't get into the Halloween thing - even with an American step-family. I think it's because Mum used to always go on about how it was the devil's work or something, LOL Hope Jenna had a fun time in the pool. Must be soooo handy having one right outside your door. It's just a pity you can't use it for more than a few months before it gets too cold. Bloody Victoria!

    Nell - so, what's the verdict? Is it eczma? Hope that the Dr. could prescribe something to ease it for Matty. I know of a few people that had it when they were babies and young kids but they grew out of it.

    Nat - sounds like you guys are busy, busy, busy! Good to hear that Matthew went really well on the weekend. How's Jacob going? Can you keep up with him any more?

    Gabby did a new trick yesterday. She now sits up on her own pretty well. I still have to watch her tho because she sometimes loses her balance and falls sideways. She still hasn't got the strength to push herself back up. I usually put her zoo pillow behind her so she can't fall backwards. Anyway, I had her sitting up, turned my back for a second and she managed to get herself onto her tummy from the sitting-up position! Legs out from underneath her and all! I think she was both amazed and frightened because she looked proud of herself but sooked at the same time, LOL. I have come to the conclusion that she just doesn't like rolling! On her tummy, she will pivot herself around with her arms and even tried to pull herself up into her toy basket yesterday so she's definitely getting there! She has also decided that Daddy and Aunty Lauren are very funny people and laughs at the both of them most of the time. When Neil is in the room, she doesn't take her eyes off him!

    I think I have now got eczma or some kind of rash. The back of my hands are soooooo itchy and my left hand looks soo gross from me scratching in my sleep. Looks like I am off to the doctors. It's so bizarre because I have never had anything like it in my life. I didn't even get pimples as a teenage! I tell you, having a baby messes with your body!

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    Hi Everyone

    Congrats and welcome to Dee and Matthew! Time does fly!

    Ange- I hope that you and Ella are doing okay. Good Luck with seeing the surgeon!

    Fi - I hope that Jenna is doing better with her sleeping!

    Nell - I hope you have worked out what is causing Matthews rash.

    Bec - Totally understand hating the heat! YUK!!! Well done on Eliza moving so well!

    Tanya - Great news that you and Wato have worked things out. Violet sounds adorable and such good entertainment value! LOL!

    Deb - Congrats on Gabby doing a new trick! I hope you get your rash sorted out!

    Sorry to anyone I have missed, I will try better to keep up in here.

    Nothing much is happening here. Hayley is doing okay. We are very much behind everyone in here though. The tooth that poked through has gone back down with no signs of it coming back up, grrr!! She isnt rolling at all, isnt too rapt being on her tummy, but she can move while on her back and she is sitting up a lot more. She has also learnt to get off her bouncer, but ends up getting stuck and screams.

    We are off to the MCHN tomorrow so we will see just how much she has grown in 2 months.

    Apart from that, we are in full swing for the end of the year. Graduation practice for Shannen and transition for Tayla. Just got the info package on the High School, fun, not! Dad has his appt on the 24th, dreading that and have just had the news that my uncle has cancer too, not a good year for us. We have just had Dad and Shannen's birthdays, so that was lovely, although MIL forgot or ignored Shannen's birthday, so I have a very upset 12 y/o.

    I hope that everyone is well and coping okay with this hellish weather!

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    Hi All,

    Actually people to talk to!!! Well after the last few nights were we have only had to breathe and have woken Jenna up crying, we made the big move today and put jenna into her room. She's in there bellowing at them moment. Very confused I guess?? I got curtains from spotlight - ready made ones, and they are sun block out ones, but they are boys print. Kinda daggy, but for $30 down from $150, who can complain right? And the room is lovely and dark.
    So yes - the only big news here is total lack of sleep..... Its sending me balmy!!

    Welcome Dee and Matthew. Sounds liek your little man is coming along in leaps and bounds!! Its actually quite interesting about temps between NSW and Vic. I believe Vic has more days over 30 degrees through the summer months than NSW. But out int he country where you are that probably doesn't hold.
    Deb - same goes for Gabby. She just might not be a roller. Not a bad thing when I think about the number of bumps jenna has had over the last couple of months banging her head!!!
    Tanya - gald you and Wato have worked some things out. Violet sounds like a clever clogs with all her dancing. Very cute.
    Bec - on a hot day like yesterday, please call me and pop over for a dip if we are home! Poor Jenna doesn't like to suffer in the heat, and I'm sure other babies are the same. dont worry about a big day of it, just come over, chuck her in, and you can go home if you want. Or if you wnat to stay thats cool too. I'll email you my mobile #.
    Dinky, sounds like all is going well with you too. As for the toothie - at least you ahve seen it!!! We are stil yet to see some toothie action over here. Bummer about the MIL. Does M stand for monster??

    Right - shes stopped crying, so I should probably go for a nap. I'm pooped! Our bedroom looks HUGE now that the cot has moved out!!! All this space, I barely know what to do with it all.


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    Nell - How did Matthew go at the Dr with his eczema??? When I read your post I felt for you as Ella has had eczema really bad since birth. We recently changed to Soy formula and she is clear of it now. Even though she was on a lactose free formula it still contained milk protien and that is what caused the eczema. I now even make her rusks with home made bread to ensure that there is no milk protien in any of it. We also have a new cream for little flareups. Its called Elidel. No cortisone in it which is really good.

    Ella had her first swim yesterday. She loves the water so much. Not even a little whimper when I put her in the pool. I though she might cry as it colder that her bath.

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    Fi - good luck with having Jenna in her own room. It's probably gonna feel super odd for a while. You guys won't know what to do with yourselves with all that extra room! The curtains sound alright. I need to get some darker ones for Gabby's room. Although... in saying that... she once slept with the curtains and blinds wide open without a worry so I guess I shouldn't bother. I'll probably have to get her pretty pink ones before long n e way. You do realise that we'll all be over for a pool party the next time the temp goes above 25 degrees?? Hope you get some more sleep happening soon

    Angela - that's good that Ella liked her first swim. It's great that her eczma is clearing up because you have found the cause. Is it something she'll grow out of or will she have issues with dairy when she's older too?

    Just went down to kmart to pick up a layby (Gabby's christmas presents) and it was feral. Stupid me picked 15% off day. I avoid sales like the plague so I did the groceries at coles instead (hooray :roll. Gabby thought it was funny that she could pull her sock off and wave it around like a looney so I spent the whole time giggling with her. I tell you what, sales bring the feral people out! I saw one mother stop in the middle of an aisle, pull her child out of the trolley (she was sitting on top of the groceries) by her arm and say "I give up! You're such a pain in the a**se" and leave the half-full trolley in the aisle. Charming! Another kid was just running loose around the supermarket and I nearly ran into him a couple of times. He didn't have any shoes on either. The lady at the check-out said that whenever kmart have a sale, the nutters come out to play, LOL.

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    Oooo Fi! Love your new avatar! Very hot!

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    Fi - Bet you must feel strange without a baby in your room, great bargain on the curtains too. I hope you have a better night tonight. Yeah I guess it depends where they recorded those temps but 30 plus days here has been common for quite a while already and as I speak it`s still 32 and it`s 6.15pm but as you say we`re out in the country here no sea breeze just lovely westly country breeze LOL

    Deb - Yay for picking up Gabby`s Layby LOL @ Gabby she sounds like she`s got a real sense of humour. Your shopping trip certainly sounded interesting with all the nutters LOL

    Angela - Do you find that the Elidel cream works well? Dr gave us Sigmacort but it doesn`t do much and Matthew`s skin is looking redder today because of being out in the heat with him, looks like I`m going to have to take him back for another script. I`ve used the Sigmacort myself and find it doesn`t do much. That`s great that Ella loves the water, our pool seems to have a few problems this year it just never looks clean enough to swim in, oh well that`s Mark`s department to clean it.

    Dinky - Hayley sounds like she`s doing well, she`s reach all her milestones within time at times I wish I had an inmobile boy. Sorry to hear that your Uncle also has Cancer. Grrr @ MIL forgetting about Shannen`s Birthday.

    We went out today to get cot sheets for Matthew`s cot which he`ll be moved into shortly, he`s finally outgrowing his cradle.

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    Aug 2004

    Check out my HOOTERS!! =P~ \/ The great thing is - they are totally like that in real life too

    Well missy moo slept for a little while today in her new room. We shall see how tonight goes. Now that its no so cold walking to her room, I'm not so cut up about her being down the hall. And I tell you - if it gets me more sleep. Well thats just great!

    Deb - PMSL on gabby. We were at Belmont today too. Surprised we didn't bump into each other! It wasnt too bad when we were there, but I thought there was a toy sale on, and I couldn't see anything off the toys we wanted. Target has a 15% sale on, so I think we shall cruise in there and get Jenna's toy for chrissie. I'm not sure what we'll get, but it will the box that counts anyway.

    Angela - great that Ella liked her swim. Where did you take her?

    Dee - I cant believe you are still in the cradle! When are you going to move him out of your room?


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    Hi all,
    OMG it is busy in here!! I was getting so use to reading in the posts in a minute I actually had to consentrate. Abit out of practice so if I muck up I am sorry
    Fi: Yah on the big move, don't you love a bargin! I also think your hooters are magnificent!
    Deb: Grocerys hmm yes I was suppose to do that today. How cute is miss Gabble pulling her socks off, makes it hard to remember what I need.
    Tanya: I'm glad have sorted things out, your little Violet is a groover in the making.
    Ange: Yah for Ella in the water
    Dee: Welcome again, time flys so fast. My MIL was trying to get me to keep Eliza in her cradle till 6 months, sheshh she was touching the top with her head and her heels at the bottom
    Dinky: Hailey will do everything when she is ready, I have only noticed that in 2 weeks she has learn't to kinda crawl, teeth and sit. But has been behind most things also. How rude of MIL..sound like you have your hands full at the moment...bring on Christmas for a bit more chaois
    I had Angela over this morning and mothers group this afternoon, so I didn't get the groceries eating the pantry so tonights dinner wasn't all that impressive.
    Eliza is good and sleeping well I can't complain

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    Bec and Fi - The only reason Matthew is still in his cradle is because my Dad brought us the big Borri cradle which is 110cms long, any other cradle and Matthew would have outgrown it long ago with his long legs, he was 71cms long a month ago.

    Fi - As for moving out of our room, well do you remember when I was pregnant we were talking about renovating?? Well it still hasn`t started mainly due to FIL passing away and will`s and what not have to be sorted first before any loans can be put up against the farm (IL`s own it), it just goes on and on, we`ve only got a 2 bedroom home at the moment so the boys are in one and we`re obviously in the other, one day we`ll have a 6 bedroom house, I can see Matthew, Mark and I and new baby still in the one room LOL What a nightmare that would be.

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    WOOHOO!!! I totally rate baby being in the nextdoor room!!! It was bliss to be able to hear her cry through the monitor, and not have to get up for her straight away.
    Shane got up twice, and I got up to feed her at 3am cause my bbs were about to pop, and I got out of bed 2 other times but she stopped crying as I entered the passageway. So I'm happy to say, even though we were woken up about 6-8 times, we swill got more sleep than we have in weeks.

    BUT - I dont think I would have been happy if she had left much earlier. I think you have to get to the stage where you say - right, I've had enough. Well I did anyway, especially since her room is so faar away from ours.

    LOL Dee - I was imagining poor matthew with his toes and hed out of his cradle. pleased to hear thats not the case.

    Yay on Eliza Jane eating and sleeping well Bec. All good then huh?


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    Fi, great to hear that Jenna did so well in her room. It's a big move!! WEll done.

    Dinky, I am sorry to hear that your Uncle has cancer... I hope that he can beat it!!!

    Ange, glad to hear that Ella loved swimming

    Deb, forgot to reply to your meet up invite... are you still thinking of coming up?? Don't think i am going to come down for hte BB meet... doesn't sound like my thing, maybe next year.


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    Fi - that's fantastic! It's great that you are in a good place with putting Jenna in her own room. I think you are so right - you have to get to a point where you are comfortable with any major changes. If you do them just because so-and-so said it's the right thing to do, you heart won't be in it. You'll probably find as the weeks roll on that you won't have to get up to her as much (bar the odd yukky night here and there). It's probably weird for her to get used to not being able to hear your breathing at night.
    LOL - I think your hooters are magnificent too (on the avatar that is... irl... well, let's just say I don't bat for that team ).

    Tanya - yep... still thinking about coming to Shep for Spring Nats. Neil wants to go but he doesn't want to sell stuff (I think the deadline for a stall has passed anyway). So, maybe we can meet there? Or I can come to you? It's ok if you don't want to tho. Would love to meet Miss Violet tho!

    Dee - Gabby's cradle was pretty big too. She could probably still be in it now with no worries. I think I was just anxious to start using the cot. My friend is borrowing the cradle for her baby due in February. Wow @ having a 6 bedroom house eventually! Oh I could do sooooo much with such a big house. I could have 4 junk rooms instead of 1!

    Bec - wow... busy day yesterday. It's days like those that leave you wishing for a day where you just had nothing to do. No visitors, no appointments to get to. Of course, the pendulum goes the other way after a few days of nothing and you hang for something to do! LOL

    Okies... better go and make tracks to MG!

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    LOL Fi - I think my MCHN had the same visions when I mentioned last month he was still in his cradle until I explained it`s bigger then most. Your certainly right that you have to be ready to move them out, glad you had a better night.

    Deb - LOL @ being able to have 4 junkrooms if you had a 6 bedroom home, I think we`ll have a couple as it is until more kids come along to fill them up. Have a good time at MG today.

    Just filling in time here waiting for my kitchen floor to dry so I can go and cook up some pears for Mr Matthew, he doesn`t like his potato too much so Mark suggested adding some pears to it, seems like a weird combination to me but I`ll give it a go as he loves his pears.

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    Aug 2004

    Dee - I've started mixing everything together now! Jenna gets peas and apples, or broccoli and apples, in fact - everytheing goes with apples

    We did something great last night. I got some chicken thighs last week from the supermarket on special. They were only $2 for 5 of them. So I was trying to work out how to cook them for Jenna, as so far she has only had mashed up roast chook. Well Gramma (god bless grammas) suggested putting them in a pot with some spuds, carrots, broccoli and beans, and a bit of water, and boiling it all up. So we did, and then whizzed it in the food processor, and she loved it. A real success!
    The other thing I did is take some rockmelon, and whizz that up, and add her natural yoghurt (we dont buy the baby ones) and she had that for lunch! So it was homemade fruit yoghurt, and she really like that too. I just froze the left over in the ice cube tray, and all is good.
    Bbay food is fun!

    Gotta go give missy lunch,

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    Some great food ideas there, Fi. I may just have to pinch them
    Erin is buying me a slow cooker for Christmas so there's no doubt that will come in handy to make up some yummy dishes for the Gabster!

    That does sound like a weird combination, Dee. What's the bet Matthew loves it tho! Let us know how you go.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Fi - I hope you don`t mind me pinching your ideas either Haven`t started on yoghurt as yet I`m a bit worried it`s going to cause a major flare up so it`s way down the list of foods to try.

    Deb - A slow cooker is great, really don`t use mine enough I should dust it off and start again, it certainly would save time.

    Well the weird combination of potato and pear went down quite well.

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