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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, October/November '05

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    moof_mum Guest

    Hello Everyone!

    Im Kirsty and my baby daughter is Hannah. We've just moved up from the 6-9 month thread Today we're going to get Hannahs 6 month needles, eek! Hannah is very talkative, she doesnt stop talking and screaming away all the time, shes just found her voice in the last month, not to mention blowing raspberries, very cute. Shes a very happy baby, has been even more since i've been giving her bottles along with be breastfed.

    We live in Perth, WA. I'm married to Tristan and he works at a place called FAL, doing forklifting and stuff. We're renting atm cause we're saving to buy a house soon, when we can afford it. I want to have another baby probably just after Hannah turns 1, but we'll see. I work for a Bank here in Perth, but dont hold that against me. I am on Mat Leave, but i'm not going back as I want to be a fulltime mum until my kids go to school, then i might go back to work. anyway thats a bit about me and Hannah \/

    hope to chat to you all soon!
    moofy and hannah

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    Aug 2004

    Hi Kirsty - welcome to the forum. We are all very friendly in here, although sometimes we go through non chatty stages. In fact we are missing a couple of real regulars - trish and sarah dont show there faces in here much anymore!

    Deb - sorry about your friend. Dont beat yourself up about losing contact, it was as much her as you. Its very sad though.

    Ang - wow on all those teeth. We still dont have one yet, but I'm not too upset about it. Teeth on boobies doesn't do much for me. Youch!

    Bec- go the queen of the house. I've forgotten what it feels like! Did Nick get his veges planted? I want some of those tomatoes when they sprout. LOL ont he tatts lotto tickets. I have some from over a year ago I must check. I wonder how long they are valid for?

    Dee - You should get matthew a rocking horse. That way he gets one to play with, and you get your horse We have been looking at them lately for jenna, and got to try one yesterday at the market. She loved it, and I think Santa is buying her it for christmas. Certainly feel better than I did a week ago! Go the longer sleeps right?

    Well Jenna did a lovely thing this morning. We went out for brunch, and I had about my third coffee in the last 6 months. Well she thought it would be clever to touch it, grab it, and then pull it off the table - right into mummy's lap. It really burnt!!!! Me that is. She screamed, but I think it was more from the fact that Shane and I both jumped up and screamed $hit!!! SHw was of course much ahppier when I gve her all the avocado off my plate, and then the sprouts, and of course lots of water. Damn determined child.
    The lovely cafe man gave me another coffee. I think he recognises me as we have been there fairly often.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    Kirsty - Welcome to the 6 - 9 month group.

    Fi - That coffee stunt must have scared the bejeezes out of you!

    Deb - Sorry to hear about your friend from school

    Ange - Yay for the fourth tooth!! Sorry to hear that the eczema has returned

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

    Jacob had his 7 month check up today and has finally stacked on some weight!! He is now 7240 grams (15lbs 15oz) Thats a whopping 1155 grams that he put on \/ he also grew another 2.6cms so he is now 67.5cm long. Obviously he is doing really well with his solids - he's now on three "meals" a day. He just looks so cheeky sitting there in his highchair when it's time for food.
    Still just rolling around everywhere - getting rather efficient at it now - but the rocking on the knees is getting more vigorous. I think he's just going to take off and scare the crap out of himself LOL!!

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    ange-par Guest

    Ella made her first big move towards crawling this morning. She was up rocking on her hands and knees and then moved her knee forward. I'm really excited about it for her....but not for me. I like a baby that stays in the one spot.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Welcome Kirsty and Hannah - I`ve been waitinf for you to venture over to this thread Hannah sounds ike she`s doing well.

    Nat - WTG Jacob on the weight gain and getting ready to crawl.

    Ange - Sorry to hear Ella`s eczema has returned, I hope you manage to get it under control soon. Sounds like Ella is another one ready to take off IKWYM by liking a baby who stays in one spot, those days seem to have gone!!

    Fi - Hmmm a rocking horse would be a great idea, I`ve seen a lovely one at our local markets but I think it would have to wait until his Birthday, money seems to be a bit lean at the moment as we haven`t been paid for 15 weeks. Oh no at the coffee going all over you and how nice of the man to give you another one.

    LOL Bec - @ being Queen Of The House again, with Mark and I we`re together more then apart but that`s becuase he works where he lives but then I wouldn`t have it any other way 90% of the time.

    Matthew had his usual wake up but then also had an early wake up at 11pm, I thought he might have slept through but he was awake at 4.30am then woke Mummy and Daddy up at 6.30am talking, in the last 24 hours he has got so noisy, I had to laugh at him last night he seemed to be getting cross at one of his toys but he got louder and louder until he decided he no longer wanted that particular toy.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Ange - yay for Ella! Clever little thing.

    Nat - LOL @ Jacob taking off! How funny would that be? WOW @ such a massive weight gain. Sounds like he is going great guns with his food and everything. Does it make you sad that your "baby" is growing up so fast?

    Fi - ouch @ Jenna spilling the coffee all over you! They are clever at that, aren't they? Gab spilt Neil's mate's beer the other day - alll over the table. Apparently when beer is spilt, the culprit has to drop and give 20 push-ups. Hmm... well, if they could get Gabby to do that, I would be amazed!! Yay for getting a replacement coffee tho!

    Kirsty - welcome to you and Hannah to the 6-9mth thread! Sounds like Hannah is doing really well. They are sooooo much fun at this age. They start to get real little personalities about them.

    Gabby has decided to start doing the separation anxiety thing (much to my dismay - I always said I would never tolerate a clingy baby :roll: ). At Mum's yesterday, no matter how many times I tried to put her down to play (she was perfectly happy to play on my lap), she would scream if I walked away! She drove me bananas because all I wanted to do was help my sister cook tea. She settled down a little bit but then tried it on again when we got home. I can't walk away from her now and just leave her to play :roll: Even when she woke up this morning. I normally go in, unwrap her and let her play in her cot while I go and make her bottle. Nup... not this morning. She started howling the moment I was out of her vision. She better grow out of it!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sorry Dee.... posting at the same time. LOL @ Matthew chatting away to his toys. It's much nicer to wake up to than screaming, hey?

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    moof_mum Guest

    Hey all,

    Thank you all for my very warm welcome!!! I feel very happy and most wanted to be here now, hehe.

    Debbie-Lee : i know how you feel. Hannah has been very clingy for the last month or so, and i feel so bad when people want a cuddle and then she just cries staring at me wanting to come back!!!

    Hannah had her needles yesterday and she screamed the place down as well. poor thing. i hate seeing her scream like that. But after a few minutes she was alright. She also put on weight since i last weighed her, yayayaya, shes 6.4kgs or 6400 grams now. So thats good. Its probably the bottles and the solids thats doing it. but its awesome. Oh...i can hear her waking up already.

    take care!

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    DEb - I hope Gabby gets over her separation anxiety quickly, it can get a bit frustrating can`t it.

    Kirsty - Oh poor Hannah screaming with her vacs. Yay for her weight gain.

    We have Matthew`s vacs tomorrow, I wonder if he`ll be having the Polio vac or the syrup, I suppose it would depend if they have any syrup left or not :-k

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Moofy - good to hear that Hannah had a fantastic weight gain. I've just noticed that she was pretty small when she was born so it looks like she has caught up! Yay! Ick @ the needles yesterday. They suck, don't they? No more until 12 months. Hooray!

    Dee - same for you. After tomorrow, no more for a while! Hope Matthew goes ok with them. Gab was pretty good with her 6 month ones. Unfortunately it coincided with getting her first tooth but it wasn't too bad. Hope they have the syrup for him so there's one less needle.

    Got the paper before and there's still no news of my friend's funeral. I am tipping it will be this week. Hopefully we'll find out about it tomorrow.

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    Aug 2004

    Jenna is turning into a sooky lala too Deb. Pain in the bum huh? I find though that if we dont walk back to her, she does get over it. Sometimes.....

    We had no problems with the 6 months needles either. Very different from the awful 4 month ones. Oh they were badddddd!

    Kirsty - well done on the weight gain. Hannah sounds like a nice sized baby.

    Dont worry Angela - they rock for ages before they get too much movement. Jenna's been rocking for about a month now, and still just dragging herself around. She doesn't roll anymore which is pretty funny. It was funny to watch her rolling to things she wanted.

    Nat - what a huge weight gain for Jacob!! And double yay for the solids. I find it quite challenging feeding jenna - especially when shes not in the mood. Sometimes I'd like to throw it abck at her!!!

    I had MG around today which was nice. The babies all played together really nicely, and everyone was really good. I am now very drained though, so ready for an early night. We were up at 4:30 playing naughties with each other, and I didn't get back to sleep before jenna woke up at 6. That'll serve me right!!!


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    moof_mum Guest

    Dee: we had the polo ones built into one of the needles she got...well thats what the nurse said. Cause last time she did have the drops?? Oh well she screams either way.

    But she seems fine after them, has been a little whingy, but that normally happens the day after she has had them. GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!!


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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi all,
    I have only one thing to say..... I had to insert a cotton tip in Eliza's botty to make her do the widest poo ever. It actually reminded me of childbirth.
    Poor little pet, hope she doesn't remember mummy with the cotton bud!!
    Oh ok I will chat more..lol
    Went to the MCHN, Eliza is sliding down the stoopid growth graph and have to go back in a months time for another weigh. All milestones have been met so she wasn't all that worried..damm if I moved as much as her I would lose weight.
    Fi: Opps for the coffee, glad you had a nice day. Bet you sleep well tonight - hmm well maybe not :-k
    Moof:Welcome and I hope you have no problems after the needles.Glad Hannah has found her voice..hmm one day I'm sure we will wish they would be quiet
    Deb:Hope that Gabble is knowing that mummy is not going away. I heard if you play peek a boo it sort of teaches them that you are coming back. Can just picture you running around the house playing peeks
    Dee: Sounds like Matthew wins all the toy arguments.lol Kids have the right idea don't like something or someone throw them it away.
    Nat:I'm sure Jacob will be off before you know it..well done on the weight gain.
    Going to try and get an early night as had a meltdown before the cotton tip saga. Eliza is vomiting more regularly so I am concerned but am starting to think that maybe because her bowels are so clogged up with big peoples poosy it must push her tummy smaller. Thank goodness for
    peadiatrician that don't mind taking calls at 6.30pm regarding poo
    Thanks for letting me debrief

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    Aug 2004

    Oh Bec - a cotton bud is a great idea. I nearly resorted to my finger once. Ewwww. I find if I lift her legs up, and pull her butt cheeks apart, and sort of push the skin in beside the pooper, that does the job. Isn't it scary what our parents went through for us all thoe years ago??

    Fisher Price sale on tomorrow at Target. Buy 2, get the 3rd for 1c. Bargain! Shane wants to take back her presents and swap them for big fancy stuff with buzzing and flashing lights. Very annoying buying stuff on sale only to have it come back on a better sale 3 days later. Grrr.

    I hope they have what we want left. I'm thinking I might have to be there when the doors open to get the good deals.


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    May 2004

    Hi girls

    Welcome Moofy and Hannah

    Fi good luck at the sale... you're brave!! But I hope they have the toys you want....lol @ you "playing naughties"

    Bec... ewww at the poo!! I have never done anything like it! I just help them but pushing their knees up into their belly... don't need to do it very often.

    Deb, they begin to get clingy at this age... Violet isn't yet tho... nor was Emily. Alecia just wanted to go with anyone who was going somewhere... so if anyone left the house Alecia would sook to go with them...lol
    Sorry to hear about your friend too... not good!! One of my good friends told me about a girl form my home town with 3 young boys the youngest being about 3mo... anyway she decided to take a bath with the little bub and fell asleep.... when she woke the baby had drowned... how bad would you feel??!! I think she'll be on suicide watch. I didn't know her personally, but I knew her... nearly ran over her on the highway years ago when she was ****ed and decided it would be a great place to lay down!! Anyway...

    Dee, I hope Matthew went ok with his needles... and you too

    Ange... Yay for your little girls first big movements... it won't be long and there'll be no stopping her!! Well done for new teeth too.... Violet still has none.... no sign of them either.

    Nat, well done for Jacob's growth spurt

    Went and looked at a couple of houses yesterday, they were alright so we applied for them. I hate the thought of moving, but we have too I just don't want to spend all that money on rent! Seem like such a waste! Oh well it's either that or spend it on petrol to drive into town!

    The girls have been ok.... Em slammed her finger in the door yesterday... OUCH! Now she is going to loose a nail.
    My little vacuum cleaner is going well too... not much to report.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Bec - awww.... sorry to hear about your little poo incident. The things we have to do, hey? Hope you are feeling better today. As for Eliza not fitting into the weight standards... PAH! I reckon they are all a load of bollocks anyway! Unless she lost a couple of kilos all of a sudden, I wouldn't worry about them. God knows they have been the bain of my life at certain times.

    Tanya - OMG @ what happened to that girl you know. How on earth would you forgive yourself if that happened to you? Urrgh. I reckon I'd have to be on suicide watch for sure if that happened to me. I guess the other kids would be her saving grace? What a horrible thing to happen tho.
    Yay for finding some houses that you like. Fingers crossed you get one of them. Rent is certainly frustrating. I personally think it is far too expensive to rent - people ask waaaay too much. How are people meant to save up for their own home when they have to fork out so much for a roof over their head? It's silly.

    Fi - good luck with the sale. You're a braver woman than I. I won't touch sales with a ten-foot pole. Just stick what you want on layby, wait for the sale and get them to change the price. That way you can go when you want and get what you want. LOL @ Shane wanting to change all the presents over to the whiz-bang stuff. Boys and their toys hey? LOL @ being naughty at that hour of the morning! Sounds like MG went really well.

    Found out the funeral is on Monday so at least I know the day now. I have to go on a shopping trip on Saturday. I am leaving Gabby with Mum. It's working out the logistics of the day that's half the trouble. I think I am too worried about how Gabby is going to go with me being away for the whole day. I just have to learn to let go a little bit.... hmmm..
    Gab had potato for breaky today and loved it, LOL. She hates it when I feed it to her a dinner time but loves it first thing... strange child!
    We had a shocking night last night. I lost count of how many times I got up to her. She kept spitting the bloody dummy out then crying out for it. Normally she goes all night without her dummy. She's got a bit of a runny nose so she's probably come down with a cold (would explain why she has been so clingy lately).

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    Deb - LOL about Gab liking potato for breakfast!! Children are strange creatures sometimes.

    Tanya - Big hugs for Em and her finger!! Good to hear that you have found some houses that you like.

    Fi - I got rather excited at the Target catalogue when I read about the Fisher Price Sale. Just got to decide what I want to get the best out of it. 8-[

    Bec - Hope Eliza is doing better today. Ditto what Deb has said with the weight standards. None of my boys did well according to those bits of paper. Wonder what they would say about Matthew now - nearly 15 years old, 68 muscley kilos and over 6 feet tall! I was told that he would always be on the small side hahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! Small for a giraffe????

    Not much happening here today. It was actually nice and relaxing. Got some great photos of Jacob lolling around on the floor so I'll get working of those after dinner and maybe even update his website #-o

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    Werribee Melbourne

    Just popped in to say hello ladies.

    I am looking foward to seeing HEAPS of first Christmas photos in a few weeks time!!

    Hope all Mum and bubs are doing well.

    **squishy cheeks** to Gabby.

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