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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, October/November '05

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    May 2004

    Fi hopefully you next pregnancy will be better than the first one.

    Tanya Yay at Violet clapping.
    No i haven't given Kimberley the DVD's yet hopefully i won't give in.

    Alex woke at 1am and then at 5am but then he wouldn't go back to sleep. He is fast asleep now just hope he doesn't sleep for long as we have to go out this morning Alex is having his needles done today.

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    Aug 2004

    Haha Tanya - yes I remember how much I hated being pregnant too!! Thats ort of why I just want to get it all out of the way I guess. Firre them off in quick succession, and then the pain of it all will all be in one big lump - years 27-33 or so.... LOL.

    How cute on miss violet! Jenna will not clap her hands, but she is waving - I think. Its sort of like a big arm flap.

    You could try and hunt down a sewing machine second hand? A good bernina never dies, but in saying that I spent a fortune on my bernina 4 years ago, and I love it. Worth every cent, specially since I could never spend that on a machine now! I'm looking for an overlocker, and I'm definitly in the bottom section of the market. Not sure what I'll get for $500, but probably not much.

    Michelle - so is that a good night or a bad one? Good luck with the needles.


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    Hi Girls

    Lets see if I can remember everything.

    Michelle - Our babies are not performing seals and do not do anything on command, MCHN should know that. I wouldnt worry about it, you know what he does at home and she should have listened when you said that he does it at home. Great that Alex likes his food. Bit strange about the cheese though. I was told to stay off cheese for ages as it can flare up eczema. Hope your needles go okay.

    Sarah - Good Luck with the TTC. Would be great if you got a BFP straight away. the baked beans are a great idea.

    Nell - Great that Matthew is not a fussy baby. It makes things a whole lot easier with feeding. I hope that Matthew slept better for you last night.

    Dee - I hope that Matthew is okay. Know totally what you mean with the cranky baby and red cheeks, Hayley has been like that for weeks. Great that he is eating well for you.

    Fi - Sorry to hear that Jenna had a bad night, at least you had a reason for it. Best of luck with TTC. Would be great if you got a BFP this month. I am sure your next PG will be a lot easier to handle.

    Tanya - Yay for Violet clapping hands, how adorable! How is the house hunting going?

    Sorry to anyone I have forgotten.

    I am doing pretty well. Hayley had a fall yesterday, well, she threw herself forward and knocked her head on the kick n whirl, so she has a nice little bruise coming up. I felt horrible, but she is okay, just think I will avoid taking her out in public for a while. I am still a little down but doing a lot better, I think. Hayley moved into her cot last night, she doesnt really like it too much and got spooked in the middle of the night, so that was fun, not!

    On the subject of eczema! A GF of mine has a son that was absolutely covered in eczema, the worst that I have seen. She got some sort of cream, goo from a country vet, something to do with cows udders. Well, he has totally cleared up, and I mean totally. She uses the smallest amount now when he has a flare up and he is just brilliant. Just thought it was worth mentioning. I will try to find out the name if anyone is interested.

    Hayley is still really snotty, and Tayla seems to have picked it up too, but she is off at school as she didnt want to spend all day in bed, oh well. Hopefully she will be okay as she has camp next week, so she has to be right for that. I just wish these damn teeth would pop through and then Hayley would be fine.

    Hope you are all doing well and I will pop back in later

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    Feb 2004

    Michelle - how Alex goes ok with needles today

    Sarah - oh how exciting - not long to go now before you visit us southeners. Can't believe I am finally going to get to meet you this Saturday!

    Fi - poor little Jenna, cheese not again for awhile I suppose? You are right - baked beans is the way to go pit of tin, too much effort making my own!

    Tanya - yay at Violet clapping! We try to get Matty to clap but all he does is wave instead!

    Dinky - poor Hayley, Matthew gets heaps of knocks and bruises now he is more mobile.

    Dee - sounds like teething, poor mite, hope they don't cause him too much grief!

    Yep, better night last night ladies. He slept through, the teeth are still annoying him he is just munching on everthing in sight including my arm when I am holding him! Cheeky thing!

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    Hey guys,
    Sorry have been MIA this weekend. Neil was hogging the puter.
    Gonna be a bit selfish. I have read everyone's posts but don't have time to respond so will come back... I pwwwomise
    Going to my friend's funeral today so I have to get ready for that. My sister is coming to look after Gabby while I go (she's very excited about that). I just know I am going to walk out of the service a blubbering mess! Not really looking forward to it - but, then, who really does look forward to funerals??

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    Feb 2004

    oh hugs for today Deb, hope it goes alright.

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    Sep 2004
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    Hi all,

    Just a real quikkie from me. we have moved into our new home but of course i STILL haven't had a chance to take my puter to the shop to get fixed.

    Tehya is going along fantastically. She is getting onto all fours and starting to rock but no crawling as such. She still only has the 2 teeth, and the others are so close to cutting. She is a pretty happy bub even though she still isn't sleeping the best.

    Deb, I hope all goes ok with the funeral today. (ykwim) Thanks for the message too It's nice to know that someone around here is thinking of me

    Fi, I hope that you get those 2 little pink lines that your after.

    Sorry to make is a short one girls. Hopefully all are going well and bubs are growing nicey. I sure do miss coming on here and chatting with you gals. Fingers crossed we are back up and running soon.

    Take care all

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    May 2004

    Good to hear all is well with you guys Trish... grea tto hear form you

    Deb... hugs for today.


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    May 2004

    Nell - I guess that was an bad night for Alex he sometimes sleeps all night but normally only a couple of times a week.

    Dinky - Awww poor Hayley hope her head is okay and you cantake her out. IKWYM when Kimberley hurt her eye in the bath i didn't take her out at all.

    Deb - *hugs*

    Alex's needles went okay he cried when she did them and then he fell asleep in the car so he is now in his cot fast asleep. Hope he will be ok when he wakes up.

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    Aug 2004

    Yay michelle - sounds like the needles were a success of sorts.

    Hope today is OK as it can be Deb.

    TRISH IS BACK!!!! HOOPHOORAY!! Lots of capitals for one of my favourite buddies. Hope the house is great!

    Dinky - ouchy on the head. Jenna is doing the same, and lucky no bruises yet.....

    Nell - Jenna sucks on our arms. We call them monsters. Guess no teethies here huh? Hope they come through soon and dont cause too many more problems.


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    Aug 2004
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    You girls can talk

    Fi - I`m with you on the big arm flap for waving, so cute hey. I hope those off colour symptoms are pregnancy symptoms, I haven`t been feeling that great the last few days either, it all started on Saturday when at the Butchers shop I felt nauseous from the smell off meat, hmm brings back so many memories, my BB`s are sore, I feel off and I can`t lie on my stomach, oh I so hope we`re both pg. I hope you have a better night tonight with Jenna

    Tanya - Yay for Violet isn`t she so cute. I thought of you yesterday when Alister had the baby hare, was yours a hare or rabbit, I can`t remember, I think it was a hare wasn`t it :-k

    Michelle - Sorry to hear about your bad night, hope tonight is better. Glad the vacs went well.

    Dinky - If you can find the name of the cream that ould be great? Hope the girls recover from their colds soon. Glad that your feeling a bit better in yourself and ouchies on Hayley`s head, Matthew`s forever throwing himself backwards while in my arms, I`m so worried I`m going to drop him one day when he does that.

    Nell - Glad you had a better night last night with Matthew

    Trish - Glad all is well with you guys

    Deb - Hugs to you for today

    Just been to the MCHN, Matthew is 9.3kg and 73.5cms long, she was more then pleased with Matthew`s progress and I felt so much better now that she mentioned at Matthew`s age he`d only be wanting 3 - 4 breastfeeds a day, what a relief that was to hear

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    Just locking this thread girls


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