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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, April '05

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Wow Yvette thats pretty wrong about the hospital!! I wouldn't be thrilled to hear that at all! I know they strongly encourage c/s at our hospital for monochronic twins, but they don't force the issue, in fact the midwive just had one of their team members give birth naturally to twins (sorry not sure which sort) and they are very encouraging.

    Well...we are off this weekend to Mt Tamborine, YAY!

    We were going to try and visit katanya & Felix, but we'll see how we go with him being sick. I spoke with her today and he's still in hospital today with bronchiolitis and is somewhat infectious but they should be getting home today. YAY

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
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    Oh girls I've missed you! Stoopid puter busted. What a terrible week for everyone...

    Katanya - thinking of you and Felix lots, fingers crossed for an improvement - you're both taking a battering over there. The tide has to turn sooner or later.

    Christy - so pleased to see things are a little better, I hope its all behind you soon. I remember how bloody LOW I felt when Mitchell was nutty. He has only been really sleeping for about 2 weeks, but the change it has made.......well, I just don't wanna go back there again.

    Yvette, could you really quickly explain (I'm sure your;e already sick of it!) about the twins - sharing a placenta?? wow. Just tell me where you've posted about it if you don't mind.

    I have;nt time for more just yet - Mitch is a house-destroying machine and I gotta save the video again.

    My week has been pretty crap, but I think I take it down to the punching bag, where I'm really going to let it rip

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    katanya Guest

    Hey everyone, we finanally got out of hospital last night, Felix is still unwell, but hopefully more managable now, he had to have a lot of suction to help him feed, I am trying to manage it with saline up the nose for now, because he is going well at night just not through the day, didn't have a good feed just before his morning nap, put the saline in and we'll see..we can always drop into the hospital to get a suction and then come home again (because we have oxygen at home he was allowed home abit earlier) I did some reading on RSV and apparently it contributes to infant mortality 8-[ so I'm glad we didn't muck around with it..especially as he is considered high risk with his chronic pnenomitis..

    The worst thing is Christy is just around the corner and we can't visit her as I have been told to isolate him from other children for 2 weeks, I would never forgive myself if Matilda contracted it as well..

    Been trying to catch up with what is going on for everyone..

    Ambah I have to read in envy for your cleaning frenzy, why can't I have a day like that? My house is a huge mess and I feel revolting and don't want to clean..LOL @ Aidyn and the sudocream and poo..sounds like you've had quite a mess on your hands..

    Kelly I hope Asha's excema clears up soon..it would be painful poor little thing! Good idea looking into allergies, it's hard with all the new food intros to work it out properly..

    Yvette I really feel for you with the hospital's policy on C/s with monochorionic twins, I think that things are out of control now with not even letting a woman attempt something like this. It is your body?? You are brave wanting to try, not sure how I would go when medical opinion is the opposite, but I would like to attempt a vaginal birth if I could too over a c/s anyday!. Have you got in contact with the multiple birth association to see if someone there can advise you?

    Lulu welcome back..that's no good about the bustered computer, I know when it happened to me I nearly went mad with frustration! ended up having to wait 6 weeks!!! By then I had suffed cold turkey! I hope the weekend is better than your week this week!

    It's good to be home, Felix and I slept SO well last night, curled up together, instead of him being in the hospital cot and me on a fold out bed..as he wakes every 2-3 hours..makes life SO much easier!

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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone

    I'm sorry I've been a stranger in here for a while now.. It's just so hard to sit in front of the computer with so much sciatica, back, hip and pelvic pain lately and I've been super busy. I couldn't leave this group forever without saying goodbye and letting you know how things turned out with Adara though.

    All in all, the news has been good from all the paediatricians we've seen. With her heart murmur, it turns out its caused by a narrowed valve. They said it's a moderate problem, meaning it doesn't need immediate attention but she does need to get it checked every 6mths and will probably need surgery in a few years to fix it. Luckily its not major surgery these days so the only way this will really affect her life is that she'll need antibiotics before any dental work and check-ups to see how she's doing.

    With her milestones and development, it seems I was just over-reacting and being a neurotic mum about it all LOL. The paed agreed that it does sound like her development was stalled for the 2.5mths when I 1st fell pg and had so many problems and she could be that bit behind still but of course, there's no real way to be able to tell for sure and even if that is the case, she's still well within normal ranges anyway. I was concerned that it may have affected her more with her mental development or caused other bigger problems but it hasn't at all. She is still tiny and not really catching up but he wasn't too concerned about that and said that she probably will gradually. So anyway, I've finally let go of all the guilt I had over creating those problems for her and feel heaps better about it all.

    I won't babble on anymore about all of our stuff as I haven't been able to keep in touch much lately and she's 1 now so I shouldn't be in here anyway. I just wanted to say good bye and I'll see you all in the toddler group soon! :smt039 (If I can make in there that is..)

    Take care,

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    katanya Guest

    Hey Mel Great to hear from you, i was thinking about you and wondering how things were going with your pregnancy and Adara, i have been meaning to email you, but haven't got around to it 8-[

    SO glad Adara doesn't have anything serious with her heart, and her development is going okay too, I can completely understand your concern, and as I have said to you before I can understand your guilt, but I'm really happy you have worked your way through it. God mother guilt is such a huge hurdle isn't it? I still get waves of guilt over all kinds of stuff beyond my control, having to make big decsions for a little person is really hard..
    Hope your pregnancy continues going well,and the pain goes away! I should stick my nose in on your pregnancy forum and see how you're going next time I am wondering

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    mama mel Guest

    Thanks Katanya I'm so sorry to hear about all the extra problems you've been facing with Felix lately, I was about to email you about that to see how you're coping. Thank you for thinking about me when you're going through so much yourself.

    I forgot to add in my last post that all the constant colds and ear infections have also stopped suddenly for the last few weeks, after I found her in the pantry 2 mornings in a row - having peeled a raw clove of garlic and actually eating most of it! LMAO. The garlic's hidden now..

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
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    Hehehehe, Adara knows whats good for her!!! Garlic got rid of the cold?! Mitchell is still really snotty (green, ick) even after the antibiotics that I wasn;t happy about giving him.
    I am going to stick a heap of garlic (roasted) in his food this week, am going to be a good girl and give him real food. He has been on that jar crap for about 2 wks and I'm feeling guilty. It tastes like **** anyway.

    Katanya what is RSV?
    Mitch had a crappy night last night....I hope this isn't going to start again!

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    Mar 2005
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    Hi Everyone,
    Well I have been away at sleep school for the week and have not read any of the posts yet.
    Well I am happy to say that Kayne is now sleeping 12 hours per night and having 2 sleeps during the day. The people at the sleep centre (not sure if I can name it) were fantastic and supportive.
    And to top it all of I made some great new friends - whom I hope to keep in contact with.
    I will get through the post soon - I hope everyone is well.
    Oh and Kayne now walks everywhere!

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    Oct 2003
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    WOw its great to have all of you here!!

    Wow thats great marisa with Kayne & walking & sleeping, =D> YAY!! I'm sure it was hard work, but its great to have results too.

    Mel that would be so hard to go through with the guyilt & PG and everything, its good to hear how well Adara is going, and that her heart murmur isn't too bad ykwim...

    awww Lulu at your puter, how awful!! I'm so happy to hear Mitchell is going better at his sleeping!!

    Ambah I hope all your preparations are going okay, if you need me to make anything or do anything let me know!

    Katanya it was so nice there I'll have to come up and visit when things clear up a bit I hope Felix is feeling better, and geez it must be nice to be at home for a while.

    Well...just got back from Tamborine, its so beautiful up there and the weather was perfect! YAY!!!... Matilda was a star thank goodness. And I feel much better about life... I realised a few things this weekend and its really helped me be a better mum.

    My main lesson this weekend is that I am not a failure as a mother, I know this sounds weird but when Matilda was born, they wrote the means of birth as c/s-Failure to proceed. All I got was the failure bit....and not giving birth natually, after trying so hard I just wasn't very fit mentally after the trauma of everything and all I saw was failure...I realised this weekend that it stuck with me, and thats where I lost my confidence... So I'm on a brand new start with Matilda. I'm not a failure as a mum (as I've been told here and at home a million times), its just taken me a while to acknowledge it. So it was a bit emotional, but good!

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    katanya Guest

    LOL @ adara and the garlic..wish Felix would eat that much garlic!! No wonder she's been healthy!!

    Lulu here's some info on RSV, babies with respiratory issue are particularly vunerable:
    What is RSV?
    Respiratory syncytial virus (sin-SISH-shul VI-rus) (RSV) is a very common virus. RSV causes mild cold-like symptoms in adults and children. But premature babies or those with lung or heart problems have a high risk of getting very sick if they catch RSV. This is because premature babies do not have fully developed lungs. Also, because they were born early, they may not have received virus-fighting substances (called antibodies) from their mothers that help them fight off RSV and other viruses.

    Each year, 125,000 infants in the United States are hospitalized with severe RSV infections, the leading cause of infant hospitalization. Severe RSV infections cause up to 500 deaths annually. RSV may also cause more long-term health problems, such as asthma.
    Hope Mitchell feels better soon, the best thing for a snotty nose is saline up there, sounds awful and they hate it but a few drops and it makes it all run free :-#

    Marisa SO happy for you and sleep school, that it worked out really well for you guys and you now have a good routine. Actually I learnt a few things in hospital from a nurse when Felix was REALLY overtired and wouldn't settle, she settled him for me(amidst screaming), and I was bawling my eyes out, but from then on I have been able to settle him much better, not sure whether Felix learnt something or me...
    Great news also about the new friends, something like that is likely to bond you..

    Christy: I am so sad I missed you both, but sounds like the weekend was worthwhile in more ways than 1 for you both..I am SO happy for you that you have let go of the guilt and failure you have felt since Matilda's birth, it is always amazing to look in from the outside, because I look at you and how you cope with a baby with severe reflux and who is extremely active and I wonder if I could ever do what you have. You are such a beautiful caring person always supporting others, I am so glad you have given some of that understanding to yourself! =D>

    Well our day was great, Felix was good this morning, snot nearly cleared up, so I took him shopping and bought him 2 pairs of warm slippers, one soft soled $4 from woolies and the other little boot ones from target for $10, the soft soled ones are brilliant as they dont restrict his walking and stay on unlike socks!

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Hi girls. So that’s where you’ve been Lulu. I don’t know what I’d do without my puter for a week. Would have to do some housework or something drastic like that. I’ve made a website for the twins, so I’ll put a full explanation on there & link it to my signature asap so as not to go on about it on here. Might start a thread about them perhaps.

    Katanya, will be ringing AMBA tomorrow, been meaning to for weeks. Getting lots of midwife advice & reading heaps. The more I find out the more there is to find out, lol. It will be an interesting week. Good to hear you both had a good sleep back at home. Still sending healthy vibes for Felix.

    Mel, sounds like good news with Adara. Mother guilt eh, we’ve all got it, who knows why. A good topic for a new thread I reckon. Hope your pg is going well & you’re coping with the pain you’re having & looking after yourself. Lol @ the garlic thing, you’ll have us all reaching for the garlic now. Hope Adara had a lovely birthday & that we see you in the next group.

    Marisa, that’s brilliant that the sleep school went so well. And yay for Kayne walking everywhere now. A whole new set of little troubles, lol.

    Christy, glad your weekend went so well. Sound like you’re learning to appreciate & value yourself as a mother which is wonderful. That f word is a bugger the way it creeps into medical terminology. Subtle little things in the language of life influence us all I reckon.

    Angus woke up crying inconsolably twice last night. Sometimes he wakes up, and by the time I have put my dressing gown on & got to the door he’s stopped, but this time he didn’t. No idea what the matter was. Couldn’t calm him down, so after big cuddles/rocking etc, & a dry nappy just in case the second time, just put him back in the cot (dummy is on a chain) & left the room. He wouldn’t stop crying as long as I was with him, but settled within a few minutes of putting him back down each time. This morning while he was waiting for his toast he hassled DD & had a spoonful of her weetbix, so we got him some and he ate it all without pulling it out, just like he used to! So much easier and less mess than toast, but then of course lunch meant sandwiches mashed all over him, the high chair and the floor. He’s having a lovely long arvo nap now, been down 2 hours, luxury.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    Hi everyone

    I don't have time for personals as I really need to get to bed ... back to work tomorrow *sigh* the holidays are never long enough.

    This weekend I cooked Asha some vegetables (pumpkin, broccoli, carrot, potato & zucchini) and left them in little chunks. I just give them to her warmed up and she eats them with her fingers. Well she loved it!!! She ate all her vegies up (didn't think much of the zucchini) but just loved the pumpkin and broccoli. So no more mashing for us YAY!!!!! Now if she could just get some teeth we could start on some meat too!!! I am going to try her on some baked beans and see if she likes them so she doesn't miss out on any iron (which she gets from her cereal anyway).

    Will come back tomorrow and do personals ...


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    Kelly, Matilda started eating chicken & fish this last week with no teeth... in small chunks of course...I didn't even think of that. Thats great about Asha's progress!! YAY!

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
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    Thanks for all the feedback ladies!!

    I'm starting Mitchell on the chunky vegies too tonight and am most confident after reading these posts.

    Christy - that F word written on the chart must have stuck you like a knife. When Mitchell was born, I pushed his head out in one go (DD was a fat 8 pounder, so he was a breeze at 6 pounds!), the bloody midwife yelled at me to stop pushing and there was a real note of panic in her voice "he's really small, stop"! I got a real fright and I just couldn't get it out of my head that he was TOO SMALL. It took me months of repreatedly asking people if they thought he was too tiny. I felt so clumsy around him, and I honestly think I found it hard to accept that he was a healthy, strong boy. I thought I had failed because I couldn't grow him big enough. I was quite depressed for a couple of months, I don't know what shook me out of it. YUK. It's amazing what can knock you when you feel vulnerable.
    I'm MOST happy to see you got your groove back!

    Oops - gotta go, seeing a potential new abode!!

    Back soon

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Just dropping in quickly to say Hi! I haven't left you all yet... but only 5 more days till I am moving onto the next forum, and my little baby turns ONE!! WAAAAHHHHH!!!
    He is actually a bit sick atm with a cold, and has been developing a bit of a cough today, so I hope it gets better tomorrow, not worse.
    I have been busy being social, and domestic as well (who'd have thought!? LOL) over the past few days, so havent had much time to post... and am about to go to bed now, so will do personals tomorrow.

    Take care girls

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    Jun 2003

    Didn't get back for personals ... sorry been one of those days!!!

    May be tomorrow????


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    Oct 2003
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    Fair enough kelly!!

    Thanks girls for all your encouragement on my discovery. Its pretty amazing the power that words hold over us isn't it? I think we carry guilt from when we first get PG that all of a sudden we are responsible to another life %100 and any mistake we view as "failing" I'm saying we because I think so many mums go through this!!!

    I've been pretty sick now...flu. I always forget that the flu really floors you. I was in bed for all but 2 hours yesterday, feeling a bit better today, but I've got an ear infection which makes me really dizzy, and DH has to go to work, so he's just put Matilda down for a nap and is getting ready to go & have a short day at work. Well...better lay down while she is!

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    katanya Guest

    Christy Hope you are feeling better??you sound pretty sick you poor thing..being sick with a baby or active toddler isn't quite the same as ever before is it?? No laying in bed reading with a box of tissues..you have to drag yourself around regardless

    Ambah, I'm not far behind you into the next forum, this year has been the quickest of my life! I hope Mr Aidyn is feeling better too? Not fair this change in seasons..makes everyone feel unwell

    Lulu hope Mitchell goes well with the chunky veges??

    Kelly sounds like your life is really busy! I Think people think teachers have it easy but they forget they have to prepare and mark in the outside of school time, my friend is a primary teacher and she said it is FULLON..hope you get some time to yourself occasionally?

    Yvette I forgot to ask you where is the twins website, I clicked on your WWW tag and got Angus's site, not that I minded..such a cutie! do you have a link for their site? hope he's sleeping better for you!

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