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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, June '05

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    awww Lulu I was pointedly looking at DH this morning when I had to get out of bed because he couldn't find the tea bags...gggrrrr... he's home because he's sick & up and Matilda's sick and up, why can't they commeserate together and let me sleep!!! GGGrrrr.....

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    Jun 2003

    Asha took her first step today!!!! Just one small one and then she fell down on her butt but it is happening! It is exciting and scary at the same time.

    Just had her weighed and she is now about 9.5kgs and 75cms. She is my smallest baby! When Emma was One she weighed 13.5kgs and was 79cms. Jack weighed about 14kgs and was 82cms!!!

    Okay better go because she is wandering the house somewhere!!!


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    Wow well done Asha !! You are growing up way to fast !!!


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI girls,

    I have to be quick!

    Michelle- see you next week, lol at it being quiet without us.

    hope we hear from Pee and Spiddles soon, nice to know how they are going.

    Yay on Asha's tooth and first steps Kelly- the race is on for her to be waling bf her bday now.

    Lucy- hope your Dh settles soon and stops annoying you, and hope Mitchells bum gets better, gotta love a bargain. I just had a wall buddies party, have you been bf? The stuff is terrific!

    OMG I can't remember anything else.

    We went to a playcentre today and Jemma has been terrible this arvo. Jess was a little sooky but nothing on Jemma, Arron just turned her lamp off as she kept coming out.

    Anyway I'll try to be a better visitor tomorrow
    Cheers Michelle

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    Pietta Guest

    Hello everyone!

    Michelle strange you were just writing about me and here I am!!
    I have had a quick catch up and I must be the only Mummy to have all 8 teeth here. Well the 8th one is hinting at coming through but they are all here. He didnt have much problem either.
    With regard to the milk- I was thinking of keeping Ryley on the follow up formula for a while- just so that I know he is getting all he needs.
    For breakie he has either toast with something on it or Weetbix or Porridge plus half a cheese stick.
    For Lunch he has anything we are having pretty much. He has had things like sandwiches etc. and like them.
    He is standing up and crawling and has all his teeth and LOVES his food. He is a cheeky little thing though. We tell him no and he turns around and just smiles so sweetly.
    He loves day care and goes there a few times a week while DH and I are at uni. We are both doing well on Distinctions at the moment going into exams.
    There are a few new people here that i dont know so...

    *waving* Hi to you!!

    I will try hard to get on here and chat more often.

    Where did my little boy go??? I cant believe he is almost 1!! We are having an adult bouncy castle for his birthday and everyone has to come dressed up as pirates!! He is the only child in our circle of friends etc so adult bouncy castle it is!!

    Anyway take care all! I have going to update Ryley's site soon so I'll let you all know.

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    Pietta Guest

    Okay as promised this is Ryley's new website:


    I think it is cute- cant believe how many pics i had to choose from! LOL

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    sooo cute Pee!! He looks fantastic! Good to see you here too

    We've had an awful night, not much sleep & a very sick sausage... She started breathing funny yesterday arvo and we went to the hospital and her infection has obviously spread to her chest, so they sent us home telling us to keep up with the antibiotics, which she promptly vomitted out everywhere.... so a long story cut very short...I am not working today and going to be keeping a very close eye on our sausage!

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    Pietta Guest

    Poor little Matilda!!

    I forgot to mention (and you reminded me with the chest) that we found out Ryley has asthma! 8-[
    Poor little guy can't breathe and coughs all the time... Has anyone else had this or heard of this before?

    I hope Matilda gets better

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Last night they asked me if Matilda had asthma, and I said "you tell me?" so the nurse said that although its not common to have it under 12 months it can happen especially if its in the family. Apparently she could still have it, we are on a watch & wait & see thing for the next few days...

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    Kellee Guest

    OMG - all the poor sick little bubs in here! Big hugs to them all. Actually, I was wondering about the asthma thing - what do they give infants who have asthma? I have it and I'm worried that Charlie might too - he's quite wheezy. He never whinges about it, but I think I'll take him to the doctor next week just to be sure.

    Yay for Asha's first step! It's so cute. Glad to see she's doing so well.

    Sorry it's so short and that I haven't done many personals today, but I just wanted to pop in and say I AM still here! Have been busy organising DH for his trip (he left today - boo hoo)... I tell you what, if customs decides to go through his suitcase and then don't leave it in the ironed and immaculately folded state it which they found it, they will have ME to deal with! Charlie is off his food today - don't know why - and is very grizzly so I'd better go and tend to him.

    I will probably be spending a bit of time in here while DH is away, so chat to you soon!

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    Jun 2003

    A quick reply because I have to go and get the kids form school in a minute but Emma had Asthma when she was a baby. They labelled her a fat happy wheezer and she was on a nebuliser for a long time, every 4 hours. It is hard to do because they cry so much but it is also good that they cry because it gets the medication right down into their lungs. She still has ventolin but is now taking it through a spacer. She only gets it when she has a cold and of a night time when it is especially cold.



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    mooshie Guest

    hi everyone

    crashing into the forum a few days early.

    i just wanted to let you know about my experiences with asthma, my ds was a very unsettled baby and then developed a shocking cough at around 9mths of age so i took him to the gp (not my normal one) this guy asked me a few questions re asthma and exema and i said jay had exema as a bubs only very light and my mum was an asthmatic, he turned around and said well he has asthma and i needed to get him ventolin, spacer and preventor etc so i was sorry worried and went straight to the chemist to fill prescription ($100 later) i went home and we gave him his first lot of ventolin made absolutely no difference, i spoke to my mum and we were under the impression if it was asthma then the ventolin should have given immediate relieft - btw i asked this gp if he would test to what he was allergic to, he said no need it is in the family he has asthma. so after talking to a few other mums i decided to get a referral to a paedeatric (arrh sp?) allergy doctor, after speaking to him and him explaining wheezing etc we both determined that this gp was talking through is arse jay did not have asthma at all, so specialist did a heap of allergy tests and it was found that he had allergies to dairy, egg, nut, cat, dog, grass, dust and feathers. switched him to soy milk and bang different kid, cough gone, tummy settled and a really happy baby. he is no longer allergic to dairy or egg (but still drinks soy milk - his choice) and has other normal dairy products such as yogurt, ice cream, cheese etc. in spring he gets a bit of hayfever but never asthma. he still has a nut allergy but as he has never had an episode where he has had nuts we don't know what will happen if he does so specialist will give him peanut butter in a controlled enviroment later in the year.

    anyway sorry i made this long - i know unfortunately some babies do geniunly have asthma (as in kelly's little girl emma) but some cowboy doctors can diagnose it all too quickly - if i hadn't gone into it further my poor son would have had so many problems with allergies and we would have thought it was just asthma and given him asthma medication without it being necessary. i think you really need to find a good gp and one that will listen to your concerns and not just one that says your child has this or that and wave a script at you and wave you out the door.

    okay off my soapbox now lol and back to were i belong, see you in a few days.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Michelle- that's great info, so glad you followed youe instincts too, or you are right jay qwould have taken loads of medication for nothing.

    Jordan had a night cough when she was little and the drs gave bricanyl, which helps open the airways and can give the shakes just like asthma, but my niece is 2 and was diagnosed with asthma about 4 mths ago and has to use the spacer and/or nebuliser.

    Pee are we psychically linked or something, great work with uni for you both. My gosh Ryley is growing so quickly, and the pics are gorgeous.
    What are you guys studying? My gosh at the almost 8 teeth, Jess has only 2 so far. How much does he weigh now? And how tall is he, he was always a tall one. Sounds like some people will be enjoying Ryley's 1st bday LOL

    Christy hope that Matilda is feeling better today. it is scary when they are unwell.

    Kellee I had to lol at the ironed shirts thing. I hope your dh has a good trip and you will be fine, we're here to help after all. Jemma is watching Arron like a hawk since he got home from QLD, everytime she leaves she tells him to stay cos she doesn't want him to go on the aeroplane again.

    We are abvout to eat pizza, when FIL delivers itr for us. We were going to have Coles pizza and they had none left so now we have to buy it from the pizza shop in the next town. It is raining here and a little chilly too, but it is nice to hear the rain on the roof, I love that sound and I've missed it as it hasn't rained much lately.

    i am out shopping tomorrow, Arron gave me $100 so now I don't feel bad about buying something as I don't have to use the shopping/bills money.

    It is a Long weekend here so I am thinking that maybe Arron and I can try to get out together on saturday or Sunday night, need mil to babysit so have to pick a night she isn't out.

    Anyway have a good one, hello to anyone I missed
    Cheer Michelle

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    Jun 2003

    I have just updated the photos on Asha's website. Haven't had a chance to do the journal or anything, or the photos of Em & Ash and Jack & Ash.

    Better fly it's time to take Emma to Karate.


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    Pietta Guest

    Ryley was first given ventolin in the liquid form but now (after speaking to Asthma WA- glad i asked) he is on a puffer with a spacer. I tell you what they dont kid about having the shakes and getting grumpy and hypo!! Poor little boy. Luckily (or unluckily $$ wise) it has become less of a problem since his cold has gone away. His poor little ear drum burst about a month ago or so and he has been slowly getting back to normal since.

    Yay ASHA!! =D> Walking already- what a gorgeous girl she is too!!

    Welcome Mooshie!!

    I have a great doctor but i might go and see about those allergies if Ryley isnt better in a month but I am sure he will be. Also these freezing nights in Perth arent doing him any favours!!

    Off to play Netball now- Thurs adn Fri nights i play mixed with friends and DH. Lots of fun. I still need to work off my Ryley weight!

    Have a good weekend all

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Ouch! Pee at poor Ryley's ear drum bursting, it sounds so painful. So glad he is getting better.

    I forgot to tell you girls that Jessica loves to sing, it is so cute. For the last 2 weeks she has been singing ROw row the boat, and she rocks as she sings, you can even make out some word sounds, like "ro" and "St" for stream and "dow" for down. Very clever! She is also doing lots og hugging and patting and saying OHHH! as she does.

    Well I went shopping yesterday and brought a pair of jeans for $17 which was a bargain and just a few bits and pieces. It is really hard cos when I go shopping with my gf she won't even let me look at kids stuff and it killed me to walk past Toys r us and this whole area of kids stuff (I was a chadstone). I will have to go there another day by myself or with DH and the kids I guess.

    Hope you are all enjoying your w/end

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    Kellee Guest

    Hey gals,

    Well, here I was saying that I would have more time to spend on BellyBelly while DH is away, and this is first chance I've had in two days! Crazy stuff. Had an all day rehearsal/gig with the Australian Girl's Choir, and I decided to stay at MIL's because she looked after Charlie for the day and I didn't want to wake him up. Spent a lovely morning there, a lovely afternoon with my brother and his fiance, then came home and put Charlie to bed, and here I am! I really should be doing housework.... nah...

    It's weird having DH away. Usually it's ME that goes away, so at least I'm not sitting at home pining for him (like I am now!). No, it's not that bad - I'm just making sure I stay busy so that the time will go fast and he'll be back with me in a jiffy. Pathetic, I know... I have to tell you about the saga this trip has been. We arrived a Brisbane International on Friday morning in plenty of time for the flight, thinking that DH would be able to check in and then spend an hour or two with me having coffee. No, no, no... the flight was cancelled and he had to spend 1 1/2 hours in a line trying to organise another flight. In the end we only got to spend about 10 minutes together - at least I didn't have time to get all teary! His friends thought I was mad when I yelled "I LOVE YOU!" 3 or 4 times as he was going into customs. Anyway, I hadn't heard from him until this afternoon (was getting worried, too!). He called to tell me that, even though his conference is in Greenville, North Carolina, he was in Chicago and his luggage was in SOUTH Carolina! Turns out his stupid travel agent booked them for SOUTH instead of North Carolina. I think everything is sorted now, and everyone and everything will be where they ought to be in the morning, but he will be rushing to get to his conference on time. It's madness! Maybe this trip wasn't meant to be.... I hope everything goes ok from here on in - I'm worried that he might be jinxed! Just had to tell you about that schmozzle.

    Poor Ryley and his eardrum! I can't imagine how awful that must have been for the poor thing. I hope the asthma medication works. I have asthma too and I also get shaky after having ventolin - after a while of taking it the shakes get a bit better. Hope you won your netball, Pee - it's great that you and DH have something fun like that to do together.

    Hi Mooshie! Thanks for the tip about the asthma. I know what you mean about doctors - I had suffered from a medical problem for about two years and had gone to 3 different kinds of specialists and 3 GPs in that time. They all said different things and immediately dealt out the drugs, which only made matters worse. It wasn't until I took my health into my own hands and did some research and visited a naturopath that things started to improve. I will certainly be careful with any doctor's advice I receive - even from very trusted sources. After all, WE know our bubs best, and a 15 minute consultation can't provide doctors with all the little bits of info we know about the bubs. I'm glad you trusted your intuition.

    Did you get a night out with DH, Mitch? I hope so. Yay at the $17 jeans! I went shopping today and the sales are on - and I saw about 3 items of clothing that I bought last week at the full price that are now on sale! :evil: Not happy, Jan. I know what you mean about the kid's shopping - I have to force myself not to go into Pumpkin Patch (we just can't afford it!) everytime I walk past. I'm glad you had a good time. LOL at Jessica singing. Soooo cute!

    Am off to check out your site now, Kelly. Wish I had the motivation to do something like that - it's a wonderful thing to do. A great way for interstate relatives to keep updated, too.

    Anyway, must do that housework I was talking about earlier. Haven't even made dinner yet! I am such a slacko today. Sorry this post is so massive. Hope you're all well, and sorry if I missed anyone.

    BTW - my little boy is 10 months old today! I don't want him to grow up any more... but if he has to at least he's doing in it the cutest way he knows how. :-)

    Big hugs,
    - Kellee.

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    Kellee Guest

    Just realised I don't have the address for your website, Kelly! Stupid me... would you mind giving it to me?

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