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thread: 9 Months to 12 Months, March '05

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    That's really good value Kathryn. I think there is a local playgroup here, but I don't really have the time. LOL I am still on here and have done nothing in the house.

    I didn't take Joshua swimming much either, cos it was so dear, we did one term of water awareness, but it is really stuff you can do yourself anyway. He started swimming lessons 4th term last yr, aged almost 5 1/2 and he was ready to listen to an instuctor and is doing really well, so I know I did the right thing.
    Just saw the announcement that Sebastian has arrived and was so excited. Jessica has poohed so I have to go and change her, what a great job to doLOL! the joys of babies.

    I still have to check loads of emails and have been online since 10.30. I will try to get on later.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Jun 2003

    Well I am so glad my working week is over! Yesterday the kids were so feral, I have decided to do nothing today LOL ... I dropped the kids at school this morning, came home and Asha went down for her sleep at 9.20 and she is still sleeping!!! She will be awake soon I guess wanting a bottle .... thought I would call in and say hi!

    We are over the Meningococcal scare! Asha completed her antibiotics yesterday so she is in the clear now!! Just have to keep an eye on her as Chickenpox is going around day care atm too!!!

    My shingles have just about gone ... still a it sore and itchy but not as bad as it was. Still taking it easy until they are completely gone!

    Asha still has no teeth and is crawling like mad and has started to pull herself up on the furniture, just like Jack and at the same age as well!!! Jack started walking at 10months so it wouldn't surprise me if Asha is walking soon!

    I take Asha swimming every Friday. It costs me $10.20 a week but I know that later on she will be better for it and it gives me a chance to get out and meet other Mums who live close by.

    We don't go to Playgroup ... Asha gets plenty of time with other kids at day care and I know one of the Mums who goes to our local playgroup and she drives me nuts!!!! LOl SO I won't go.

    Michelle, I was worrying about Asha's weight and comparing her to Em & Jack but she is such a different baby (different Dads) so I stopped myself from doing it! She is happy and healthy for the most part so I don't worry too much about weight now and only get her weighed once a month around the 18th (purely for her baby book)!!! Speaking of ice cream ... Asha LOVES it!!! She won't let anyone eat ice cream unless they share with her. I gave her her first taste of ice cream at 6 1/2 months and we haven't looked back!!! Asha won't eat anything but pureed food still she sucks the sauce of the lumps then pushes the lumps out with her tounge! It is so funny. After cereal with fruit Asha had pureed potato then potato with pumpkin then I added sweet potato, corn, peas and broccoli. She eats all of those now but dosen't care much for capsicum or tomato!

    Christy, I hope you and Matilda are feeling better and that the screeching stops soon! Asha squeals all the time ... she can be crawling through the kitchen then she stops looks at me and screams then keeps crawling! Wierdo! LOL

    Katanya, I can so sympathise on the moving thing! We are about to resign our lease for another 12 months, even though we could do with a bigger place, I can NOT be bothered moving! The next move I want to be to our own house so I never have to move again!!!! Hope the unpacking is finished soon! I so know what you mean abotu the playstation although in my house it is the computer and stupid games that can be played online!! The latest one is called Lineage II and it drives me nuts because he becomes deaf while playing and won't stop what he is doing to see to Asha when she cries, just assumes that I will see too her!!! ****es me off!!!!

    Better go I can hear Asha stiring better get the bottle ready!

    Have a great day ...


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    Oct 2003
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    Thanks for all the well wishes... well it looks for a few weeks like I won't have to do Matilda on my own anyway. DH was made redunant yesterday and basically told to leave right away. So... they owe him $$ for the next few weeks and he's already sent out 5 cv's today so hopefully we find something soon. I've just put my name out as a locum nurse so hopefully while he's home I can get some work.... bl&*dy mortgages.

    Kelly, Asha does sound like Matilda in the screeching category and the no teeth! Its funny... I have been thinking teething but we'll see how we go. Its good to hear the shingles are settling!

    Kathryn thats a great price for a playgroup! I just found a new swimming place near my house thats $90 for 10 lessons, so we will be changing pools. They don't run over winter so we'll start next September and it doesn't matter if we go twice a week or once a week just 10 lessons, which I think is pretty cool, you just have to sign up for what you want the week beforehand.

    Katanya we got home from playgroup today & DH was still in his pj's playing xbox....I'm allowing him a few days of self pity and then :smt079

    Michelle lol at forgetting solids... it changes everytime I talk to someone else different We started with pumpkin and carrots and apples and pears then moved onto other stuff. In the breastfeeding, bottles and solids forum there's a sticky up the top about solids that I used as a guide.

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    Oct 2003
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    oh!!! I forgot...today Matilda decided she would stand up from leaning over holding on and let go and just stand on her own. She was letting go when holding on while already standing last week, but she never just stayed up, she always fell over....not now 8-[ .... how long do you reckon I've got left??

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
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    Katanya, I'll have to have a word with you!!!!

    Mitchell just pulled himself upon the couch to standing, held on with one hand, turned around and laughed.

    I didn't think he would go from crawling to cruising in two days!!!

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Matilda, slow down!!!

    Christy, DP just looked over my shoulder to read my last post and said you're a hottie!

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    Nov 2003
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    Thanks for the pointers on solids girls, I'll check that post Christy.

    OMG at Matilda! LOL I'm not sure how long you've got, depends how fearless she is I reckon.

    And Lulu, Mitchell is moving fast too. Why do these bloody kids have to be in such a hurry.

    Kelly, thank goodness the meningacoccal scare is over, and hope you feel better soon.

    Men and games are a bad combination by the sound of it.

    We are about to go swimming, Josh's lesson is at 4.30 so Arron takes Jemma in and Jessica and I watch. Jordan swims too, but at 10 can do ok withut being shadowed by one of us. At least everyone gets a swim.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Hiya girls!!! Finally I have found time to post!! \/
    It took me a good 3 days to recover from the virus, and then DP got really sick on Tuesday, so I had to look after him and Aidyn, while feeling like crap myself, LOL. Oh well, I'm just glad everyone is over it now...
    Aidyn still has diahorreah, but I just read someone's post here that said tummy bugs can stay with them for ages? Hopefully not for too long! But I will take that on board and keep his solids very simple.
    Oh yeah, Aidyn is now cruising furniture too (holding on with his hands)!!

    Argh, just realised its after midnight, and I have to be up at 5.30am with DP to help calm him down before his job interview at 7 (its for the same company he's at, just a better position - which means more $$$ hopfeully!!!)

    Anyway, nighty night from me, and hopefully from now I will have more time to catch up with you girls!

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    Morning girls. We have had a bright and early start so my mood is not great, and also I am having major forum issues this morning so that isn't helping ARGH.

    YAY too all the cruisers of furniture atm. Lachlan is still holding on, not cruising yet. Also walking around the shops yesterday I shook my head at something and I looked at Lachlan and he shook his head and laughed. Now this morning he is nods if I do it and shakes his head after I do it as well. Too cute.

    I have written out all his birthday invitations Not long to go. Then I will have 2 kids in the 12mth - Toddler forum OMG !!!

    Christy that is really cheap for swimming lessons, well $9 is much better a lesson anyway. Still $18 for me if I took both of them though LOL.

    Ambah, glad to hear you are all feeling somewhat better now.

    Lulu, that is very cute of Mitchell. It is gorgeous when they realise they can do something smart like that.

    Kelly, Glad to hear you are slowly getting better from the Shingles


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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry, bit of a long one but I just need to get this out...

    Well, on Sunday morning her temp was still 39.6 after giving her Nurophen 2hrs before that and Panadol an hour earlier, so we went to hospital. It had gone up to 40.1 when we got there. We didn't get out until 9pm Wednesday night, they wanted us to stay until Thurs morning to wait for the cardiologist but we're going back as an outpatient instead b/c she was looking a lot better and that wasn't urgent. Was a huge ordeal and pretty horrible in there but there were times when she was so sick it got pretty scary and I was so glad she was in hospital.

    Katanya, I got a tiny taste of what you've been going through and are about to endure more of with them giving her a barage of really painful tests and all of them coming back negative. They put a needle straight down into her bladder to do a urine test, did a lumber puncture, stuck tubes up her nose and had her on a drip the entire time we were there. When they did the lumber puncture I sang to her to try and calm her down and when the needle went in (twice b/c they missed the 1st time) she screamed like never before b/c they're so painful and I couldn't stop crying. In the end she was so scared of them that every time a nurse or Dr came in to the room she tensed up and hugged me so tightly.

    The 1st night we were there, the woman next to me had her light and tv on at 1am so of course Adara couldn't sleep even though she was extremely overtired, so all I could do to calm her was stand up holding her like a baby and rock her. I went out to ask the nurse if she was allowed to do that and got "unfortunately we can't control other ppl's behaviour" which is not only rude but patronising, even though there's signs everywhere saying no lights after 9pm or tv after 10pm. I went back in with her and was in so much pain with my belly from standing and holding her right on top of it and just cried for another 30mins until I went back out and threw a bit of a hissy fit , crying and saying it wasn't fair that I'm pg, so overtired and in pain with a sick baby who needs to sleep but can't b/c someone else has no respect for anyone else. She told me to go home and leave her, so I got worse saying that I would never do that when she needs me more than ever... In the end I got a private room. I'm embarassed to say that I reacted like that as I'm usually not such a prima donna but it had all just got to be too much! Sleeping was still pretty hard for her in there with the drip though, as she sits up and rolls over constantly in her sleep so woke up quite a few times tangled up or stuck. Once it was pretty tight around her neck.

    Anyway, as I said all the tests came back negative so at the end of it all we still don't really know why she got that sick. One of her glands on her neck had swollen so much it looked like a goiter, so they think it was probably a viral infection and the gland had got blocked that just happened to clear up on its own while were there, or an infection that was cleared by the super strength antibiotics she's on. Unfortunately b/c they never found out for sure we have to keep her on them still and they make her so sick. Now she's A LOT better but not really back to herself and just sleeps most of the time.

    They also found that she has a huge heart murmer that we need to go back and check out but they're pretty sure she's had that since birth and was only picked up now b/c it's the 1st time someones listened to it.

    Anyway, just letting you know we're still around and ok now... I have so much to catch up on around here so it might take me a little while but I'll go back to catch up on all the posts and reply to personals soon. Again sorry this was so long!!!

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    Aw Mel! what an awful experience for you and Adara to have to go through! Its so scary, I'm shuddering thinking of what you and she had to go through. BTW all of us here would do the same thing to get our little ones rested, what an inconsiderate nurse!! :evil: I would have gone off my nutta if they had said that to me too, so you are definately NOT a prima donna!!!

    Kathryn thats scary about the birthday invitations! 8-[

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    OH Mel. I would have done my block as well at the nurse, so I wouldn't worry about that too much. Actually I would have done my block at the inconsiderate person too 8-[

    I have had Kamerons temp over 40 before, 40.5 it got too. I rang the hospital myself and was told I would have a 3-4 hr wait before being seen, and I was like hello he is only two. I managed to get a doctor to the house though (we only had 1 car and Andrew had it at work and his phone died). It definitely is pretty scary times.


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    katanya Guest

    OMG Mel, what a horrific experience , and I have to say what you have been through is worse, because Felix has been well while having tests, and not sick and feverish. I so know how it feels to have them do a million test and find nothing, it makes you upset that they have to endure all that and still find out nothing. I know they have to be through, but when a baby doesn't understand why people are hurting them it is a heart breaking experience.
    I can't believe that woman was allowed to have her tv and light on, when I was in hospital they were so strict with that, what a B%$&# :evil: ! Glad at least you got your own room, I would have thought they'd give you your own room anyhow, with you being pregnant and having a sick baby?!
    How is the heart murmur going to affect her? does it have any long term effects? This is devastating news for you, as even she may now be okay, it means now your previously healthy child isn't 100%, and you have to go through visiting Dr's and have check ups..I am tired of the merry go round of specialists already and he hasn't even been diagnosed! The first tests were the worse for me, because I was in total shock that my perfect baby could have something wrong with him, and we were in a place I never wanted to be in (paediatric ward) I have all my that her heart murmur doesn't affect her life too much. If you want to chat and debrief more about it feel free to email me or PM, I will defiantely understand!

    We are off to the dietician this morning, Felix only gained 60 grams in 2 weeks after eating huge amounts of calorie laden food(for him!)..so I can't see the point!

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    Oct 2003
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    oh thats not much more than he was gaining on bm... good luck today!!

    For those of you in the QLD thread you can skip this as its both places

    DH was made redundant on Wed and told to basically just leave. So he is pretty upset, but I encouraged him straight away to make some phone calls and he now has two interviews next week. Unfortunately as he was in this other job only 5 months they didn't have to do anything, just basically here's your week's wages off you go. Which is scary for us with $$. I've put my cv into heaps of vet nurse locum jobs and usually its easy to get casual work for someone with my experience, fingers crossed. AND I noticed that Australia Zoo had an animal handler job advertised in a vet mag so I've sent my cv there too... how funny would that be? Crickey So hopefully in the downtime while DH is looking for a job, I'll be able to earn some to keep us going... unfortunatley there is no way a vet nurse could earn enough for our mortgage payments, so I could never be the worker & he the SAHD...but maybe we could both go part time and work it out....who knows....we'll try anything....

    So for the last few days we have decided mornings are for working (i.e. finding a job) and arvo's are for family time and walking on the bay and playing in the park... at least the weather has been beautiful to stop and be able to enjoy time together.

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    I dunno know if it is cause Lachlan is too young or not but I was just trying to help him walk along by holding his hands above his head and he used to do it really well but now he drags his right leg a bit, so not sure if he is just being lazy or if there is something not right iykwim. Have to have all his injections soon so if it is still the same I will ask the nurse.


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    Matilda sometimes drags one of her legs when we do that, I just thought it was because she was young too....I'll check when she wakes up which one it is...

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    sorry Christy I had to PMSL at this

    AND I noticed that Australia Zoo had an animal handler job advertised in a vet mag so I've sent my cv there too... how funny would that be? Crickey
    Dunno if it was intentional or not but still laughed all the same.


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    katanya Guest

    Christy: that is really bad luck about DP's job, something similar happened while I was pregnant, his program ended, but ended up that he got more money and a better position, so even while I was stressed, it sometimes happens that these things happen for a reason. I think your plan about doing the part time each is a great one if you can do it! Then Matilda will get a bit of both of you! Good luck with the animal handler job!! You'd be great! I love Australia Zoo!

    Kathryn: my friend's little girl used to lag one leg while crawling, turned out to be okay when she started walking! I thinkit's always better to ask about these things just to be sure!

    Christy Felix was gaining MORE with mostly BM!! I guess we have been moving and sick in that time so perhaps that's why.

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