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thread: 9 Months to 12 Months, March '05

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    The high chair is definately where Matilda gets most cranky...I wonder if its the being strapped in thing for these free spirited little ones

    Katanya I hope your boys are both feeling better!! Too many trips to the hospital in one week!!

    Well we had a big day today and went to a friends for a baby shower this arvo and it was fun, but had to leave because Matilda's been so out of sorts lately I didn't want to mess up her nighttime getting ready for bed routine... its a bit silly having a late afternoon baby shower with heaps of people with babies... but thats ok, we sort of all went in turns, we went early and some were showing up whose babies had just finished their arvo naps as we were leaving LOL....

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    whoa hear that wind go past?? LOL

    Hello? Anyone out there? I feel alone in here

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    Hehehe sorry girls. I haven't contributed much. About to head out to a BB meet now, but both they boys are so damn whingy from getting up early #-o Going to be a fun arvo with those two..... NOT.


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    Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA lately.. I think the fact I'm in serious denial over Adara turning 1 soon :-$ isn't helping! Definately a lot easier to catch up with only the 9-12mth babies though.

    Katanya - I can't believe the run you're having with your boys! What's with that?? I hope this means that you're getting all the bad outa the way now and it'll ease up again soon...

    Ambah - I would leave Aidyn with family for your night away, personally. I think it depends on how he'll react and how you feel about it though, if you're going to fret every 2mins about how he is you're probably better having him with you!

    Christy - Sounds like Matilda's a handful for you! Glad you're working your way through the tantrums and hopefully she'll get over the clingy stage soon, I know how hard that can be!

    Adara's now got 8 teeth! Can't believe how quickly they all popped out.. We've just been having appt after appt lately for hospital follow-ups and cardiologists and stuff. April's already pretty much booked solid btn Adara and my antenatal visits! Haven't been told anything new about her heart at all, expect one of them said he thinks it may be a ventrical problem. I took it with a grain of salt b/c really the truth is they won't know for sure until we have the echo-cardiagram (sp?) and am just waiting for that to know for sure what we're dealing with before I panic.

    Was also told by a paediatrician that her milestones and growth have really been affected by that 2mth not eating and rapid weight loss problem when I fell pg. She still only weighs 7.5kgs and never caught up to anywhere near where she was before the problems. With her milestones I had started to get concerned recently, only b/c she used to be pretty ahead with them for the 1st 6mths then all of a sudden she's lagging behind a little. Although she can do it, she rarely pulls to standing and would never stand with me holding her hands, let alone take steps. Luckily it seems to only be her strength that's a problem as she's talking well with around 10 words in her vocab now, which he said is good. So ATM we're just making sure she gets all the food and bottles she should be, massaging and have a few exercises until we go back again next month.

    I decided to get my own paediatrician to look after her and so I could have one person to look over and monitor everything all the other specialists are saying to me. My mum had a fantastic one with my brother and I was lucky enough to get an appt in mid-April. I'm really kicking myself now that I didn't go with what I thought and do that when she started losing weight in the first place. I just listened too much to the MCHN (who I now think was just threatened when I suggested it) and I guess I hoped that the problems would be over before I could get an appt anyway.

    Sorry for my mega post again! Should've come back more often to fill you in...

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    Hi Mummy's. I'm newish and have got started on the Belly Buddies group, but I belong here too coz my youngest is 9 months (10 months on the 31st). This sure is a busy thread, and I think I'll be fascinated with the goings on, as there's a 7 year gap between my baby boy and my second eldest daughter. Will take me ages to read all this one, but to get started, here's me:

    Forum Name: *Yvette*
    State: Victoria (Melbourne, SE Subs)
    Baby's DOB: 31/5/04
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Angus Lindsay
    Baby's Website:http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/a/angusllb/
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: Usual 13 hour labour, very hard work but all good, 11 days overdue, 8lb 5 oz at birth & doing well.

    He's sleeping through the night in his own room now, standing holding on, just started 'proper' crawling, eats like a horse, vocalises loudly and melodically but no actual words yet, and is horrible to change nappies on because he wiggles so much. I really struggle to change his nappies! He's off the boob now for a couple of months as I'm preggie again & got sick of the wiggliness whist feeding him. He's having follow on formula, only about 3 big bottles a day, water from a straw cup and 3 big meals. He likes the telly a bit, but mostly just the music. Oh, and he has 2 bottom teeth. One or sometimes 2 naps during the day, loves walking around the shops in his pusher, his big sisters coming home from school, and our new kitten. We're all pooped from chasing him around our not so baby proof house. More rooms closed off and more things put out of reach as he's into everything!

    Look forward to getting into this one. Does anyone else have major struggles changing nappies?

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    oh yeah yvette! Sometimes DH & I get so frustrated!! This last week we've been taking turns changing nappies so we don't have to fight her so much... VERY VERY frustrating! LOL sometimes we leave her half dressed & finish up later so we don't have to struggle anymore... and today, she got poo everywhere, we all had to have baths & showers and do washing because it went everywhere 8-[

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    Me !! Nappy changes are a huge issue here. I found a small airplane that was Kameron and now give it to Lachlan to play with when I do a nappy. It keeps him still for the length of time it takes


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    Yeah Christy, I found your topic 'rolling baby change...' under general baby & toddler discussion. I've posted a big whinge on there. Took me ages to find it, in the end I did a search on nappy change. Loved Kelly's "pooey willy grab or crocodile death roll" description, summed up my world perfectly.

    Will have to find the ideal distracting toy like you have Kathryn. With my bloke though, I have to let him think it's nawdy & he's stolen it, or he'll quickly lose interest.

    So, my other pet petty peeve is getting rock hard weet bix off every surface and crevice of the high chair, lol.

    Off now to chase him up the hallway before he harms the kitty.

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    LOL...Matilda LOVES chasing the cat and sometimes when DH is doing a nappy change I hold the cat just out of arms reach for her to laugh at...

    Sometimes a distraction toy works for her...sometimes not... just depends on how untoylike it is iykwim? Dummy caps sometimes work, and paper....but no toys she knows she can have them any old time LOL

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    Ugh gotta love weetbix, it gets bloody everywhere doesn't it !!! Definitely sympathise with that one.


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    I have no idea why people bother mixing concrete - why not use weetbix? - it sets alot faster.

    I'm soooo tired. we had the working bee at the playgroup today. Backyard Blitz eat your heart out. Quite a few people turned up today and we got it ALL done, I'm so pleased!! The yard had been neglected forever and it looked awful, but the kids will have a ball now.
    At the same time, I'm still a bit annoyed as we have over 50 families attending the centre, we gave 4 weeks notice, and only 6 came to pitch in. We only asked for 2 hrs on Sat or Sun!

    Ah well... off to bed now.

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    Yeah it sucks when the happens doesn't it. Andrew used to fly radio controlled planes and they did a huge notice about an upcoming working bee to lay new astro turf for a runway etc and some other bits and pieces. only 3 or 4 people showed they even put on a free BBQ but the people that don't show are bloody quick to want to use it the following weekend ](*,)

    Not sure if we are heading to playgroup in the morning, I am getting a bit of a sore throat, but I really don't want Kameorn to miss out on the Easter Egg hunt, even though he will get one again on Wednesday cause we go twice a week. Will see how I feel. Just had to ring mum to see if she had any strepsils or anything like that, as I am staying at her place till tomorrow, she didn't but had Honey and Eucalyptus lollies, so they will do.

    Anyway boys are in bed so I might do the same I think.


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