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thread: Babies Born April 1st-15th 2009 #1

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    Babies Born April 1st-15th 2009 #1

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born April 1st-15th 2009

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    Somewhere between asleep and awake

    Wow, I'm the first to post in here!! We had our little girl, Skye Nicole on Wednesday April 1st at 9.12pm. April fool's baby!! I was due on 11th April. We had a wonderful labour, contractions started at 5pm and we were only in hospital for an hour before she made her appearance. It was a lovely water birth. Compared to my first birth experience, with a posterior baby, who had four hours of pushing, this was a breeze. Four pushes and she was out! Our breast feeding is going well. She's putting on weight!! I feel really good. Our eldest girl (who's only 15 months old) has a cold at the moment so sleep is hard to come by in our household but that's life! Hope to see some more ladies in here soon! x Nik

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    Hi Nik,
    I had my little man, Harrison, on April 2nd via elective C-section at 8:52am.
    I look forward to sharing stories and watching our babies grow together

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    I've just received word that Megan and her DH are now the proud parents of a little boy they've named

    Noah Mason

    Noah was born at 5:38 pm via c/section weighing 3.425 kgs (7 lb 9 oz).

    Everyone is doing well!!

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    Hi, thought I'd join in this thread. I was due on 27 March but was 8 days overdue in the end.

    David Charles arrived on 4th Apr weighing in at 9lb 11oz or 4.42kg.

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    Apr 2009


    Hi all,

    Thought i would join this forum as i have just given birth to my second little girl, Rachel on 13 April 2009. We also have a 20month old, Alannah, so life is very busy at the moment as we all adjust ( the 20 month old has had her world flipped upside down!!!)

    Looking forward to sharing our experiences and asking lots of questions of you all.


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    Hi everyone and congrats on your new babies!!!!

    Nik. sounds like a wonderful birth. Cant wait to read the full version!

    Auzzie. what a good size bub!!!!! I was expecting a biggie, but turns out he was only a 7 pounder...

    My little man was born 2 weeks ago and is doing great. Look forward to getting to know you all better... although suddenly I have nowhere near the amount of time for BB as I used to...

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    Hi everyone,
    Congrats to everyone on the birth of their new bubs.
    Can't believe my little man is 3.5 weeks already. Time has flown and we're loving every minute of it.
    Still recovering from a c/s which makes doing some things a little difficult, but I have had DH home and he still has another week off so he has been doing all the housework, nappies etc. I have just been concentrating on feeding which was rough for the first couple of weeks.
    Looking forward to getting to know everyone better, and I hope you are all enjoying your new babies.

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    Me too
    Lachy arrived on the 6th, 8lb 11 or 3930gms. Was posterior and was vacumed out in the end, but is all goodski now. He eats heaps, 100-150mls!! and sleep like a rippper,5 hours at a time.
    Overall, we are very happy and we think we will keep him, though he has been warned to be on his best behavior or we will make him an outside baby
    Nice to meet you all, I never joined my pregnancy group and I kind of regretted it, so here I am

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    Welcome Shelley! lol at deciding to keep him!!
    I wouldn't know what to do with myself if Noah slept for 5 hours!! For the last 2 days he has been feeding every 2-2.5 hours but things seem to have improved this afternoon. We made it 3.5 hours and it's been nearly 3 hours again now since his last feed. I have no idea how much he is having though as I am b/f, but I have been expressing once or twice per day to help with early supply issues I was having and I get about 100mls in just under 10 minutes, so I am assuming that must be roughly what he is having at a feed??

    Forgot to add some details in my first post...Noah born 8th April by elective c-section as he was breech. Weighed 3.42kg (7lb 9oz) and 50cm long.

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    Hey Megan, congrats on the boob food, I couldnt do it, the pain was unbearable, I would rather have 10 babies than go through that pain. I ended up getting really depressed and resented him everytime it came to a feed. You girls that tough that out are hardcore
    Seems like Noah goes well in the eating department too. I recon we got super lucky with this kid, hee hee, the middy told us not to get lulled into a false sense of security and go for another. She recons you only get one good one
    You must be buggered, you wouldnt be getting much sleep eh? Isnt it hard to sleep during the day when they do, your brain tells you it's the smart thing to do, but the rest of you says shiat, 5 mins of peace, get some washing done
    Its worth it tho...... I think I love him more and more each day.

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    I completly understand about the pain. I was so close to giving up a couple of times in the first 2 weeks. the cracks, bleeding, it was excruciating. If we weren't an hours round trip to the local 24hour supermarket, I would have sent DH to get formula at 2 am during the first week we were home! Then when he was 2weeks 1 day old it stopped. They only took a day and half to heal and it was so much better. I was so relieved not to be in tears at feeding time anymore. They were starting to get a bit sore again with this 2 hourly feeding, but I'm hoping that isn't going to last.

    It's been great having DH home. He gets up to Noah in the middle of the night to change him and brings him to me to feed, then he burps him and puts him back to bed. It's going to be a shock to the system when he goes back to work in a week! I hear you on the day sleep. I have had a few, but I feel guilty doing it as when I do I literally feed, sleep and feed again. I sleep a bit longer in the mornings by going back to bed after his 6 or 7am feed so don't get up until 9am or sometimes 10am and then I usually don't bother with the afternoon nap.

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    May 2006

    Hi girls!!! I can't believe it's taken me this long to find this thread.

    Anyway... some of you already know me, due to being Belly Buddies, but for those of you who don't...

    My little princess Zahley was born on the 13th April at 12:05pm. 7 pounds, 3 1/2 ounces. 3 1/2 hours of active labour and about 10 minutes of pushing. This was my first birth experience without an epidural... She was a week early but is absolutely perfect. The first thing she did when she came out was start chomping on her hand, so no real surprise that she's an expert feeder... loves her booby! This is my second baby and second lactation and I found it so different to the first time with my DS. Still difficult for those first couple weeks, but we pushed through and have come out happily on the other side.

    I also have a DS Caeleb, who is 22 months old. He adores his new little sister and just wants to gives her loves and play with her all the time. It's hard for me to explain that she can't play yet... doesn't seem to bother him though. I caught him trying to put on some bunny ears on her head the other day.

    Can't wait to get to know you all and your little ones of course.

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    Hi Everyone!!

    I'm a newbie! Just joined up the other day.

    DH and I welcomed our second beautiful boy to the world on the 7th April via
    Elective C-Section. He weighed 9lb 40z. was 53cm long and considered quite tiny compared to his big brother who was 10lb 3oz. born.

    These days my little man is 5 weeks old tomorrow and is just an angel. From birth he has slept through most of the night, last feed is at 11pm and the next would be about 5am. He's always so content and quiet and is the ultimate dream baby. My first was also quite easy but suffered "pyloric stenosis" from a week old, which resulted in him almost losing his life due to major weightloss from throwing up all his food. The problem was fixed when he was 6 weeks old and recovered shortly after. So far with number 2 he hasn't done any power chucking just yet which we are ever so pleased about.

    DH and I have thought about trying for a girl but we've decided we're both happy with our little men and will be stopping. We like to tell ourselves that "two's company, three's a crowd" in order to remind ourselves of our decision. Whether or not we keep to our word is another story LOL!

    Well that's it from me for now...I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

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    Angel! Looking forward to getting to know you and you two precious boys.

    Well, my little girl has yet ANOTHER cold. Her 2nd in just four weeks. I feel so sorry for her.

    Zahley was weighed this morning and has put on 1.2 kilos since leaving hospital, so we're really happy about that. I'm not surprised, her little cheeks get bigger and bigger every day!

    How is everyone else going with this new little bundles?

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    May 2009
    Under a rock

    Celsie Thanks for the welcome!! Aww your bubba...hope she gets better soon. There's just nothing worse than our little ones getting sick. Strike me down with it all you want but not my babies! lol!
    When #2 was born we were all sick with the flu, he got a little bit of it but basically slept through it all. We're hoping this helps us to stay away from it for a little bit longer this winter. YAY! For an excellent weight gain... she's doing well. Oh and can i ask..how did you think of the name Zahley? It's such a beautiful unique name. I love it!

    AFM : All going well here, My little boy is snoozing while he big brother is trying his hardest to wake him up. Thank god he sleeps through everything!

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    May 2009


    Hello... I'm a new first time Mum to Darcy, born 10th April by emergency CS. I'm stuck at home with not much support around so thought I'd jump online in one of my spare minutes as I heard the forums here were good. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about my sleeping issue... Darcy doesn't sleep much at all. In the 24hr period from 5am Tuesday to 5am Wednesday he slept 6.5 hours in total. He's not an unhappy baby, just very wakeful. He's now bottlefed, as I wasn't sure how much he was getting on the breast & thought he may have been hungry, but he's eating far more than most babies his age (150mL per feed, sometimes 180mL) & isn't searching around for it when he's done so I think not. He doesn't cry much, doesn't have "colic", isn't particularly windy, & is generally a happy little boy... he just doesn't sleep! He napped for 1.5 hours yesterday in total (15 mins here, 30 mins there etc) & then only slept 5 hours last night. He wakes most mornings at 2am & is ready to play. We've tried putting him to sleep later at night, but that just means less sleep & then he catches up during the day. I've also tried a "sleepy" baby formula but it made him constipated. My midwife who does home visits says it's normal, as does my doula, but I have read that new babies typically sleep between 16 & 18 hours a day. The longest he has ever slept in a day is 10 hours. Any ideas? My husband & I are rather desperate! Thanks.

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    Welcome Angel and Darcy's Mum.
    Angel, it sounds like your new little bundle really is a little angel with his sleeping habits overnight! Maybe he could have a word to my DS and let him know how it's done!!

    DM, sorry this is all new to me so not sure about the sleeping thing. I would think that if he's happy then it's not really a problem but I don't know for sure. My DS certainly hasn't slept 16-18 hours per day apart from his first few days in hospital. He is awake a lot more now at 5 weeks. He usually has two periods each day where he doesn't sleep between feeds. Thankfully though, he is quite happy to lay in his cot for a little while and entertain himself.

    Celsie, poor little Zahley having another cold. It's not fair. I hope she is on the mend.

    Noah is going really well. DH went back to work this week so I am on my own but so far so good. The first night was a bit rough (DH works nights) and it took forever to get him to sleep and he was awake every 2 hours for a feed. Much better night last night and he woke at 12, 3.30 and 6.30 so I can handle that. MCHN appt yesterday and he put on 820g in 2 weeks, so he now weighs just over 4.5kgs so I think all my worrying about breastfeeding and whether he is getting enough is not needed! Everyone comments on his chubby little cheeks now too. He's adorable. Loving every minute of it.

    Those who had c/s, how is your recovery going? My scar apparently is barely visable (according to DH) but I still have a bit of discomfort. Sore tummy muscles and if I do a bit of housework or washing I really pay for it later in the day. I just want to feel normal again.

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