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Thread: Babies Born January 2005

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    vavavanny Guest

    Default I´m new! And a January 05 mum!

    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 13 January 2005
    Baby's Stats: Weight 10¨.2lbs Length 55cm Head Circ 37cm
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Health Concerns: None

    I just found this forum! I wish I had found it 1 year ago!!

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    katty13 Guest



    Im just new here.

    My DS was born on the 27th Jan

    Hope you ladies are still around :-k

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    Sairz4505 Guest


    hi all


    Hope some newbies LIKE ME drop in and check in here.

    Info on me - Sarah, born Sept 1980, married 1998, first born Brianna born 31 Jan 05.

    Is just an ANGEL most of the time, and i love taking care of her.

    Anyone want to talk about their kids around the same age?

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    Sairz4505 Guest

    Default If your baby is born Jan 2005 - COME TALK!!

    Hey all, just wanted to keep this alive, I will try posting in here as much as I can so others know there is someone in here WILLING TO TALK.


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    katty13 Guest


    HI Sarah,

    Not sure if the others still visit here.

    I also have a Jan bub born a couple of days before DD

    DS is now pulling up on furniture and starting to walk along the couch. He is int to so many things and ive had to childproof my house

    Is your DD walking

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    Sairz4505 Guest

    Default hey there


    Nice to know there is someone else around!

    Yes, my little one is walking. She actually took her first 10 steps when she was 10.5 months old, so now she runs everywhere! She is into everything though - and it definately takes some time and trouble to secure the house LOL

    But others in the mothers group, there kids are just starting to walk, and some still just holding onto furniture.

    I think I preferred it when she could only crawl. Going shopping or out in general always takes longer these days, cause B HAS TO WALK, or if she is contained for too long in the pram she cracks a wobbly at me lol.

    I really dislike the tantrums.

    Hey - btw, does your little dear BITE?? Only that mine bit me for the FIRST time on Friday, and I wanted to know what others do about it.

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania


    Hey everyone!
    Just popping in here,i havent been around for ages!
    My Dominic was born on the 11th January,and is a big sook! lol
    How is everyone going with their bubs?
    Dom is walking everywhere and being very personable...he gives me hugs and kisses now!
    Im just in the process of cooking tea so i cant stay but wanted to say hi!

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    *bump* anymore January 05 bubs out there ?

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    amitiria Guest


    Forum Name: amitiria
    State: a.c.t
    Baby's DOB: 20.01.2005
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 3.130kg, 50cm, 34.5cm..... NOW= 15kg, 80cm, 47.5cm
    Gender of Baby: female
    Baby's Name: amira shahrazad
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: no rooting reflex, lactose intolerant
    Notes amira had a vacuum delvery, her heart rate was dropping with each contraction, but after a 24 hour labour.....yayyyyyyy she was

    look forward to chatting with you all..
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    amitiria Guest


    i'm mainly a nite stalker and usually like to chat after 11pm.... i'd like to hear what other little bubbies are doing.. does anyone have a problem with hair pulling (mine that is)?? amira has bit once but that was my fault by letting her go silly on me and i think it was more of a case of her teeth just getting in the way.. how many words can your tods speak??? amira has around 30 words i think... is that good????? she can count to five and is a nick junior and HI-5
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