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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #5

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    OMG, one day and so many posts! I've just finished reading through them all. Just a quick post so I'm sure to miss out on some things -

    Jillian, good to hear from you again. Re the solids - Clarrie has been having 3 meals a day but including some fruit (stewed apples, banana, peaches) plus porride in the morning and rice at lunch or dinner. Pumpkin, broccoli, sweet potato. Tomorrow I'm going to try him on some lentils . He seems to love it all. Except he threw up a bit after some yoghurt so we're going to wait for a while before giving him dairy again. I read somewhere to wait until 12 months anyway. His poos are mushy (as someone else described them here!) and usually a few times a day. Hope Imogen's become a little softer - poor little thing. And hope you are bouncing off the walls soon after your fish oil, etc!

    Laura, sounds like a good idea to explore your options of moving. My family are not close - mum is 3 hours away and my sister 4 hours, but at least they are not interstate. Family support is so important! (and good friends as well). My parents were in the US for the first 12 years of my niece's life and I know it was pretty hard for my sister. Hope you can work out something satisfactory to everyone! Sometimes I wonder if careers and children mix at all... it seems that something has to miss out. Especially when everyone is working such longer hours in their jobs (statistically it is more hours than ever, apparently)

    Lisa, I would love those meditations. I will email you. That is a great idea doing the certificate as a starter. To 'get you in the mood' of study, so to speak! Glad to hear that Kobi is still doing well on the sleep front.

    Sal, with the ergo I did forget to say that you can't face bub outward. We use it on the front and have tried the back a couple of times but I think Clarrie is still a little small. Probably in a couple of months. It's fine really, but he just seems to be more comfortable in the front (and so am I as I can see him). Haven't tried the hip option - it sounds pretty horrible!! The front position would probably be a little hard when you've got a bigger bump in front. The straps on the Ergo are fantastic and the design means that you just don't feel like you are carrying a big weight at all. Did I answer all the questions, let me know.

    Re. cloth nappies - we've been using the Baby Beehinds mainly, but do use disposables from time to time. Like today when the BBs rub on poor Clarrie's injection sites! The disposables just sit a little higher and miss them. How much were the Simply Nights ones?

    Clarrie's been a little feverish and unhappy today following the shots yesterday. But he has been sleeping well Poor thing - I'm still wondering whether it was the right thing to have the injections.....

    Sal, hope Miles feels a bit better soon. Have you heard about the 'wonder weeks' - we got a print out about this from the Child & Youth Health nurse. Apparently there are certain weeks that all babies have 'grumpy times' as they are doing an extra lot of development. Maybe Miles is having one of those. Here's a bit from the website. Around 6 months is meant to be one of the times.

    Recent research has shown that there are predictable times during the first few years of a child's life when the child may be more demanding (fussier) than usual. These fussy times have been called the 'Wonder weeks' by some writers, because it is during these more difficult weeks that babies are making big steps forward in their development.

    Once they have taken one of these big steps in their development, they may have times when they are less demanding. These times have been called 'sunny' times. These cycles of changes in how much distress a baby experiences have been found to happen in many different cultures.

    Good to see your pg ticker, too, Sal!

    BTW, what is AF stand for. I've worked out what it means, but not what the initials stand for. Der!

    Yael, I am with everyone else in trying all you can diet-wise and then going for the botox. If you're planning lots of kids, better to try to get it sorted out now. Sounds to me like you've had enough pain! The physio also told me that i'll probably continue to have hip pain in the morning until I stop b/f because of the hormones. What can I say, these hormones!!??** It does seem like our bodies are against us sometimes. But I guess the whole process of pregnancy, birth, b/f is pretty amazing. It's bound to have a few hiccups (some bigger than others). Sounds like a good idea to get this one sorted out and then work on the prolapse issue.

    Hey, with all the study going on or study plans, we could become the BB study buddies instead of baby buddies. We can motivate each other when assignments are due and post things like - Julie, you have an essay due in 2 weeks - HAVE YOU STARTED YET?!!! hehehe....

    cheers, Julie xx

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    Julie - Just wanted to say AF has always been Aunt Flo to me!! And I am sure you can work out why lol. Thats what it was in another forum I used to frequent.

    I will take some time out over the weekend and type out in point form those meditations for me anytime

    Love the idea of study buddies!!!! Very cool. It will be me sitting here all the time going.."oh yeah I will do that when I have finished posting here" Then 3 hours later and I am still here.

    I reckon there must be a Homer Simpson like butt print on this chair from me sitting on it 20/24 hours pmsl.

    Ok finally going to bed. Finally Kobi learns to sleep and then I stay up!! Silly goof I am.


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    Sal Guest


    Oooh study buddies! I'll be one vicariously even if I haven't gone back to do my honours yet! I'm a great nag, just you wait and see

    Thanks Julie, that has answered my Qs. I figured bub couldn't face outward, seeing as the support is on their legs to protect their spine. I actually love carrying Miles on my hip, so I'd be keen to try that option. Am itching to buy the sling, am working on DH at the moment.... Have you seen the kiddy hip carrier thingy, also from the same site (badbacks)? I'm very keen on that too! Oh the $$$$$$ *sigh*. The nappies were pricey, about $31 ea (depending on US exchange rate) then had to pay for o/s shipping etc. I love the idea of cloth, but haven't gone through with it (DH support would help )

    Hope Clarrie's injection sites are healed up now, poor little tike! And thanks for the info, helps to explain why Miles had a complete melt-down twice yesterday (hysterical, couldn't console him).

    OK must duck off and have a shower while Miles has his nap. BBL!

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    hi there mums and bubs

    go away for 1 day and it takes me 2 hours of reading to catch up!!!

    Where do i start??

    had lunch with one of the mums from my mothers group - she is actually my SIL's bestfriend's SIL - talk about 6 degrees of seperation.

    so here we are having a lovely lunch - chicken salad on brown bread for those interested (started the diet this week) and i get a phone call from my real estate agent.

    well long story short - we are being EVICTED!!!! - i cannot believe our luck - we only moved in here on the 24th April and now we have to move again!!! - the owners, who we actually met (they kind of interviewed us prior to letting us move in....) have decided they want to come home - WHAT THE HELL!!! - the whole reason they moved out in the first place was that they couldn't afford the mortgage repayments as they just had a baby and she wanted to be a SAHM (bla bla bla - what a load of crap - get the feeling I'm peaved off??) - the thing i'm most upset about is that DH asked the owner to his face what his intentions were (my dh doesn't beat around the bush) and if he was intending on moving back in in 6months (our lease was only for 6 months even though we originally wanted a minimum of 12) - the guy told dh - no way they would be wanting let alone able to move back in - and here we are now 3 months!!! down the track and we have been told that they want to move back in ASAP - however they will accept us staying on until the 22nd Oct (end of the lease) - i just feel like blowing the house up - the audacity of people - they went to the effort to meet us and "approve" us - they have even met Brodie and then they go and do this selfish act - why even let us move in in the first place?? - worst part is that there is very little to choose from in the Sydney rental market and the prices are astronomical and we still have a mortgage on the unit and interest rates going up is going to push us from Ok to pontentially struggling - i feel insulted by the whole act - i now need to upheave Brodie and start looking for properties again and start chasing my own tail again - I HATE THIS - I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!


    Yael - sorry to hear about your backside issues - i would do the metamucil prior to doing anything else - maybe take up some of Laura's advice and see a naturopath I'm sure they could help - either way if you get the Botox it will be like a FACE LIFT for your BUM (sorry sad sense of humour, i need to cheer myself up)

    Jillian - sorry to hear about the lack of sleep and Immy's poo poo issues - I'm sure it will all rectify itself eventually - it's just the waiting game in the mean time that drags out.

    Lisa - GO LISA GO - you're on fire at the moment - what a change from the head space you were at a couple months back - whatever your'e doing it's working - i think its the decision making process that drags you down a bit but once that hurdle is overcome it's amazing how bright the light is at the end of the tunnel.

    Julie - hugs to Clarrie hope he gets better - nothing like staying home for cuddles though

    Laura - We might move to Perth with you guys - at this rate we don't have anywhere else to go - otherwise we could always lease your property in Vic - hope you start feeling better NOW!!! and that Luxxe keeps up her fighting spirit and avoids the dreaded lurgy

    Misty - glad that the Christening went well - it's lovely to have that special day but it's even better when it's done (talking from my own experience here.... )

    anyway - that's it for me - wish i had good news but at this rate there's NONE - we might just become squatters....

    worst part is I only just threw away the last box last i need to start again - gee I'm ANGRY

    In the mean time ladies - have a lovely day and think of me whilst I start walking the streets looking for somewhere to live


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    Dianna - that is terrible about being evicted! what a pain in the butt! moving is so draining, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. i have my fingers crossed for you that you find a good place to move to (which you will hopefully like even better then where you are now).

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    Sal Guest


    Diana that is just appalling. I really feel for you. Blow up the house (just kidding )

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    hi guys!

    Sal - yay for your new ticker!!

    Di - you have reminded me why I hated renting.... I've been thinking about renting in the last few days... I was telling DH that there are so many upsides to renting.... but every now and then you get kicked out of your house when you're 7 months pregnant... or have a 6 month old baby and I remember why i'm paying off a mortgage!
    Good luck with finding a new place!!! maybe you will end up buying and won'thave to worry about real estate agents and all the blablabla any more

    Julie - How is Clarrie going?? is he feeling any better?? I am a conscientious objector to vaccination because... well for lots of reasons... but fear of a reaction was a big one. I hope he is better today.

    well Luxxe ate anothe banana today! She LOVES banana and smiles and sings while I feed her! so cute.

    tonightwe are going to mix in some brocolli with the carrot. Mum said that broccolu can be a bit harsh on their digestive system and it's best to keep it mixed with something they've already had before.... has anyone else heard that?

    well I'm still deaf in both ears from the infection.... I really hope it gets better soon. I hate not being able to hear. Dh thinks it's hilarious because now I'm like him..he reckons If I can just become absent minded too then we'd be twins hahahahah

    oh did I mention how when my folks were visiting I asked mum to bring over her bread maker?? she hadn;t used it for years and it was just sitting around so I thought we'd give it a go. So far we've made a loaf every second day for the last week and a half. it's pretty cool! we don't really eat hepas of bread so it's nice to always have a home made fresh bit.

    My ice cream maker is also another champion appliance. though i haven;t amde any since I've been sick.... so not in the mood for it. but when I am better i'm sure the craving will return. I usually make a nutella flavoured one. just a half batch so that we eat what we make that night (about 400ml). it's brilliant! i've made a fig and almold flavoured batch and also a lemon yoghurt batch and a raspberry swirl too!

    so easy and so delicious!! I'm so toally never buying it from the shops again. you can taste the crap in the shop ones now that I've tasted home made.

    i'm turning into a regular martha stewart ( minus the imbezzlement)

    next thing you know I'll be making all my own clothes and buying a potters wheel.

    hmm actually a potters wheel would be so much fun! *thinking thinking of all the possibilities of what i could make with a potters wheel*

    right. off to have a nap with my baby girl. actually if she'll let me I might watch a spot of tv while she sleeps. I have been going to bed early lately and haven't had a chance to watch anything other than neighbours (because I'm addicted and never miss it).


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    Sal Guest


    Laura, my mum had a potters wheel in the house for years! It was so much fun, albeit very messy.

    Julie, sorry to bug you with (yet) another question on the Ergo: did you buy the infant insert? It doesn't look that special, and at $45 seems a bit steep. But if it's absolutely essential...

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    Lisa, I was going to say about the meditations Ė do you have them in a form that could be photocopied? Rather than you typing them all out? Or are they on a tape? I feel bad that you would have to type them out for me (or do you type 100wpm????!) You are doing really well, because youíve motivated me to do some more regular meditations! Iíve been a bit slack the last couple of weeks. Although I fell asleep during the one on Wednesday....

    Talking about the Homer Simpson butt print on the chair Ė last night I decided to limit myself to 45 minutes max on the internet each night. Otherwise I just donít seem to get around to anything else!! And I have no idea how I would actually fit any study in!! Also, trying to do housework while Iím on the phone (and taking Jillianís cue, I have been vaccuuming with Clarrie in the Ergo a lot more. Donít think I could manage talking on the phone at the same time though )

    Sal, I love the fitted cloth nappies. To be honest, they are better than disposables and really quite quick to wash. I mentioned about using disposables yesterday because of the injection marks Ė well, we had two little overflow accidents. With the Baby Beehinds this never happens. I was thinking of buying some more of the hemp BBs because they are 20% off at the moment but we are on a strict budget now with John leaving work soon. No income until January!!! So I wonít put in an offer for your Simply Nights nappies.

    Re. the ergo Ė yes, we bought the infant insert, but I could never get the stupid thing quite right. Or maybe I was the stupid thing??! Anyway, we put Clarrie in without it from about 3 months from memory as he had quite good head control by then. Maybe post on the baby wearing forum to see if anyone managed to get it to work okay. I just always felt that his legs were slipping out and he hated it anyway.

    Di Ė that is pretty shocking about your house. Sending you good vibes to find another asap. To look on the positive side - maybe you can see another shift as a good time to get rid of some stuff?? Sorry, thatís probably the last thing you want to hear...

    Laura, forgot to say before, hope youíre feeling better. Iím sure that homemade bread is helping. My mouth is drooling at the icecream machine.

    You mentioned ages ago about going to a Ďcry babyí film session. Iíve been trying to organise one here at our local cinema at Blyth. Hopefully it will all go ok. I think its quite unusual to have a proper cinema out in this neck of the woods in such a small town. Blyth only has 300 people!

    Clarrie is still a little upset today but much better. Laura, I notice that youíve posted elsewhere about vaccinations so I will have to read that. I could kick myself for not taking the time while pregnant to make my decision in an informed way. When Clarrie was 6 weeks old I wasnít in the best state to do the research. I just gave in to popular opinion.

    Re. the broccoli Ė i havenít heard about it being hard on the digestive system but Clarrie has always eaten it with something else anyway. The lentils at lunch werenít too much of a hit. He liked them, but then spewed up at tea time and I think it was them. I did have onion, garlic and turmeric in them. Maybe Iím starting on that a little too early.... He just seems to be doing so well with all the other things that I wanted to try to get in the habit of him eating bits of what we are eating rather than having to mix up special stuff for him. The ice cubes of veges are a fantastic idea though, whoever mentioned that. I think it was Jillian. Probably would never have thought of that myself!

    Oh god, is my 45 minutes up already. I canít believe it.:eek:

    The potters wheel sounds like so much fun, Laura! And I keep meaning to ask for an Ďant reportí Ė hope theyíre under control.

    Julie xx

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    Morning everyone!!!

    how was your weekend??

    mine was pretty good actually. Saturday morning we slept in and then made out way to our naturopath appointment... but we were early so we swung past thehairdresser and made appointments for both me and dh for next saturday. (I might finally be getting that mohawk i want!!!) then I popped over the road to my most favourite of all clothes shops, a place called Queen, and I finally found a pair of trousers!!! so I bought them and wore them out of the shop! I've been struggling with trousers since Luxxe was born because I don't fit into my before baby pants YET (i'm determinned to wear them again eventually) so I've been wearing the one pair of maternity pants I had. THey are completely too big - even when I was pregnant- and I have to literally either hold them up or kepp puiing my pants back up every few minutes. ONe day I had groceries inmy hands and I didn't have a spare hand and by the time I got back to the car they were around my knees!!!

    so finding new trousers is totally exciting!!! and they are just relaly cute nice dress up or wear every day black trousers! VERY HAPPY!!!

    right tso then we went to the naturopath. Luxxe was sleeping so I took the first appointment. I actually saw Dh's naturopath this time and she was GREAT!! I think i'm going to swap. basically this dreaded lurgy I have is still going and she gave me some herbal tonic (SO FOUL TASTING!!!) to help clear out my ears and then in 2 weeks time I go back when I'm better and we start working on my complete exhaustion. She said the reason I keep waking up all night, even though Luxxe doesn't, is becuase my adrenal glands are all befuddled by my exhaustion and are firing off at random times... like the middle of the night, which is why I can be int he middle of a dream and then just be bolt upright awake for no reason. It makes sense I guess. anyway - if the herbs work and it gets all fixed I'll be super happy.

    after my appointment with the naturopath I had my massage. It was with the same woman I had all my pregnant massages with. she is so good. I told her I wanted a massage that would get things moving. kind of relieving and envigurating massage that
    would make me feel good as well as relaxed.

    well she did it! she got all the knots out as well as made me feel a bit jazzed. so I'm going to start going more regularly.... mayby every 4-6 weeks.

    then it was Dh's appointment with the naturopath and then we went home and had a late lunch.

    Oh the naturopath said to stop solids with luxxe for a little while longer... like another month or so. just because her eczema is playing up a bit and I'm not sure which food it triggering it. so I'm going to give her another dose of the eczema stuff and fix it up again and then pay more notice to which food effects her skin.

    Sunday - we just stayed home and cleaned.

    I'm still deaf becuase of the blocked eustation tube. It seems to be getting a tiny bit better but also worse at the same time. now both ears are totally blocked and I pretty much can only hear stuff that happens right next to my head. Apparently last night the dogs were barking for over an hour and I didn't hear a thing. :eek:

    my normal GP keeps saying there's nothing wrong that he can see, the naturopath said it all looks pretty painful in my ear..... so today I"m going to another GP to get a third opinion about whether to take the antibiotics the first GP gave me.The naturopath reckons not to take them and that the herbs wil help. they do seem to have make a difference....but i'm just worried that it won't help if there is an infection.

    I have to say that I"m never been so affected by anything as losing my hearing. it totlaly has messed me up! I relaly don't like not being able to hear. I miss hearing Luxxe's noise and talking and all her squeaks and coos.

    so I just want to get it sorted ASAP.

    ok what else..... the ANTS!!!! well they are mostly all out of the house. when my folks were here they covered all the surfaces with eucalyptus oil and that seems to have upset the ants and they haven't been back in the nursery or kitchen. In my bathroom however.... where we didn't put any oil, they are still visiting. Dh put some more ant rid out the front yesterday. hopefully they will DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now.. I really hate them.

    we found a new organic flour/bread mix yesterday and this new bread is so much better.... it's come out more fluffy and spongy. the other bread was very heavy. Tomorrow I'll try a whole grain version.

    I just found a whole heap of clothes for Luxxe that I forgot I'd put asaide til she was "bigger" well all those big clothes are size 00 so I'm going to have to dress her up in her fancy clothes everyday so she gets use of her outfits. It's amazing how much clothing she got given.

    Hey what are the babies most favourite toys? Luxxe loves her Gus the guppy and tucker the turtle and her fisher price fishy that spins around but has a suction cap so it sticks to the high chair table. I also got her a toy mobile phone that she was chew but when you press the buttons it makes animal noises. these are her favourites.... oh and one little soft teddy I call Mr pink. I'm thinking of buying something new... so I would love to hear what is popular at your house!

    Oh and JO!!!!! are you back at work today!!!! and you here!!!! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo we missed you... tell us all about miss Bridie!!


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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry but I have not read all of the above previous posts. I did notice one though...

    Di- That totally sux about your eviction. OMG I cannot believe some ppl. That is just so rude, disgusting and wrong! Urgh..well I am sure it just means that you will find a wonderful house and you will be much happier in the new one!!! Screw them. Hey I had friends that got evicted from their place too..and they wanted to leave something smelly in the walls or the curtain rods lol. They didnt of course..but they wanted to. Something to think about ?? lmao..just kidding.

    Ok well what a morning! We were going well for time. Tyra was having a shower and scrubbing her face cos she had fake tattoo's from the footy yesterday. So she was trying to get them off. Anywa fasst forward a little bit and we were all ready to go and I thought..oh better change Kobi. Well I found poo...and lots of it. It was all up her back. Bloody hell. Had to change her entire outfit cos everything was covered in poo! So I told Tyra to go and turn the tv off and grab her bag while I did that and to be careful where she walked in the room (i had left the nappy on the floor to get it out of the way) Well what do you think Tyra did!!! That's right,...squelch..stood right in the poopy nappy!!!! Then kept walking!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH. So then it was..getting her shoes off and dodging poo that was all on the floor. OMG it was a bloody nightmare.
    So then we were running late for school and had to run out the door. I had to come home and clean up the poo afterwards cos I had run out of time. Oh man...bloody kids! I dont know how many times I tell her to watch where she is going and how she manged to get to the nappy I'll never know. It was right next to me and half under the bed.

    Hmm what else..I am not sure if Kobi is teething. She woke up this morning at 2:30 and I tried CC with her. It was going fine..but all of a sudden she was screaming and it sounded painful. So I got her up and cuddled her. She was still I just fed her to calm her down. She went back down til I cant complain. I don't know what it was..but i have noticed her being very chewy on the spoon when I feed her and her gums seem to be a bit white. Oh well..not sure..but we will find out soon enough!

    Ok better go. kobi is asleep and I have to make a few phone calls.

    Have a good day ladies

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    Hi, just a quick one as I seem to have done nothing this morning... although I have avoided cleaning up poo tracked across the floor!!! OMG, Lisa, what a way to start the day. :eek: Hope your day gets better!

    Well, I was feeding Clarrie this morning and the spoon seemed to be hitting on something SOLID on his bottom gums and lo and behold there are 2 little teeth just poking through. He had been rubbing his gums like mad yesterday so that was probably why. Lisa, you may find some little hard bits poking through on Kobi soon, as well!

    Laura, sounds like you had a good weekend. Good job finding those pants. I have discovered that I can finally get into my jeans again, but gee it's a struggle and I can only wear them for about 2 hours tops!!! Probably doing myself internal injuries in the process, but there is something so satisfying about fitting into the jeans again.

    Hope you get the ears sorted out soon. At least you are getting plenty of advice and hopefully the herbs work. I have just finished a lot of antibiotics because I had a sore in my nose that wouldn't heal (gross, I know - it just kept scabbing over and then I would blow the scab off) and there was infection in there judging by the stuff I was blowing out. Yuck. After 3 months of trying everything else, extra zinc, tea tree oil... I finally took the antibiotics.

    Clarrie loves Gus the Guppy as well, plus this plastic hanging teddy with a ball in his middle that spins around. And his caterpillar. But because he loves the teddy so much I was wanting to get him some more things that move. Oh, he also loves the little organ thing, but the speaker has gone on that (it used to be his cousin's). So I'd love any suggestions too. I keep meaning to visit the toy library to try out some new stuff. I've also been getting out things like the wooden spoon, pastry brush and things to bang on.

    cheerio, Julie xx

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    Sal Guest


    Hi girls, oh Lisa I'm sorry to tell you that I had a giggle at your poo story! Kids are amazing, aren't they?!?! If she'd been aiming to step in the poo she'd have missed it! Poor you, having to clean it up out of the carpet later (pheeooo must have smelt :eek.

    Laura, GO THE MOHAWK!!! You must put a piccie of your new haircut on your bloggy thing, it will inspire me to get something done to mine. Have to say, mine is shocking, it used to be glossy but lank and thick and straight, now (post Miles) it is thin and wretched. At least now I'm pg again my hair has stopped falling out...seriously I have regrowth showing, looks very weird

    Miles' favourite toys are Rodney the Rhino (he chews the fabric horn), his telephone (fisher price) and one of those bangle type things with plastic shapes hanging on it that he can dissemble. He likes bashing things at the mome (typical little boy!).

    Julie, wow and YAY for Clarrie's two little teeth! Must be amazing to see them the first time! Oh I ordered the Ergo, sans baby insert (seemed like a total rip-off), can't wait to get it!

    Jo! Jo! Where art thou Jo! Also where art tho Joja and Tam?!?!

    Well Miles is now in a cot as of Saturday night. DH has been lobbying for it for months, on the grounds that Miles is nearly as long as the hammock and as wide. So it's a cot from now on. He can wriggle around more, so will take some getting used to. Have the cot next the bed in our room, we don't want to put him in another room for a while yet!

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    Akeesha Guest


    Sal - Its ok to laugh at the poo story. I am laughing about it now too!! Its a good one to tell at parties pmsl.
    Yay on Miles being a big boy and going into the cot.

    Julie - Yay on Clarries teeth! I am hoping those pop through on Kobi soon!!!
    I havent got round to typing those meditations out yet but I will. I wont go overboard ...I will just type out in point form the main things we do..and you can use your creative visualsation for the rest

    Ok well I got the VTAC guide today which lists in it all the things I need to apply for my course. Eeeeeeeeeek!! I am officially nervous!
    I am actually more worried about stuffing the application than anything else though lol.
    Oh well, I'll get there. I just hope I dont miss any mail from any uni's while we are away in November. Oh will all be fine!!

    Ok see you all tomorrow

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    Lisa, good luck with your application. Looking forward to the meditations - but not rush!

    Sal, I was just thinking about you this morning as I got Clarrie out of his hammock and wondering if Miles had graduated up to a cot/bed. I'll be interested to hear how he adapts. It would be strange not being able to bounce him to sleep! Glad to hear that the hair has stopped falling out. Let me know what you think of the Ergo, too!

    Laura, I've been checking out the Montessori sites more and it all sounds so fantastic. Do you know much about Steiner schools? I was wondering what the main difference was between the 2. I will have to check out their websites as well.

    Montessori teacher training will be a few years part-time after my education degree! I'll see how I go with this first one - and yes, I have decided to apply to do primary school teaching next year.

    We're having fun at the moment trying to decide on what colour floor covering for our main room. We're going for Marmoleum which is a lino with fairly good environmental properties and the colours/designs are fantastic. Of course you look at ones that are great but it would never go in our house...

    ciao for now, Julie

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    ooooooooooohhhh it's so exciting that everyone is finding things to study!!

    Lisa - don't worry about the Vtac stuff.. It's all straight forward and just make sure you use the check list thing before you send anything off and then you can't go wrong.

    I applied to study viticulture a few years ago. did the STAT test etc and got into the course very easily. Then some unkind and KILL CRUSH DESTROY conversations with the FIL killed the dream and I un-enrolled a week after I enrolled. If I had stuck with it, I'd have graduated last year. So annoying when I think about it. but I guess everything happens for a reason.

    Julie - I think the teaching and montessori idea is so great! I can so imagine you opening your own school in 5 years time and Clarrie being front and centre. ok that is my dream... You will have to tell us your dream so I can start imaging that and help send all the positive thoughts your way!!

    I'm not sure what makes steiner schools different. I'll have to check that out too. I'm sure it just has to do with different philosophy or ssomething like that.

    that reminds me. I'm going to have to enrol Luxxe into kindy ASAP. Might have to do both a school in Perth and one here... just to cover my bases.

    re: moving back to Perth... as usual, we started thinking about it and I was thinking about how Perth is such a police state and you can't do anything and you can't get good fruit and veges and the water is gross and there isn't much of it anyway and the metro area is so sprawling and massive and the house prices are so way more than in Melbourne (can you beleive it!!!) and basically I like Melbourne more.

    SO do you live near your family but hate where you live or live away from your family and love where you live?!?!


    if you give me a good answer - I might give you a million dollars!

    (ok probably not)

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    Akeesha Guest


    Morning all

    Julie - Yay and congrats on the decision to study!!! Where are you going to do it or are you going to do it via distance edu?? I am a little nervous cos it's all so real now hehe. Oh well..I plan to get my app in asap and will have it in by the end of August! How cool that we will both be studying!!! I wish you heaps of luck getting in...which I am sure you won't need You will do great.

    Not much to report here. I am getting sick of Tyra's naughty behaviour and not sure what to do about it. She just back chats and doesnt listen. She is not always bad..its just that when she is naughty it's always the same things over and over and it's so bloody frustrating. I was thinking about taking her to kids meditation classes (they offer them where I do my course) cos she said she might be interested..but I don't know. I am going to ask about it tomorrow night when I go in. She just needs to stop, relax and focus..rather than rushing around trying to do 500 things at once. I think thats the main thing..she needs to calm down.

    Kobi is doing well. I just put her down for her morning sleep. Hopefully she will stay down for at least 2 hours.
    She is going so well at night. I still give her a rollover feed but hope to drop that soon. I didnt do it one night last week and she woke up at 1:30am Not sure if it was a coincidence or not but thought rather than risk it..I will keep doing it.
    Last night she went down at 7:30pm/rollover at 10:30pm/woke at 5am..I ignored her as it was just sooking/She went back to sleep and got up for the day at 7. I can't complain about that at all.
    I just have to work out how to get her through the morning school rush without sooking. She is mostly good..but has her moments where she wants cuddles and attention and I just don't have time. So unfortuantely she sooks in the mornings for short periods but I have to leave her. I guess that will get better as she gets older.

    Ok well going to go have my coffee and watch a bit of telly. Then I spose I will do some housework..urgh lol..still over housework!

    Have a great day!!!

    Laura - You beat me to the post hehe. I was busy typing while you had posted.
    Thanks for the VTAC advice. I will take your word for it that it isnt so bad. I think it's just so involved with lots of little things that it seems so daunting y/k. No wonder alot of kids don't go to uni. They are scared off hehe.

    So what's viticulture?? What a shame you didnt do it. Well I guess in the long run it wasnt meant to be.

    Can you tell me a bit about the STAT? How long ago did you sit it? Is it hard/easy??
    Sitting is doesnt mean I am in no problems..but if I get a good score then I have a good chance. Oh well we'll have to see!!!

    As for the family thing...well I love where I love. My Mum hates where I live. That's her issue though cos she had a bad experience with a person who grew up in the area. I's a very valid issue don't get me wrong..but I love where Iive.
    Mum lives in Congupna which is about 14 km's out of Shepparton. So she is 2.5 hours away. Granted Perth is further, but Mum still isnt within my grasp when I need her. give up where I am happy and the kids are happy wouldnt be worth it to live closer to my family. Not becuase my family arent worth it. But simply becuase I have my own life, my own hubby and my own kids..and have chosen the life I am living. It makes me happy. If I lived closer to family that would all change and I would be compromising what makes me really happy. Make sense??

    Anyway it seems as though you love where you live and don't want to move. It does suck that family is so far away..but I guess you gotta put yourself a house in Perth and living in the area you used to...and see if you feel that it works. Try and imagine the feelings,the area, the job/work prospects and the schooling propects for Luxxe.
    Does that tug at your heart strings or make you feel anxious??

    Go with your feelings and your gut and you can't go wrong. If you decide to live in Melbourne after all of this...then you just make sure you make conscious efforts to visit family as much as possible and vice versa.

    Its a hard decision..but you have got to do what makes you matter what it is!!

    Good luck

    (can I have the million now??) lol
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    you're million dollar cheque is in the mail Lisa

    viticulture is the course you do if you want to be a wine maker. covers all the wine making long ago that I can't remember the details

    I did the STAT test in 2001... soon after I moved here. IT wasn't too bad... just kinda IQ test stuff really. some maths, some english style q's in multiple choice format. There is another one that is a written test, but I didn't have to do that one... I think htat was for another area of study perhaps.

    I got 93 or in the 93rd percentile... however it works... I vaguely remember getting practice exams too.

    that probably as no help at all. sorry.

    Hey - speaking of Poo

    Luxxe has been pooing more regularly lately which is good, but it has these little things which I thought were worms - turns out they were just fibre from bananas she's eaten. Just thought I'd sahre in case anyone else finds little red worm looking creatures in the baby poo.

    gave Luxxe another dose of the eczema homeopathy remedy this morning so we can clear it up again and then when I start giving her solids again I can take noteof what causes reactions.

    my ears are still blocked.

    i started the antibiotics yesterday and so far nothing. I hope it gets better soon. the Dr said if I'd had left it a nother few days my ear drum would have burst. YUCK! and OUCH!

    well Luxxe is singing and playing so I might put on a load of washing.


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