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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #5

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    Default Babies Born in January 2006 #5

    This thread is for parents of children who were born in January 2006.

    If there are any details you would like changed or added to this list could you please email :-

    Sherie - [email protected]

    or of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum:-

    Astrolady - [email protected]
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    January '06

    Forum Name:
    Baby's DOB:
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ -
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl
    Baby's Name:
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns:
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Tam
    State: Vic
    Baby's DOB: 2nd January 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - Declan John Peter 5lb 11oz, 47cm long. Rylee Noelle Amelia 5lb 5oz and 44cm long
    Gender of Baby: Boy & Girl
    Baby's Name: Declan and Rylee
    Baby's Website: in signature
    Health Concerns: 4 weeks prem
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: DiannaQ
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 7/1/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 6pounds - 47cm - 34.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Gorgeous Baby Boy
    Baby's Name: Brodie Josef
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: 3 weeks early!!!
    Notes: Fattening up my little man
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: juliec
    State: SA
    Baby's DOB: 12 January 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 2920 kg, 50cm long
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Name: Clarrie Oliver
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: nil
    Notes: He's gorgeous (of course!)
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name:Misty
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 17/01/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 3.510kg (7pounds, 11oz), Length - 53cm, Head Circ - 33.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Angelica Louise
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: none - she's absolutely perfect.
    Notes: next time I might try the drugs!
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Akeesha
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 18/1/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 3660g - 51.5cm - 33cm
    Gender of Baby: GIRL!!!!!
    Baby's Name: Kobi Jade
    Baby's Website: Currently in creation
    Health Concerns: none
    Notes: Feeling extremely empowered due to achieving my VBAC birth for our little girl. Cant help but relive it daily.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Bek
    State: Vic
    Baby's DOB: 19 Jan 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight 4lb 2oz (1880g) Length 44.5cm Head Circ 31cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Kahlani Rose
    Baby's Website:
    [b]Health Concerns: IUGR, Complicated Reflux
    Notes: Emergency caesar after foetal distress, admitted to SCN and discharged after 11 days.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Luscious Laura
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 19/1/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 3.585kg - 51cm - 34cm
    Gender of Baby: beautiful baby girl
    Baby's Name: Luxxe
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns:
    Notes: working on recovering from the trauma of being in Hospital and the NICU.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Sal
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 20th Jan 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 3.53kg, long bub (not measured yet), head circ 36cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Name: Miles
    Baby's Website: In signature
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: Having b/f issues, trying to resolve
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Princesst
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: January 22nd 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 2250g, 46cm in length
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Allegra Chiara
    Baby's Website: One day!!
    Health Concerns: Feeding due to her smaller size but things are looking up already.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Yael
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: January 23rd 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 3210g, 50cm length, 35.5cm head circ.
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Website: I'm hoping to get around to it before he's 18!
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Jo
    state: Vic
    Babies DOB: 26/01/06 Australia Day!!!!
    Babies stats: Joshua - 5lb, 48cm length, 31cm head.
    Jazmima - 5lb 2 1/2, 48cm length, 32cm head.
    Gender: Boy & Girl
    Name: Joshua & Jazmina
    Website: Hmmm one day
    Health concerns: Both have umbilical hernias (non life threatening) Both were operated on @ 7 wks for inguinal hernias. Joshua needs his hearing test to be redone due to a fail in his left ear. Joshua also has a slight curve to both his legs & his penis, but the paediatric surgeon is confident that this will sort itself out in due course.
    Notes: 5 weeks early. Mum induced due to PE, and had a vaginal delivery.
    __________________________________________________ ____________
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    Catch up with your old thread found HERE.

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    Lisa, it's good that you are getting some sleep and feeling normal again!

    Misty - glad that Jelly's christening went well (and your xmas in July). Are you studying again this semester?

    Well, not much to say and time to go to bed, I reckon. Catch you all later, Julie

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    Sal Guest


    Hi all!

    Gee you were up late last night, Julie (I know SA is behind AEST but still...)

    Yep Lisa great news that life is normalising for you! I hope I didn't come across too flippant with my comment about choosing what you want to do (re midwifery) being the easy part. I don't know what it is, but unis are daunting places. Even though I've done two degrees, they still hold fear for me (will they accept me, will I be able to do the course etc). But the STAT test I've heard is a lot of common sense, I'm sure you'll do just fine. Mature age students have such an advantage over the younger people, let me tell you! You take the study seriously, do the readings etc and even though you may not aim for high marks (passing is just fine!) you end up doing better than most, as the young'uns are out partying and not attending lectures/doing the readings.

    Very exciting at the amount of study going on in here!

    Julie, thanks for telling me about your DH's job. I figured it would be hard to live where you do and avoid the wine industry! Are you wine buffs? Oh, can I ask a few more questions about the Ergo? It says bub can be carried on the back or the hip as well as the front, how does that work (with the two shoulder straps)? And can bub face outward when wearing bub on the front? I am very keen to get it, it looks great, but am mindful that I will have a preggy belly and maybe I won't be able to wear Miles that way.

    Any of you mums doing cloth nappies? I ask because I have (again) bought some and it is not going to plan, just to let you know that I am going to post in the buy/sell/swap forum. I bought two Very Baby Simply Nights nappies, plus a cover gee you'd think I'd learn from having spent a fortune on the first lot of cloth (that I also never used).

    You snuck your post in Jillian! Was wondering how you were travelling, poor thing you sound like you are knackered. Hope all the supplements help. OMG you must hardly get any sleep now! I am getting more, but it feels like less I think because of pg. Ouchie at your DH getting the snip! I have hinted at a similar fate for my DH once we have #2 as 2 is the right number for us (regardless of what sex this bub is).

    Miles is only having solids once a day, like Immy. He doesn't eat nearly a 1/4 cup so I think Imogen is doing well! Poor Imogen's little bottom, I guess solids are a shock to her system. Miles has gone the other way, up to 4 :eek: runny poos a day. I spose it'll all settle down soon enough.
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    Sal Guest


    Mainly the jars of mashed pumpkin/sweet potato. I notice that they are 35% water! Worth trying something else, especially if her poor little bottom is suffering!

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    Sal Guest


    The jars have got much better, there is increased texture as the age increases. Miles is trying some pumpkin and couscous recipe that has whole (soft) peas and carrot bits in there! Clever little boy manages to filter them and spit them back out LOL.

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    hi guys!

    Jillian - I was wonderin how you were. Sorry to hear your feeling blerk. The fish oils etc should do good. It's all those essential fatty acids like in fish oil that really keep us working right. Poor Immy and her bottom my naturopath gave me this stuff which is pro-biotics for infants and you just mix a bit in with EBM and it totally helped Luxxe with her poo situation. It has to be perscribed by the naturopath though... maybe give them a call and see what they think. It can only help.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    Hey Sal and Julie and Lisa and Misty and Di and Yael (and everyone else)

    Sal - i wish you could have 2 tickers so I could keep up with how many weeks you are with #2 It's very exciting. We are thinking number 2 will happen soonish... just have to wait for AF to show up so I can start charting cycle a bit more effectively. But I have a feeling that I'll get preg next year in march/april so we have another Jan baby... and Luxxe will be 2. but if it's sooner... that's cool too obviously.

    Lisa - you sound rejuvenated! that's so cool about study plans etc. going back to work will be hard, but I think your ultimate goals wil be beneficial for your whole family. Wow at Kobi's sleeping changes! how did you go with the CC coz I remember a month or so go you said you wouldn't feel right doing it. It must have been really hard decision, but you got great results so quickly so that's tops!

    Julie - I'm so hearing you on the staying home more thing. Especially lately coz i've been sick, but there are heaps of cool things you can do at home... plus the routine is easier. that;s so cute about Clarrie loving the cat and dog. do you find that Clarrie is more interested in them than they are in him? my dogs mostly just try to get away from Luxxe :P

    Misty - so glad to hear that Jelly's christening went well. also glad that you've settled in to your new life. I've been in Melb for 5 years and I think that since having Luxxe it's felt less friendly coz everything changed so much. I think that maybe I need to try making more friends with babies too.

    Yael - I so totally feel for you still struggling with bottom issues after this long. You are a total hero to have been putting up with the pain for 6 months!!! and I know that pain SO well. there is nothing worse than all that terrible pain... seriously. I hope the specialist has good news for you and can fix it. I count myself lucky coz once I started eating more fibre and more water mine got better. In my homeopathy course I've found two remedies that might help. It might be worth trying as I guess if you can avoid surgery...
    Anyway - I totally know that pain and I hope it gets better ASAP

    Di - hope you're feeling better. I haven't got a mohawk yet.. but i still seriously want one!!! will let you know how I go

    well in my neck of the woods, things have been fairly crappy.

    I came down with a fever on Saturday at about 1pm in the arvo and I suffered with it until about 2am when the headache was so bad I finally took panadol and the fever slowed down too.

    in the morning I thought I had tonsillitis.. but since sunday I've also come down with an ear ache (now infection in both ears) sinus infection, a cough and this morning!!!! CONJUCTIVITIS!!


    i'm falling apart!

    Thank God Luxxe is still healthy. She did have a very low grade fever yesterday... but I didn't give her anything for it as I figured the fever wasn't serious and it was most likely doing more good anyway. she slept about 6-7 hours in total during the day yesterday and slept really well last night only waking when I was tossing and turning.

    I've been so struggling to sleep for the last month. It's not Luxxe though... she sleeps great. I'm the one that wakes up every 1.5 to 2 hours for no apparent reason.

    all that not sleeping I htink tookit's toll and I got this mother of all colds with all the bonus secondary infections it would find.

    I've had DH home a bit. he was gere yesterday anf half of monday. even though i still did most of the looking after Luxxe it was good to have him around to get glasses of water or goto the chemist etc.

    Tuesday night I had a total breakdown though. The ear ache was just too much and the pain just tipped me over the edge and I had a big cry about being sick and missing my family and that really why are living here so far away from everyone!??

    DH's work is really full on and he works so hard and so long hours and it's really stressful...and he said that he's acheived his main goals and that maybe it's time to move back to perth.

    I think it's been in the works for a while.... especially since Luxxe was born... and it's just a matter of time and us making the decision once and for all.

    just have to see if Dh can transfer his job to the perth office and if my parents will let us live with them for a while til we get set up again....

    I so totaly love melbourne and think it's so totally better than Perth but I just miss and need my family and miss my friends and it's just time to go back.

    we won't sell our house here though... just rent it out.

    well Missy is crying coz her toys got boring, so i think we'll get dressed and head off to the doctors AGAIN!!!! 3rd time this week. Have my naturopath appointment tomorrow but I htink i need more germ busting drugs in the meantime.


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    Akeesha Guest


    Good morning everyone,

    Jillian - You poor bloody thing. I know how it feels to have no sleep and to be struggling with life's crap and 2 you have it that much worse with 3. I really hope you can get some sleep soon! I hope poor little Immy's botty gets better. That's gotta be a bit ouchie poor thing. Hope that settles too. And yeouch for DH today.. But it's good that he is doing it. And they recover very quickly. Must be a good feeling to have that knowing that you have a complete family and are ready to move on to another phase of your lives.

    Sal - You didnt sounds flippant the other day love. I knew what you mean about the easy part being that I found what I wanted to do. I have just been stressing out about applying. The whole application things is a bit scary as I dont want to get it wrong and I think it all has to be done online! I have to know exactly what forms to fill out and what things I need to register for etc. Urgh. Oh well..I will have everything sorted by the end of the month fingers crossed. Lets hope they see that this mature age student means business. I keep getting told by friends that if you want it bad enough you will get in. So just letting go of the stress and fear and saying..right..well If I am meant to do this...I will.
    Oh and as for the cloth nappies..I used them with Tyra and was going to use them with Kobi but so far have only used them half a dozen times. Its almost like she is getting too big for them now and they are a pain. See my uncle bought us boxes and boxes of nappies for her that got us through like over 3 months and so by the time we finished those..we hadnt used cloth. I use them now if she is just going to kick around on the floor and we arent going anywhere and she isnt going to bed.

    Laura - You poor thing missing your family. I think if moving back is what you want then you just gotta do it. But before you do maybe we should get Kobi and Luxxe to catch up?? hehe. I love Perth so moving there would be a cinch for me lol.
    I hope your rotten cold goes away. This same cold (similar) attacked me a few weeks ago too and I know my sleep deprivation brought it along and made it worse. Rest and relax and take all the meds/rememdies you can and I hope it clears up asap.

    Kobi is wake up at 5:30 this morning accompanied by a teeny feed and then back to bed til 7 and she got up and played with Tyra. She went down for a nap at about 9:45. Hoping she sleeps a while cos I am trying to regulate her sleeps and get her to have 2 decent sleeps a day so that she can go to bed at 7:30. Plus putting her down for a nap at 2ish is useless cos I have to wake her to get Tyra.
    Anyway we plod along doing the day to day stuff.

    She is heaps better with her solids though her poo is not regular like it was when she was soley B/F. We get a ripper of a poo every couple of days. They dont appear to give her grief and they are softish. Not solid and not runny..but mushy..sorry for the TMI description lol. She is really enjoying her solids now though but if she didnt get them I dont think she'd care. I am giving her tins/jars at the moment and she is eating around half a tin/jar in one sitting. She doesnt like the baby gel though..that jelly stuff. Not keen. lol...but she loves her yoghurts, custards and vegies.

    Oh and back to the study thing for one second..I am going down to the local community college today..cos I am enrolling in a General Education for Adults certificate course. I figure going back to study and get used to it is probably a good idea plus it might help when I sit the STAT and also is only going to benefit my application rather than hinder it! Looking forward to that.

    Ok I am going to go have a potter and be lazy for the morning

    Have a good day everyone and to those tired/sick..I hope you feel better soon and please get some rest.

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    Sal Guest


    Oh Laura, must be awful, being so sick and also not sleeping well. No wonder you broke down. I find that when I'm really sleep-deprived I just feel weak and the tears are never far away. Moving to Perth sounds like a plan for you, once you get a taste of family support it's hard to not have it around.

    Re the ticker, well I am tempted to put just the one in (for pg) but I feel guilty about removing Miles'. Having said that, the site I use is down, has been for weeks so I'm tickerless. Anyhow I think I'm 7w5d along, gee time flies when you are distracted with other stuff like full-on babies!

    Lisa, studying that general thingy sounds good, will build up your confidence and that will help no end. I think any adult, if they can read and write, are motivated and don't want to study astrophysics can study anything they set their mind to. I did most of my grad dip whilst pg (and was extremely distracted, I surfed the net, doing BB and also looking up what can go wrong with pg LOL) and still did well, I was just motivated to do it. You, Julie and Laura all studying, maybe Jillian too? will motivate me to return to do my honours.

    My 'angel boy' has been a grumpling the last week or so, I am getting sick of him :eek: never thought it would happen but constant whingeing with nothing I do helping is wearing me down. Could be the pg not helping (I do get these OMG what have I done?? moments).

    Oooh Laura, sending *conception* vibes your way! You fell pg instantly last time, didn't you? Very exciting.

    Gee we haven't heard from Di, Tam, Joja, and Jo for a while (Jo hasn't been on in ages). Hope all is going well with them and their bubs.

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    hello all,

    jelly has a running nose, so we aren't going swimming today like we usually do. i really wanted too, but i thought it wouldn't be worth risking her getting sick (or possibly making the other babies sick). so we are at home today. but it is lovely and sunny outside so we may go for a walk and see if we can find any parks in our neighbourhood later.

    Julie - yes i am studying this semester. i am currently enrolled in 4 units, however i am going to drop one of them as some of the assignments are due really close together (and i cann't imagine jelly giving me that much time to do them). i should be starting on some of the assigments now, so that i am not so rushed when they are due. i think that is the hardest thing about studying with a baby - you can't just leave things like assignments to the last minute (which is how i have always done it). oh well, i'll just have to work on breaking that habit and becoming more organised

    i was reading a thread in baby and toddler discussions about television and kids, and it has made me realise just how much TV i do allow jelly to watch (she loves it). even when we are downtown she is able to find a TV or monitor to watch. i think this is another habit i need to change, before it becomes a habit for her and a battleground. i also wonder at what age i should really start monitoring the content of what she watches too - like the simpsons. i am only just starting to realise how much being a parent is going to impact upon my lifestyle, because i have to change my day to day routine as it becomes less and less apporpriate for a young child.

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    Sal Guest


    Misty, TV and kids is a subject close to my heart. At the moment, you won't find any paed or childhood expert recommending ANY TV viewing before the age of 3. Nothing has been proven, but there are theories that the blinking array just confuses small children and may even change how the brain is wired. After the age of 3, a very recent study recommended that children watch just a few choice programs but watch them over and over. I'm thinking of getting a few educational DVDs and having Miles watch those when the time is right. He won't be watching commercial TV, that's for sure (easy for me to say because DH and I watch zero commercial TV, just SBS news and a few doco's).

    Wow at you being enrolled in 4 units! You never told us how you did last semester, huh? huh?

    Laura, wanted to tell you about my 'missing family' experience. I had Miles when I was living up with my folks. It was a bit confined at times, but the support I got from my mum (and dad) was fabulous. We only moved so DH could get work. The Canberra option seemed a good one; I have my three siblings living here, my sister with three kids, my brother with his new bub and my 'childless' brother. Well it has been weird, to say the least. I actually don't see much of them at all (I don't have a car during the day and my sister spends her days ferrying kids between kindy, kidstart, swimming, child-minding etc). I feel more lonely living here than when I was living in Sydney, or Brissy! We really want to move back up north and DH is trying very hard with job applications. We just don't have the right skill set for regional Australia, alas. But our long-term plan is to move again.

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    sal - sorry i forgot to mention how i went last semester. i got two passes (i think i must of just barely scrapped through). not the best results - but at least i didn't fail (which is kinda surprising because i really screwed up one of my exams). i am hoping to do much better this semester.

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    Hi guys! hope you are all doing really well. We are, other than that Milo has a cold and high temps, so is wagging creche this week.

    JoJo and Bridie are doing well. Not sure when the last time she was in here was, Bridie is a little tank now!

    she doesn't have a computer, so can only usually go online at her folks place

    Jo is going back to work next week, so I'm guessing she'll be back on then. I think there are some issues around work, no doubt she will fill you in.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hey rayray- How are ya?? Good to see you in here. Tell Jo we all say hi and cannot wait to have her back. Is Bridie still b/f or has she gone onto formula? I know Jo was having issues with her not gaining weight etc. Glad everything is good.
    Look forward to catching up with her here again.

    Misty - I too have been thinking about the TV things. Tyra watches is alot but I try to restrict her. She only wantches it a bit after school. We have all the kids shows on Foxtel so she gets stuck into those. But she is enjoying spending time on the computer now and if the weather keeps getting a bit better she can start going outside more often. Kobi enjoys the telly at times...esp Bear in the Big Blue House?? Goodness knows why. But I hate the thought of putting her in front of it to heep her quiet. I must admit I do it now and then if I am busy but usually she plays with her toys and entertains herself in other ways. Just do what feels right for you.

    Sal - I think you are right about the study thing. I know I will enjoy it as it's focused on everything I am interested in and the end result is exactly what I want to do. Everyone I tell I am doing it always says "Wow that is perfect for you, you will be so good at it". Once I get in I reckon I will relax. I am not scared of the study..just the application lol. But I am not even scared of thatas much now as I am just trying to 'let it go' You managed very well to do what you did under the circumstances so you are now officially my inspiration!!!!

    Julie - I had class last night and it was great. We discussed fears (i talked about my fear of not getting into the course) and the girls helped me through it a bit. We did some meditation and I got severely distracted when 2 ppl came right in my face (in meditation) and I literally moved my head they just came in that suddenly. Not scary just cheeky. Anyway had to send them on their way otherwise I would have had to stop cos it was very distracting. But as always class is good and relaxing and gets me back into my meditation. I could type out some of them and email them to you if you were interested? I mean they arent 'my' meditations but they are really good and very healing. If you want to know more..PM me or email me at [email protected]

    Ok Kobi is awake..she was in bed for over 2 hours eeeek..but she is sooky and I think wants a change feed and cuddle. Better go dish out the TLC.

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    Melbourne, Victoria


    Hey guys,

    Have to be really quick cos DA needs to feed.. Just got back from the surgeon...

    He doesn't think surgery is the best option fo me... also apparently bf keeps these things around longer due to the hormones, so i might just have to wait until i finish (althoguh he said i should keep bf as long as possible, so i was very impressed with that)... Although I'm planning on basically just having a cycle of bf-preg-bf-preg kinda thing. He wasn't sure 100% what caused it, although it might have been from the pushing in labour, but he did say it wasn't a given that i would end up with one again once i have another baby..

    So, my options... must have metamucil at least once a day. Can either try the gel agai (which gives VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY bad headaches - sorry did i say how bad they were??? never had anything this bad in my life.. i just sat there with an icepack on my head for 1 hr crying from the pain... and need somebody else to be around to look after DA)..

    Or, there is some indication that a botox injection there might stop the muscle spasming enough to let it heal... but, it isn't a guarantee, and most health funds wont cover it, so although his and the anesthetist fee will be covered, i might still be $500 out of pocket for the actual botox.. They are trying to find out from my health fund whether they will cover me, and also my inlaws are pharmacists, so they are trying to find out how much they can get it for...

    But, i'm not sure what to do..

    I hate living this way, and can't use the cream again, but its a lot of money (and ther are risks with any surgery), for something that might not work...

    DH thinks i should do it, even for $500, but he hates seeing my in pain

    I saw the pain isn't so bad that it is going to kill me or anything, its just horrible each time i go... I don't know what to do, whether just go with the metamucil and see how things go or what??

    what would you guys do if you were in my position??? We have the money, but it was our savings for things around the house... i just feel guilty using the money just for something that isn't going to benefit anyone but me!

    Sorry for the selfish post, after I feed DA i'll try and get on again, and write to you all...

    Oh, and now i feel like i have none of my diginity left... This was the only place in my body i haven't had proded and poked, and now thats gone.. But the guy was very nice and did it in a respectful way, but it was still horrible...

    Gosh i hate my body some times, eczma everyone, breastfeeding issues and now this! And i have a prolapse, but i'm just ignoring that for the moment until i focus on making my bum feel better...

    Anyway, must go, DA is not so happy... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Sal Guest


    Yael, you are a real trooper! Honestly, if I couldn't sit for 10 or more minutes after doing a no. 2 (and dreading the doing of it in the first place) I'd be begging for any surgical option possible! I think in your position (except can't imagine having any money ) I'd try the metamucil daily, plus prunes, licorice and anything else that got me 'soft' and see if that helps heal things. I'd probably try it for about a month before trying the botox option. I can't believe that you have to go out of pocket for's not as if it's cosmetic, what you'd be having done?!?! Sorry don't know if that helps you at all. I have to say that in the hospital after having Miles (was there 6 days with the B/F issues) I had a small bowl of soaked prunes with each breakfast and they were SUPER, given I was so sore 'down there' that the thought of a no. 2 really did scare me. So try whatever works for you.

    Ray, THANK YOU! for updating us on Jo (hehehe I knew I'd be able to catch you around the traps and ask you about her). Wow at Bridie being a tank, she was as skinny as last time Jo posted. Can't wait for her to be at work so she can post, though bummer for her having to go back to work in the first place

    Jillian, 2 years is nothing in the big scheme of things! I'm sure you won't lose your motivation to get back to study. What you could always do (if you're really keen) is to find out what textbooks are being used in courses that you're interested in, then get them from the library and start reading up! Swotty I know, but if it helps keep you motivated

    Lisa, omg at being your inspiration! Once you start studying with 2 kids, you'll be mine! You'll be doing it before me, I won't be doing honours for a couple of years yet...

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    hi guys

    thanks for all the support! I rang my mum after i posted and asked her if we could live them she said yes of course...

    but she also said to not make any decision while i'm not feeling well. I htink she's worried that we'll move back, not like it and then move back here again.

    honestly - it's possible.

    I'm so torn. but I will wait til i'm feeling better and then DH and I will tlak about it again. BUt in the end I think I will leave it up to DH coz as hard as it is here, I can manage. BUT i'd always feel bad if I pushed for us to move and then DH couldn't find a job that he'd enjoy hard. DH is only another few years off making partner too.... so there are all thiese things to consider.

    Yael - if I were you, I'd definitely try the metamucil and not the head ache stuff. Also - when I was suffering the same thing, my doctor said to eat 2 corn cobs and 2 pears everday. I did that (well some days I'd forget etc... but I was pretty good and did it most days) and that was when I started getting less pain and a few weeks later it was heaps better if not totally back to normal.

    are you eating and drinking regularly enough? definitley go the high fibre everything diet first.... and if that doesn't work then try the botox option

    At the end of the day $500 is a lot of money and not that much money at the same time.IYKWIM

    it's a lot of money for a pair of shoes, for example.... but it's nothing if it means you will be able to live pain free! and it's not money spent just on you - even if it was... sometimes you need to.

    Dh keeps telling me that in order to look after the baby you have to look after yourself! SO if you want the best for DA (and I know you do) and for your future children, then you owe it to yourself to make sure YOU are healthy and happy!!

    and that is why I changed my naturopath appoinment to Saturday! DH rang and said he made himself an appointment for the naturopath for saturday 12pm. so I changed mine to 2pm and booked in a massage for 12.45pm. IT was Dh's idea so how could I refuse!

    I'm so looking forward to it! I have 6 months worth of knotted shoulders to sort out.


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    Laura - OMG your DH sounds like he needs to be cloned and evenly distributed to all of us! He sounds wonderful and so supportive. My DH is but he just goes with the flow..wont come up with ideas and doesnt talk about how he feels or whatever. He just doesnt argue when I have an idea (well most of the time lol)Though most of you seem to have great DH's so thats good. I just gotta get mine to be more open and more willing to communicate. It's his upbringing. He wasnt taught to share and be open like I was.

    Yael - OMG!!! You really are putting up with alot sweetheart and to pay money to make yourself more comfortable is NOT selfish nor is it a waste of money. You really do need to look after yourself like Laura said. I would do the same as Sal said initially. Trying to softening tools like licorice etc..and then go the botox if those dont help. Oh you poor thing.

    Jillian - I know exactly what you mean about the studying. I have thought about waiting an extra year and just prepping myself next year. But I thought I will just apply and if I dont get in then I will prep myself and worry about it next year! But I too have been a bit concerned that if I dont do it or dont get in..will I lose interest??But If I was really honest with myself..I would realise that it isnt going to happen. And even if I waited 3 years..I would be back at the same conclusion. Its what I want and what I will be good at. And it's where my heart is. And I am sure it's the same for you. Waiting 2 years will most likely have 3 kids to look after hehe..and you will still be just as keen then as you are now. And you can prep yourself in the meantime if you wanted, with short courses and stuff. Also through open universites you can study certain modules (and possibly through the uni of your choice directly ). You can study one unit at a time at home and then when you go to do your wont have to redo those subjects..and can therefore get through it quicker. I would contact the uni and ask about it if you were interested. One unit and a time wouldnt be so bad esp if you were doing it at home.
    Anyway I know you will be fine now, 2 years,or 4 years away! Oh and also..if 2 years down the track you decided you had changed your mind..would it be so bad? I mean you will probably not but if you do..then you will be led in a different direction that will make you just as happy!

    Ok enough rambling...back to the grind.

    Mum bought Kobi this wicked toy from the target toy sale. Kobi sits in it and the chair swivels around to all different activities. Also where she rests her feet is bouncy so she can bounce herself when she plays. She loves it!!!

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