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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #5

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    Sal Guest


    Hi all!

    Laura, love your rocker hair cut and yes, Luxxe does look the part in that red ensemble! Very cute.

    Yael, firstly a huge YAY on DA's commando crawling! Wow we've got some precocious bubs in this here thread! Another YAY on being so positive about that sleep solution book (if it works for you you must share with me - Miles is an awful sleeper too ). Another YAY on having botox covered, even if you haven't decided what to do yet. Glad to hear that the Metamucil is helping, maybe you'll heal without any other intervention? Ooh look forward to hearing how your snazzy new chair goes!

    No news from here, actually a bit upset as one of the 'due in March' girls had a blighted ovum. I remember we lost one person from our original 'due in Jan' thread, so hopefully there is no more bad news (I am paranoid about me TBH, what with zero symptoms).

    Dianna, you slacker you, update your website with pics of Brodie!!

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    LOL - Sal - Ok I'll get to it...i need to take some photo's first

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    hi all,
    DH had to rush home from work on friday arvo - to take me to an emergancy dentist appointment to have one of my wisdom teeth pulled. i was in such agony untill the dentist pulled it! so now i got a hole in my head and have to be careful not to chew my food on the left side of my mouth. unfortunately we had to borrow money from my parents to pay for it though, as we had just spent all our FTB on new glasses for DH and paying all our bills on the thursday - talk about bad timing.

    one of the women i met from playgroup had a premmie on the weekend, which died on the same day it was born. it is so sad, i cann't begin to imagine how much her heart is breaking. i don't know her very well (only met her twice) but i sent her an email with my condolences and prayers for her angel - you don't think that was inappropriate do you?

    when something like this happens it really makes me realise how lucky i am to have never sufferred like this.

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    Sal Guest


    Hi Misty, it is never inappropriate to reach out to someone in pain, that woman will surely appreciate you thinking of her and sending condolences. I cannot imagine the grief she is going through. Bummer on having a big bill for wisdom teeth. I got all mine out at age 21 and remember having the holes in the mouth. Good excuse to eat icecream!

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hi All,

    I know I will have missed bits so I apologise in advance.

    Jillian - Yay on Immy crawling!! That is so exciting. Kobi is no where near it lol. Well thats probably a blessing in disguise cos I am not ready.

    Yael - Yay for DA crawling too. Wow these babies are really growing up sooo fast!
    Good news about the botox being covered.

    Laura- Hooray for Luxxe having some teeth. I really want Kobi to get hers through but nothing as yet. Oh I am going to go check your blog out too. I wanna see your hair!!!

    I havent been in here for a few days. It's been a very busy weekend!!! Actually I have been flat out since Thursday really. Usually I turn the computer on in the morning and am up and down with it all day...but the past 3 or 4 days I have hardly been near it. I feel like I havent typed for weeks lol.
    Nothing major though that I have been up to..just general stuff. Dh played his final game of footy on Sarurday (they are now in the finals). They went through the whole season undefeated!! They didnt lose one single good is that!!!! So now they have a week off and then they play 3 finals games..providing they keep winning..cos then they get into the Grand Final. I am very excited. Big change from earlier in the year hey lol. Oh well..I am happy for him cos he wants a premiership very badly.
    We had a couple of things down at the club over the weekend and had ppl over for dinner on Sat and Sunday night. So it's been a bit full on.

    Kobi is waaaaaay out of routine and her sleeping is crud at the moment so we have to start CC for a few days again. It's hard cos I know she has a bit of a sniffle...I just don't know if its teething related or cold related or what. So I am a bit hesitant to CC. Oh well. We will see how she goes tonight.

    I think I have put on weight I am eating so much crap so it's to be expected I's still depressing. I want to be able to go to the gym but I don't have any bloody time! I am not going to push myself for the sake of a bit of weight loss. I am going to start doing some tapes at home so I dont have to worry about the time factor and can do it when Dh gets home or when Kobi sleeps.

    Hmmm there really isnt much else to tell. Sorry that in my absence I havent come up with anything interesting to tell lol

    Ok I am going to go watch Gray's Anatomy now.
    See you all soon

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    Akeesha Guest


    Oh I exciting thing...

    Has anyone been watching Aussie Idol??

    DH's friend is in it this year. Ricky Muscat from Melbourne. He is really good and we are going to vote for him when it gets to the voting rounds for sure (he gets through to the top 24)


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    Hi all,

    Had a lovely, relaxed weekend down in Adelaide - went for a walk on the beach and Clarrie saw the sea for the first time. Then we went to Ikea! Then had curries for tea and Sunday morning we headed back home. It was great to catch up with my friend, Coral and her husband and daughter who's 3.

    Wow - some crawlers already!!! Good on you, Imogen. On the move!!!

    Misty, feeling for you with the tooth extraction. I will have to go to the dentist soon for a crown (have had a temporary one for ages) but am putting it off. Yuck.

    Laura - great hair!

    Sorry Lisa - don't watch Aust. Idol! Hope Kobi sleeps well tonight.

    After all the talk of excema, Clarrie seems to have a little bit, mainly around the nappy area but a bit near his ear as well. Until I saw the ear one I thought it might be the laundry detergent causing it (i.e. the cloth nappy). He had been sick a few times on Saturday so on Sunday we decided not to give him any solids. And then the same today after discovering the excema. I read that sometimes too many different solids can cause it.. So we'll give it a few days and see if it clears up. I feel awful not feeding him solids!!! How the excema going for Luxxe and Brodie?

    Well, hi to everyone else - Sal, Jillian and all the beautiful bubs. Off to bed to read for a bit (The Secret River by Kate Grenville- excellent book!)

    And Sal, don't worry about no symptoms for your pregnancy - I had hardly any at all. I'm sure it will be absolutely fine and you'll end up with another gorgeous child at the end of it

    cheers, Julie
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    Sal Guest


    Hi all!

    Lisa, I hear you on the weight gain. I have started to put weight on (being pg I suppose I can't complain) but my whole tummy has gone to a new level of undulating blubberiness, it is quite off-putting. I didn't 'enjoy' pg last time and I won't this time, especially as I'm going to be even more lardy. Ah but getting a gorgeous bub at the end will make it worthwhile. And then I'll hit the gym (yeah....riiiiiiigggghhhhht )

    Julie, your w/end at Adelaide sounds fantastic. Yummo at the curry (sorry I'm going to become food obsessed, just like last pg - Laura DON'T MENTION CHIPS!!). How did Clarrie like the sea?

    OK yesterday I was a train wreck, Miles had a shocker of a night on Sunday, last night was better although he needed a feed at 3.00am (what a nice time of morning!).

    Ooh got my Ergo sling yesterday! Julie it is just fantastic! The hip-wearing is just great, I put it on and went for a walk to the park, it was great. Then I tried him in on my back, he loved it! Am so annoyed for having bought the Baby Bjorn, they are just [email protected] (a bit harsh, it's just that it didn't suit Miles or me or DH for that matter).

    Yael and Jillian - some pics of your commando crawling bubs are called for! Not that I don't doubt your claims

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    Hi guys, just a quick pop in!! Wow on the crawlers! Coco is not there yet, think I have a lazy one on my hands!!
    Just with the exczma, not sure if it will help, but we went to a natropath the other day and finally it looks like the exczma is clearing. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't do much, firstly he gave us a good quality vitamin E cream, which is all Im using. Then I was told to swap from Cows milk formula to goats milk formula (I also bf, formula is a top up.) Seems to have done the trick.
    The other thing he said is that because coco was on antibiotics, her tummy is out of whack and she's MUCH more susceptible to allergies. So he's ordering in a baby probiotic for us which I will start her on asap. He thinks that will make a huge difference.
    If you cut out the dairy (I don't give any yoghurt or cheese) and maybe wheat, you could then reintroduce and see what the culprit is. It's unlikely to be fruit or vege causing exczma.
    Good luck xoxo

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    Akeesha Guest


    Morning everyone

    Laura - WOW!!! I absolutely love your hair. I wish I could do something like that but my hair never goes that good. I have thick hair and it's all layered at the moment..and its long. I think you look really great!!! Totally suits you.

    Meg - Dont worry about Coco not crawling. Kobi will be a lazy bubba and I will be so shocked when she crawls lol.

    Julie - Glad you had such a lovely time in Adelaide. Would be nice to get away.

    Sal - Don't worry about not having pg symptoms. Thats a blessing really. I know plenty who didnt get any and didnt even feel pg til they had a belly. Maybe it's got to do with the fact that Miles is still so young...your body is just "oh I am pregnant again" hehe. It's kind of used to it and just gone right back to pg mode.
    Enjoy it

    Hmmm nothing new to share. Kobi is full of snot and I dont know if it's teeth related or just a cold so am trying to work that out. I think I already mentioned that though in the last post. Oh well..we will get through it.

    Does anyone here use any other parenting forums?? Does anyone here use Parenting Plus?

    Ok well have a good day.

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    Sal Guest


    Lisa, haven't heard of that forum. Do you use it?

    From the sounds of it, Kobi and Miles will be reverse racing to crawling LOL Miles isn't going to crawl for AGES, if ever! He loves standing, actually now he refuses to bend in the middle so I can sit him down, is quite funny.

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    hey girls

    no news here - looked at what feels like 6billion houses (ok slight exageration but still....) and no luck - some people really do live like pigs and i think you can tell alot about a landlord by the way they present a house that is empty - oh well not going to panic YET!!!

    In regards to crawling and teeth - at this rate Brodie may be toothless and still expecting me to carry him when he's 15 :eek: he's so totally clingy won't even let me put him on the bed and watch me get dressed let alone have a shower and all of a sudden he doesn't want his morning nap - well not much of it anyway - i'm putting that down to teething but that's been my excuse for 7months - i can feel the teeth but there's just no sight of them yet - so fingers crossed they make a guest appearance soon.

    Well atleast he's rolling now!! - still hates it but he's doing it - i think he realises that if he just gets it over with i'll leave him alone little does he know there's so much more to life than just rolling - LOL - poor little guy i'm sure he hates me already or atleast hates me enough to drive him crazy.

    so other than that - Brodie's only claim to fame at the moment is that he's very vocal - lot's of Mumma, Dadda and Bubba and heaps of stuff that just sounds too cute.

    Julie - in regards to dry skin/excema (sp?? my head hurts today) it's still crap - but i did use some Alph-Keri oil in his bath yesterday and i think i can see a slight difference - we'll see....

    talk soon

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    Hi guys!

    just thought I'd post while I had a minute. Luxxe is sleeping in the car (i've opened the boot - hatch back- and the garage is open and I'm sitting on the back deck so I can hear her) I had already woken her up this morning so she only slept for about 10 minutes and then I felt bad to wake her up again so just left her in the car. I said I'd never do that... but I figure every now and then sleeping int he car seat won't hurt..... *sigh*

    I'm tired. I've not been sleeping well the past few nights. Again not becuase of Luxxe... just because my brain seems to be wired for 2 hourly feeding of the baby and the baby is happy to sleep through.

    stupid brain.

    got my follow up appointment with the naturopath this saturday so I think I will be starting on the brain tonic

    Meg - great news about coco's eczema . Luxxe was taking the pro-biotic stuff too. worked really well to get her guts into gear and she went from pooing once a week to a more regular daily or every second day. We were also told to stop solids until the eczema cleared up before starting again.

    Honestly - it's just so much easier to just BF.... I'm being lazy i know.

    Have you guys found that due to teething, the babies have had red cheeks? kinda looks sore but isn't eczmea.. but red and ouchy?? Luxxe has that too and now that her teth are through it's getting better....but it just looked different to the other rash/eczema.

    Luxxe isn't really to interested in crawling... but she can kinda shuffle... mostly she does this thing where she spins on her stomach with her arms and legs raised off the floor and this spinning somehoe gets to places... not far.. but enough to reach whatever she had her eye on.

    MOstly she is all about Dada at the moment. Every this is "dada dada dada dada" It's so cute that I just can't help giggling and being overcome at her intense cuteness

    I just had morning tea with a friend who is 27 weeks preg and I'm so wanting to be pregnant again. I suddenly CAN NOT wait til baby #2.

    Still no AF so I don't know when I'll be able to get preggas. bugger. I think I relaly want a boy this time. of course another girl would be cool too. actually I don't really mind at all.

    I wonder if this sudden intense yearning for another baby means that my girl bits are kicking back into gear??

    I bought a hair straightener this morning.

    I was so never a care about my hair style person, but this hair cut kinda demands it. It's pretty easy, I just like having straight bits like the hairdresser did rather than my natural curls. I've got it all spiked up like a mohawk today hehehhe

    I'm feeling very rejuvenated by this hair cut! I feel like a teenager again.

    ok - well I think I might go fill out the census form. I know it's not meant to be done til tonight... but there there aren't going to be any people coming over tonight so I don't think it matters.

    oooohhhhhhhhhh the puppies are both sleeping on the deck in the sunshine next to me. bless their little puppy hearts!


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    Akeesha Guest


    What a beautiful day weather wise!!! It was 19 degrees here today and the sun was shining. Lovely!!

    I went and hung out with a preggie too Laura hehe. My cousin is 33 weeks so I went and hung out there. She is doing well though she is heading towards being over it. Though she is doing pretty well. It's her first so she is trying to take it all in her stride.

    Sal - I ask about the other forum cos I am also a member there. I used to go onto 9months but stopped ages ago cos it went downhill and P+ is a branch off from that. Though it has moderators this time and the other site didn't. There are some nice ppl there but some not so nice. I just wondered if anyone from here went there cos they might know what I am talking about if I ever refer to it.
    I prefer it here much more. It's so much more personal and you guys are all so lovely I never have to watch what I say or anything. I am just open. While there are some lovely ppl on the other's very judgemental and I could never be totally open because I would be verbally attacked by someone. I made a comment in one post there in regards to going to a meet. I said that if it was in the suburbs near me I would go but if it was on the other side of town then I wouldnt . I don't know my way around and dont want to go that far. I also didnt know what time they started and thought if it was a fair distance it wouldnt be practical in regards to getting Tyra from school. I got attacked by one of the other women saying how on earth would I not be able to make it back in time to get my kid when she can manage it just fine and thats a pathetic excuse! WTF?? So I just said well it's not the only reason and left it.
    Then I noticed a post created about the meet yesterday and they were just checking who was coming. I noticed in one of her replies she had posted something about me! She was saying how seeing as how Lisa is not prepared to travel out of her own suburb then having it on this side of town will not make a difference. Or something along those lines. Basically having a dig cos I wouldnt travel! Is it just me or is that plain bloody rude! Number one..I said why I wouldn't go (not that I need to exaplin myself to her) and number 2..dont bring my name up in any way shape or form later against me. It's rude and derogatory. I know to you it may not seem like much but she has a history of verbally attacking ppl on the site so I usually dont reply to anything she says. I am just really irritated about it. And I think a big part of it is the fact that she thinks she can say what she wants about me and then leaves it...thinking she can just get away with it. She did this alot in the past and caused problems. If It didnt mean that I would start an all in virtual brawl I would address a personal post to her telling her to shut her mouth. But it would probably mean getting me kicked off the site. God ppl annoy me.

    Anyway I am over it lol.

    Ok well I should go look at starting dinner I guess.

    Have a good night ladies

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    lisa - i would have told her to stick it in her pipe and smoke it - stupid cow.

    i've been onto the site at but admitedly that was during my pregnancy and i very, very rarely posted - my girlfriend got abused by one of the members and i read the whole story - i was mortified by this womans actions -who knows maybe she is an imposter and really has some man bits down below and is just a weird fruit cake - ok maybe a little bit far fetched but my head is spinning and brodie is finally down for a nap after screaming his head off for 2.5hours - i felt like a had a new born again - friggin teeth

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    Akeesha Guest


    Yeah Di I would not be surprised!!

    It would not shock me if I knew who it was. It depends on how long ago it was mind you...but I reckon if you told me the name I would know her or at least stand a good chance of knowing someone who does!

    I would have gone off my rocker if it didnt mean there would have been repercussions from admin. I dont care about fighting her..its the admin and them kicking me out that would annoy me. I have thought about complaining to admin on the QT though and letting them know that it wasnt very fair that she drag me through the mud and make me look bad. *****!!!!

    I hear you on the teeth. I hope to god Kobi is getting them cos otherwise she is just a little bugger lol.

    I hope I wake up and there is one through. Doubt it..but it cant hurt to dream lol.

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    Lisa, I've never been to that site. Sounds like a good one to steer clear of! I've used the Natural Parenting site, but only rarely and it seems like a friendly site. There are some people out there that, for whatever reason, seems to get off on getting up other people's noses. I try to stay well away from them!!:eek:

    Dianna, sending you lots of 'finding a house' vibes. Good luck. Hope Brodie gets those teeth SOON!

    A hair cut makes a world of difference, hey Laura. Yours is very cool. I used to have short hair but couldn't be bothered anymore with the frequent haircuts. I'm such a dag, really. Any more thoughts on staying in Melbourne vs going to Perth?

    Thanks for the excema feedback. Webmeg, we've started on pumpkin again and will slowly introduce other stuff again. Clarrie hasn't been having dairy anyway. Does anyone know about wheat allergies? Does a wheat (gluten) allergy include oats, barley? I know that rice is okay.

    The ergo is great, isn't it, Sal. You've motivated me to try to hip position no. We need some photos! I love the recent photo of Miles in his cot! He looks so small....

    A beautiful couple of days here too. It's like spring already!

    Julie xx

    Sal, you can add Clarrie to the list with Miles and Kobi re. the crawling.

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    I'm going to have to stop being so slack with grammar and punctuation if I'm going to be a primary school teacher - hehehehe. It's so easy to be slack on here and with emails.

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