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Thread: Babies Born January 2006

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    Hey everyone,

    DS is asleep, so i thought i would finally get a chance to come in here and see how you are all going

    Better add my info in i guess!

    Forum Name: Yael
    State: Melbounre
    Baby's DOB: January 23rd 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 3210g, 50cm length, 35.5cm head circ.
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Website: I'm hoping to get around to it before he's 18!

    Lisa - How was Tyra's first day?? I have a big feeling i'm going to cry so much when i send my little one to school!

    Teena - welcome to the group!

    Jo- how is little Bridie - can't wait to see photo's... i wanted to tell you that when DS was born and they put him on my chest, they pointed out to me that he had really big feet (which he does btw... strange), and although i was so overwhelmed by it all (and trying to makes sure that he was a boy - i had to check cos i didn't believe them!), i remember thinking of you and bigfoot!

    Jillian - how i Imogen going?? she must be so big by now!

    Laura - how is Luxxe? She is so cute, and the pics are gorgeous.. do you do them youself, or are they professional?

    Anyway, i'ld better go have lunch before he wakes up.. I'm so lucky.. in our community they organised dinners for the next 2 weeks for us (i can have an extra week if i want) and lunches for this week, so we keep getting really good food delievered, and i don't have to worry about cooking at all... Only problem is that there is so much of it i can't fit it all in my fridge anymore!

    Today's lunch looks really good! salad, rolls, fresh dips, omlettes, cake etc

    Have a good day everyone!
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    Akeesha Guest


    Hi all,

    Teena - Welcome to the January family. Congrats on the arrival of your daughter and I look forward to chatting with you.

    Yael - Sounds like you have it made right now with the dinners and lunches. Half your luck haha. I was looked after really well with meals etc with my first but this time it's back to grind already unfortuantely. Oh well. Such is life. Enjoy it all while you can.

    Dacholstar - I had started up a website via babiesonline a while ago when I was pg but got really slack and didnt do much with it. But now I have decided, thanks to you saying they were a good site, to go back there and have a play and update it. Its a mixture of when I was pg and also with her now.

    Ok well Tyra's first day was not too bad. Last night I was crying and a bit this morning but once she got there it was fine. She just seemed so happy to be there and is so ready for it that I couldnt really be anything but happy for her. Plus after the holidays it's good to have a break lol.
    She did really well. I did have tears in the end but I managed to wait til I got to the car. Just a bit surreal thinking that it seems like only yesterday she was Kobi's age and now she is a school girl. No going back!

    I have finally sorted out some kind of website. I am new to it so not sure how it all looks but the main thing is that you guys will finally get to see pics of my girls. There are some preggie pics there as well as I tried to get a site up and running while pg but I just lost track lol.
    Hope it adds here ok.
    I have noticed the pictures are a little fuzzy so if you ignore that, then hopefully you will enjoy having a gig at my site.

    Chat again soon ladies.

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    Akeesha Guest


    hmm I am not sure if this website thing worked. Bloody hell it's a pain in the butt.
    I clicked on www icon at the bottom of my post and it takes me to the page where I have to login.

    Can you guys access my page? Or does it send you there as well.
    What can I do fix it?

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    Akeesha Guest


    Tis ok..I fixed it!

    Still hanging onto my baby brain. I had it on password protect...DOH!!!

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    I have added everyones details, welcome to you all. From now on, if there are any changes or anyone new that comes along, please email me - [email][email protected][/email] as I'll get it sooner.

    Akeesha - well done on the website and Kobi is just gorgeous!

    I hope all bubs and mums are well!

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    Akeesha - those website things are harder to manage than they look.. I am so hopeless at things like that!!

    I am going to take a few more photos of Allegra this afternoon after her 5.30 feed and post them up one mine. I love showing off my little darling.

    I went to a breastfeeding clinic this morning which was great. When I was in hospital there was so much help around that I got really confused about the whole attaching to the breast thing and felt a little lost when we came home on Saturday. I feel a million times better after just an hour and a half of this mornings session than I did the whole time at the hospital.

    As Allegra had a low birth weight and was a little early she is still a bit sleepy and during feeding when she would fall asleep I would simply put her to bed. She would wake up 3 hours later starving the poor thing but thanks to the wonderful help this morning, we are getting past these early problems and she just fed on both breasts and almost totally emptied them... I am just so proud of her efforts!!

    Sorry to all those who didnt have the birth they ideally wanted. It must be difficult to deal with having something that you were not prepared for. I guess we were lucky as we were expecting a c/s all along (scheduled for feb 3) but nothing prepared us wheb my water broke on the afternoon of the 22nd January! I hadnt even done any classes, only the c/s classes offered by the hospital.

    As to me, I think I stayed in hospital too long. I wanted to leave on Friday (allegra was born late Sunday night) but she had to be admitted into the special care nursery because she turned blue twice during feeding and they asked me to stay an extra day so they could observe her. Thankfully no problems since we have been home!

    I really want to try on some of my pre-pregnancy clothes but I dont want to upset myself if they dont fit! Most of my things were really fitted and corporate for work so I am hoping at least some of my more casual things will be ok soon.. everyone here sounds like they are doing great though.. I hope this is th ecase for me too!

    OK ive rattled on enough.. have some washing to do now.. ahhh the tasks of a new mumma are endless.

    Chat soon
    T x

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    hi all!!

    babies are fun!

    had a great sleep in this morning. Luxxe and i had a snuggle from 7ish am to 12pm.

    so needed the sleep

    oh oh oh

    Luxxe rolled over this morning! rolled from her back onto her front.

    she'e been rolling on to her side for a few days...but i didn't think they were meant to be rolling over this early.

    Teena - welcome to the crew!! I love the names you've chosen! Chiara was on our list too

    Jillian- how are the bumps on Imogens head?

    Luxxe had two haemptomas on her head too. one is gone, but the other is still there. getting better everyday tho.

    Yael - very cool about getting food!

    bummer about the breastfeeding hurting. have you got some Lanisoh?

    i found that it helped heal my one munched on nipple.

    as for the photos.... i've taken them myself....i'm a bit of a photo taking geek

    have several hundred photos of luxxe already... can't help it, she's just so photographic

    Lisa - how gorgeous are you , your dh and your girls!! very good looking family

    must be just so weird to have Tyra off to school. i'd have cried too.

    how are tyra and kobi getting along? is she loving being abig sister?

    Sal & misty - how are moving plans going?

    Jo - good to hear that the P is being good. how's the P's DS doing with a sister?

    well..... typing one handed is getting a bit annoying so i think i'll put this little one down for a nap.

    hugs to all


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    Akeesha Guest


    Hi Guys,

    I am run ragged today. It was a decent sort of morning but I have been feeling a little under the weather and am now bloody exhausted because Tyra has been making a mess all over the house since she has been home from school. And has decided today is a good day to stop listening to anything I say.
    And Kobi has decided today is the perfect day to want to feed constantly and not settle in the slightest. I think today is the perfect day for me to go insane.

    I am honestly in such an ordinary mood right now. Sitting in a big mess pit with a crying baby and just feeling so bloody tired.

    DH goes back to work tomorrow and I am not looking forward to that. I have enjoyed him being home and I feel like I am going to be completely lost without him.

    I know I will be ok but you know when you just feel so down you cant think of the good you just feel ****ty.

    Guess this is all part of the fun of having babies and coming down from hormones etc etc.

    Glad you all got to see the website though. I finally got to show off my girls and I hope to put loads more pics on soon too.

    I think I should go now and try to settle this baby. DH is with her now and she is quietly resting in his arms. I just wish she would sleep!

    Hmm might be time for yet another feed!!

    Ok have a good night guys.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hey Guys,

    Sorry about my mood yesterday. I was just feeling tired and miserable. Just thought things were a bit much at the time.

    Kobi is doing better today. Not keen on sleeping overly today and seems to want to be more awake more of the time but at least she is not whingeing a majority of the time she is awake.

    Is it normal for a 2 weeker to spend so much time awake?

    It was our first day at home alone today. DH went back to work and Tyra was at school. It was fine. It went really well. This morning was full on getting ready. She was crying and impatient and I was trying to do Tyra's hair and make sure she was getting ready and we were on time. But by the time we were leaving and had Kobi in the pram she was asleep. Phew!
    Guess it will take a bit of time til we have all settled into some sort of morning routine..or are at least used to it.

    The MCHN came today to do a checkup. She is really happy with Kobi and said I am doing a great job. Which is always nice to hear I guess. Her weight is now 3850 and she said thats great. She is ganing weight properly and is healthy. I thought she was bigger than that but I guess not. I had figured with the amount of boob juice she was guzzling that she would be a porker lol.

    Laura - You asked me how Tyra as getting on with Kobi. Well they are getting along great. Tyra wanted a sister all along and just adores her. She wants to cuddle her all the time and always tries to help with things. She is even chief spew wiper lol.
    How clever Luxxe is to be rolling over. Smart cookie indeed. I swear I thought Kobi was going to do that the other day cos she had her foot dug into the ground and was trying but didnt make it all the way hehe. Not expecting her to do it yet though. She has an immensely strong neck though and has done since practically birth. I think our little ones have all been here before thats for sure.

    Jillian - Enjoy your pampering tomorrow and your retail therapy. I have some gift vouchers and I cant wait to start spending. I hope you have a lovely time as I am sure you will.

    Ok well my little blighter is not settling once again and is sooking in her cradle. Will go give her a bit of a cuddle and see if I cant get her to sleep again. Gees this is such a frustrating part of motherhood!

    Oh one last any of you use dummies? If so, what reasons do you use them for? I am debating whether to try it with her while she is unsettled but just not sure if I should. Tyra never had one so was not that keen on giving it. I figure though if it will help her settle then I am ok with that.

    Ok better go..she is screaming now.

    Have a good night ladies.

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    Hi Lisa, I've just popped in to see how you guys are doing, and noticed you have the same prob as me!! Coco has been very alert and awake since birth. She is lucky to do two half hour sleeps a day. SHe's now nine weeks, still teh same thing. I was worried at first, but now I just accept that is how she is. Tilly was the same.
    I use a dummy with Coco, and I didn't with Tilly. Didn't want to this time, but sometimes it's just the thing to settle her. Don't feel bad for doing something you didn't think you would (I have so far done everything this time that I said I wouldn't)!!! Good luck
    I have looked at all your pics and your bubs are gorgeous!! xoxo

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hi Guys,

    OMG yesterday after I posted was a complete nightmare. Kobi refused to sleep and I tried to get her down for hours on end. I managed to get dinner cooked but didnt get to eat it til 10:30 that night. She just wouldnt sleep at all. I fed her constantly and she would fall asleep on me but the minute I put her down that was it...she would be wide awake.

    I tried giving her a dummy to settle her and she even refused that!

    I almost went insane and when DH got hom from footy training my eyes were hanging out of my head and I was a complete mess.

    Dont ask me why, but at 10pm she fell asleep and we put her to bed and she stayed down til 3:30! Now why the hell did she choose that time to go to sleep and stay that way?

    Kids are so hard to fgure out lol.

    I am hoping thought that yesterday was a particularly bad day and we dont see many of them. I hope a habit isnt made out of it.

    She sucked my boobs dry yesterday to the point where I really felt like I was all out and that she was going to have to go onto formula. They were just empty (or at least felt like it).

    This morning I fed her and put her down (thankfully she has stayed down for over 2 hours) and then expressed just to check the supply. I managed to get about 60 mils fairly quickly and it was squirting out so I guess it's not a problem. I was probably just stressing yesterday.

    Fingers crossed that it was a one off and things are better.

    Most days we are all fine but some days..the really hard ones...I sit and wonder what the hell I am doing so wrong. But I know thats just kids and babies and I know I am not the only one.

    Anyway, whinge over...just wanted to share and vent a bit.

    Going to make myself a nice cup of hot chocolate I think and it appears Kobi will be waking up soon so will just sit and watch telly for a while!

    Hope you are all having a great day.

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    {{{{{hugs}}}} Akeesha. Kobi sounds so much like Madeline with her sleeping hours. She generally sleeps 10pm til 3am; and then intermitedly for the rest of the morning. Try as I might, I cannot get the little cherub to bed/sleep properly before then in the evening.

    Wish I could suggest something other than to just grab sleep during the day when you can!

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    Akeesha Guest


    Thanks beckibee.

    She seems to be doing ok at the moment. Actually stil asleep which I am very happy about! A good 3 hour nap. Already one up on yesterday. Maybe it was just a bad day.

    I just wanted to pop my head in again and say I have added some new pics to my site. Unfortuantely they are a little fuzzy but you get the gist.

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    Lisa, Milo had a few days where he was awake and not happy about it for up to 12 hours straight, then he'd crash and sleep for 6 hours.

    Probably happened once a week for the first 3-4 weeks.

    I'f feed him, he'd fall asleep, I'd put him down, he's wake up within minutes screaming.

    In the end, I worked out that most of the time he had wind, and I was feeding him too much. Once he got the burps out he'd sleep well.

    He still has a lot of wind, some days more than others, but is sleeping a bit better and crying less.

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    hi All!!

    Lisa - i hear you !

    Luxxe was like that last week.... would not sleep unless someone held her or she was feeding.

    when i had her in the hug-a-bub she was happy tho. would either sleep or just be awake but happy... but as soon as i put her down... waa waa waa

    that's when i realised she was just cold.... since then with extra clothes she's much happier.... and sleeping much much better

    Is any one else itchy??

    i'm so freaking itchy all the time. feel like i'm covered in bugs or something.

    i thought it might be because my skin is going back to non stretched....

    igot really itchy when i was preggas and skin was stretching so maybe its the same in reverse.

    either way its driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh and i HATE maternity bras!

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    kerry Guest


    Another quicky... huge pc access dramas... OK,,,

    2w check up has Bridie being a perfect baby with a lovely shaped head for a natural birth. I'm in the Lisa and Jillian camp with the perfect daytime baby but the party all night variety. Bridie thinks that from about 9.30pm until 12.30pm is screaming time and all she wants to do is suck, not necessarily feed... I have resorted to a dummy but she will only take it and settle if she is with P as she can smell the milk on me and it just isn't good enough.

    Still working on my epic war and peace birth story. have to go now.. oreincess is squaking.

    OH P got a job... big bonus to the finances. Oh and P has moved in, perminantley.. for now.

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    kerry Guest


    have to go... Bridie smells like **** according to P... grrrrr... can't wait for internet at home.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hi All,

    How are we?

    Well yesterday Kobi was a dream baby all day but today again is wide awake. God kids are so frustrating sometimes.

    She went to bed last night at about 10 or just before and wasnt awake til 3:30. I was happy bout that but then I fell asleep feeding her and she didnt go back down til just before 5ish. Then she wouldnt settle so it was back into bed for more cuddles etc.

    Does anyone else find it easier at times to just put bubs in bed with them?

    Does anyone else fall asleep while feeding (Jillian obviously does lol)??

    It doesnt bother me overly but I would rather her be in her own bed.

    Right well it's almost 3pm and I still havent showered and have to go to the plaza and pick up a few things. Running way behind today.
    Taking full advantage of it being the weekend and DH being home.

    Jo - So glad to hear all is well with bubs and and that P is behaving. Thats really good and will be a great deal of pressure off for you hey. Great news he has got a job. Makes life that much easier for you now that you are off work. Glad to hear its all working out .

    Ok gonna stop stinking up the joint now and have my shower. DH is rocking Kobi and trying to get her to sleep. Thats my cue to leave haha.

    Have a good day ladies.

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