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Thread: Babies Born January 2006

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    hi ladies,

    how's it going this morning?

    i am sooo tired - Jelly usually lets me sleep in til 9 o'clock in the mornings (after keeping me up all night), but this morning she decided she wanted to be up at 7! she wasn't hungery, didn't need a nappy change - just wanted to get up!! she is never just be content to lay down when she is awake, she always needs to be held upright and cuddled.

    mum and dad laugh at me saying that i managed to get a child just like i was.

    i am worried that i might be starting bad habits co-seleeping with her while DH is away. because when he comes back to canberra with all our stuff, jelly will have to go back in the basinet (DH is a heavy sleeper who has on occasion squashed our cats in the middle of the night and failed to wake up); and yet for the last two weeks she has been able to sleep in bed with me - which lets face it, is half her life. i am probably stressing about nothing - sleep deprivation does that to me.

    is anyone elses baby addicted to the dummy? Jelly loves hers - the only time she is happy to have it taken out is at feed time. i am happy enough with this ( not worried about her having it) but my mum will take it out of her mouth whenever she can - even if this means jelly spends the whole time crying. mum's can drive you crazy cann't they. she would never actually tell me how to raise my child (she doesn't have a death wish), but she is very intent on doing things her way whenever she can. for the most part i just let her - i mean it is nothing dramatic, but i cann't wait until this weekend when we move into our own place.

    gosh i think i am rambling - sorry i'm tired (did i mention that?) i'll stop now.

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    Hi everyone!!

    Luxxe is 4 weeks old today!

    going to the health nurse person this arvo.

    popped into the clinic yesterday just to see where it was etc and popped her on the scaled while I was there..... but i didn't take her nappy off... she weighed in at 4162g. so I guess minus 100g for wet nappy and sh'es put on just over half a kilo!

    but today at teh proper visit I'll get the correct weight done.

    Luxxe slept through the night last ngiht!!! YAY!!!!!

    well up for a quick feed at 3am.... but it was only 20 minutes and she went back to sleep and didn't wake again til about 7.20am!

    I know it's only a once off.... well there was another one last week.... but hopefully this will become a pattern.

    Misty - Luxxe was sleeping in bed with us - and the 2 dogs- for a while... but I was always ending up sleeping in wonky positions so she's back in the bassinette and if I want to feed her while laying down I go into the nursery and sleep on the day bed. It is nice to co sleep though.

    Luxxe has really changed heaps in the last week. she seems more alert and more like a baby than a new born now... like the things she sees are becoming familiar.... i don't know maybe I'm imaging it... but it seems like she's growing up!

    and crikey is she starting to look like DH.!!!

    Who does everyone elses lovely babies look like?? did they take after the mums or the dads??

    I was so hoping she'd look like me... not for any reason other than I always wanted a girl that looked like me....

    but last night I dreamt that I ha 2 girls, one was fair and tall like DH and the other was darker and not so long and tall... like me

    so maybe next baby will be a girl too

    Oh Lisa - as for pre baby jobs.... I worked for a credit union - basicaly I worked in retention so I'd be a personal banker for members with big home loans or lots of money and make sure they were happy and didn't leave

    I think I might buy a baby walky talky thing... what are they called/!? anyway one of them

    and I think I need a mobile to go over the change table.

    Luxxe generlaly screams the house down when we change her nappy.

    as for witching hour.... 3pm on the dot!


    it's uncanny!

    how does she know??

    but before that... as long as she has a long morning feed.... I can be out of the house from about 10.30 to before 3pm without any hassle!

    I've put Luxxe in the cot today for the first time.

    usually her day naps are in the bassinette or the pram (which is in the lounge usually).... it seems so big!

    her belly button scab is nearly fallen off.... I rekcon another day and it'll be gone.

    it's dried out and just hanging onby a few threads.

    it's still a bit gooey underneath though but I'll get teh nurse to check it.

    well.... I'm off now!

    OH - what do your do whilst breastfeeding?

    do you read, watch tv, sit quietly etc?!?

    I do any of the above.... but most of the day feeds are in front of the tv.

    arvo feeds with classic FM on and looking out the window at the birds and evening feeds I usually lay down and read...


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    Hey guys,

    just wanted to let you know I finally put some more pics up on the web!


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    Afternoon ladies,

    Very hot here.

    Bloody tired today.

    Tyra got really bad conjunctivitis yesterday and woke up this morning with her eye practically fused together. So took her to the gp to get checked. Gave her eye drops and was going to get her to stay home from school but she desperately wanted to go so I let her in the end. She got there at 10:30 but better late than never I guess. Her eye is really red now but already stopped gooping so much.

    Kobi has been a gem. She has periods where she is sleeping for a while..and then times where she is happy to sit quitely but wide awake. But she has not been crying very much or anything. Very content.

    I was a good girl last night and didnt fall asleep in her bed with her. I put her down for the night (well ykwim) at 9 and then she was up at 1, 4 and then 7. Not too bad but could be better. I guess I have set myself back by being all over the place with her in and out of my bed at night.

    As for the dummy thing...I cant get her to take it. I havent tried very hard but now and then if she is a bit upset or whatever I try to give her one to see if it will settle her. But she wont take it. Oh well...not such a bad thing.
    Funny thing is though that she will suck my knuckle and her own fist..but not a dummy. Go figure!

    Laura - What do I do when I b/f?? Well during the day I watch tv or look around on the net one handed. Usually watch tv though.
    At night I just sit there. I sit bolt upright in bed and feed her sitting up. I make sure I turn the bathroom light on so I can see when changing etc and so that I don't fall asleep. A few times though I have gotten up and watched telly in the lounge. But I cant be bothered with that most nights.

    Little Luxxe is only a wee bit behind Kobi in the weight stakes! She is 4.2 kgs now. God they grow fast.

    I am so glad my little one isnt the only one to go through the witching hour. DH trains for footy 2 nights a week so that makes it hard as I have to cook in between cries or feeds or cuddles. Some nights I dont get to eat til he gets home. The nights where he comes straight home though are good. He will help from the minute he walks in the door. He dotes on his girls. I am lucky there. Sounds like we all have great partners though in that regard.

    Ok better go. Tyra is begging me for a milo and making me go virtually insane. Kobi will want the other boob soon and I might have to think about what to do for dinner.

    Have a great night all.

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    Can I just say Laura, that I have had a GREAT laugh about your Tony Danza Bonanza!!!!!!!!!!! What a classic. I just LOVE the song tiny dancer, but will now think of Tony EVERY time I hear it!! Thanks for the laugh, you're very creative adn I love reading your posts!!
    Everyone else I love reading yours too, I pop in from time to time to check out how you're all doing!! coco is 11 weeks today, where has time gone??
    take care xooxox

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    Hi ladies,
    Looks like I'm crasshing in here too! I was due Feb 1st but bubs had other ideas and went into distress at 38 weeks so out she came via emergency c-sec under a general.

    It has taken the last 4 hours to read the thread and now I can't remember anything to do personals. Will try harder next time but as Teena will tell you I don't get them done every time.

    Kahlani has been putting on around 250-300g a week which is fantastic. We aren't allowed to leave more than 4 hours between feeds due to her size but it is rare that we need to wake her.

    Off to catch up on the Feb girls,

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    Hi there Ladies and Babies \/

    Just wanted to pop in to say hi and catch up.

    Brodie is 6 weeks today!!! - I can't believe how fast time has flown.

    My gorgeous little man is getting bigger and more alert daily.

    He now weighs a whopping 4.3kg - which is pretty good considering he was only 2.6kg born....

    Lately he has decided that he doesn't want to sleep through the day - ironically the minute we go visiting though or shopping the cheeky monkey will sleep and sleep and sleep - I think he just likes to make a liar out of me.

    This morning we have been for a power jog/walk - he likes it bumpy and fast - needless to say I pooped - he slept for the walk home but the minute I put him into his bassinet - forget it!!! - wide awake and hungry (again 8-[ )

    He has also discovered the "Witching" hour - or should I say hours - 6.30am - 10am then again from 7.30pm til say about 10.30pm.... - during this time he will not go to sleep and pretty much just wants to be held and nursed - he will then decide whether he wants to sleep or cry - but none the less - he makes all the decisions -there is no way of forcing him to do something he doesn't want to do (just like his dad!!!!) - other than that I'm not going to complain.

    what more can i tell you?? :-k - I feel like I have lost my identity a little - I mean I am totalling enjoying being a mum and don't care that I am not the "centre of attention" any longer (thank goodness I say - it was starting to drive me bonkers) - but what I mean is that I am so enthralled in everything baby that I just don't seem to have time for anything else...oh well no use fighting it they obviously grow so fast that I'm making sure I spend as much time enjoying it all as possible, everyone keeps giving me mile stones to look forward to - like Xmas, Birthdays this rate I'm just looking forward to him sleeping the next 2hours so that I can miss him enough to want to cuddle him so hard it hurts (me not him O )

    Well anyway - hope you ladies are all travelling well and that your babies are wonderful.

    I have updated Brodies site with more piccies (well I'm going to do that after this post anyway)

    Sorry - one last thing before I go - there is one thing that I am definately looking forward to - THE END OF SUMMER!!! - COME ON COOLER WEATHER - it makes me feel better to say it out loud - I'm sure Brodie is suffering from the heat hence not wanting to sleep - he's a bit of a "sweaty baby" (just like his dad again) - so really looking forward to milder temperatures - 23 or 24 would be just lovely.....

    talk soon


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    just a quick update.

    went to baby nurse on Thursday arvo for what was to be the 2 week check up becuase even though we went to the paediatrician for the 2 week check he didn't write int he book so they wanted to pretent 4 weeks was 2 weeksa dn then in 2 weeks we'll do the 4 week check.

    anyway - I don't know if they measured right... but she's only grown half a centimetre since birth!

    I think tha'ts wrong coz all her 0000 bodysuits no longer fit coz they're short in the body.

    but she's put on about 600g.

    I think she's just going to be petite....they said as song as she's putting on weight its ok.

    as for belly button - it's still attached but is hanging on by only a few threads and the nurse said it's looking ok.

    once it's off the stump thing underneath should heal upp just fine without any trouble.

    as for me - well I'm falling apart

    my wrist is buggered, my nipples are starting to feel a bit tender, one boob has turned into a giant and is about 2 sizes bigger than the other ai reckon!!

    THEN last night at about 2am Luxxe was making a noise and I sat up to seewhat was going on and she was awake so I went to pick her up and my back spasmed.


    cried out and woke up DH who layed me back down and tended to Luxxe.

    I was in pain most of the night.

    went to the Chiro today.

    haven't been to the chiro relaly before. just once about 4 years ago,

    anyway talk about TORTURE!

    he said that recovering from birth can be painful - WELL DUH!!!!

    anyway he reckons much fo the pain is referred pain from the stretching of the pelvic bones and the referred pains are in my lower back, upper middle back, in my butt etc

    basically I'm falling apart!

    oh and he tried to fix my wrist....

    I can't beleive what I toll pregnancy and giving birth take on your body and how it takes a while for it all to manifest!

    SO he reckons I'll need to go 5-6 times in the next 2 weeks and then less after that!


    not sure if its a money making ploy or what.

    pain makes me cynical.

    well going to go feed my gorgeous girl.

    at least the pain is worth while.

    I'd happily suffer anything for that little girl.

    when I got home and was all ouchy.... cuddle with luxxe make it all ok.

    must be love huh?


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    kerry Guest


    Laura - hope all your ills improve and quick smart.

    I've forgotten all the personals I wanted to do so here is just a general thing to the bits I remember:

    Dummy - Bridie loves her Shoosha (what we call the dummy) but we try to limit it to going to sleep times. Once she is settled then she usually spits it out herself. However if we are using it to shoosh her and she really wants a feed she will pull it out of her mouth and toss it across the room... a skill which really impresses my dad and he is already planning her basketball/netball/softball carrers.

    Whitching hour - make mine hours... regardless of what time DP starts work (I am the work taxi) an hour and 1/2 before hand she starts a screaming fest. Its like she sences that I am trying to do things (iron uniforms, polish shoes, make tea, make a work lunch) and it is just agony. Then every night between 9.30 and 10.30 she starts a 2-3 hour screaming, sooking, i want cuddles campagne. However, luckily for me she finally falls asleep and then I usually dn't hear from her for 5-7 hours.

    Bridies Hip - wont know if it is ok or nit until she is 6w when they do an ultra sound. Then she will either have to wear her cloth nappies folded a special way or a brace but then again she may have nothing wrong with it either so just waiting to see.

    Before I was a SAHM - I worked for an Importer of Musical Instruments and was a bit of a jack of all trades, my offical title was Inventory and Purchasing officer but I dealt with duty and customs, the admin side of purchasing, helped with sales and accounts and generally did a bit of all things. I loved it, especially as I had heaps more time to get on here. PLUS I can guarantee I work 1000 times harder now than I ever did at work. I don't know how I managed to work full time and keep house when now I am home I get impressed if I manage to wash, fold and put away a load of washing in the same day (sometimes even the same week!).

    What do I do when b/feeding - I read, to Bridie. Sometimes I read kids books (she loves Mr Men books) and sometimes I just read outload to her whatever it is I am reading (atm its "A Fortunate Life by AB Facey). Sometimes though we have to d other things while we are feeding, like me eat my dinner, or load the washing machine (yes I can do this and feed), or fold the washing (usually a pretty poor job) or make daddy's lunch.... and sometimes, really late at night I just sleep.

    Jillian - How are the boys?... especially Lochie now he is at kinder (pre-school)

    Lisa - will pm you my mobile so we can catch up. How is Tyra going at school and with the adjustment to being a big sister. Which health centre are you with? I have Wendy for my MHN.

    Oh at the 4w appointment Bridie has grown 3cm since birth, her head is now 37cm and she is weighing in at 4020g. They are really happy with her results and the MHN tells me I am boring as everything is going so well... I must be a really good actress! .

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    Oh forgot to add... I would love another but DP has decided he wants 3 more?!?!?!?.... and not only that he wants them before he is 35 which means sometime in the next 4.5years I have to manage to have 3 more kids... maybe he's hoping for triplets?!...........HELP!

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    Hi Guys,

    Havent been around much lately. Been busy with the family.

    Laura - Hope you have been feeling better. You dont sound like you are having much fun. Though it's good to have Luxxe around to look at and make it all worth it. Take care and I hope you are feeling better.

    Jo - I will email you and we can organise a catch up if you want. I would love to see you guys again.

    Kobi is doing so well. I think she is really starting to settle in with us now.

    She is still a bit fussy on and off through the day. Her famous witching hour is well and truly between 5 and 8pm. Worst possible time but oh well. Better than 5 and 8 am! She doesnt really cry but wants to be held and given attention too.
    She is doing well at night. She seems to have a fairly regular bedtime of bewteen 9 and 10pm and appears to know the difference between night and day. She has been sleeping for abour 5 hours before she wants another feed after initially putting her in bed..and then goes straight back to sleep again and sleeps from anywhere from 2-4 hours. It's funny..she has a big sleep and a decent feed at that first wake up..but then wakes up a couple of times again before it's time to get up and it's like she just wants to snack. She only has small feeds. She goes right back to sleep afterwards though (unlike day time). Am hoping that one of those snack feeds goes soon. I am happy with once or twice of a night. But thats my limit lol.

    Last night she was a nightmare though but I was not surprised. We went to see The Lion King stage show and we took her. She was abslolutely brilliant and slept through the whole thing. I got her home and fed her and she was down by 11. I was hoping she would sleep til at least 4 but she was up at 2:30 and stirred for ages. I kept feeding her cos she wouldnt settle and she was just playing with it. She wouldnt sleep and it was driving me nuts. Eventually I put her in her cradle and just told her 'you can put yourself to sleep cos I am not playing your game anymore' lol. And she ended up going to sleep so that was fine.

    I think she only did that becuase she slept at the show during the time that she would normally be awake at home. So she may not have been tired at 3am! I was though. haha
    At least she put herself to sleep in the end so thats a good thing.

    I have noticed she has started to do that. I can put her down during the day in her bouncer awake and she will fall asleep when she is ready.

    YAY!! Finally settling!!

    Oh everyone around me is falling pregnant too. 2 of my cousins are pg and I am so happy for them. They both really wanted it in particular was I am so rapt for them. The other wasnt trying as such and didnt fall on purpose but they are really happy they did.
    So for at least a little while I can live my cluckiness through them haha.

    I have been thinking lately how much I want another baby but I am getting told I am insane as I got so sick with rotten m/s when pg with the girls that everyone thinks I should be grateful with my girls and leave it at that. But really I hate the thought of never being pg again.

    However I really want to go back to school and study and find a job doing something I really love. Which I wont bother doing for a few more years if we decide to have more babies. I am a bit stuck right now becuase I dont know whether to look into studying and finding what I want to do..and think in that direction..or think in the direction of having another baby. (whether its work or baby it wont be for a while anyway as I fully intend on being a sahm and enjoying Kobi as long as humanly possible)

    Oh well, I am sure I will figure it out. Any advice????

    Better go..avoiding housework like the plague and it really needs to be tended to.

    Have a great day ladies.

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    Hi All

    Go Jo, 3 more hey??????

    Hope you are all doing well. Just got 5mins before I have to go and feed. We are all doing ok. Rylee still has wind issues but getting better, just started her on Infants Friend. I am feeling good within my self, been back in my old clothes now for about 4 weeks. Feeld good to. Already at me pre preg weight, actually was at pre preg weight 4 weeksago, so all going well.

    Still struggling to find time for myself, but getting there. Well will try to get on again tonight when DH is home.

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    HI everyone!!

    well it's the middle of the night and I'm awake but Luxxe isn't !

    woke up becuase my boobs told me it was time for a feed..... but a certain baby is still sleeping.

    she's starting to sleep longer through the night now. if I put her down for 10.30pm she usually wakes up for about 4am or else 6am.

    which is good for my sleep, but my boobs are killing me!

    So I hired an electric breast pump yesterday.... haven't used it yet coz DH threw out the instructions from my manual pump thingo and I haven't figured out how to use it without the instructions!!

    went tot mother's group on MOnday.

    it was pretty cool/

    just 4 of us in the group. and the other 3 mums are really lovely

    went to Chiro again on monday night.... for more torture!!

    I was actually feeling much better on monday.... til the torture and yesterday I was so sore...... but I can tell that it's making everything better in the long run.

    so a few more sessions and I should be back to normal.

    got myhair cut yesterday.

    it's a bit shorter..... a bob style cut i guess.

    it's cool. I like it.

    will put some pics up on the blog eventually.

    also , I finallly put my birth story up.

    it's hugely long andblablabla

    Luxxe's belly button scab finally fell off but now ithink it might actually be a granuloma becuase underneath there is this whitishthing on the red skin part of the belly button adn it's still a bit goozy and it looks not right..... so tomorrow I'll take her to the doctor.

    also - she's got pimples on her face. does anyone else have that??

    I'll get the doc to check that too.

    OH her medicare card arrived.... well my new one with her on it too...

    It's so cute to see her name on official things!

    I thought I was going to have a nervousbreak down yesterday.

    after the haircut i went into the city and i didn't bring the sling, just the pram and she's not relaly been out int he pram before and she just screamed and screamed and screamed!!

    therewasn't much I could do but walk around and listen to her..... even when I picked her up she cried.

    ended up not getting anything doneand sitting in the car breastfeeding her til DH finished work and drove us home.

    my sister's wedding is next weekend and I still have nothing to wear!

    turns out I"m still fat and not all my pre baby stuff fit. and my pregnancy stuff are all too big.

    myfavourite maternity pants actually almost fell off at the super market the other day.

    I think my bum was hanging out.

    I was carrying 2 bags of stuff and had both hans full and my pants were just sliding off.

    so anyway.... trying to find an outfit that is fancy and yet allows for boob access to feed.

    bloody impossible.

    anyway - I guess if she's not waking up I may as well go back to bed.

    see ya!


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    Good afternoon ladies,

    Tired day today. Allegra was not a happy bubby last night. Not that she was crying much she just wanted to have heaps and heaps of cuddles and was really hungry - so I think she was going through a growth spurt because she certainally looks and feels bigger today!

    I'm hoping she will start sleeping a bit longer though, After being a good 4 hour sleeper she has been sleeping much shorter in the past few days.. perhaps its because she is growing and needing the extra food? She is sleeping like a dream during the day though.

    She is just a joy to look at though. I am so in love.

    I'm waiting to hear about a mothers group from the ECHC. They said they would let me know but its been over a week.. how long does it take?

    Allegra has had a little wind in the past few days... I think it might be my diet though, so I am being really careful about what I eat so it doesnt upset her.

    Oh, I have a story for you and tell me if I am being over dramatic.

    On friday I had a dinner party for 8. So after running around all morning doing to shopping (we had seafood) and buying everything I needed and between coming home, cleaning the house and feeding Allegra I got everything i needed done (including making dessert) and the dinner was a hit.

    By 9pm I was sick as a dog with hayfever and couldnt even stand. So I went to bed and my mum cleaned up after the dinner and even helped settle Allegra as I was feeling dizzy.

    The next day I was feeling better but so dead tired that I slept most of the morning, awaking only for feeds. At around 2pm I remember I had invited 3 girlfriends over for afternoon tea at 4pm so I smsed them, sayign I was feeling ill and had to cancel. Well, would you know on Monday after sending them an emailed apology about the late cancellation, one of my friends emailed me back saying that I should have told them earlier and that I sorely inconvenienced them and because of me they got nothing done on their Saturday.

    Now is it just me or are they being a little bit inconsiderate? I mean I am a first time and brand new mum who was sick. Surely they can understand this? If this were me, I wouldnt even think twice about it. I mean I was SICK! its not like I cancelled because I was hung over or something.

    Sorry about the rant ladies!

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    Laura - Milo had loads of milk pimples (> 100 on his face) until around 8 weeks, when they cleared up. He still gets a few now, buy MCHN think he has sensitive skin like me.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hi Ladies,

    Jillian - What were you thinking of studying next year??
    I hear you on the three kids. Believe me if we have one more it will be the last..but no doubt that still wont satisfy me and I will always want 'just one more'. Think it's the maternal gene.

    Laura - Kobi gets those little pimples too. They are from the hormones in the milk and I also reckon they might have something to do with the baby getting used to the world as up til now they have been so well protected in the womb. My theory anyway. But don't worry most babies get them. Some worse than others. Kobi has more some days than others and some days none.
    Hope little Luxxe's belly button is ok. Kobi's little scab fell off on about day 7 when we happened to be back at the hospital at a lactation visit. It was a bit goopy for a few days but then was ok.

    Kobi is doing well. Getting better every day and her sleeping is improving. Still has her witchhing hours but it's not too bad. At night she is waking for a feed then going straight back to sleep so I can cope with that.

    I am not well at the moment though. I have a bad had cold and I cant shake it. I am also feeling really tired even though I am not all that sleep deprived. However I do think I am trying to push myself a bit too much and trying to do too much. It's hard not to for me as I see things that need to get done and feel frustrated unless I fix it.

    Ok I guess I better go and sort dinner out becuase Kobi will be a witch soon lol and I have to have things underway.

    Have a great night.

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