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Thread: Babies Born January 2008 #1

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    Default Joshua Damien has finally arrived!!!!

    Hey Everyone. Just a quick hello from me and my little man Joshua. He finally made his way into the world on Friday the 25th at 6.10pm. It was a very very hard and LONG labour. (gross details at a later date.)

    Look forward to catching up with everyone here.. and meeting those I have yet to meet.

    Hugs all round!!!

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    s361768 Guest

    Default Jess

    Jess - I was not making reference to your age in relation to you having a child I made it in reference to making ridiculous, hurtful, not well thought out comments. I had my first baby when I was 20 going on 21 so what I said had nothing to do with parenting and age.

    And yes by your comments you did mean that I was not welcome - I am sorry but there is no other way for me to take it. Throwing a tantrum about it in your own defence won't make me think otherwise, you said it so own it. You offended me so don't play the victim - and there was/is no tension and if there was you created it by your disregard for someones feelings.

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    look say what u like, pm me if u want to argue over something that u misunderstood, everyone in here has just had babies, they dont want to hear this... i didnt mean to offend and i have other people to back that up who wondered why u were in our thread for the same reason, NOT to be mean, just wondering!

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    s361768 Guest


    Ok Jess fine - you are correct everyone has just had babies in this thread (so I need to respect this) likewise everyone in the Jan belly buddies thread was/is at the same stage of pregnancy and require the same respect and sensitivity (as at any stage of preg). In addition I understand that you have been on this forum your whole pregnancy and have made friends with people in this time frame and that my presence in these threads may come across as me intruding.

    Jen is right re. feelings are running high because of late preg and waiting impatiently for babies to come. I am extremely emotional right at this moment

    I apologise to all you ladies in this thread I am sorry if I have made you uncomfortable by posting my annoyance here. It was disresespecful to use this space to do so.

    I guess I am just upset that I have been made to feel so unwelcome and I am embarrassed that it was made public in a thread. Again I am sorry.

    Jess I don't want to PM you that would be pointless because you made how you feel about me being in these threads ("Our Thread" as you put it) quite clear - I don't want you to be angry or upset so lets "let sleeping dogs lie"
    Last edited by s361768; January 28th, 2008 at 08:42 PM.

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Karen, you are really welcome here. I certainly welcome you anyway. Please keep coming in here and chatting to us girls. We are all here for encouragement and for each other but I am sure you know that hun.

    Tascha, congrats on the safe arrival of your little one, Joshua! I am looking forward to reading your birth story.

    Queen, I hope you have a better day today than yesterday.

    Well, Madeleine didn't sleep much yesterday but wasn't too bad last night. She had to co-sleep with us at some point though because she was rather upset in the middle of the night. I woke up with stinging eyes but my DP brought her bottle in at 6.30am before he went to work so I fed her in bed. Man he's awesome and just does so much around here! Let's hope she sleeps a bit today. She's been a been whingy the last couple of days.

    We have a good outing tomorrow, we are doing an inspection of our investment unit. I haven't really left the house for a while other than to pop into the chemist quickly whilst DP looks after Madeleine. It will be good to get out as a family.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love Bindy xo

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    QB- Sorry to hear you had such an awful time of it yesterday! Praying you have a better one today... It reminds me of days I had with my girl when she was a bub. She was a colicky bub & only usually slept for 30/40min blocks through the day! Shes only getting better now but still wakes at night,LOL. Some bubs are like that.... Hope your girl improves though -it is only early days yet. I remember so well having days where I was watching the driveway for DH to pull up & help me 'cause I was just so tired and over-wrought! So, hope you get some rest today

    Karen- As I've already said, you are welcome to come & chat to us

    Waiting for more news of Maz & her little one!



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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Hindonly, I am really wondering how Maz and Mat are doing too, I hope everything is ok where did you have your Bub? I notice you are from Brissie too!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Girls, I just read this on another thread:

    Mateauz was transferred to yet another hospital last night and they were able to do a more detailed MRI. It appears the clot was caused by an actual bleed on the brain and they have decided not to operate for now but are considering using the coil to remove it. That is where they go in through a vein in the leg and up into the righ area of the brain. Hopefully this way they will be able to seal the bleed at the same time. This will probably happen over the next couple of days. He is going great guns in himself feeding like a trooper and all that so that part is really good.

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    s361768 Guest


    Hey Girls,

    I hope that Maz' little baby boy will make a speedy recovery. Sending Maz' family my best wishes

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Karen, I hope so too! It would be so difficult and heartbreaking to deal with such a thing when they are so young (and of course at ANY age!). I am sending them lots of prayers.

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    Kristielee Guest


    Oh poor Maz Sending lots of Get well Vibes tio Mat!! Poor little darling hope all is well soon Maz you must be going through hell! Goodluck and hopefully we will hear good news soon.

    Well been a bit tense in here girls EVERYONE is always welcome as far as I'm concerned!! and yep tension and emotions run very high at the end of pregnancy girls I should know I was 12 days over! Hope all that are still pregnant get your new little bubs soon in your arms and once he/she is here nothing else will matter nothing!~

    Hello to ALL and hope you have been well

    Oh no on the no sleep factor QueenM It is very hard getting used to a newie even the second time round is a bit of a shock as I havent had to change a nappy or get woken up by teething or unsettled baby in sooo long its very tiring... Jemma didnt sleep so well last coupl of nights so dont get too jealous of my angel! Haha

    Bindy Oh how I want my DH to be as helpfull as your sometimes My DH was SO attentive with our first child plus he had seven weeks off but this time round I dipped out I think!! Well hopefully he will have another week off soon! God knows he has so much holidays up his sleeve but will he use them to be in this stressfull household HAHA lol

    Thanks to all you other lovely ladies who have welcomed me and will do more personals next time as I must shower now and do some duties before the next feed etc Oh and congrats to a couple of you who are in the thread and have just had babies well done! (sorry forgot names already will post and read better next time I promise)

    Speak toyouall later

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    s361768 Guest


    I am sorry girls for creating tension and making you feel uncomfortable...I will blame it on hormones!!! I cant wait until I am no longer pregnant, even if that means demand feeding and sore boobies again, my hair falling out and sleep dep. yay can't wait lol

    Quick question: I was in the parents of children with disabilities thread having a read, and I read a post provided by a moderator I think, and she had written some really humourous (in taste) phrases that she had gotten off a t-shirt website, for children with disabilities (esp. autism, language delay). Would it be illegal for me to get one printed on a plain t-shirt for my (2nd) son? I don't know much about copyright laws etc.

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    Hi ladies,

    Am just about to venture out to a baby shop to buy a sling for Amy so that when she's awake I can do stuff around the house at the same time. First outing on my own so it will be interesting. She's pretty sleepy so hopefully she'll stay that way.

    The Jan belly buddies thread is extremely quiet so I'm wondering if there are some babies on their way!

    Maz - I am hoping and hoping and hoping that little Mat is going ok and will be ok. Thinking of you. So glad he's feeding ok and everything though xx

    Karen - You are welcome. Don't take it to heart. It's hard to interpret what people say when it's typed. As everyone has said, you are welcome here. a couple of days is going to make no difference when it comes to what you are going through with your bub so you may as well stay here!! I'm a two timer too as I said earlier so don't worry. I've been like that the whole time and no one has questioned it so really don't worry. Just think how exciting it is that you will be able to chat about your little darling with us before you know it!!!

    Bindy - hope your outing went well!!

    Everyone else, I'm sorry I haven't done personals. Gotta go get organised to buy this sling. Chat soon lovely ladies xx Luv Nik and Amy

    PS Happy EDD for me and Amy. Amy is now full term!! Happy birthday! Hehehehee.

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Karen, I don't see that you did anything wrong. You are always welcome in here. Man, when you have a baby, there is just so much more to think about and it changes your life so much!! Don't apologise hun, let's all be happy and encourage eachother, that's what BB is about!

    Kristie, hi belly buddy! My DP is good but don't forget he works shift work so is here most days. Can you believe he's at work today and I'm still in my PJ's! HAHA! Glad all is going well with you.

    Nik, great to hear from you! My outing is tomorrow, I am hoping I go well, it's funny how nervous you get but when I go out more, I'm sure it will be easy! BTW, enjoy your outing today!

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    s361768 Guest


    Thanks girls - I have to restart my computer to finish installing the vista updates (I don't like vista 'yet').

    Thank you for chatting with me and making me feel welcome

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    Well, looks like things have settled down in here... good, I missed it all lol. Let us never speak of this again!!

    Wow, Jan is almost over... hope we get some more babies in here before the end, I like a chatty thread!

    Had a good night last night but also had a good night the night before & look what happened yesterday... basically everytime I say something like "She is finally sleeping well" or "She hasn't been unsettled at all" she wakes up & does the opposite so I think I'll keep my mouth shut!!

    Now I am finding it hard to get motivated to do anything much after I put her down 'cause I am paranoid I'll start a job (have much, much packing to do, for example) & she'll cry which would be even more irritating than not having started the thing at all... either that or I am just finding excuses to be lazy lol.

    Called DP & told him to bring back a bunch of fresh fruit & veg 'cause we just have dodgy, stodgy stuff here atm... craving some smellery if you can believe it...?!

    Sorry for no personals... am terribley self absorbed today lol.

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    Hi Girls. My name is Dayl and my DH is Tony and our little boy (Fraser) was born on 31 December after 23 hours of labour. He is the most gorgeous thing we have ever laid eyes on (maybe a little biased) and we are different people since having him. Our whole lives have changed and we have never been happier.

    I know this is the January thread but the December one moves way to quickly for me and I find some of them a little clicky (sp?). I am only a few hours off joining you anyway as he was born at 5pm in the afternoon (almost a New Years Day baby).

    I know there has been some tension in here already about Karen joining although she isnt due until February but joining a different thread by a day or two (or even a week) is quite common in BB so I hope I'm OK to join. Karen, welcome to the thread and I hope you stick around. I look forward to chatting with you.

    Bindy - I made it!!! Thanks for the referral .....

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    Time to lock this thread now, and create another. Please let's start afresh with the brand new thread. Remember if you have issues with what someone has said, do not reply to it on the forum, instead use the PM function and ask them privately to explain themselves.

    Many Thanks

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