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thread: Babies Born July 16th ~31st 2008 #10

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    Feb 2005

    Thanks Pixie! I cant believe Tara is 9 months already!

    HAPPY NINE MONTHS TO ALL THE BUBS as I have missed everyones bubba's birthdays this month.

    Back later resting as I have a cold.

    Mez - am thinking of you hon xxx

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    Nov 2007
    Off with the fairies.

    So I don't know whether today is my lucky day or what..
    Haydie woke up at like 6:30am and since it was cold I just got him and put him into bed with us. I was still half asleep still, of course. So we both sleep till like 8:30am (Woohoo! DS1 even came and joined us until he got sick of it and went to watch cartoons). I go to change his nappy.. but no nappy on. I'm like "What theeeeee...?" I feel him, feel the bed, feel me... Nothing is wet! The nappy was in his cot, full but sitting in his cot.
    I'm thinking today is my lucky day!!

    Just imagine if he had done a poo and take his nappy off. It would have been everywhere. On him, me, our beds, maybe DP too.

    I just wanted to share.

    Happy 9 months precious Mehkelti!!

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    Jun 2008
    in the eye of a toddler tornado

    OMG Tenny that is funny but weird!! Hope he doesn't make a habit of it, you may not be so lucky next time!
    Belle hope you feel better soon hon.
    I am still battling a cold I got in NZ and Beth is cutting about four teeth at once so I haven't had a decent night's sleep in I can't remember. The Bear took her out to the markets this morning so I could have a sleep in.
    big hello to Kristy, missy, kel, sw, feeb, mez (hope you're having a great holiday), sweetpea and everyone, sorry for no more personals feeling bleah

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    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury


    Mez.. honey how are you doing? Hope youre holding up ok and taking care of yourself. thinking of you.

    Tenny.. woah.. that is very lucky! How did his nappy come off? like was he wearing clothes? Very weird!

    Pixie.. hope youre feeling better soon hun.. i hate having a cold. Aww poor Beth. Hope they come through soon too for her poor pet.

    Well news with us. Keira has decided she doesnt want lumpy food and has skipped that step altogether. So shes gone from puree to feeding herself normal food. Little miss independance! So shes having basically what we eat. I still give her yogurt and fruit puree and jar stuff when we're out (pureed! as she wont eat lumpy jar stuff!) as its easier but yeh. She also can crack a good tanty if she doesnt get her own way or if you dont do something fast enough. Tonight i was about to give her a yogurt as she was whinging she was hungry before dinner was ready. Then Jesse also asked for one so i got up and went to get him a spoon. Boy you should have heard her heiness go off because i wasnt attending to her. Seriously she thinks shes older than she is!

    Kristy and i took the boys to our local show today. Oh they had the best day! Jesse was so proud to be able to sit inside a fire truck and on the back of a police motorcycle. He also had a great time patting the animals. Im so glad we went. So much better than the Easter Show.

    Happy 9/10 months to all the bubs. Im so slack and always forget. But i cant believe youll all be 1 in 2-3 months!!!! Crazy!!!

    Hope everyone is well.


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    Nov 2007
    Off with the fairies.


    Pix - I hope the teething is going ok. Poor little mite.

    Kell - Awh, sounds like you had a great time at the show. Haydie is kinda doing what Keira is with the tanties. Sometimes he cracks it even if you don't get the yogurt in his mouth fast enough. Haydie likes to do his yelling noises at Elijah all the time lately cause he thinks he's the boss. Haha. Keira sounds like she's going great with food too. We skipped the purees and all that jazz too. Haydie would rather stuff his face himself.
    Yeah, he had a wondersuit on. The bottom couple of buttons had popped open so I guess that's how it got out. Not really sure how it came off though. Haha.
    Turns out that was the luckiest thing that happened to me on Sat. So much for me thinking it was my lucky day.

    I started playing hockey again this year after last year off. We had our first game of the season on saturday. It went better then I expected. I'm a little stiff and have these big blisters on my feet from my shoes and they're super sore but other then that I'm ok.

    How're you all doing?
    Hope you had a great weekend. The weekend went really fast for us and I feel like I hardly even saw DP.


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    Feb 2007

    Just thought I would pop in and say hi,

    Reaghan is 10 months today, that has gone so quick. She is eating heaps and cruising furniture, standing a few second on her own, at is getting good at letting us know what she wants. She only has realy soft foods for breakfast and eats basically what we eat just cut up smaller, sandwiches and all.

    Thats about it from me for now.

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    Dec 2007

    Happy 9 and 10 months to all these babies - can't believe they're all getting so old so fast!!

    Tenny - good luck with the hockey!! Sounds fun. I sighed a HUGE sigh of relief about your lucky nappy-less morning in bed!! Can just imagine how icky that could have been

    Kellxx - we never even got as far as the mushy foods. Alyssa always refused to eat it. She went straight to finger foods =\ She refuses to eat anything on a spoon, however she WILL eat if it's given to her from chopsticks. Otherwise she'll only eat what she can hold.

    Belle - hope you're feeling much better by now!! Loving the pics of your beautiful girls in FB - keep em coming.

    Pix - hope you feel better soon!! Hugs your way, babe... And hugs for the gorgeous Miss Beth and her gazillion toothypegs

    Mel - love ya and MWAH!!!!!

    All going well here... Alyssa has been a bit sick for a few days, but mostly ok. Projectile vomiting in the nights and a temp between 38 and 39, but happy as Larry during the days. Had my SIL look over her and she said it's just something viral, and she was fine. Just manage it with Panadol or Nurofen. Panadol evokes an instant projectile vomit reaction from her, so nurofen it is!

    Was just reading the news website and saw an article on a baby who died because the parents didn't get effective treatment for eczema =(((( I HATE that Alyssa has this awful condition. We manage hers really well, and for the most part her skin is perfect - just small breakouts every now and again - but it still sucks that it is something that unmanaged can really be THAT BAD. It sucks that my little girl has a lifetime of skin management to prevent that type of itching, sores and scabbing.

    On a happier note, Kellxx and Kristy inspired me to attempt to make Alyssa's first birthday cake myself... I purchased a cake decorating book, some appropriate supplies, and made this trial cake for DHs birthday. For Alyssa's birthday, I'm planning on doing three large A B C blocks in white with bright coloured edging, lettering and pictures on the sides, stacked up and sitting on top of a large chocolate cake coated in a thick ganache. The block cakes will be an Autumnal cake (maple syrup flavoured cake - a Nigella recipe) for the A, Banana cake for the B and a Coconut cake for the C. Two of the blocks will be on the chocolate cake base with the third block sitting on top with an Eeyore toy on top of that surrounded by teeny icing roses that I have been making. I'm also playing around with some different graphics and things to try to make a funky little birthday invitation for her party.

    It's sad that our babies are getting so old... I don't want to have to go back to work now and leave her. Can't believe that I was thinking of only taking 6 weeks off because I enjoy my job so much! I don't enjoy it nearly as much as I enjoy my baby - I feel all emotional when I think of spending those days away from her (and it's only 2 days a week).

    Oh! And we finally got building approval for the house!! The tenants have moved out of the existing house and we have organised for demolishers to come in and clear the block. We expect to start building in 2.5 - 3 months =)))) We have a new house building blog here.

    And that's just about it for us

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    Sep 2006

    Hi all

    Just want to pop in and say

    Happy 9 and 10 months to all you beautiful babies
    all is good here and bbl for personals

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    Jun 2008
    in the eye of a toddler tornado

    Hey folks.... been lurking but feeling terrible so not posting much. Ever since we got back from NZ I have had the worst sore throat, have lost my voice a couple of times, which never happens to me. Hasn't helped that Beth has been cutting her entire top row of teeth - sheesh! Sunday night was like this:
    8pm bed, 10.30 dreamfeed, 12.30 wake, bonjela and BF, repeat at 1.30, 2.30, 4am and 5.40... But the good news is that her FOUR top teeth are through the gum and last night she slept right through, with a grizzle here or there but I didn't need to get up so happy, I really needed that!
    SW I can't believe how fast it's going either the months are just whizzing by and we are planning for their first birthdays already! The cake sounds amazing BTW!
    I am supposed to go back to work at the end of June, and although I don't know what's happening with my job, I find I am ditching the gym (where I would have to leave her for an hour) in favour of finding new playgroups we can go to together!
    I am so slack I haven't even posted up our NZ photos yet... will have to do that this week!
    Tenny good to hear the hockey went well!
    Kel loved your photos on FB of Jesse in the fire engine etc. very cute!
    Sweetpea happy 10 months to Reaghan
    big and to everyone, sorry I've been slack, hopefully I will be feeling better soon

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    Feb 2005

    Hi girls

    Ivebeen awful slack too in posting, its so hard to find the time atm. Our whole family has the damn cold atm. I guess our immune systems down due to the chicken pox we had. On a lighter note, I put some latest pics of us on FB with my new camera! did some videos too but dont upload for some reason grrr. I hope you all like them!

    Kell - your pics of Jesse and Keira are great, I love them playing together!

    SW - hi mate, glad you like the pics hon! hows everyone? OMG re that info re excema and the baby

    Pixie - great to see you hon, hope you feel better soon too.

    Mez - how you feeling mate?

    Tenny- how u doing mate?

    Tania - love your pics on fB too!

    Mel - Happy birthday to Mehkelti!!!!

    Hi to everyone I know Ive missed a lot of you but I am thinking of you all.

    Tara's into everything at the moment crawling and cruising the furniture I must take some more videos, Julia is playing and Tara crawls up to her and climbs up on her and takes the toys, its so funny! Mind you Julia doesnt think so!

    Back later after I put Tara to bed.


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    Oct 2007

    Hi Everyone

    I've been away for awhile as well - everything has just been so busy. Just caught up on the past few weeks posts and wanted to join the new thread.

    Mez hun, so sorry for your loss. I hope you are feeling ok and enjoying your precious little girl.

    Sorry to hear that there has been a few sicknesses around. I hope all the flus and nasty chicken pox leave you all soon.

    Have finally got DP to get his a* into gear and organise his work so that he can commit to doing a full day with DD on Wednesday. It means I can spend the whole day doing my work (from home) finally. I've been struggling to do about 30 hours of work around DD's sleep times and was getting really stressed out. Today is the first day so I better get back to it!

    Will post again soon.

    It is a little sad that our babies are almost one, but it is heaps of fun planning a birthday party!


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    Sep 2006

    Pix hun hope you really feel better soon. Oh poor Beth. Liam has been crap too. I can see bit lumps up the top but still nothing. I guess we just have to put up and help them as much. Get well hun.

    SW yep the kids grow so fast. As Pix said their 1st birthday will be before we know it. Awwww and this is my last.

    Kell nice pic of the kids. Love them. Oh and your house looks lovely.

    Belle hope you all well soon

    Tenny yay for your hockey. My sister use to play. I was more of a softball player.

    Maz how you doing love. Hope your resting.

    Majella yay DP has got things done for you hun.

    Tan, linz and all the rest of you lovely ladies.

    Not much happening here. Liam is pulling himself up on everything. I hate this stage. he is on the go all the time. As for food, omg he is a pig. Eats heaps. lol....

    Well im still in pj's so better head off


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    Dec 2007

    SW I can't believe how fast it's going either the months are just whizzing by and we are planning for their first birthdays already! The cake sounds amazing BTW!
    Yeah - we're looking at hiring a hall or something... This house is not good for hosting parties!! I wish Alyssa could stay 9 months forever - this is a perfect age!! Such fun (apart from the past few days when she's been sick)

    Did you see my test run on cake decoration? The link is in my prev post.

    Better go and cook dinner while my baby is fast asleep - about the only time I'm likely to get anything done!! Think she's on the mend now - didn't vomit last night, no more explosive nappies, seems more interested in what I've been eating. Just as happy as ever, but that didn't really change that much!! Still tires pretty easily though, so hopefully she'll sleep well tonight without having all the tummy pains and things she's been getting lately.

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    Jun 2008
    in the eye of a toddler tornado

    SW I just went and looked now - sorry I was a bit brain dead the last time I was on. Wow it looks amazing! Very impressive for a first attempt! I can't wait to see Alyssa's when the time comes.
    sorry Alyssa's been so ill. I haven't been feeling very well either, but Beth at least is in fine form now her top teeth are through. You too Belle, poor thing with sick girls.
    to Missy, Majella, Tenny, Kel and everyone.... got to go cook dinner

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    Dec 2007

    Pixie - feeling any better? Glad Beth has finally cut those teeth. That should help EVERYONE to feel better!!

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    Jul 2007

    Hi all hope everyone is well!!

    Happy 10 months to my gorgeous boy!!!

    Happy 9 and 10 months to all the other bubbies!!!

    pixie hope you are feeling better.

    DH has a cold and DS has it also so fun and games here.

    Hope everyone is well and bubs behaving (mine still not being best sleeper 3 nights ago brillant 9pm till 9 am, then a night of down 9pm up at 10pm down 2230 up at 2330 down at 0100 till 0800. last night down 2000 up at 2300 down at 0200 in bed with me) ahhhhhhh

    Has anyone started planning 1st birthday parties?? I dont think we will do anything as i srarted doing a number counnt and without adults i was at 27 kids!!!!!!! so by time you hire venue and do food etc would be $$$$$$

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    Nov 2007
    Off with the fairies.

    Happy 10months Jacob!!
    Happy 10months Reaghan!!

    Feeb - I hope your boys feel better soon and you don't catch it either. We'll probably just have a small family thing for DS2's birthday. Good luck with the sleeping.

    SW - Your cake looks FANTASTIC! I was just thinking about the cake I'll make for DS2's birthday the other day too. I might have to do a practice run with that type of icing cause I've never used it before, I've always just used frosting. Should be interesting. I hope Alyssa is all better now.

    Belle - I'm doing good, thanks. How's things with you? I hope the colds pass soon.

    Pix - I hope you're feeling better. It's so draining when you can't shake a cold or flu. Big hugs I hope you're looking after yourself. YAY for Beth and getting the teeth through. That would have been so awful having 4 at once. I thought it was bad when DS2 had 2 at a time. Poor little mite.

    Mel, Missy, Tan, Mez, Sweetpea, Majella, Kelly, Kristy, and anyone I may have missed.

    As for us.
    Things have been okay. DS2 has diarrhoea (sp?) and it's made his little bum so so sore and red. Paw paw cream is helping loads. We had a rough night last night with him cause he'd wake up whinging cause he'd have a pooey bum and it would be hurting him. He's sleeping now so hopefully he catches up on his sleep somewhat. Other then that he's not sick of anything. No temp, nothing.He's been such a mummy's boy lately(more then usual) and I love it.

    Have a great day.

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    Jun 2008
    in the eye of a toddler tornado

    SW not so much better, more like differently crap on antibiotics now hopefully they will kick this stupid flu
    I'm so impressed with all you girls and your cake decorating abilities.... I have had a shocking week of culinary disasters so I think I will go and hide under a rock.... and order a cake! Any cake I make is likely to qualify for cake wrecks!

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