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Thread: Babies born July 2006 #2

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    Fee Guest


    Bubseykel Ouch about your stitches. I hope everything is okay.

    kmh Yeah I'm thinking that Cooper just wants lots of cuddles these days!!! I'll just go with the flow I think.

    chantal25 How do you tell that your baby has reflux? What are the signs?

    boybump Sorry to hear about your tailbone. I hope the pelvic floor exercises will heal it.

    baiza Sounds like Bailee is doing great sleeping 9 hours at night! Wow!

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    Fraser Guest


    hey ladies,

    well what a drama - I caught gastro off DH and spent from 2am on Weds til about 9am on Weds vomiting at 10 minute intervals....... poor Charlie had to get quick feeds between vomits - he was so unsettled last night.

    had a flip out last night - cried my eyes out and told Simon I couldn't do this any more, I'm not any good at it and I'm so freaked out all the time that something is going to happen to him I'd rather just go off somewhere and hide and not think about feelings or anything like that. Thankfully DH saw that I was just overtired and made me go to bed - so got a solid 5 hour sleep in and it is quite amazing how much easier the mid night feeds are when you've had heaps of sleep! I feel mentally heaps better today.

    Still feel physically like sh*t - not back on solids yet - the spewing reminded me of morning sickness and put the kybosh on any romantic notions of having another bub......ever......

    I think Charlie may have had it also, he wasn't power chucking but his poos were very very runny and every now and then he would scream and tense his little body - like he had the cramps. I guess the only good thing is that he didn't stop feeding, so if he did have it he didn't get dehydrated.

    we're definitley having sleep issues - he is very unsettled in the afternoon but then will go to sleep at about 5 or 6pm for about 5 hours - he has started doing the same thing, as Cooper, Fee. He cries at about 2am or so, I get up to him, and he's grizzling with his eyes shut, but if I get him up he's actually asleep - so I'm not sure whether to leave him or wake him to feed

    Cle - at least you know that your tail bone will get better - and I bet it would be gradual so one day you'll just notice it doesn't hurt anymore!

    Kel - that sounds very uncomfortable - you had heaps of stitches though didn't you? I would have thought they would have healed by now - but I guess if you had heaps they may have taken longer. Poor you

    Baiza - I was wondering about Dee also - perhaps she is in the August babies forum - haven't seen any posts from her though.

    Cyn - Simon was supposed to go back to work this week but then found out he had an extra weeks leave - he didn't realise about - such a relief - he goes back next week and I am dead scared about how I am going to cope without him!

    Cassie - I used the nose stroking tip on Charlie the other day and it worked a treat! thanks so much life saver!

    Tanya - how did you go at the Drs? does Lucas have reflux?

    Hey to everyone else - hope your day is a good one


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    Hi All!
    Wow everyday seems to be a new challenge for all us new Mums...either physically, mentally and cetainly emotionally!Its almost bitter sweet when I read all our posts...its like there are days when its all smooth sailing and life is wonderful ...then there are the dark days when we havent had enough sleep...or support...and we feel that its all too f&*^%g know there are days that I feel like Im going totally mental!!!
    But then I look at Jensen...and my heart melts and I know its all worth it and that I wouldnt swap it for the world!
    So to those of you who are feeling sick..or sore...lonely...tired...or teary....or all of the above are not alone...we are all on this wonderful crazy ride of motherhood togther and we are all doing the very best we can... So cut yourself some slack and treat yourself to something special...I think I might book in for a massage and a facial! Tippin Ive earnt!

    Dee- We miss you!!! Where are you???
    Em- thinking of you... email me if you need anything at all honey...hope you feel better soon!

    Big Hugs to all the July Mums!!

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    Shellbabe Guest


    that is such a sweet post Cyn - and so true too!
    Someone said to me yesterday when I was saying how hard it all is - "that is why baby's are so cute - so you don't mind the hard work!" VERY TRUE!

    I am with you on the massage thing - my back is killing me and just want someone to rub it for more than the two minutes I get out of DH!

    I have had an up and down couple of days.
    Charlotte has developed reflux - which is why she is doing the squealing and pulling off the nipple. Though I am doing the right thing in sitting her up for a minute and then reoffering, which is a relief.
    Last night she took forever to settle - fed at 7:30, then bath, then fed at 10:15 - then bed, then had to feed again at midnight - all of this time she didn't sleep.
    At the end of it all, she had her first big chuck - what a shock for mummy! she was probably just trying to get that up all along!!

    I was rewarded at the end of it though - she slept for 7 hrs!! YAH!!!

    Had a surprise visit from the LC and ECHN this morning (never got the message) which was great!

    Firstly, my little guzzler is now 5kg clothed - no wonder my back is sore!! So definitely no problems with my supply with using the shield.

    THEN - she managed to attach with no shield - and no help from the LC!! YAH YAH big happy dance!
    I think having my new feeding pillow helped - mybrestfriend - worth every cent so far! So lets hope I can do the next feed without it as well... maybe I just needed a week longer for my nipples to come out more, as they are still a little flat.

    Baiza - great idea on the msn thing - am happy to share my log in for people to add me.

    Fraser - I know those freak outs - had plenty myself - I was so scared about hubby going back to work, I think that is what caused most of them.
    He has been back for two weeks now - and I have survived - the first day is the hardest - so maybe get a friend or your mum to come visit at some stage during the day - knowing you have someone coming helped me.

    really must do some housework now - have done none in the last few days!!
    Hope you all have a great day!

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    a house i call home


    fee - when i hold zac upright next to me i can here the milk coming up his throat and him swollowing it again. he has also projectialled vomit a few times. when i was at the clinic yesterday they confermed it. (was also told by clinic nurse as i had it through the pregnancy and was on zantec for it there was a good chance zac would get it)
    also zac does not like sleeping on his back. only on his side and on belly (under supervision)
    having a bad day today Zac has come down with the flu. his got a stuffy nose and a cough. he wont settle unless i am holding him and his having a bit of a problem feeding. LC is suppost to be contacting me so we will see what happens.
    has anyone started to just bottle feed?

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    Fee Guest


    Cooper is being an ANGEL today! He is actually SLEEPING in his cot! Wow. I hope this continues. He's back to his old self ...

    Today so far has gone:

    7.30 am - Feed
    8.00 am - Sleep
    10.00 am - Feed / play
    11.00 am - Sleep
    1.30 pm - Feed / play
    2.30 pm - Sleep

    So he hasn't quite made his usual 4 hour feeds (closest was 3.5 hours) but he's actually settling well in his cot like old times! I wonder how long he'll stay asleep now. His next feed is due at 5.30 pm. Let's see if he can make it!

    I'm happy today and Cooper is giving me soooo many smiles! Check out my website for a really cute B&W shot of him smiling.

    Fraser Oh Em you poor thing getting gastro. I hope you are feeling 100% soon.

    As mentioned above Cooper is back to "normal" today. Sorry to hear Charlie has been unsettled. I'd say if you get up to his grizzles at night and he seems asleep do not wake him! The thing with Cooper is that he's actually awake but by the time I get my water and turn on the lamp he is asleep again! Or I actually get him out to feed him and he only sucks for 2 minutes before falling asleep!

    Boisey What a lovely post. And so true. Some days are just so hard. I feel like I'm a mess and can't do it! But then today I'm having a great day.

    Shellbabe Yay for Charlotte attaching without the shield. That's great and I'm a bit jealous!!!

    chantal25 Cooper has done a couple of projectile vomits. I will ask the paed on Monday about reflux. Although Cooper is very settled today so who knows! Sorry to hear Zac has the flu. That's no good at all. Poor little thing.

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    I feel like Em today and for the past few days - I've had enough! I feel so physically and mentally drained. Danielle's starting to sleep better - now from 8-9pm until 3-4am but I don't go back to sleep afterwards so I feel like crappola as I'm not getting enough sleep. She usually goes back to sleep until 7ish but I can't fall asleep again. She won't sleep during the day - she only cat naps for about 20 minutes and she's awake and crying again for attention. To top it all off it's Ken's birthday on Monday so we've got so many people coming over on the weekend - all I want to do it tell them to get lost but I know I can't especially because it's the Derby - Eagles vs Dockers - so everyone's coming over here.

    Doctor's pretty much told me it's nothing except for the stitches are propbably totally disolved now and it's taking a little longer to heal and the discharge is nothing and my boobs are hormonal. I only had about half a dozen on the side of the vagina and only 1 on the inner labia and that's the one that's killing me and has right from the start - I had none going backwards. He's given me antibiotics just in case but I'm taking them already so it doesn't get any worse. If it's not better by Monday I'm going to go to a totally different doctor's surgery and get another opinion as this doctor's making me feel like it's nothing.

    Sorry for the sad posting - I just feel very down all the time. I'm going to give Danielle her dummy and hopefully she settles down and go for a bath and my normal hourly cry.

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    Melbourne, Australia


    Hi girls

    Kel Your post made me feel so sad for you. Are you ok? I feel bad that you are having an hourly cry every day or at least that is what it sounds like. We are here for you that is what the group is for. What a pity you are in Perth cos if you were in Melbourne I would come for a visit and try and cheer you up. Have a look at your beautiful little angel and that should cheer you up!

    Fee Yay for Cooper being an angel for you. I haven't managed to get Dylan in his cot yet he is actually sleeping in his pram and seems to like it in there as it is snug.

    Shellbabe Yay for Charlotte sleeping for 7 hours that's amazing. Good on you for getting her to latch on without a shield, Dylan will latch on but then comes off and won't go back on and gets frustrated. Do you think it would be worthwhile me seeing a LC?

    Boisey Great message. It is all true.

    Fraser Glad the stroking thing worked for you, Dylan likes it too.

    Baiza Bailee's doing so well.

    Boybump Hope your tailbone heals soon. I still have tailbone, butt and hoo haa pain 5 weeks on when will it end. I want to get back into 'it' with DH, waaaa!

    Well Dylan had his MCHN check up today and is now 9 pd 15oz so has put on 14 oz in 2 weeks last check up he was 9pd 1oz and is now 56.5 cm from 54.5cm. SO he is "thriving" in the words of the nurse. Which is just great. At her recommendation I have started giving him nude tummy time or nappy off actually on the chnage table with every change. Apparantly this the best way to do tummy time because they can lie flat without the bulk of the nappy getting in the way. And he seemed to like it.

    Tomorrow we are going in to my work to visit which will be good can't wait to see everyone and show my little cutie off.

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    Fraser Guest


    ok what do you do when you have finally managed to get Bubby off to sleep (who has been awake since 4am) in the hug-a-bub and now you're busting to go to the toilet?

    Is it wrong to take him in with you.......

    need quick responses or will wet pants.....

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    ahhhhhhhhhhhh come one come all I say....take him!!!lol!

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    Fraser Guest


    I had to take him - the hug-a-bub is so fiddly it would have taken me half an hour to unwrap - so it was either wet my pants or hope he didn't wake and realise what was going on.

    was rather awkward though - last time I shared a toilet with someone was when I was in my early twenties, out and p*ssed and giggly......

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    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles


    I take mine to toilet all the time - easy peesy

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    Fraser Guest


    Nice pun Trish!

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    Kel- i had a cry the other night, i was so fustrated Charlotte had only been alseep for an hour from her last feed, i had been asleep in that time, and then she woke up screaming, like she wanted a feed, tried to feed her and she wouldn't stay on, i then started to cry, so Tim had to take her, the poor thing has so much wind, once she got rid of it she was fine.

    Cassie- Charlotte likes her pram as well, because when we are out she sleeps all the time, I used to put Madison in it when she was a baby. Charlotte likes her swing, she is asleep in it at the moment. How did you go at your work?

    Fee- you are so lucky to have Cooper sleeping well, i wish, i try and get Charlotte to sleep like that but she likes to feed 2 hrly.

    i have booked in to have family photos taken on tuesday, so i am going to get my hait cut and coloured on monday.
    i got my first smile yesterday
    to whose babies are brestfeed, do they have a fav boob? Charlotte likes my left side.
    i hope everyone has a great weekend

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    Fee Guest


    Not much happening here. We had a pretty good day although Cooper wanted to feed every 3 hours instead of 4. And then he only had a 2 hour break this evening. I had fed him at 3.30 pm but he wouldn't settle in his cot. I then tried feeding him again at 5.30 pm because he was making "mouths" at me. You would think he hadn't been fed in days!!! LOL. He went crazy at my boob and ended up having a 25 minute feed when normally he only goes about 10-15 minutes. He's fast asleep now (nearly 8.00 pm). Wonder how long he'll go tonight. Some nights it will be 8 hours between feeds but then it could be like last night and only be 5 hours (followed by 4 hours and then 3!).

    We went on trips to Coles, a local shopping centre and Bunnings today. Cooper mostly slept in the Baby Bjorn or car capsule while we were out.

    Bubseykel Sorry to hear you've been down. I hope the weekend hasn't been too crazy for you with Ken's birthday celebrations.

    Cassie That's great that Dylan is thriving and growing big and strong! And thanks for mentioning nude tummy time. Will have to give it a go with Cooper although I hope he doesn't do a big poo or something!

    How did your visit to your work go? DH and I plan on going next week to my work.

    Fraser Glad to hear you didn't wet your pants. I think it's fine to take Charlie to the toilet in the HAB. How are you finding the HAB by the way?

    kmh Cooper doesn't seem to have a favourite boob but I think I prefer the right one! Feels more "comfy" when feeding.

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    hey girls just letting you know iv set up a ninemsn mothers group where we can chat to each other online live
    if you wanna join this please email me to [email protected]
    with your email address and wat time of day you would wanna chat with everyone
    ill send back and email to you all with the links to this group
    hope to talk to you all on there

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    Fraser Guest


    Hey guys,

    well we've had a good couple of days - in preparation for DH going back to work on Monday - where I guess it will all turn to sh*t again!!

    I think Charlie has a cold though, he's very snotty and crackly sounding - I'm not sure what to do about it - we have our Paed appt on Thursday - is that too late to leave it? I don't think he has a temperature, his hands are still cold, and he's still feeding like normal. I just get worried when he's asleep in the night he's going to choke on the snot and I wont hear him. Is it true that babies can't choke? or is that only when they're really really new?

    What is the best way to tell if your baby has a temp? My mum said if his hands and feet are really warm then it's possible - but they're not really well they sort of are, but I've got the heaters on so he might just be warm - he's not sweaty and he's not crying - am I panicking myself?

    Bubs - how are things today? I'm trying so hard to take things as they come and accept that there will never be a 'normal' day again in my life - but it's taking time! Have you had a chance to have a good sleep yet? even just for 5 hours - it's amazing the difference it can make - can someone watch over Danielle for you?

    Chantal - how did you cope with Zac being sick? did you give him anything, like panadol? I just don't know what to do and I'm not even sure Charlie is sick - why am I freaking out??

    Fee - I'm glad Cooper is back to normal - I've realised I'm a control freak - when things happen out of order or Charlie cries for no reason I have to find a reason - I need an explanation for anything out of the ordinary or my brain doesn't cope - so if he's really unsettled one night I will have to think back over the previous day and work out what was different and then make a mental note 'Ah I had two coffees instead of one, that must be why he's miserable' - if I don't do that I go into melt down - half the time I think the reasons I think up to placate myslef have no bearing on his behaviour at all - but at least I'm happy in my little organised and slef explanatory world!

    Baiza - I might e-mail you about that chat group - I've never done anything like that before - it should be interesting.

    Kelly - Good luck with the family photos on Tuesday

    Cassie - that's excellent news about Dylan - we're trying to give Charlie more tummy time too - I keep forgetting about it!

    Cyn - It IS really really good to know that I'm not the only one going through all of this - not that I wish the turmoil and confusion on anyone else - but it's amazing what a relief it is to read that other people have the same issues - a problem shared is a problem halved!

    Anyone heard from Tanya (Tulip) - she was having a rough time a litte while ago and I hope she is ok!

    ok so I'm off to stare and Charlie and make sure he is breathing and then I might have a little panic about DH going back to work.

    Speak soon - Em

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    hi all
    em- its alright if they have a yucky nose, Charlotte has one at the moment, go to the chemist and get yourself some fess its for their nose and it helps lossen all the crap in their nose, you can use it on a new born, i have been using it on charlotte and it seems to be helping, also you will cope just fine with you Dh going back to work, i thought i wasn't and i have 2 to look after and i am doing just fine, we seem to be so busy latley too.

    fee- you are lucky to feed every 3 hours i feed every 2 sometime 3 if i am lucky., and over night i feed 4 hourly which i can cope with.

    biazar- that sounds good, if we can all find a time where it suits us all, the best time for me is about12;30-1pm as Madison is sleeping at that time or after 7:30pm.

    Wee i have had a good day, went to see Tim's cousin today as they have 2 girls so Madison enjoyed that, Charlotte was a bit restless their until the about 4pm and now she has been sleepy, she is in her bed at the moment. I went shopping yesterday and brought the girls something nice for them to wear on tuesday and ened up spending $91 at pumpkin patch just on them. I still have to find myself something to wear as well.
    well i am off to get my hair cut tomorrow, yeah i havn't had it cut for so long.

    I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend

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