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Thread: Babies born July 2006 #2

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    Default Babies born July 2006 #2

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in July 2006.

    If there are any details you would like changed or added to this list could you please email :-

    Christy [email protected]

    or of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum:-

    Sherie - [email protected]
    Lea13 - [email protected]
    Astrolady - [email protected]

    Please Note Your name will be removed if you have not posted in this thread for over 2 months

    July '06

    Forum Name:
    Baby's DOB:
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ -
    Gender of Baby:
    Baby's Name:
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns:
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Name: Trish (Baby~amore` - I chose my user name before I knew it was twins - means Baby love )
    State: NSW
    DOB: 1.7.06 (35weeks & 4days - EDD was 1st August)
    Stats: Samuel 6lb 8.5 oz (2960gm), Length - 46.5cm
    Joel 4lb 12oz (2164gm) Length 43cm
    Gender: Males
    Babies names: Samuel Matthew Gordon (twin A) and Joel Thomas Ryan (twin B)
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: Spent 3 days in NICU and 15 days in Special Care Nursery - though well
    Born by emergency c/s - Breech and Maternal obstetric cholestatis (more common in multiple pregnancy)
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Forum Name: Bubseykel
    State: WA
    Baby's DOB: 6/7/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight 3.98kg (8lb 12oz) Length 52cm Head Circ 34.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Danielle Lucy
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: n/a
    Notes: Born 9 days early - Vaginal birth - 6 1/2 hours labour - pushing 1 1/2 hours - 'Corkscrew' method used to pull her out as her shoulders got stuck - Danielle ended up with a broken shoulder bone due to being stuck but she is fine now!!
    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    Name: [email protected]
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 11/07/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 4065 g - 53 cm - 36.5 cm
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby's Name: Oskar Maddox Cooper
    Baby's Website: none yet
    Health Concerns: none
    Notes: 11 days overdue (EDD 30/06/06). Admitted to hospital for induction 09/06/06 (evening), had a c/s 11/07/06 (early morning) as baby was not descending.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________

    Forum Name: AJ
    State: Christchurch NZ
    Baby's DOB: 15 July 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight 7lb 13oz - Length – 50cm Head Circ – 34cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Name: Ethan Paul
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: 40hrs of contractions – not progressing- waters manually broken, Synto drip, Gas then epidural – bubs went into distress emergency c-section performed- all good from there.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

    Forum Name: Fee
    State: Qld
    Baby's DOB: 17 July 2006
    Baby's Stats: 3.63 kgs (8 lbs) - 51.5 cm - 35 cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Name: Cooper Harvey
    Baby's Website: or
    Health Concerns: n/a
    Notes: Vaginal birth with pethidine - labour approx 12 hours long and pushed for only 43 minutes
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Forum Name: Cassie
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 17/7/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 3.9kg (8pd 10oz) Length - 51.5cm Head Circ - 37cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Name: Dylan Sebastian
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: None so far
    Notes: Vaginal birth, 21 and a half hour labour, no pain relief apart from
    the gas, was a vacuum extraction (ventouse)in the end after I became
    exhausted, had been pushing about 2 hours, poor little mite had a bruise on
    his head from the vacuum that is nearly gone, was also jaundiced for the
    first week or so but better now, I had two first degree tears and four
    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    Forum Name: Fraser (Emily)
    Baby's DOB: 20 July 06
    Baby's Stats:Weight 7 pounds 15 ounce, Length 53cm, Head Circ 36cm
    Gender of Baby:Male
    Baby's Name: Charlie Simon
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns:Nil
    Notes: Born 9 days early - 4 hour 'active' labour - popped out way sooner than expected even caught the OB by surprise - no time for drugs but unfortunately enough time for an episiotomy!
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Forum Name: KMH
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 20/7/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight 3.29 kg (7lb 4oz) - Length 48cms, Head Circ 34.5cms
    Gender of Baby: female
    Baby's Name: Charlotte Johanna Howell
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: Tongue Tied
    Notes: VBAC, was induced as i was 5 days over, waters broken and sytno drip, 7 hours of labour with all drugs, pushed for 1hr and 20mins with an
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Forum Name: kyliealisha
    Baby's DOB: 21 July 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 3.6 kg - 51 cm - 36.6 cm
    Gender of Baby: Female
    Baby's Name: Emma Jessie
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: Emma was born via emergency C Section after many hours of labour when we realised she was not going to fit through my pelvis!

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    Forum Name: Boisey
    State: Melb, Vic
    Baby's DOB: 27/7/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight 3.345kg Length 5ocm Head Circ 35cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Name: Jensen Robert
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: n/a

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Forum Name: Shinee
    State: Canberra where its lovely and cold!!!
    Baby's DOB: 28th July 2006 (just made it in)
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 3.095kg Length -49cm Head Circ -34cm(34cm too big if
    u ask me)
    Gender of Baby: shes defiantly a girly, girl
    Baby's Name: Lucy Alys Tait
    Baby's Website: gots to get to that
    Health Concerns: nothing she is absolutly puuuuuurfect!
    Notes: induced labour started wednesday 26th July, 3 sets of gels.. nothing until thursday 27th july at 10pm when my waters naturally broke and finally after nearly 38hours of contractions and pethadine (wasnt allowed to have an epi due to blood clot at 31wks )Lucy came gushing into the world not breathing for 40 seconds at 11:39am!!!!
    __________________________________________________ _________________________

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    Your old thread is HERE

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    Hi ladies

    Have had a few quite busy days so don' have much time for personals today! Had quite a good nights sleep last night as Dylan slept in his bassinet all night as opposed to our bed and he fed at 2.30am and 9am so in between those two I got a big chunk of sleep. Apart from that we had our first mothers group session yesterday which was really good and I already knew someone in the group. Today we went to a settling talk which was quite good too. Anyway have to go pick up hubby now may be back later for more! Hope everyone is good.

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    good boy Dylan for giving Mummy a long sleep in ...

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    Fee Guest


    Here are Cooper's stats from his 4 week check up:

    Weight: 4.51 kg (4510 g) (9.9 lbs)
    Length: 57 cm
    Head: 37.5 cm

    The midwife gave him 10/10!!! Yay! He put on 490 grams in 2 weeks which is good. I felt better after finding that out! It's good to know they are growing big and strong!

    DH just took Cooper down to the shops with him. It's the first time we have been separated!!!

    Shellbabe – I don't have a real routine with Cooper. I think he's too young. When he wakes and cries I feed him! Although during the day I don't let him go longer than 4 hours between feeds. The hospital told me to do this. So if I feed him at 10.00 am then his next feed is due at 2.00 pm. If he's still sleeping then I wake him. This doesn't happen that often though. He usually wakes up right on time or otherwise earlier than the 4 hours. At night I let him sleep though. I think it helps to distinguish between night and day. He often goes 4-8 hours between feeds at night.

    Cassie – Glad to hear you got a big chunk of sleep. It's so nice isn't it!

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    Shellbabe Guest


    Well I am feeling very refreshed today - Charlotte slept from midnight until 6am - bliss!! AND my boobs didn't wake me up, which was nice - they were certainly ready to go first thing though.

    The lactaction consultant visited me today too - but just missed a feed which is a shame, so she is coming back tomorrow, hopefully it will be in time for a feed.
    We tried to feed while she was here - attaching without a shield, but Charlotte wasn't hungry - just tired. Good news is she wasn't refusing straight nipple - just not hungry enough to start sucking. LC said this is great, because after three weeks on the shield sometimes they refuse the breast altogether and only feed with a shield.
    Though I did have my suspicions confirmed though, Charlotte loves sucking the shield not my breast!

    Fee - sounds like Cooper is coming along brilliantly - I know when Charlotte had put on a good amount I felt relived everything was working right!
    With the routine, I had a good chat with the LC and she said I should be waking her every 4 hours too - usually she wakes by the 5 hr mark during the day - it's the not knowing bit that is awkward - so am going to try waking her at 2. Hopefully she doesn't get too angry with me! took forever for her to go to sleep after the last feed!

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    Fee - Cooper is doing great! I'm very jealous that he sleeps up to 8 hours at night, Oskar rarely goes past the 4 hour mark.

    Shellbabe - I'm glad the consultant was helpful and hope it goes even better tomorrow. Like I said to Fee above, I wish I got a couple of longer sleeps like the 6 hours you got last night! I'm sure it will happen eventually though.

    I just came back from taking Oskar to the supermarket in his Baby Bjorn. It is the first time I have used it. I think he liked it. He actually fell asleep on his rug on the floor as I was putting it on, then I transferred him into the baby Bjorn and he stayed asleep during our excursion! If only he fell asleep that easy at night...

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    Fraser Guest


    Hey peeps!

    Fee - I am jealous too of your 8 hour sleeps!! I got 3 1/2 in one go last night and was pretty happy with myself! It is amazing how your body can adjust to not much sleep though! That's great Cooper is doing so well.

    Shell - the lactation consultant from our hospital was supposed to ring me a few days after we went home, but never did. We haven't had any problems so I guess that has worked out ok - they scare me a little bit anyway!

    Becca - Charlie loves being in a front pack too - he always falls asleep - lately thought he is quite taken by his pram - he sleeps in there during the day instead of his bed - he settles right away - maybe he thinks we're going to take him on a walk!

    we have our first mothers group meeting tomorrow - bit nervous about going. It's one thing reading up on all of your posts and exchanging info - but talking to people face to face intimidates me a little! I'll go along and see what it's like - if I hate it I wont go again.

    Charlie is doing great - he is so chubby!! I am really starting to actually enjoy him now, instead of just worry about him and view him as a job. he knows my voice and settles when people hand him back to me if he's squawking - it's so nice. This morning I had him in bed with me and fell asleep with my face next to his - I must have kept rolling to close or something because every now and then he would push at my face with his hands - so cute.

    Got a smile yesterday too - I'm sure it wasn't wind because he used his eyes as well, not just his mouth.

    I think he gets sick of me kissing him though, poor thing, I can't help myself but kiss him all over and he starts grunting and trying to hit me with his little fists!

    anyway enough gushing.

    Hope everyone is well. Em

    ps: Bubs - are you ok?

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    i ahd started to right a really long post and the stupid comp lost it.
    Anyhow, we are going good, i still think i have low milk supply, as Charlotte seems not be getting enough during the day but at night as sleeps much longer she gets what she wants then, i am expressing after most feeds and then topping her up with that at night, but its not much, i am going to go to the health food shop tomorrow and ask what they think i can do to try and increade it, others wise i may go to the doctors as i know there is somethin they can give me to increase it. Last night i only got up once for a feed at 3:30am. Yay.

    Cassie- its great that you like your mothers group, i love going i have been going for 19mnths, its great support.

    Shellbebe- welcome, Charlotte is a great name.

    Fee- wow cooper is doing great, we have your 4 weeks check up on friday, i think Charlottw will weigh in somewhere in the low 8 pounds, as last week she was 7 pound 11.

    I hope everyone else is doing great.

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    Hi Everyone - yes I'm still alive and at home.

    Things have settled down here. He came home on Saturday evening and as he walked in the door I made a kissing sound (that's what we normally do every night) and he made one back. I went up to him and said sorry for snapping and he said sorry too and hugged (the three of us - Danielle was in my arms as she just finished having a bath and being dressed). I think we are both very tired and get grumpy easily. It has been bliss since. One of the best things - we found the Colic Relief we bought!! The trolley boy found it and returned to the chemist we bought it from. He's a lovely boy!!Sunday we went to my Aunty's place for my cousin's birthday and he helped by feeding her so I could help my Aunty in the kitchen and Tuesday I got home late and he got home early and cooked dinner for us. He hasn't had a full night's sleep since Danielle was born. It's hard as our rooms are right next to each other so when she crys during the night she wakes both of us up but she usually only wakes up once so it's not that bad as we go to bed at 8.30 and get up at 6 like she does.

    I've had a busy week so far. Monday and Tuesday I was at a First Aid course especially for babies and children. Both morning I had to be out the door by 7.30 at the latest so I could drop Danielle off at my mums or Ken's step mums and get to the course, go back and pick her up afterwards and go home. I wasn't home until about 5.30 both days. Yesterday I was out the door at 7.30 again to pick my mum up as she was getting her car serviced, back home for an hour, off to the doctor for my 6 week checkup (which I've been given the all clear!! YAY!!), to my Oma's for lunch, off to the paed for Danielle, off to Medicare to get my money back, run around trying to find this stuff for Danielle, Mum's car wasn't ready so I took her home and wasn't really home until 5 again! Luckily I'm staying home most of the day today. I need to take Mum back this afternoon to get her car.

    Danielle's pretty much been given the all clear from the paed. Her shoulder has mended but could take up to 3 months to properly heal but when she grows up she won't even know she had it done. She's was 4.7 kilos (10lbs 6 oz I think! - 8lbs 12oz orig) on his scales, 54cm in length (I'm questioning that one - only 2cm since she was born??) and 37cm head (34.5). He said that she's got really sensitive skin like me and needs a special cream to clear up her spots on her face. He said it's similar to a baby eczema but it's not to that stage yet. This cream should clear it up. Otherwise she's fine!!

    My breast milk has dried up a bit again due to lack of expressing but I'm home now so I'll be back on the pump for most of the day today! Thanks for everyone's support during my little spaz - especially Em. We always seem to know what to say to each other hey!! Danielle's sleeping well. She's going from going down between 8 and 9 then waking between 1 and 2 (last night was 2.30!) and then again between 5 and 6 so I ususally only get up once during the night! She's an angel!! I've noticed a huge improvement in her after giving her Brauer's Colic Relief for her wind. The nurse recommended it and I'm so glad she did!!

    As for who gets up during the night - that's me and always me! Well most of the time. Ken gets up occasionally during the night and change her nappy while I'm getting her bottle ready so once he's ready I'm usually ready and then I feed her and he goes back to bed but doesn't really sleep until I'm back in bed. Otherwise I get her bottle ready and then go and change her nappy and then feed her. I tried to feed and settle her back in her room at night where it's quiet and just has her sleeping music on but she's takes so much longer to settle instead of being infront of the TV so I've resorted to still doing that.

    I'm sorry it's so long and all out us.

    Kel - I found that Fenugreek has helped with my milk supply. Maybe try that first before getting medications as I spoke to the doctor yesterday and did a bit of research on the net and some of the medications could get into the breast milk. I prefer something natural going through first before medication.

    Em - definately go the the mother's group! A few weeks ago when I had to weigh Danielle twice a week I went to quite a busy place and there were heaps of mother's waiting for the nurse so they were chatting away. I stayed quiet for a bit but then loosened up a bit and it was really good speaking to people like that who where in similar situations or going through it right now. Sounds like you are really enjoying Charlie. I'm so glad. Danielle punched me in the face yesterday when we were lying in bed together early. Thank you so much Em!!

    Becca - go the baby carrier!! Danielle did that to me when I went to the bank and she fell asleep on me. It's so nice!

    Shell - hello from me!! The paed I saw yesterday said not to worry too much over night if they sleep longer than 4 hours. As long as they don't go over it during the day. Danielle wants every 2 hours during the day now that she sleeps longer at night but that's better than waking every 3 hours during the night!!

    Fee - sounds like Coopers a great little person! I'm so jealous of you!!

    Cassie - yay for sleep!!

    I better run. Danielle's stiring again and I want to duck in for a quick shower before she wakes totally. Have a great day! And thanks again everyone!!

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    Fee Guest


    Cooper is 1 month old today! I took a heap of photos of him this morning and got some good ones of him smiling. It's so hard to catch his smile on camera! Got to be quick. They're on my Yahoo website link below if you're interested.

    Shellbabe – I'm also using a shield and it's been 1 month now. Cooper can sometimes latch on without it but then other times he just won't (or can't). I have flat nipples. I try to have a go without the shield at least once a day but sometimes I don't. If he's sucking away happily I don't want to disturb him!!! The midwife at the baby clinic told me not to stress about using the shield. She said Cooper is growing brilliantly and seems happy and content. So she said to try and go without when I can – but not to worry about it too much. I have heard of mothers who have used shields for 4 months with no issues. I know it's not ideal… but I'm not sure what else to do. I have been meaning to get a LC to come out and see me but I haven't organised it yet.

    Becca – Well Cooper was waking for a feed every 4 hours last night. So no huge sleeps for me. But it's still not too bad. I do a feed before I go to sleep and then I only get up around midnight and then 5.00 am. I don't mind this. Cooper likes the Baby Bjorn too. I often use it in the mornings around the house when he is a bit unsettled.

    Fraser – Oh please don't be jealous of 8 hour sleeps. It's 8 hours between feeds, not actual sleep time. I'm usually up for about an hour doing the feed/changing nappies etc. But I guess it's still a good sleep! He hasn't done that for a while though. So this Mother's Group – is it one organised from this forum? I'm having a Mother's Group at my house in a few weeks with girls from another forum I chat on. I have met some of them before though so it won't be too scary!

    kmh – Sorry to hear about your milk supply. There are some threads in the BF-ing section about ways to increase your supply (different herbs, recipes etc).

    Bubseykel – Wow sounds like you have been busy – out and about! I'm lucky if I go out of the house during the week! DH takes our only car to work. He'll leave it with me if I have to go somewhere though. He rides his bike to work on those days. Hmmm so Danielle has grown 2 cm since birth. You'll have to see what the other babies in our group have done. Cooper has grown 6 cm in 4 weeks. I think he might be tall!

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    Fraser Guest


    hey ladies,

    what a freaked out weird old horrible day - Charlie has been very unsettled - didn't go to the mothers group - I think he could pick up on some emotion that Simon and I were feeling all day.

    Don't read on if you're emotional.

    We got some news today, some friends of ours were due with there second son this week, went into labour last night and lost the baby. Apparently the cord was wrapped around his neck. I am in so much shock, I can't believe this could happen in this day and age. Charlie had the cord around his neck but the OB just looped it off with his finger, I can't understand how this could happen.

    I felt physically ill when we found out, we both cried for ages and then have spent all day just in a zombie like state. We keep imagining what it must feel like and we have to stop doing that - it's not good for us - but then we feel guilty if we're happy in a time that simply must be the most devastating of their lives.

    It is beyond comprehension, I can't believe it. I was only talking to the father on the phone the other day laughing about how much of a handful new born babies are and good luck with dealing with a 2 year old and a new born.

    I feel sick.

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    lucysmummie Guest


    Knock knock hope its ok for me to come and join u guys in here??? i was a august bellie buddy but was induced early cause of having a blood clot at 31wks...


    well il keep poping in and join in the convo...

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    Hi Girls!

    Em- oh Im so sorry to hear what has happened to your friends... I have to agree that in this day and age really do wonder how this could happen...or at the very least a scan could have...should have picked it thoughts are with you honey!

    Kel- Ive been thinking of you heaps...glad to hear that things are now on the up and up...have to say that when we have a lack of sleep it really makes everything so much more difficult... Ive been so sleep deprived of late too and cracked it at Rob last night because he has spent most of the time with the tradesmen working on the house...I know its only b/c he wants things finished...but this is meant to be our special family time...and Rob goes back to work this grrrrr !!! Perhaps Id better get some more sleep too!! And big pat on the back to you... your so good at getting out and about... i havent done that on my own yet....:eek: :eek:

    shinee- welcome!

    Fee- great to hear that Cooper is doing so well!

    oops Jensen is awake...better go!
    hope everyone else is doing well and getting more sleep!!
    love cyn

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    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles


    Em - I am so sorry for the loss of your friend's little boy.It is heartbreaking news. My SIL told me a friend of her friend lost their baby to cord accident last week too. I was so sad for them.

    A friend of mine lost her daughter last year on July 9th @39wks - she found out the baby had passed away just before she was to have a c/s . The cord was around neck 6 times.She is now 33wks pg with a little boy. I know a few others too -unfortunately scans don't always show -my friend is so anxious.
    It was be so emotional for you too.

    Bubs - glad things are on the up for you and Danielle is doing so well.Good on you for doing a First aid course -you are keen.

    Hi Shinee & Lucy !

    hello to everyone else ... time for feeding again.

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    Em- to you and your friends.

    Bubs- i have started to take the Fenugreek today, how long did it take before you noticed a difference. I am so glad to see you and ken has sorted out your little problem. it's amazing that we can surive on little sleep, how was you first aid course? Did you learn much?

    shine- welcome back.

    Things have been going well today, expect i went down the street by myself today and i got beck and tim had to feed Charlotte the ebm that i had in the fridge for when she goes through her grumpy stage, so i hope she is settled tonight as i have only 20mls in the fridge for her now. so haopefully she gets enough from me tonight.

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    Fee Guest


    Fraser – That is so so sad about your friend. I was actually just reading through some other threads here on the forum and saw a lady who lost her baby during labour at 40 weeks. The thought just makes me feel ill. It's so tragic and unfair.

    shinee – Welcome!!! Lucy looks adorable in your ticker.

    Boisey – How's your house going? PS – Jensen is sooooo cute in y our ticker! What a cute photo.

    Baby~amore – Hi Trish. Hope all is going well with your boys.

    kmh – Hope Charlotte was settled for you last night.

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    Kel - I noticed a difference within a day but I also increased my water as I would only normally drink 2 glasses a day. Myabe if you're not getting your eight glasses to increase that too. Within 2 days I noticed a huge difference. My First Aid course was great. I didn't really know what to do about anything so I got heaps out of it. It covered CPR to bites to alergic reations - you name it! I did the one especially for children and babies. It's not the cheapest course but I do feel more confident in dealing with things. My class was so small that we practiced on the adults too so they pretty much covered everything. As they say it's great to know it but hopefully you'll never use it.

    Cyn - thanks for thinking of me. You are so sweet - you made me cry!!

    Welcome Shinee - I believe you were initially due in July so this means you were always meant to be here with us!!

    Em - to you and your friends. I can't believe something like this could happen. It makes me cry and feel sick too. We almost lost Danielle and it's the worst feeling ever. It makes us think how lucky we are. If you need to talk go and see someone - even if it's just you GP. Take care honey.

    Fee - Cooper is so cute. Danielle hasn't got the smiling thing happening too much yet. It seems more when she has wind. He sounds like he's growing up so fast!!

    We have our 6 week check with the clinic nurse today. I know she'll weight and measure her again so we'll see how long she actually is. I believe she's grown more than that. She used to be able to lay in our laundry troff easily without hitting anything but now her head and her feet touch both sides easily. We had a lovely day at home yesterday. I should've done more around here as Danielle slept most of the day. I think being out of the house for the last 3 days has taken it out of her and all she wanted to do was sleep. Going to another Baby Show tomorrow with my SIL - Danielle's Aunty Donna. This one was great last year with heaps of freebies and I've got tickets to get in for free so it's definately going.

    Have a great weekend everyone!!

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