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Thread: Babies Born July 2006

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    Shellbabe Guest


    Hi All... I have finally gotten 5 minutes to post and introduce myself!

    I'm Michelle - I had my princess Charlotte on 25th July at 2:49am, via emergency C Sec.
    I was induced, but in the end my cervix didn't want to play - which seems to run in the family!

    Today is my first day at home alone! Very scary, though not going too badly, I managed to get on here - wash my hair and have a load of nappies washing!
    Now I just have to figure out how to make the feeding cycle not last 2.5hours as it just did this last one... she just wouldn't settle, and each time she doesn't settle I offer a top up feed - it usually seems to work, but this time it didn't. In the end I was just cuddling her and she went to sleep.

    Well I am going to catch up on this thread and around the forums - looking forward to getting to know you all.

    Shell and Charlotte

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    welcome Shell & Charlotte - look forward to getting to know you and sharing experiences .

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    Fee Guest


    Tomorrow will be the first time I will take Cooper out by myself. We'll be off to the baby clinic for his 4 week check up. It won't be a scary visit as I've gone once before with DH. So I know where to go and how it all works! I'll just take Cooper in his car capsule so he can stay asleep until it's time to be weighed etc. Then we'll go and pick DH up from work. I've done car trips on my own with Cooper (to DH's work) but I haven't actually taken him out and about on my own before.

    kmh Cooper has had times where he just wants to constantly feed too. I have been scared my milk will run out! I hope Charlotte has been better today.

    Baiza I think it's important for baby and daddy to bond too. That's why I get DH to do all the bathing. He loves that time with Cooper.

    boybump I'd say we all came from parents who put us to sleep on our tummies. That was the done thing in those days. I guess these things change all the time and they say now that back sleeping is the best. Do you have one of those foam wedges? You could use that to help Ben stay safe you could even sleep him on his side perhaps?

    Shellbabe Hi there and welcome! Congratulations on the arrival of your little girl Charlotte.

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    You miss a few days visiting here and there is quite a lot of catching up to do!!

    Roya and Michelle - Welcome to the July group. It is a great place to check in and see so many others are having the same struggles and happy moments. I also was induced and ended up with an emergency c/s!

    boisey - I use Omo for sensitive skin. However, with not enough sleep I have forgotten a number of times and used the regular detergent with no adverse results. I have had some washing disasters lately though - ruined two maternity bras and a knit top and turned some baby clothes blue - I can't seem to sort the washing properly in this state!

    fraser - Jeremy and I have been the same. I have resorted to trying to make him get lots of sleep. It doesn't seem fair when I hardly get any, but if both of us are sleep deprived things don't go well.

    tulip - I am solely breastfeeding so I am the only one getting up in the night. Oskar is very unsettled at night until 1 am, so it is quite exhausting until then. He wakes at about 4 - 5 am and generally has only a short feed so I am back to bed in less than an hour (30 mins if I'm lucky). Next he wakes between 7 and 8 am. If it is closer to 7 I get up and have breakfast after his feed, then back to bed. If it is closer to 8 and Jeremy is up I get him to change Oskar then bring him to me while I feed him in bed. I then try to sleep until his next feed, but do feel like I am wasting the day. I look after him most in the evenings too. Jeremy would do more if I asked, but as Oskar is unsettled at night I tend to want to do everything. I think I will start asking him to settle Oskar after his evening feeds and maybe bath him too so i get a break.

    boybump - Sorry your trip to the specialist wasn't conclusive, although it is good things seen to be healing. Hope you get some answers on Thursday. Congrats on getting into the jeans though! Surprisingly, when Oskar was in the nursery at the hospital one night they put him to sleep on his tummy! I had sent him there as I could not settle him that night and they couldn't either until there let him sleep that way. They had him near the midwives station so they could watch him though.

    I got to go out on the weekend which was great. Went to some friends on Friday night, had a late night excursion to a coffee shop on Saturday night (walked there hoping Oskar would fall asleep in the pram - he didn't), friends for lunch on Sunday and someone elses in the afternoon. I'm feeling like life's getting back to normal. -- I couldn't complain about late nights to one of my friends though - a close friend of her's had twins... then fell pregnant soon after with triplets. Just imagine it!

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    Shellbabe Guest


    Everyone must be having a busy day!
    Charlotte has been so good today - settled really well and am just waiting for her to wake up again - hopefully soon, as a neighbour is popping round soon to discuss strata stuff - what's the bet Charlotte wakes up as she gets here!!! lol

    How do people go trying to get a routine - at the moment, I just let her sleep until she wakes up - which can be disruptive in early evening when you don't know whether to get dinner happening or wait.
    She seems to be every 4 hrs at night - 12pm-ish and 4am-ish - then a sleep until 10ish.
    Do you wake bubs up when they are due and have been sleeping longer? Does this help them sleep longer in the night?

    Fee - how did the trip to the baby clinic go?

    Becca - sounds like quite a weekend - glad things are returning to normal for you - must be a nice feeling

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    Time for a new thread girls

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