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Thread: Babies Born July 2007 #17

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    I know. I look at all these little babies now and get flashbacks of when she was small and squishy and slept all night.... At the same time, I can't wait to see her running around and talking to me and wondering what her voice will be like and what she will be interested in (sigh)

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    Happy 8 months Jack!!

    I know what you mean Sacha - they are growing up so quickly!! Sometimes when I look at Charlotte I still expect her to be a little newborn who just stays in one place and it seems like every day she is changing!! Exciting but sad! I am sighing with you...

    Gotta run - DH just got home tonight and he caught a crayfish for me while he was away so I am going to go and gorge myself silly!

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    Hi everyone!!

    Wow so much chatter....

    Happy 8 months Jack!!!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. The engagement party last night was great. We had a really good time and Oliver was a perfect angel for us!!! He is such a good boy.

    Today was a really exciting day here for us....Oliver said 'mum-mum' and 'dad-dad'!!!!! DF and I couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces all day!!! I think I even saw DF with a little tear. The 'dad-dad' sounds more like 'bab-bab' we know what he means!! It was so special to have him say them both on the same day, and very clever of him I think!!

    Sorry a bit tired tonight so no personals from me but I hope all mummies and bubbies are doing great.

    Raels and Oliver. xo

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    Raels, it's such a special time isn't. It's a shame they grow up so fast, but it's so wonderful each time they reach a new milestone. Jack's first words was bubba, then mumma, and he has only said da da a few times. Glad you had a good time last night.

    Jem, yummo, enjoy the crayfish!!

    Sacha, I'm already longing for another baby, but I know it's not going to happen. I just want my little boy and girl to take their time growing up. The time to going by wayyyyyyyyyy to quickly.

    Oopps gotta go, Boston Legal is on.

    Nighty night all

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    Happy 8 months Jack Wow!

    Well my little man has just woken up for a 4.30am feed again, so that's 3 times in as many weeks. Thank goodness his waking up is only random as I'm not used to getting up anymore, seeing as though he has slept through since he was 14 weeks old.

    His day sleeping has been a bit all over the place particularly if we are out. Last thursday he woke at 7.30am had a feed and slept until 10am, then we went out and he only had a half hour sleep and we got home at 5pm. I put him straight in bed, no dinner, didnt even change his clothes (expecting him to wake up)and I didnt hear from him until 7am the next day! It felt like the longest I've ever gone without seeing him since he was born!

    My other news is that I am going to try and relactate. I contacted ABA and they were so helpful and supportive. I'm not expecting to get to back to exclusively BF, but I'd like to offer him as much as I can even if it's just an expressed bottle or two or in with his food.

    I've still been able to get a drop or two out this whole time so will be interesting to see how it goes.

    Nay ~ Great to hear from you and Linkoln as always. I dont see why there would be any trouble mixing in rice with veg for freezing, it's a great idea actually!

    Sacha ~ That's also a great idea about rice pasta! Hadnt thought of that one! Lucas has had a bit of wheat, but only in the form of toast (and crumpet&muffins) you cant eat this sort or thing in front of him without sharing! Also his rusks have wheat in them too, but I still want to take it easy on the wheat.

    Mel ~ Thanks for letting me know about Jack with his toast too. I'm so scared he will choke as he always tries to put the whole lot in at once!

    Have a great day everyone. xoxox

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    Hi there!

    Happy 8 months Jack!!!!!

    Good luck with the relactation AMM - Let us know what happens. It sounds very interesting, and might come in handy one day.

    Well, My little angel *cough cough* has been very naughty since we got back from Wagga. When we were away, he only woke at 4am for a feed. That's pretty awesome for us. I am happy to get up to him one or 2 times a night, no drama's.
    But since we got back, he is waking 4+ times a night, and not for feeds. He gets REALLY cranky, for no real reason. Once a night, I am applying bonjella to his bottom gums as his teeth have cut, but haven't come all the way through yet... it's been 2 weeks... but that's a vent for another time.. LOL
    I think his top 2 teeth are giving him greif as well.
    Anyway, the only real way to settle him, is to bring him to our bed. Which isn't too much of a concern as we were co sleepers for the first few months anyway, but man, it's just plain annoying that we can't get a nice 5 hour chunk of sleep at night anymore. So dodgy.
    So hopefully this is just temporary, and he goes back to waking once a night very soon.
    On the solids front, IS THERE ANYTHING THIS CHILD WONT EAT??? I think I must have had it pretty easy, and I have a child that just devours everything in sight. pmsl. Although apple and oatmeal didn't go down perfect the first time. lol
    I have made a heap of fresh fruit and veg up for the next week, and it's all new stuff. Although, I brought broccolli, and then read that it shoulnd't be introduced before 8 months of age, so I am planning on pureeing freezing and saving for another month.

    Yay on the words Raels!!!!
    Lach started saying mum mum last week, so he's got 3 words and a 'nickname' down pat now. Bubba, da-da, mum-mum, are all very clear, and then theres 'gar'. Thats the nickname. For what, I am not sure, but its said far too often to be for fun. We also have the little man just calling out when he wants our attention. it's hillarious. We turn our backs for a second and get a big 'aaaaa'!!!!! Very demanding child. lol

    Well, I best be off. Plenty of housework to do

    xxoo nicky

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    time for a new thread everyone

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