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Thread: Babies Born July - December 2004

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    Kellee Guest


    Mooshie – yay for Jay’s first day at school! Sounds like you coped brilliantly – it’s always the mums I worry about more than the kids! So cute that Lani missed him too.

    Michelle – that is so cute about Jess saying “I love you” when you tuck her in. And it’s still cute even though she calls you Michelle! Don’t think I would care what Charlie called me as long as he started talking… he still only says mum, bub and dad. Talking late runs in both sides of the family for boys so I shouldn’t be too worried I suppose.

    Hooray for convenient child care, Jessica. I haven’t put Charlie in any centers yet but everyone I know who has has found it really hard to get good child care that is convenient. I’m really glad it’s working out for you – even though it must have sucked to hear him cry. I would have broken down too I think! What is Mini Maestros? IKWYM about having bubs at the grandparents house… it’s funny that we crave a little bit of time to ourselves but as soon as we get it all we can think about are our kids!

    Bon – sorry about Grace sleeping badly the other night. Hope it was just a one off. Sounds like she’s a great little swimmer –I’m going to look into enrolling Charlie for swim school this semester. He does like the water but hasn’t had any actual lesson yet.

    Having a relaxing one here (or trying to!). Spent almost 4 hours cooking today, but at least all the lunches are ready for the rest of the week and the dinners are ready from now until Tuesday night. It’s hard with DH getting home late and there not being any latches on the cupboard doors to keep Charlie out while I’m cooking so I thought I’d take advantage of DH being home today and get it all out of the way. Phew! Not much else has been happening. Charlie has been heaps of fun this week and I’m really enjoying spending some time with him. For some reason he’s only having 1 hour’s sleep ALL DAY which is driving me nuts. He was having a 1 ½ - 2 hour sleep every day before this, but it seems to be all he needs at the moment, unfortunately, because I need more than that! He always wakes up really grumpy too – not sure why. Nothing that a few cuddles and Play School doesn’t fix though. We’ve been going to the park late in the afternoon these days – in Brisbane it’s WAY too hot to leave the house any earlier than about 4 in the arvo, and he’s been a little champ about it. We both go a little stir crazy here, but we manage. Starting back at uni in a couple of weeks so I’m just enjoying the time off!

    Anyway, enough babbling, dinner calls. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and HELLO to anyone I missed.

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    Kellee, IKWYM about it being too hot to venture out - we go to the park either before 9am or after 4pm, gives Kaleb a chance to burn some energy, and a relief for both of us to be out of the house! Glad to hear you're enjoying your time off.

    Jess, that sounds like a fantastic set up with the child care, what a bonus! Glad to hear Aidan is going well.

    Mitch, how is Jess's teething going?

    Well, Kaleb is going between 2 naps and 1 nap, he seems to sleep better at night if he's had 2 (weird) so that's what I'm pushing for. Still investigating activities/playgroups that we can join to get us both out there. I'm going through a phase where the social isolation of being a SAHM is getting to me, so I am looking for solutions!

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    Boo I'll pop in and visit from time to time

    Matilda's going well.... massive tantrums and not sleeping but really what else is new LMAO!

    She's a bit helper as well with cleaning. I usually give her wipes & let her wipe the walls for me & she gets a bucket with soapy water to "mop" the floor. Very cute.

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    mooshie Guest


    hi there

    thought i better do a quick catch up.

    christy - boo to you to lol. lol at matilda helping you clean. i used to sell enjo years ago when ds was only around 2yrs old and i got all the kids cleaning gloves and he still cleans the shower and dusts for me - how cool and now he can actually push a vaccum around, he is always begging me to let him clean - I LOVE IT PMSL,

    michelle - lani is usually a great sleeper but hmmmm things are happening with her - me thinks she is trying to test me (going to post a topic in the sleeping section i think). are these jessica's first lot of molars or her 2nd lot, cause i think they do the first lot first then the eye teeth and then the 2yr olds (the last molars) that is what lani seems to be doing and i got the baby books out for the others today and they did the same thing - either way i hate the teething lol my friends ds is 3 and he has just finished cutting his last tooth and she has a new baby well 5mths old and she is starting so my poor g/friend hasn't had a "teething" break lol.

    jessica - i was just reading today a swimmer - can't remember her name but she used to have the different coloured painted fingernails - her and her dh and bubs are moving to melb cause they have brought a kings swimming centre - thought of you lol. we go to paul saddler's and i think they are okay - jay seems to be getting a bit lost now that he goes after school it is just sooooooo busy, used to be good during the day - his last couple of terms lsat year was only 2 in the class and the teacher always gave longer lessons as it was the end of the session - loved it. i haven't put lani in yet, waiting till she is 3 and can go in by herself, we don't have a pool and i do alot of the stuff the bubs do at swimming with her in the bath, i just can't really justify having to pay $130 a term for the both of them plus all the other extra activities omg i am handing over money left right and centre atm.

    jo - i so know what you mean feeling isolated, i have been a SAHM coming up for 8 yrs and i go through stages every 6mths or so. i am currently looking for a playgroup or maybe gymbaroo or something for lani now jay is at school - i need to get out a bit more and try and stay away from the shops lol. kaleb sounds like he is going well.

    kellee - bummer about charlie making his naps shorter (maybe he has been talking to lani lol) what a pain being so hot and i bet you feel even hotter to be prg. good luck at starting back at uni soon

    bon - hope grace is feeling better, i hate it when they are not well.

    hi to everyone else.

    my news well we are back on the ttc journey pmsl - a few things have happened over the last few days (one being meeting a 47yr old - yes thats right 47 with a 15mth old baby - this woman was amazing she looked great) another sign was picking up a magazine and the first page i flick to is an article on older mums - so we have felt these were signs so we thought we will give it to the end of the year - so hopefully i will get a bfp soon, not charting or anything just going along with things, maybe use the opk's not sure yet.

    i knicked up to the school at recess today and had a look for jay lol - lani was in the pusher looking at all the kids in their uniform saying jay jay jay - was so funny, ended up finding him he was sooooooo excited to see us lol. he then went to a friends house after school and when i picked him up he told me he sang the australia song at school - they had school assembly and sang the national athem - actually i am a bit peeved the school hasn't told new parents when the school assembly is because they encourage parents to attend - can't attend if we don't know when it's on - hmmm communication is missing a little - well that's my whinge lol.

    am off to do a post about the little miss lani and her latest shananigans in the sleeping situation.

    have a good night

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    HI GIrls

    Kellee- bugger the short sleeps Charlie is having, it doesn't give you much time at all. Yay for being organised though, nothing like having all your work done, it's such a good feeling. I am really starting to feel like I am on top of my house atm. Which is nice, cos it means I don't have to listen to Arron telling me the house looks like ferals live here (which is never true and really makes me angry)! As for the talking, Joshua was very slow too,just keep talking to him and encourage him to say things like say "Charlie say dog!" and maybe do the animal sounds if you haven't already. It will come I'm sure, he just doesn't want tot do it bc you say LOL

    Michelle- shame you didn't know about assembly, but now you do so you can go everytime LOL, I have been about twice last year, once when Josh was getting his SRC badge and one other time. I actually don't find them interesting (prob being a teacher and having been to a million). How cute of Lani calling Jay! As for teeth, Jemma and Jordan did eye teeth and then molars, and Josh and Jess are doing 1st molars and then eye teeth by the look. I guess they are all different. Those signs are convincing enough for me. Maybe the trick to ttc is not to try LOL, maybe you shouldn't chart or visit the ttc forum, and you'll get the bfp. I am wishing everything for you to get it next month! Hope the sleeplessness is short lived for Lani, you are prob right, she prob is testing.

    Jo- Teething is going slowly. The bottom left has popped some of the points out but not the right yet. The top two aren't right out either. But she isn't going too badly, just sooky, not bad enough for panadol though. So no temp. I too remember 6 mths after I had Jemma, and I had been out of work for just on that time, I was totally stir crazy, it is so awful to feel trapped in your own home. Great idea to get out and about. I now scrapbooking materials on ebay with mum and so go to her place 1 day a week and about once a fnight go to the shopping centre, I also try to get to a gf's once a fnight too. As for the sleeps, if you can get 2 in try, bc you are right they sleep better if they have slept enough in the day. Jess is only having one but if it's not at least 2 hrs she is awful in the arvo.

    Christy- hello again! I can picture Matilda doing the cleaning, wish the tantruming had stopped though, would be nioce for you guys.

    hi to jess and Bon and dasch and anyone else I have missed.

    I finished Jordan's bedroom saturday and it looks terrific. Josh's is alot less time consuming, I have 2 tubs a the bookcase to go through and his is done. Just the linen press and my room and that's it. then i have to organise the stuff to sell, and the garage sale is on the 25th of Feb. SO that means I can paint the office in March and then go to IKEA!!!! YEAH FOR ME I LOVE IKEA!

    Kids are all fine, Josh is pushing e every step of the way and I am starting to feel like I am just a yelling machine. He has started saying he hates people, told me the other day he hated me cos he had to sit on the right stool at the bench. It really hurt me, I was so mad at him. He also told Jemma he hated her and she was very upset too. his little mate and his mate's brother tell ea other and theior mum that all the time so I know where it is coming from so he has been warned he won't be going there if he keeps going. Don't you love the challenges !!!

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    Hi everyone

    Hope you all had a good weekend

    Michelle - I definitely think the universe was trying to tell you something with those signs! Best of luck with resuming the TTC journey. Speaking of signs, last night after getting the kids into bed after having a difficult day with them (they were just generally being monsters lol), I picked up a magazine and the first page I turn it to is a poem about being a mum - it made me better after feeling like I had spent the whole day being an ogre (Harry went to naughty corner a few times!).

    Michelle - I hope you can sort things out with Josh, it's awful to hear kids say they hate things, even if they are only saying it to provoke you. Harry has taken to hitting me whenever he doesn't get what he wants - which is why he was in the naughty corner a few times yesterday.

    Anyway I have to get organised to go to the supermarket, I feel like I am there every second day lately, I always forget stuff because I have to rush through...


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    HI Bon
    i hear you on the supermarket thing, I have decided I am going back to fortnightly shopping to avoid running in all the time, just costs too much money. I am trying to limit the times I go, by buying 6 lts of milk and 3 loaves of bread and that keeps me from going in everyday. I can go every 2nd day just for that and fruit and vege when we need it then. I hope Harry is a nicer boy tomorrow. Josh is such a lovely kid but lately he is just over tired and so whingy.

    I am off to the shops tomorrow, gotta go to kmart to get the baptism present for Sunday and I thought I would try to find Jemma something for her bday on the 21st. I am going to take her on the day of her bday to a shop in Highpoint where you can make a bear and that will be her special present. But she needs some stuff for the morning too. I have some baby born clothes, I will get a new bottle for her cos the dog chewed the first on. And I am thinking of a fold up camp chair as the other kids have one but she doesn't as well as I have laybyed some clotes, 2 outfits.

    Arron is going to be starting TAFE on Thursday, he wants to do the pest control course, so he will be at TAFE for the whole year and have to do some stuff at home as well. It will be very strange to see him back at school. He may actually like it this time.
    Hope you are all well

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    Kellee Guest


    Jo – IKWYM about isolation. I was a bit nervous about the whole playgroup thing but I reckon it would be nice to find something for Charlie now that I’m more relaxed being a mum. Maybe we could meet up somewhere one day for coffee and let the kids play? We’ll have two almost the same age apart, so that might be nice. Let me know what you think anyway. I live on the Northside.

    Mooshie – can Jay please teach Charlie how to clean?! I need that! Good on you for jumping back on the ttc bandwagon… I really hope it happens soon. Will be keeping everything crossed for you. It certainly seemed like a sign, didn’t it?!

    Bon – Yep, I hate the naughty corner too. I hate having to put Charlie in it, but he’ll never learn otherwise. Sometimes I feel like I’m the strict parent, and that maybe I’m too strict, but I’m sure it will help us in the long run to discipline them now. Here’s hoping, anyway…

    Michelle – Gosh you sound busy! I always marvel at your posts – you seem to fit so much into your day! Bugger DH for commenting on the housework… you could always let him do the SAH thing and see how he copes. Otherwise HE could do some housework! Sorry about Josh too – how old is he? Re: shopping – I know it would be cheaper to go every week/fortnight, but I like to go every few days because it gets me out of the house! Although, I only have one bub to cope with, so it’s probably easier for me. Living in a big city, there are always these excellent play centers at the shops too, which makes it a good outing for Charlie. Hope DH likes his course and that in the end it makes you both a whole lot of cash!

    Charlie went nuts when we were shopping yesterday. He is usually really good and helps me put things in the trolley, but we had to go to the PO before hand and he didn’t have anything to do there and got grizzly. Then we went to the fruit shop – they have this wheel there that if you spin the number on your docket you win a voucher, and he was scared of the wheel (it’s really loud) and started screaming! Nothing would calm him down until I gave him a piece of fruit bread at the bakers. Scheesh! Crazy kid. Must get it from his dad.

    Going into town today because it’s not too hot and meeting a friend for coffee at Newfarm Park. Hope that I don’t get any ligament pain while walking around again – Charlie and I had to turn back from our walk to the park yesterday after only a couple of hundred meters because I was in too much pain! I had to hobble home… was a bit scary but I think it was just ‘Bob’ being grumpy.

    Anyway, hope you all have a lovely day, and hi to anyone I’ve missed.

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    Just locking this girls


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