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Thread: Babies Born June 2006 #30

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    bath - i did all my washing, and its just started sprinkling....

    Just popped in to say im off!! got to bring the washing in, and put it all away... and hopefully XH will be around soon, i need a nap... Im strong, its been 2.5w since we split, and i avent taken him back yet...

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    Simone - well done on getting to 2.5 weeks. Hope the assistance comes good for you, as IK said you so deserve it! I did all my washing today too, good day for it.

    Bath - sounds like a lovely day at the pool. They do love it. A near drowning would be very, very scary so I can understand your caution. Having Verity give a helping hand must be good. It does knock them around, Chelsea is always pooped Monday nights.

    Ik - so glad to hear the campervan thingie worked well. I must admit, camping is not for me LOL!!! I need the creature comforts! Pizza oven sounds great, you might have to chat to Rory to get some recipes etc as she fired hers up last week.

    Nickel - what a close call! You were lucky you knew how to get yourself out of it. I would be worried that I wouldn't have a clue. Great idea about the letter and donation though, they do such a wonderful job.

    Jess - glad to hear you had fun with the fireworks, poor Bella! It would be scary for a little person.

    Rory - LOL about mens *****iness!!!! I reckon they could be just as bad as women - if pushed hard enough.

    Have to take Chelsea to get her new dance uniform, she starts at a new school on Saturday. Was supposed to have a friend and her kids for lunch today but she had to work so we rescheduled for next week. Did some housework and just potted around the house, nothing exciting! MIL birthday today so just making a yummy choc cake to take over tonight.

    Will pop back in tonight!

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    Time for a new thread everyone!

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