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Thread: Babies Born May 2004

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    OMG I have totally missed this thread!! Sorry I missed you Katanya, Yvette, Kat & Michelle!!! Come back and chat again soon!

    how is everyone doing??

    Aidyn is really good, although something bothering me lately is that he keeps having more nosebleeds - I really think its just because his blood vessels are close to the surface in his nose, as he is always rubbing his nose and putting his finger up there.... argh, its so frustrating, I wish he was old enough to listen and understand why I tell him not to do it!
    But other than that he is great... such a sweet boy, he's getting sweeter as he gets older!
    He has some funny habits now too.... like he wont go to sleep unless he has one of his toy cars to hold in his hand, LOL!

    I am so relieved, all of my christmas shopping and wrapping is done!! now to try and take it easy in these few days before christmas

    hope you girls have a wonderful & magical Christmas!

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    Just letting you know girls that as of Jan 1st there will be Babies born Jan-June 2004 and Babies born July-Dec 2004. This will make way for the 2006 babies coming through.


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    Oh, Ok Kathryn. Boy, you're keeping me on my toes, lol. Gotta keep tweaking the forums to keep them working though, I know.

    Hi Ambah, lol, one more day for this thread eh. See you in the new one.

    Well, I'm on an all day BB binge today as it's too hot to do anything! So I'm gonna post here about Angus anyway, lol. I'm trying to do a big catch up with all the threads & off to a good start for the new year.

    Angus is 11.7kg (23rd Dec) and 83.5cm. He looks like such a solid little bloke to me, but apparently he's just average in his weight & height & growth, but with a big head :shock:

    He's just been in the bath for a bit to cool him down. He was so hot & miserable he was just hysterical & inconsolable. Much better now. He loves the bath!

    He's the most adorable & clever little boy in the world & I'm madly in love with him, lol.

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    Just a reminder girls that from tomorrow this forum will be locked and you will now be able to post in the [url=]Babies Born January - June 2004[/url] Thread


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