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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    We switched Jovi's seat around on Friday I think it was ... she loves it! Plus it's so much easier to get her in and out, especially when she's alseep ... no other strap to contend with anymore ... woohoo ...

    Still no sign of AF. Had the blood test done on Friday. Instead of ringing my dr I rang pathology to see if they'd sent the results over yet and the guy just told me that they came back negative.

    Will prob give my dr a ring tomorrow to confirm but if true ... don't ask me what's going on! lol

    I just read on the net (another forum I think it was, some yahoo think that I googled) that a few women on there had had negative blood results yet WERE pregnant! One woman even reckoned that she didn't show up pregnant on the blood work until she was six months (bit hard to believe I know), yet obviously she was (u/s 's etc).

    Oh well ... will have to see what my dr says I guess.

    I know I'm late, and I had some spotting last week ... very confusing.

    As far as sleeping in the cot, when I get her in there (which can be a task sometimes if she's not fully asleep when I put her in), she'll sleep all night mostly. She has a few little cries early in the morning when she starts to get a bit restless and the dummy falls out, but she's pretty good. If she'd keep her hands under the blankets she'd probably sleep longer (her hands were freezing last night ... lol)

    Talk to you guys soon ...

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    Evening Ladies,

    Well the party was pretty good. I looked GREAT if i might say so myself. I got my hair done and i looked awesome. Briley wore her pretty dress but was tired and slept most of the time. We did wake her up once to get photos with us all. I will load some pix on the computer soon but i left my camera in my mums bag.

    But my nan had a ball anyways. As did i til then end of the night when Brent decided that Brento(brent's alter-ego (sp?)) wanted to come out and play. Which ended the night in an arguement!

    Went and got the capsule removed and Briley's car seat installed through the ambo's on friday. I wanted the seat to be turned facing the front but the ambo fella reckons not till they are at least 9kg or crawling. I was a little dissappointed but she is happy with it anyways. I really don't think she is that far off 9kg anyways. A month maybe.

    Beck - Wow thats weird about your AF. Are you freakin now? Are you still b/f?? Maybe your body is still adjusting....Keep us posted anyhow.

    Kim - Whats the urine thingy for?? When i was pregnant i had to pee in a big jug thing cause they wanted to monitore my pee for protein cause my BP was going up. It was'nt fun i tell you. I just pee'd into a glass jar and then poured it into the jug through a funnel. Nothing fun about the whole situation!!

    Well i am pretty darn tired. Went fishing out to my uncles hut today for the day. Was good to get away and fish and relax. I never caught anything mind you!


    Hope all is well with everyone and their bambino's...

    Nite nite

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    I hate Teeth ???? what are they good for ???? ok so maybe he actually needs some eventually but i have been up all night and i kid you not when i say all night and now lucky me i get to go to work for 6 hours straight no break while my dimwitted husband gets to play stay at home dad for the day last night when i asked for some help with ryan he had the hide to say to me that i should deal with him as he has him all day tomorrow i tell you he'll be lucky if i come home ... angry lady lives here today catch you all later

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    Fair enough angry lady! Hope you're ok he at least driving you????

    Sara, one of my kidneys started to 'malfunction' during pregnancy and now thier running heaps of tests to find out why and what damage done. It has something to do with the preecclampsia the specialist thinks. Glad your party was good. I'm not fond of alter egos either....and Cam was in the navy 10years so you can imagine.....

    Tania Darcy has been in her own room since 8 weeks old. But it's more like with me in the spare bed lately. I don't want to take her into ours.

    Vic I think Darcy has cut herself down to2 sleeps during the day. I got 10 minutes this morning so might ditch that one all together.

    Well the IL situation has gotten so bad we had to go an buy a new phone yesterday with caller ID!

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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    Sara - no not b/f anymore. Jovi's been on the bottle since she was 6 weeks cos she had lost a lot of weight and gone back down to her birthweight. She's about 7 kilos now though! Not really freaking ... have to ring my dr after lunch but I prob am NOT pregnant. I've got PCOS and had to take clomid to get preggas with Jovi, so I have a feeling that that may have sometime to do with it (i used to go 2-3 months without AF, then bleed for like 3-4 weeks!!! EXTREMELY annoying to say the least ... hope it doesn't come back like that though).

    Will keep you guys posted ...

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    Hi Ladies,

    Hope you all are doing very well. I have been so busy lately planning Katerina's Christening. It is all happening on Sunday!! After that is done then we can all relax.

    Did everyone have a nice weekend? I hope we get some consistent sunshine for those nice stroller walks. Has not been too good here in Sydney.

    I also have lost all my pregnancy weight!! Finally after slaving at the gym and eating well it has happened. Now I can go to the gym to actually enjoy myself instead of killing myself HA!!!

    It is nice to get back to normal and wear decent normal clothes!!!


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    Beck: I can't wait for Jayden to be the right weight so I can turn his seat around!! I hate trying to get him out asleep and that strap is in the way!!

    Sara: Hurry and put those pics up!! I can't wait to see them!! I am lucky with DP he doesn't really have an alter ego....and he doesn't drink all that much (even when he does, you can't tell anyway)I hope Brent made you brekki in bed to make up for it hehe

    Shazz: Big to you!! Jayden's teeth are threatening to pop through again but I'm not up all night thank god!! Grr @ DH for not getting up I would have screamed at him until he did if I had to work and he didn't. I hope your day at work isn't too bad for you!

    Kim: Can you put Darcy in her room and let her cry it out if she won't settle for sleep? I know it works for Jayden sometimes...other times he works himself up too much and won't sleep anyway, but more times it works. I would be lost without caller ID....I hate private numbers though haha.

    Angelique: Congratulations on the weight loss!!! I still have about 7kgs to go but I haven't been trying to lose it yet....Good luck with the Christening on Sunday, we still have to organise Jayden's!

    Well its Monday again and for the last 6mths that hasn't meant anything to me...however now it does its the start of a new week of work!! I really hope I get into it soon, all I keep thinking of is things I could be doing at home if I didn't have to work.....even though we all know very well I wouldn't have done it if I was still on leave and I only have to work 4hrs a day at this stage so its not like its the whole day! I was so upset with DP yesterday as he was playing on the computer pretty much all day whilst I looked after Jayden (who was extremely whingy yesterday). The only time I got a "break" was when I gave Jayden to him while I cooked dinner!! He didn't work all weekend either and doesn't start til midnight tonight so why couldn't he have done something more??

    I better get dressed and go to work.....Have a great day girls
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    Baby - I have PCOS as well. I took Metformin for Kaitlyn to be 'created'
    I used to go 100 days without AF one month and then 20 the next. Frustrating isn't it....?
    Do you find that you have lots of struggles with it. ie moods and weight issues.
    My dr thinks that some of my PND may stem from the PCOS 'cause of the hormonal imbalances etc. Have you heard of this?

    Does anyone know anything about AR formula. I was reading on anor post that it is best to use not warmed up, as it thickens when it is warm and it really should do that when it hits bub's tummy. I can't see it mentioned on the formula tin. Anyone ideas?

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    New thread time girls


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