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Thread: Babies Born October 2005 #11

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    Linda hope you feel better soon
    Kell Poor Will catching a cold hope he gets over it soon

    DH still off work with sore back. Off to the MHN tomorrow, cant wait
    will let you know all his particulars tomorrow.

    Night all

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    Poor Louis hasn't been his happy self today either. He was fine and then I took him to the gym creche and he seemed to have a good time but got very grumpy for the afternoon and by dinnertime had a temperature - so I gave him panadol and so far he's only woke once so we'll see how he goes. I wasn't sure if he might have a tooth moving around as he's been dribbling heaps today, when he normally doesn't and does have one red cheek! We''ll see if there's anything in the morning. I assume he'll get one soon!! hehehe.

    Tracey - Yeah on Jordan loving his steak. Louis likes chicken but I must admit his favourite meals so far seem to be vegetarian (like his mummy) He does eat chicken and beef and lamb though. Basically Louis likes anything with flavour now - he's so over plain mashed veggies and stuff. He is eating a lot of our meal now. He had mushroom and broccoli risotto the other night and loved it! I didn't even mush it I just gave it to him as is.....

    Melissa - Ooh were you hoping for a bfp?????

    Kell - Sorry to hear Will isn't well. I hope you get some sleep tonight. You've got plenty of time to make a decision - I imagine it would be hard if you were undecided. I always think that you would regret not having a baby but not regret having one iykwim??

    Linda - Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I hope it doesn't turn into anything too nasty...

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    it's that time of year i spose the flu is doing the rounds I just made an apt with the dr for Will (not our usual, but another at the same surgery) I can never get into our usual dr grrr. His cough is really nasty, really hoarse and barking iykwim?

    Kristie - I know exactly what you mean, i really feel like i will regret NOT having another but not regret having one iykwim? Everyone tells me to stop at 2, that the 3rd is lots more work and chaos, but i think i would like the chaos. oh well we have a while to decide yet Will loves lentils and vegies too, but doesnt mind some meat...
    Linda - hope you're feeling better...
    Tracey - Ooo let us know how Jordan is going, i dont feel like i have such a buddha with Jordan and Benjamin around as they are all so close in weight etc LOL

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    Just locking this thread now girls.

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