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Thread: Babies Born October 2007 #5

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    LOL- Catherine wtg on tricking yourself! a sprinkler hey? Not at all the same, but reminds me of a story....My mum had PND, wasn't coping with baby crying, thought she was going to walk out and leave him, so she locked the front door and hid the keys from herself. PMSL

    Nic- i really notice the difference in my milk when i have a busy, running around kind of day too. Hope you have your feet up today after your drama's in the park, you poor thing! Maybe i will just have one kid!

    Becky- sorry i have no real idea on posting a link, one of these clever ladeeez will know.

    Peta- i have wedding today and two more before chrissy. Am jelous you found a dress in one day! i couldn't find a dress that i could BF in that looked any good. Borrowed one for today. but still hoping to find one for the other two weddings.
    Was looking a little pasty so tried some of that Dove stuff like holiday skin, put it on last night..........but of a disaster, lets just say i look a little like a tiger. An overweight tiger with a spare tyre! PMSL, ya gotta laugh or you might just cry!

    Saffi- i have found the same, an angel until i need her to be, then old falguni can turn feral!

    Kate- L was very excited when symmons made 100, she has no chance either, the poor thing will always have her bd around grand final day!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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    Have a great day at the wedding Ange...lovely hot weather for it!!

    Well i found the guts today to try express again..and got 40

    Jas slept well...poor bugger hates the heat...waking for feeds every 3 hrs now...

    Well done tricking your self what ever works!! Gee im not game enuf to put a tree up....Chelsea would pull it down before it got put up..or pull all the decorations off...and we wont even guess what she would do when pressies under the tree!! I had BB santa gifts wrapped on the floor and she started unwrapping them :P

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    rallybbek Guest


    Hi Everyone,
    I would like to say a big thankyou to my secret santa for the lovely present. I got a lovely soothing eye pillow and Toby got a gorgeuos pull along penguin toy. I will take a photo of it and put it in my photo gallery.
    Hope everyone had a good night, Love Bec

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    Oh how lovely Bec...

    I sent my SS gift on should be there by Monday if not already there!!

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    Hey Ladies,
    How soon did your bubs belly button thingy fall off? Tahlia's is still there... thought it would have fallen off by now

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    Whats the saying pride before a fall? Had a sh$% of a night with L. He slept until midnight and was still up when DH came home close to 2am. We all only slept in 45 min lots since then. I have been BF him all night. He just sucks and I have noticed he's not even swallowing what he's sucking. I have just given him some EBM and he is asleep in my arms. Not confident he will stay asleep long.

    How do I know if he's got wind? We burp him and get some good ones. He doesn't seem to be in any pain. Could giving him that formula yesterday caused this restless night? Also he vomitted/possetted for the first time last night.

    I really need to learn how to settle him better without flopping out the boob. I know technically he can't overfeed on BM but his comfort sucking is a concern and not to mention time consuming/exhausting.

    Kellie - L's stump was pretty much gone by the time we left hospital (day 4).

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    Jasmines stump fell off 5 days after she was born.

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    Kellie Maddi's fell off at 7 or 8 days.

    Saffi sry you had such a rough night. Hope today is better for you.
    I know Maddi has wind when she won't have any more milk, it's all coming out of her mouth or she goes bright red in the face & screams and pulls her legs up to her tummy.

    Kim 40mls is somthing at least, I still have some milk left in my boobs thought about expressing to see how much i can get but it's not worth it i can't B/F on the medication i'm on

    Ange have fun at the wedding, i'm positive you don't look like a tiger, even if you do some people think tigers are beautiful

    Becky sorry can't help you, Kim told me how to do it so i'm sure she can tell you

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    Woot on 40mls Kim... Least it's still there! I reckon that Jaz could get much more out herself... So I wouldn't worry about not having any milk at all, If you still want to have a go at BF'ing, go see that LC!

    Ange - That story is funny... it's even funnier that I reminded you of it!

    Nic - Like Ange, I too notice my boobs don't seem as full either when I'm prettu busy and don't take much time to rest. Even though I know it's hard for you with Nixon! I hope today you have an endless supply again BTW - How sweet is that they are stimulating the breasts when they do that hand thing... kind of reminds me of cats and kittens when they knead the mumma cat!

    Saffi - Ro doesn't always scream when she has wind... sometimes she will fuss at the breast and be pulling back at the breast but continue to suck (different to the choking on let down pull back), also I know if she has had a good feed yet she is still unsettled or sucking at her hands that she has wind, because sometimes they get confused by the pain and think they are still hungry or just want some comfort because they are uneasy. If she is giving me heaps of fake smiles, or making the tight o type mouth where it's so tight the skin goes white, I will also burp her... I find that moving her around to burp her in different positions seems to help get the wind up too. Now we aren't as bad with the wind because I have realised that let down happens so fast that it seems to give her wind, so I pull her off the boob often during the feed and spend the time to burp her and we haven't really had any unsettledness due to wind for a while now. I find soon as I burp her after I spot any of her signs, she settles instantly and will let us put her down and she'll fall asleep herself without fuss. Also maybe he possetted last night because he had a pocket of wind under his feed?

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    Hi all,

    Saffi - Maybe it was just a bad night for babies? Kieran was wide awake after his 1am feed (I think this is because he wouldn't stay awake after his 6pm feed?) and my sister's bub was wide awake last night too. Hopefully you get a better night tonight. Have you tried using the Brauer Colic Relief? It is all natural so it is safe to give your bub. Have you tried using a dummy when he just wants to suck? Do you swaddle him at bedtime? This helps settle Kieran and I pat him on his back for a little while to calm him if he needs it. Sorry, just thinking out loud of things you could try, feel free to ignore them!

    Kellie - Kieran's left over umbi cord fell off at about day 10, Joel's fell off at about day 4. I don't think you need to be worried if it hasn't come off yet, it will eventually!

    I ended up putting Kieran into bed with us last night from about 2:30am to 5am coz he was wide awake and wouldn't settle. I dozed on and off and dreamt that my shoulder was being licked, then I woke up and realised that Kieran was licking it, like he was trying to feed! I actually don't feel too bad today, but I'm sure by tonight I won't be worth knowing. Hopefully I get some more wake time out of him this evening so he sleeps better tonight. It's so hard to get him to have wake time sometimes!

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my sister's SIL ended up having her bub the same day as my sister! She had him at 9pm at night and I only found out today. How coincidental can you get?

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    Hi everyone.

    It has been a while! I have been keeping busy with Tiera, mum, shopping and just trying to get a bit back to normal, so haven't had a lot of time to jump on here. Mum left today, so now the real test starts! Tiera and I are going to miss her HEAPS, but e'll get by. She was due to leave last Tues, but Tiera got a bit sick, so I was stressing so bad and cried everytime I thought about being on my own, mum decided to stay a few extra days. Tiera is still not 100%, but I am much more relaxed about the thought of being on my own with a sick bub.

    Tiera has had a touch of a cold and had gastro. So many people have said to me in the past that breast fed babies rarely get sick, so when I first notice she was sick I freaked and couldn't work out what I was doing wrong. Community Nurse had her home visit on Thurs and Tiera is back under her birth weight. It was really disheartening hearing that! She said it could be due to her being sick, but I also have to feed her more. I was only giving her one breast per feed (as midwives in hossy told me to do), but she needs both breasts per feed. Tiera is now more settled and happy (I felt so bad that I she had been hungry and I never realised!). We're not even having 'witching hr' anymore.

    There are so many posts since I was here last, so I do appologise once again for no personals. I will go back and get myself up to date! Personals next time definately.

    Kate - Hayley is beautiful!

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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    Ok Becky...

    Type this:

    [url]Jasmine Emily[/url]

    But where i have Jasmines site type in your site URL and where i have Jasmines name type what ever you want to type eg. Chelsea Monique Amber. Where i have the [url=www at the start, take away the space between url=

    Ok you can PM me with the site addy and ill put it into code you can just copy and paste

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    LizzysMum Guest


    Hi BB

    Had a feral night last night. Today O cracked and went and bought some smaller a nd different shaped dummies....hoping not to use them but I needed one last night. I bought NUK, anyone using them?

    I will be posting my SS pressie on Monday I just gopt the last bit today

    Must go - 3 year old downstairs alone, bub and DH watching cricket upstairs LOL!

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    Kellied Ryan was nearly 3 weeks old when his fell off.

    Hope all is well, have 2 major infections been in hosp getting better.

    Shall leave it here going to go have a snooze

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    SS... sorry! I haven't brought my pressie yet, I will do it this week I hope... I thought the postal deadline was end of Nov?? Also, are we opening on arrival?? In the past when I have done postal SS we have agreed to put the pressie under the tree and open on Chrissy day?!

    Ange - don't forget I am FF so don't have to worry about trying to find something I can BF in... plus I have already been and checked out this particular shop before Kaylee was born - I am v.lucky to have a bridal/formal wear shop near me that has a HUGE range in ALL sizes!! Although what I brought was totally different to what I had orgainally planned to buy. As my sisters wedding is on NYE it's very formal!

    I'm supposed to be going to a Perth BB dinner out tonight... DH has offered to look after Kaylee = girls night out without bubs! I will miss her!!

    I guess I better go get ready!

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    Gee Celtic what kind of infections did/do you have...get well soon!!

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    Retraction of earlier statement...

    So, in the interests of being fair to the kid I'm going to take back the lion's share of this week's whinging. Seems like a few nose drops have changed the whole outlook of the boy.

    He slept 7 + 3 last night. His new record. Then we went out for breakfast (he had a feed at the cafe too because I'm all militant about feeding in public... i'm pro-baby-feeding-rights). Then he slept as we went clothes shopping for DH. All the old ladies were fussing round (especially when DH carries him).

    He has had two good sleeps today, so I'm very grateful that his nose is clearing and he's being a good boy. Oh.. he had a shower with DH today, and I swear he looooved it. He looked like he was having a Vischy shower at some fancy spa, he even started getting dozey on DH's chest. I took a pic of course. So I think the baby bath is now going to be 86'd in favour of the shower for the time being.

    I'll post some new pics up to facebook soon.

    James' stump fell off pretty much right on 7 days. It stuck to his little singlet one day. I cried. I kept it in a tiny bag for his album because I'm a sook. I honestly didn't think the cord would be a boogedy thing for me, turns out it was.

    ps... guess who stared right at me when i put him on the boob as if to make a point?

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    LOL Viv...Good boy James looking at mummy!!

    SS we are opening on xmaz day....Chelsea got her first one from the main BB SS on Thursday...i was tempted to open guessing its books.

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