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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #8

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    Amelia Guest

    Just a quick one from me.... I don't care if ppl call Rhys a girl!! It is a unisex name as well.

    I am up for the meet up just have to see how my scar is by then. I split it in the centre about a month ago and it is still healing but it got infected again at the end of last week.

    Also Rhys is already in 00!! He is a tank!!

    Off to the Dr's and meeting mum for lunch!! Have a good day everyone!!

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    Registered User

    Aug 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria

    At this stage we are planning on 10. If we can cope with more then we would have more... If we can't cope then we will stop.

    My rabbi has 15.. i know a family with 18. Not sure i can handle that, but both families are the most put together families with the best brought up children i have ever seen (i lived at my rabbi's house before i got married, i never saw any of their children fight or argue over anything).

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    LizzysMum Guest

    WTG Viv on JJ taking the bottle. Amara will have none of it - no bottle no dummy, she is a boobaholic.

    Yael - I bow to you for wanting more kids I could not do it, physically or emotionally or financially for that matter LOL! 2 is all I have enough of me for so I figure I should be kind to them and stop now.

    Check in laterish

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    amelia - i thought 00 was small... haha... i was impressed that he fit triples when he got home from hospital but thought him fitting 00 meant he wasn't so big .... oops, guess he too is a tank. also, does he demand food more often than 3 hours. the midwife told me off for feeding him more, but i figure a big d00d needs more f00d, no?

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    Jul 2005

    Yay James for taking the bottle! Tyron trys to suck his hand through the wrap sometimes too!

    Just tookNix to the docs he has been snotty for a few days, thismorning when he woke his nose was almost close over from chunky fluro green ones noice! And his eye was a bit gunky too. Im trying to keep him away from Tyron, pretty difficult all the time though. Mum is going to take Nixon this arvo and keep him the night so hopefully that bit of away time from Ty helps him get better.

    Yael- wow 10 kids. I always wanted 3 but after having 2 i dont know that if i still want 3 so hats off to you! Do you mind me asking how old you are? Im guessing you still have a few good years to possibly have 8 more children! A Manager at my tupp office is pg with baby 7, and she does so well at Tupp i wonder how she gets the time to manage everything!

    Oh ad i think after chrissy who ever wants to reveal their SS is fine, i know who had Tyron cause i did the draw and i know the person Tyro had knows their present was from us already too!

    gotta get the kids to the shops for a Santa pic but dont think a fluro snot nose would look to good in the pic lol!

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    Aug 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria

    I'm 25, turning 26 in Jan. I had DS 10 days after i turned 24.

    So i reckon i could squeeze quite a few kiddies in before menopause hits!

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005

    Viv - thats makes sense that if you use the Grobags that the temp would be lower to compensate. I won't be so worried now about trying to get the room down to arctic levels. Tho, overnight it sat at around 25 - 26deg so need to cool it down a bit.

    I tend to express anywhere between 20mls - 60mls at a time. Earlier in the day I tend to do less as I need to have enough to BF, but once I put him down for his 6pm sleep I will express as much as I can possibly get, and sometimes do it another time, to feed him the EBM at 10pm or during the night. Haven't got enough yet to start to freeze tho. I aim to have 100mls as that seems to satisfy L.

    Brissy meet up:
    Amelia (maybe)

    Checked out our preferred daycare centre yesterday. It looks really good and was impressed by all the progress charts and books they keep, including photos of what they did during the day etc. Bit of a worry tho that they hadn't received our waitlist form (damn Oz Post). But they were happy to back date the application to August when I sent it in. Still not sure if we will get in when we need it. Just as well have our names down at 8 other places.

    Might look at getting our photo done with Santa too. Will do one with both L, DH and I. And no I won't be sitting on Santa's lap!

    Nothing much else happening. Check in later.

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    CatherineL Guest

    Mo - I'll PM you the details... But don't forget to check out DJ's!

    Viv - Very early days I could get 160mls in no time at all and could have probably got a bit more if I continued - but by the time I got to 160mls it was slowing down.. but Ro could still have a feed and be perfectly satisfied after. Now, I don't express very often, but have the last few nights because Mum and Dad are so keen to feed her - I only get 40-80mls and I think it's depending how relaxed I am. I use the Bach flower to help letdown too because when I was stressed about not having any milk, I couldn't get more than 10mls. I was wondering how much everyone else gets too - I was going to start a thread to enquire. I know I can get the most in the morning because that's when I am fullest, but I am lazy mornings.

    Amelia - I am suprised Rhys fits into 00, Ro is also wearing 00... but not in everything.

    Yael - I have taken down those details, but I won't give him a call till I get home because I wouldn't be able to get to health food shop or anything similar till then (Moranbah has nothing). I don't think I have vasospasms - but I do get pain deep in the breast, I have ever since the thrush got quite bad, but I thought it was just the aftermath of the mastitis or mastitis coming back. I'd love to have 10kids! I love being a Mum so much... But I think I better have a second first and then decide if it's for me... ROFL. But Daniel wouldn't be keen for 10 - I think I'll be lucky if I get 4.. MIL is keen for us to have many more!

    After everyone always saying to me they don't know how I cope without Daniel being home or any help - I don't think I like help! I had a different baby last night... the baby from dark depths of hell! I went to put her down for her nap yesterday, a bit after lunch (used Mum's room because all the other room's are down the other end of the house and Daniel is on night shift) and here I am sitting on the couch see Mum go into her room - about a minute after I put her down - and comes back out with Rochelle, baby talking her 'your not tired are you, your wide awake!' I'm like ****, What are you doing? Mum's said, she's not tired! She's just laying there with her eyes open. GRRRRrrr... So I say fine, she can stay up a bit longer seeing as this is your last day off with us before we go back home. I know her tired signs and at home soon as I see them she goes straight down and we have no drama's her falling asleep, she generally doesn't stay up any longer than an hour sometimes less and if Daddy's home and they're playing or having a cuddle sometimes I'll stretch it out to absolutely no longer than an hour and a half. I know the longer she is up once she is tired the harder it is to get her down and she gets over tired and it's a struggle for her to fall asleep. Anyways, I keep trying to put her down all afternoon - She was being difficult and didn't want to go down being very clingy etc. So i'd put her down and walk out with the plan that as soon as she starts to carry on, go back in to reassure her. I don't even get a chance, Mum is already in there picking her up (Ro doesn't even get a chance to whinge) and telling me she isn't tired... It went on ALL afternoon... So who got stuck with devil baby last night? Screaming the whole house down because she was so over tired. Where was my Mum? No where to be found. Can't tell me a baby who has been up for 9 hours isn't freaking tired! I know she's tired after an hour... she has very subtle signs that you have to watch very carefully to even notice. God I could have hung my mother last night! When she woke up at 3.30 she wouldn't put herself back to sleep nor did she at 6. It's only the last one she's been herself again and has been able to fall asleep in peace without protest by herself.

    Sorry about my b!tch...
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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005

    Cath - poor u! It can be so hard to keep your routines and ways of doing things around others who think they know better, particularly parents who have older ways of doing things or have forgotten how much babies need routine and don't recognise the signs. Try to rest up as it sounds like you haven't had much sleep.

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    Nov 2006

    Count me in for brissy meet up!

    Myles has been a bit grumpy since his needles Cant wait to get my happy boy back!

    Hope your all well! I can do personals today I must clean my house!!!!!


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    CatherineL Guest

    Thanks Saffi! No once she was down I got sleep, but then when she woke up for a feed and would usually go straight back down I had to rock the little bugger while she cried. It's terrible seeing them cry... It really only took about 20mins to get her to sleep in the early morning, but I'm just b!tching because i'm not used to it. I mean fair enough if she was just having a bad night.. but it's Mum's fault! LOL..

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    Saffi! 8 OTHER places!!?? Wow I guess thats one of the benefits to living in such a small town! We only have one centre here and I got all the paperwork and toured the centre yesterday. Looks good! Am only putting Caitlyn in 5 hours a day and they are going to "work something out" on the fee schedule for me cause a half day is 4 hours and the director didnt want to charge me a full day fee for only one extra hour. Is anyone else a bit peeved that you have to pay fees on a public holiday when the centre isnt even open??
    Catherine - that can be what Caitlyn is like most nights! LOL She never seems to sleep and when I finally get her to sleep she wakes up cause she is hungry. She is over tired a lot! I know what you mean about "help" too. I was glad, in a way, when we came back out to Cloncurry after spending 4 weeks at my parents place in Townsville. They would pick her up at the slightest noise and I have only just gotten her out of that pattern. I will go in and check on her and pat her little bum (not so little now shes in "big girl nappies!") and if its a real cry and not the little sooks she has then I will pick her up and cuddle her. My mum kept letting her fall asleep in her arms and spend the whole 2 hours there instead of putting her in her cot to sleep! frustrating! So for the first few weeks out her she screamed when I put her in her cot after she had fallen asleep!
    However - I have gotten a bit more firm on things now. If she wakes up 2 hours after a feed - I cuddle her - not feed her. I think that was encouraging her to take smaller feeds more often. So with all that in mind - she slept from 8 till 11 last night and then from 1130 to 3 and then (thanks to the dogs!) was up again at 6. Finally got her to sleep again at 8 this morning and she slept again until 1045! YAY
    Mind you - I have to say that we spent the best $200 on her the other day and I bought a fisher price swing for her! Best thing - DH calls it automatic parent. She hated the sling, the carrier, the HAB and the bouncer but she LOVES the swing. We put her in it and when she starts to fidget etc we take her out, cuddle her and put her back in it! Since we got it 2 days ago I have not had an over tired baby! Its been great! Sleep - I remember now what it is like!

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    Jul 2006
    In a BIGGER house!!!

    Just quickly as my eyes are falling out of my head and no can't blame Maddi but the other ppl who claim that they live in this house but don't have to partake in any of the cleaning AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I"m so ready to walk...................................

    Yael - I really hope you are able to reach your family goal.........I would have loved to have heaps more but pregnancy just doesn't agree with me and I guess I did start abit late.

    Catherine - going to DJ's tomorrow to get Maddi some headbands, so far she has none - could you also PM the ebay info, ebay junkie myself I love to shop online....thx

    To my Secret Santa - I received your pressie last week (ooops forget to tell you) anyway was intending to keep the present wrapped and well after my shocking day decided Maddi and I needed cheering up and we opened it. Massive massive thank yous - the dress is divine and I can't wait for the weather to warm up again so she can put it on, I'll be sure to post a pic. And the rompers are perfect..........has brightened our day...again thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    Still have to do the Santa photo as well, plus want to take some piccys at home so I can make some photo calendars to give as Xmas pressies..................thankfully most of teh other xmas shopping is done but now I have to wrap it all plus get those Xmas cards in the post.......an extra week in Dec would really be helpful *pulling hair out as I wonder where to start*

    ETA - Rebecca what swing did you get????? I'm thinking of purchasing one - the Fisher Price Power Swing cos it doens't need batteries
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    CatherineL Guest

    OMG Rebecca - I don't know how on earth you coped with a crying baby every night... She went down at 10 which is a bit later than usual and still woke up at 3.30 - so I probably could have had it alot worse! But god I was almost in tears because I've never had to go through that before! I admire you so much Rebecca for coping so well with it everynight! Horray for the swing, I've heard those things are worth there weight in gold

    ETA - Aww Ursula - sorry to hear you've had not such a great day! I'll Pm you those details now... I too am an ebay junkie...

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    Oh dear! Off to the Doc we go this afternoon. Caitlyn has a red eye! And shes sooky. Well....sookier than usual! Poor little thing!
    Catherine - The only way I managed to cope was naps during the day - if she took one! It was all day and all night that she would cry! The ladies I work with came over every 2nd day and did a general tidy up of my house or took Caitlyn for an hour or so so I could get a few things done. One of the benefits to living in such a small community. All I can say to you though is - I am sure it wont last! Ro will settle and find her groove again I am sure. And I will admit during Caitlyn's worst moments I did walk away from her - she was safe of course. Well even safer without me there at that point. I would wrap her, put her in her cot, give her her dummy and shut the door. Then I would either go to my room, have some peppermint chocolate or have a quick bath. Then I felt better about dealing with her and I could cope a bit better. And sure, I had some crying jags where I was sure I was the worst mother in the world and didnt know if I could do it anymore. I am still a bit down on myself about it (compounded by the fact that I couldnt breast feed!) but with the support of DH I am starting to feel a whole lot better about it!

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    CatherineL Guest

    Poo about the red eye! Hope it's not giving her too much grief! I know how you feel, I felt like the worst mother last night because I seriously could have just screamed at her.. But I kept telling myself it's not her fault, she doesn't understand. But we both that's not case, and just because you couldn't BF doesn't make you a bad mother... jeez... It is so hard, and everyone knows I have just about given up many times! It also sounded like you didn't have alot of support or a good environment to help you keep your wittsend. Your a fantastic mother because you've pulled through the rough times and done what you've had to to get you through.. It sounds like you already know your baby quite well I think Ro is herself again, just overtired last night and this morning the poor chook.. she's been fine since thank god! Speaking of bad mother... How terrible is this? The otherday when we were shopping on the Gold Coast I was unloaded Ro and put her in the pram besides the car and decided I ought to leave the car windows down a little bit, so I turn the keys on and put the window down a little. When I turned around - the pram was GONE!!! I paniced and saw it on the middle of the road with Rochelle in it! there must be the slightest dip in the road... luckily I park right down the back of the car park where there are no other cars around (Hate the thought of someone hitting my car with their car or trolley. But GOD I felt like the worse mother in the world... Have used the breaks ever since even when we're at the checkouts!

    Thought I'd just mention with the ebay headbands, you could so make them yourself, I just can't sew to save myself. :P

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    Jul 2006
    In a BIGGER house!!!

    Oi I could sew them but when you consider purchasing the items needed and then finding time to make them I'd much rather give someone else the money, besides having checked out ebay already - just purchased 4 they are so cheap and gorgeous......thx again Catherine

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    Jun 2007
    Forster NSW


    Tiera was soooooo much better last night and today she is back to being an angel!!! We are all VERY happy in this house today. As she had 2 bad days, they said that is probably her growth spurt and we should be back to normal now, just with more milk in the boobies!
    Went to Mother's group this morning which was good as always, got to ask the community nurse a heap of questions afterwoods. Next week is the last meetin until Feb, I iwll miss it as its the easiest way to get me out of the house without having to think... where will I go today. Theres not much to do in Forster that doesn't involve the beach or lake!

    We are dropping our dog, Auto off at his new house tonight... Well DH will take him, cuz I will probably 'lay down the law' to his new owner too much! It will be a teary afternoon, but trying my best to stay calm for the sake of Tiera and breastfeeding.

    Trish - Does Kieran's prob hurt him at all? Good to hear its not too bad and easily treatable. Will the treatment stop his reflux too?

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