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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #9

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Morning all!

    Just a quick post before my shower, just wanted to share my excitement! I gave Kieran his last feed at 9:30pm last night and he slept until 5:30am! That means he slept for 7 1/12 hours between feeds. I put him back to bed and he is still asleep now. Hooray, I am sooo happy!!! Hopefully he keeps this up

    Taking him to get weighed at the Health Centre today. I'll pop back on later with his progress.

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    Jul 2005

    whoo hoo Trish thats great!

    Tyron did 7pm to 3am the last two nights hppy about that also

    MissKate- if you are breastfeeding there is no need to give bub any water the breast milk contains everything they need including keeping bub well hydrated.

    Kim- lovely pics of you and DH!

    Belle- checked out Inida's pics also she is soooooo cute hehe!! Happy 2months!!

    Tummy time- kinda what Peta said a few times a day for as long as h is happy with it, havent actually timed it though, some days he only lasts a min or two and others he is happy for a lot longer.

    i als added a couple of christmasy pics of took of Tyron yesterday on facebook.

    MIGHT tak the boys to get their santa pic today, just see how Nixon is with hs snotty nose doesnt seem as bad thismorning.

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    TRish - Could you email me that info on babywise too please?? - [email protected]
    Tummy Time - I give Caitlyn a couple of times a day for as long as she doesnt cry! She holds her head up for some of it and down for other parts of it. Havent really timed it though. She gets nappy free time at the same time too.
    Water - Someone asked about giving water. I give Caitlyn a little water every day. Its too hot out here not to. And of course the A/C would dehydrate her a little. And I think it helps her little bowel get things movin a little.
    The horrible day yesterday continued on into the night. She cried and cried pretty much between 530 and 830. But was my own stupid fault. Tried her on a different nipple, as suggested by the Dr, but didnt check it before hand and it was a medium flow teat. Poor little thing musta gotten WAY too much milk WAY too quickly. BUt when she finally went to sleep at 9 she slept until 130 which was great and then till 5. She still seems a little sore in the tummy (pulls legs up etc) but isnt half as bad as what she was yesterday/last night.
    I have also changed her formula from S26 to Nan Gold so will just see how she goes on that.
    Well am about to spend a fortune at babyzone direct on wraps and toys and things for my little one. Have a good day all!

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    Feb 2007
    In the jungle.

    Just a quickie-

    Maternal child and health nurse said to me on wed, if they can do just a few minutes of tummy time at this age then that is great. So Cath i think 7 min straight is awsome. I put Lu on her tummy when i remember and roll her back over when she grizzles, never looked at the clock but sometimes just 1min, sometimes more than 5.

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    Oh just a q? - What sort of toys does everyone have for their little one? I dont have many at this stage and want to get some more to keep her stimulated and active.

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    Dec 2006

    Trish - thankyou so much for the info!!
    Have been following a relaxed version of the routine and it has been going great!! Mateo slept for 5 hours in between his night feeds last night and barely cried at all - just when he got a little belly ache or over tired.

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    Dec 2006

    Hey!! I wasn't finished and it posted! Must have pressed a button. :-) I'm so retarded with technology.

    Anyway, question for routine followers; What do you do after they wake from their 6-7pmish feed? Do you keep them awake for a little while or put them straight back down? Mateo woke at about 8ish (due for a feed) and then took till about 10pm to get to sleep - not screaming, just wide awake and towards the end a bit grizzly cause he was starting to get overtired. So of course he didn't have the 10pm feed cause we had just gotten him to sleep. He woke again at 1am and then 5:30 and is still asleep now.
    Another q: Does anybody wake their babies? It says he is meant to be awake by 7am but he is sleeping so soundly - I don't know if I'm that much of a stickler for routine to do it!! :-)

    I am easy with meet-up - Tues or Friday fine with me.

    Am jealous of those who are back down to pre-preg weight! :-( These last 7kg don't seem to want to budge and I am finding it really hard to get out exercising - That's why I need a routine!! Hee hee!

    Mateo loves his tummy time and is a tummy sleeper as well. I don't really time it but with nudie time included I reckon he would be having about 1/2 hour.

    Lil man waking...... xoxoxo

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    Feb 2007
    In the jungle.

    miss kate- I don't give Lu any water. I do give her more breast milk on a hot day though. i dont drink enough water myself either, but still making loads of milk.

    Claire- DTD- i couldn't be less interested either. I don't know how you ladies muster up the energy........ nearly every night Belle????? OMG i am impressed.

    Tummy time- MCHN also suggested putting a mirror on front of them, so when they lift their head they can see a little person......

    Cath- PMSL- geeeez you're hard on the little girl!

    Belle- i asked GP yesterday and she said it was fine to put Lu in our pool at home, just not a public pool.......

    Trish- NICE ONE! Bet you feel like a new woman.

    Nickers- Love the chrissy pics!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Hey all, just got back from the Health Centre and Kieran has put on 800g in 2 weeks!!! OMG! He is now 5.13kg, what a boof! I said to the MCHN that he seems to be growing before my eyes, but I was still shocked at his gain! He has also grown 3cm in the same time frame so is now 57cm long. His weight, height and head circ. are all in the 75th percentile so he is big, but at least in proportion. I no longer have a little baby...

    Kim - *wolf whistles* You look HOT in those photos! What a stunner!!

    Rebecca - Just sent you the doc . Re: toys - I just use an a-frame play gym that hangs over him at the mo. I also have a little musical toy that I put in front of him for tummy time.

    Nic - Tyron is a great night sleeper! What a difference it makes not having to get up in the middle of the night. Have fun getting those santa photos!

    Star - Sounds like you are doing a great job with Mateo! I keep Kieran awake for a little while after his 6pm-ish feed, sometimes I give him a bath around then, then he goes to sleep until his 9pm-ish feed. I don't wake him in the mornings, he usually wakes up himself at some stage and depending on what time it is I sometimes can put him straight back to bed. Hoping he will start waking around 7am so we can just start our day then.

    Ange - I do feel like a new woman! Fingers crossed he keeps sleeping through!

    Re: tummy time - I'm not that strict, I just put him on his tummy when I remember. He happily can stay there for ages, but I don't time it. I was never that strict with Joel either (he hated tummy time and only lasted a minute or two) and he developed just fine. I really wouldn't stress about it!

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    catherine.. you so crazy. the point of tummy time is for them to hold their head up and use their back and neck muscles in preparation for sitting up and holding their own head. Ro is doing really well.

    jj was one of those crazy babies who did 'tummy time' on my chest when they pulled him out of me. i have pics of him in the OR holding my nose with his hand and holding his head and upper body up off me. he gets frustrated if i give him too much tummy time. by the time he's wriggled up the change table on his tummy he's over it. he rolled onto his side on it the other day and freaked me out - he did it in the blink of an eye - luckily it has sides or we could have been facing disaster. haven't had TT since because it freaked me a little.

    his entertainment comes from dh and i being fools for him, as well as the baby einstein mat and this house full of stuff. his favourite thing is this wooden cabinet. he gets engrossed in the grain. that is too weird to even say. babies aren't supposed to care for brown things at this age.... how... artsy of him.

    the other thing he loves is good quality music. since DH is an audiophile with more hi-fi and music gear than anyone would need in any lifetime, jj has become the unofficial testing party, in fact he's become a music snob. the dodgy bleepy music from the mat made him cry but so far he will listen to Oxygene, Christina Aguilera, Jackson 5, Natalie Cole and others at volume on the hi-fi, oh and last night he did Chicane. we call him the carpet rat. he either lies on a bunny rug on the floor with dad or i dance with him. he actually fell asleep in the middle of christina wailing her xmas classic, "o holy night". this from the kid who will wake up if someone whistles but will sleep through big sounds in the lounge.

    dtd - belle, you're a legend. i imagine i have energy and inclination but it just won't happen.

    in other news - is anyone else still sweaty? ergh.

    trish - yeeha! nice sleep work there.

    i feel this might turn into a marathon post... d'oh

    i worked out why i didn't gel with breastfeeding. i had used the football hold since hospital for his windy/fluxyness. i realised there's no skin connection and i can't really look at him when he's like that. a few weeks back we changed to the across-the-body position and bingo, we bonded and i got over my bf issues. i've gone back to football this week because he's been too much of a vombag, and to drain my block ducts - and lo, it's working, but i'm starting to feel alienated again. i love when he's across me coz i can look at his little face and poke at his arms and legs, as well as seeing that everything is right with him (pity he's more likely to drink too much). it's a convenient time to meddle with fingernails etc. can't do that in football hold.

    that concludes this marathon fuggin post. gah!
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    Feb 2007

    Nic the pics are sooo cute, i want a santa hat like that for Maddi.

    Belle nice to see you posting again.

    Maddi has this squeal she does when she's really happy now, it's so cute & she has the cutest little laugh now.

    I better hop off it's thundering down here & we always seem to get black outs.

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    May 2005

    Hi all

    Go out for the afternoon and not only are there 4 new pages but a new thread. What did I miss out on?

    Tummy time - I am such a bad mum, we rarely do tummy time as he cries whenever we put him on his mat. He does spend some time lying on mine or DH's chest and does exercise his muscles that way. Will definitely make some time to do it.

    Same for no nappy time. How do you guys do it without them peeing or pooping everywhere?

    Brissy girls - I can make Friday if that suits everyone. It would be nice to meet you Becky. So I think Amber and Amelia are the only ones we haven't heard from.

    Kim - you are one hot mumma!

    DH fed L 120mls of formula yesterday when I was out. When I got home I BF him as I was hurting and also thought it would be time for a feed. Anyway, L didn't really take to the breast and all of a sudden he starts to choke. I put him up on my shoulder and next thing a power spew went down my back, on the lounge, everywhere. I don't usually have a spew cloth on my shoulder as L has only posseted 3 times and they have been just foamy and doesn't even make it beyond his lips. So this was a shock. So glad we don't have a spewy baby. Anyway, after we cleaned him, the lounge and eventually me up offered him the breast again and he drank alot and no probs.

    Trish - way to go on Kieran sleeping through. Just shows that Babywise does work. We have only loosely been following it, more during the day than the evening. L seems to roughly follow that pattern anyway.

    Off shopping this afternoon once L wakes from his morning nap (put him down at 12 - but we both woke at around 10). Might try to get the Santa photo done.

    Check in later

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    rallybbek Guest

    Hi girls,
    had the implanon put in tuesday, it hasnt gone in right and it really hurts, i also have mastitis and emma had to have 3 fillings and a tooth pulled out. Emmas back molars have come through without enamel on them, so one startes decaying quite quickly - i was thinking i was beingv neglectful but apparently we could not avoid it. So she had to have a general anaestheic - wasnt nice to put her sleep! It cost us $1650 to get the work done and we will get back $149 from medicare!!!
    Going to bed now - catch up later

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    CatherineL Guest

    Hello ladies and bubs!

    Had Ro weighed today... 5.6kgs - weight gaining is slowing down... So looks like there's no catching up to James or Rhys! Well I suppose a giant little girl aint that cute anyway... ROFL

    Viv, But they way I think about it is, if she would realise that she could rest her little head for a minute or two maybe she might go longer! I suppose I should count myself lucky she can lift her fat head at all... Ro was the same, was trying to control her head while we were having cuddles in the birth suite. Our appointment with Louie, about the mastitis - he was really suprised how much control she had over it.. But I don't think it's too special, because I've seen plenty of bubs be able to do it... seems more common now than in our parents days. MIL is so impressed by things Rochelle can do - she said babies seem to be alot stronger and smarter now than when she was having kids.

    Ange - Yeah I roll her back too when she starts to grizzle which is 7 mins at the moment... I'm gonna see if I can fit in another 7 mins somewhere into the day.

    Trish - Woot to sleep last night! Fingers crossed it wasn't a one off!

    Star - I do wake her for her sleeps, by opening the blinds which brings her into a lighter sleep, than I change her bum and then straight onto good ol boob! I dream feed her for her last sleep - she's really good at that! By all means you don't have to wake them up for feeds and can let them sleep through if your not really doing routine to get them to do that longer stretch during the evening - it's up to you. But if your thinking it's cruel? I think it's far more cruel to let ya baby wake up screaming because they are starving. We eat well and truely before we are starving and wouldn't let myself starve, so why would I let my baby have to scream because she is that hungry? Their tummys are so small and BM is digested so quickly. Rochelle always wakes up happy unless she's hungry beyond control. But ya know, it's each to their own and that's just my thoughts of it.

    Kate - We were told not to give BF bubs anything but BM. Anything else is classed as food. BM is the perfect nutrience for baby and if it's a hot day, you should just put them to the breast more. That's exactly from the CHN.

    Saffi - When I give Ro her nappy off time, we go sit in on the grass on a rug or towel or on the verandah so she gets a bit of a breeze on her bot (she likes that) and if it's inside I just pop her nappy bag change mat down with a towel over it. Sometimes when the cool air hits her bot she lets rip wind or a nice big wee. That's the same as Ro, If she stops sucking at the breast I burp her and usually get a lovely big burp and then offer her breast again and she'll usually start sucking likea champ again. I can usually hear the wind too, so I just pull her off, burp her than booby again. I think that air just fills up their little bellies! With Ro, soon as theirs a bit of space in there again from wind or something, she's wanting more boob. Every little crevice has to be filled!

    Becky - Mum went back to work Wednesday thank god! They want me to go to a mine party (which is just a whole heap of drunks etc.) tonight... I was trying to explain that there is no way I can or want to take my daughter to something like that... Anyways, babies aren't usually welcomed to things like that. So they said they'd rather stay home then and see Ro - I told them she'll be in bed - I'm secretly hoping that they go!!! Mum tries and drags out her bed time and tells me it's too early. It's so much different when it's not your kid isn't it...

    So freaking sick of huggies... always bloody leaking even tho I change her at the beginning of every feed which is three hourly! I keep having to change her sheets numerous times a bloody day... Even when we're out she seems to manage to pee on her pretty outfits. Maybe she's trying to tell me what she thinks of them.

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    LizzysMum Guest

    LOL Catherine - you need some cute MCN they won't leak!

    Also slack on Tummy time but I was with Eliza too as she hated it as well and she turned out fine.

    Belle - I am very impressed with your libido. Mine is on holidays......

    Water - nup here, just offer an extra feed. Have been told not to give anything but BM.

    Well after the great sleep from 10pm - 5 am on Wednesday night last night was 10pm, 2am, 5am
    I knew it was too good to be true.

    Must run, 3 year old by herself downstairs (not a good idea LOL)

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    Feb 2007

    cath, do you fold out the leak guards as your putting them on?? havent had any problems with huggies so far, only the target ones and snugglers been a problem for me so i use hem during the day
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    becky Guest

    Ok then girls should we make it Friday (.....so sorry to muck everyone around!!) - Viv are you coming too?
    So same plans, outside Big W at 11:30, but Fri instead of Tues!!!! (if its ok with Amber and Amelia!!)

    Yay!! I am too very happy!!! Chels slept from 9.30 to 5.30 last night!!!! Woot! Hope it wasnt a one of! Although I really have nothing to complain about her sleeping....

    OMG Kim - Just checked out all your pics! (she is gorgeous by the way! And you look amazing!!!) Just wanted to say that I think jasmine looks exactly like you! You can definately tell she is your daughter!!!! LOL

    I have updated the kids website too with some 'smiling' photos!!
    Last edited by becky; December 7th, 2007 at 03:54 PM.

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    Dec 2006

    hi everyone,
    we also went to the health nurse today, and tahlia is now 5.010 kgs, so she has put on approximately 650 grams in 2 weeks! She has also grown 3 cm, so I was very happy to be told that I must be doing a good job. It is such a relief when you realise they are being fed well!

    Tummy time- I'm also a bit slack with it, I forget most of the time! Although DH lays on the couch with her most nights on his chest and she looks up at him so I guess that can be counted as tummy time

    Cath - I also haven't had any problems with the huggies, but have just realised that I think I need to buy the bigger size... my little girl is growing up too fast!

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