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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #9

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    Babies Born October 2007 #9

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in October 2007.

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    Registered User

    Feb 2007


    how are we all today???

    brisbane girls, im easy about the meetup, as i said last time, sundays and mondays are the only no good days for me... also, anyone on the westside of brisbane, i also go to another group of mums with newish bubs on wednesdays. email me if your interested in that one also, they have kids ranging from lachlans range up to about 2/3years old so its alot of fun. the toddlers come aswell and just play and socialise.

    wow, you girls can sure talk, i do come on 6 days out of 7 and just read whats happening ect, majority of the time i just have a looksie (stalker style:P)

    tummy time, hhmmmmm, im a little bit slack. about 5 minutes a day, nappy off time, just leave it for a a minute or so when im changing him.

    routine. Lachie got into one on his own. although he does only like to sleep in his swing,in the car or pram during the day, his cot just doesnt cut it, as long as it doesnt turn into an all night thing

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    Registered User

    Jul 2006

    LOL Kate...i do stalker style to until i find something i wish to contribute!

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    Registered User

    Feb 2007


    you look so beautiful(and about 16) in your pics

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    CatherineL Guest

    What are they meant to be doing, does anybody know? That book from the hospital says 20 minutes, I'm not sure if they mean at a time or what? It says from NB and there was no way I coulda gotten Ro to do 20 freakin minutes a day in the first week!

    Kate's doing 5 all up? I'm doing about 14 all up and Mo is doing about 20 all up... It doesn't count if I let her nap on her tummy does it? She has to be working her little muscles?

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    Registered User

    Jul 2006

    Aw thanks Kate.....

    I think just build up over time Catherine...wouldnt be 20 mins at a time...but maybe it is....seems a long time for a NB?

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    Registered User

    Aug 2007
    Perth, WA

    Thanks Trish !

    Tummy time - I can't say I'm actually timing it, just make sure she has it a couple of times a day or as often as possible. Catherine the CHN said if your baby doesn't like tummy time so much then do a min or so everytime you change their nappy and then they should be getting several minutes a day! It all adds up If she is doing about 7 mins twice a day and you really -want- to aim for 20mins, why not do it 3 times a day?? Just a though - feel free to ignore me!

    LOL I often do stalker style too - by the time I have read through everything I have run out of oomph to post!

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    Registered User

    Aug 2007
    Perth, WA

    VIV - I have finally put the pump up on eBay!!... Don't think I am allowed to post the link here, but it is listed under my husbands account: "deceivertrx" and as: "MEDELA MINI ELECTRIC PLUS - DOUBLE BREASTPUMP".

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    Registered User

    Nov 2006

    Eli's tummy time is lying on my chest and the 2-3 minutes he lies on the bed before falling asleep. (he's a dreaded tummy sleeper. Only way he'll sleep deeply during the day. If he wasn't so darn cute....)
    Other than sleep time he hates being on his tummy and I don't have the heart to force it on him.
    FWIW Riley was worse, barely ever was on his tummy and was a back sleeper for the first 6 months and he's perfectly fine in the muscle department
    Once Ro starts moving around a bit more tummy time will be more tolerable and I reckon more beneficial too. Don't stress too much trying to make her do what it says in the books, Riley did nothing by the book and he used to stress me out something shocking. Sometimes I feel like I went overboard in trying to make him do what he 'should' be doing and didn't step back to see what he could do.
    I dunno... just my random bored ramblings..


    ETA: Kim you're one hot mumma!! (I looked at your pics)
    Last edited by BamBam; December 6th, 2007 at 10:00 PM.

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    Registered User

    Feb 2007

    question for me for today, is anyone giving there babies water?? i was told that i can offer water to him??? but i was also told that breast milk does that as well... would it hurt???

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    Registered User

    Feb 2007

    i ask because its getting very hot here, and i dont drink alot of water myself.

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    Registered User
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    Feb 2007

    Cath Maddi does rest her head so i guess so can got for alot longer, Sometimes i'll put her on the bed & she'll watch telly during her tummy time or i'll put her fave teddy on the floor so she can look at it.
    I'll try to break up the tummy times if she's restless, but Maddi does love her tummy time & has fallen asleep alot of times.

    Kim great pics, you both look so in love & happy.

    MissKate-i haven't given any water to Maddi yet, so i'm not help sry.

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    Claire Guest

    DTD - I haven't yet! Harry is nearly 8 weeks old and the DH has started slapping my bum as I walk past him - about time I got back on the horse, ye-hah! But I can't be arsed!!

    Nic - Thanks for the newsletter etc. I collected my post today after being trapped inside for the better part of a week because of the weather and Em's being ill. I don't think anybody ended up going on Monday, but I'll be there this Mon coming.

    Thanks everyone for you get well wishes for Em - she's a lot better, though her nose has started to run - I walked past her room last night and tonight and she's snoring!

    Harry has had a restless day today but I've been stuffing chocolate so that's the probable cause.

    Vax - Still researching.

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    CatherineL Guest

    LOL - It's like Ro is stupid and doesn't realise to put her head down... Seriously she holds it up constantly like she's retarded! I know that's mean but it's true!

    Peta - That's a good idea! I might try and incorporate some more time with massage and leave her on tummy a bit longer... she doesn't even rest her little head for massage! LOL

    she doesn't make a peep in the 7 mins - it's if I leaver her any longer she'll start to whine and sigh...

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    becky Guest

    Hows things been with ya Mum today Cath? Did Rochelle get a bit more of a sleep today?? ROFL

    im a bit slack on tummy time too. I guess its what happens with second babies, Just tend to do it when I remember, but I dont really time it!

    Ok Brissy girls, just let me know what is good for you all then. If more people are free Tues, just keep it then, or if everyone is free Friday, let me know!!

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    Registered User

    Jul 2006

    I feel proud!!

    I have put new pics up on both girls sites (including Chelsea's 1st birthday)....only took me 3 hours!!!!

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    goldilocks Guest

    I just blinked and another 3 weeks has disappeared! Where on earth the time goes I will never know. I can't believe our little princess is 2 months old today! She's growing up too quickly *boo hoo*

    India had her 6-8 week check up last week. Our little milk vampire weighed in at 5.56kgs, measured 60cms in length with a head circ of 40cms...basically, she's the size of a small 6 month old...

    The sister was frightfully impressed with her mammoth dimensions and told us not to change a thing, we're doing brilliantly...it's so nice to be told that you have a beautiful, thriving bubba from someone in the know. Anthony & I walked out of there feeling proud as punch

    India has been sleeping for 8 hours every night from 6 weeks which is fabulous! We reckon she's going to be crawling soon...she rolls herself onto her side and tummy already, and pushes herself along the floor when she's lying on her back.

    She's a kooky little thing, is always chatting away to herself and smiling at things we can't see! LOL The interaction with her now is the BEST thing...it's amazing how you can have a conversation with her, she understands what communication is all about, and is always 'talking' back to us.

    It's so hard to get on the net these days as India is so full on and needs constant stimulation during the day. She LOVES being outside and is fascinated by birds and trees and the wind through her hair I'm always out walking with her or sticking her in the bouncer so she can watch me swim in our pool LOL Only another month and she can join me in the pool!

    Anyway, enough of my rambling! I'm glad everyone is doing well and all the bubs are growing more gorgeous by the day. I wish I could get on more because I feel like I'm missing out on them all growing up!

    I hope everyone is looking forward to Christmas and the new year!!!

    Hugs to all,
    Belle & India

    P.S. I've uploaded some more piccies of India in my gallery

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    goldilocks Guest

    Just a quick reply to all the latest Q's...

    DTD - um...embarrassed to say, every night or at least every second night... LOL I've been taking the mini pill since 6 weeks post-birth. And can I just say that 'spooning' has been erased from our repetoire...too much of the one position during pregnancy kinda killed it for us LOL

    Vax - we've ummed and arred about them for months but have decided to have them all done.

    Tummy time - India rolls onto her side and tummy by herself so I don't give her a specific amount of tummy time every day. I give her some nudie time on a beach towel by the pool most days though...she loves being naked and I'm happy for her to get a dose of Vit D from the sunshine!

    Routines - errr, routine?? What is that?! LOL Uh no, India has no set routine apart from being in bed between 8-9 every night. She doesn't sleep much during the day unless we go out (she lurrrves her carseat...guaranteed to send her off almost instantly) and only really catnaps at home during the day. I don't mind her not sleeping much during the day because she sleeps so well at night, only waking at 4-5am then sleeping again until 7-8am, and again until 10-11am.

    Dummies - India REFUSES to suck on a dummy...she hates them. But even though she hates dummies, she makes no fuss about taking a bottle when Anthony is feeding her EBM (I let him feed her once every day or so...he loves the daddy/daughter time ) Go figure!

    Weight - I'm back to my pre-preg weight. Woot! I was wearing my bikinis again by 6 weeks post-birth so I guess I can't complain

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