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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #27

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    Default Babies Born September 2006 #27

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2006.

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    Morning ladies.

    Our trip was ok, very tiring and Jett was a monster the whole time. I operated on maybe 7 hours of sleep the whole 3 days. I wont be doing that again for such a short amount of time OR by myself. The party was fun, I got hit on which was the highlight of my night :laughing: Got home yesterday arvo and went straight to the river for a swim it was soooooooooo hot! Didnt get any nookie last night so there wont be any BFP out of me this month. Which is good.

    Put pics on my webpage, bravely put one of me too for those who have no idea what I look like (well Anna does cause she met me in person when I was looking my worst EVER. I'd just pushed out a baby lol)

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    anna - good to hear your trip was good. And YAY for getting hit on!!
    I'll have a look at your pics in a minute.

    I've started selling some stuff on Ebay and it's soooo much fun! I'm loving it!

    anna just looked at your pics, and you know when you have an idea of what people look like in your head, well I was completely wrong with you!!!! I have no idea where it came from, but I was thinking you had long brown hair ... weird huh! and Jett is such a chubby baby!!
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    Haha Jodi at one stage I did have long brown hair but Im naturally a blonde! I had my hair curled so it looked shorter than it is lol

    I think Jett has to be THE chubbiest baby ever.

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    how much does he weigh now?

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    Morning all,
    Ash was good overnight, only waking twice which for her is fantastic.

    AnnaT- Isn't it great when you get hit on, its nice to know you've still got it!

    Ambz- Good luck with the search for a place to live, I hate moving but at least its at a good time cause you can make sure how you set up new place is totally baby proofed!

    Jodi- maybe just get one of those baby gates to put in the door of the computer room so Nina can't go crawling in there. Our place is bad we have no where to store anything so we're just planning on fencing the lounge and that can be her room to hang out in.

    Anna- How are you feeling? You getting better? How those milk shakes! I tell you if you eat the amount of junk I eat you will put on weight, I keep telling my df I'll have to breastfeed forever cause I've never eaten so much crap in my life and am still 2kg under pre-preg weight!

    Nelle- Exciting bout the car, I'd only be stressed with parking cause I can barely park now! I am the worst and we don't even have a big car! I gave up reverse parking years ago cause I kept knocking the car behind me but even drive into park takes me few goes to get in sometimes.

    God I am still feeling sooo tired even after a better night sleep. I don't know how any of you with multiple children cope! At the moment I can see ash being an only child for quite a few years.

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    Jodi, last guess I'd say 8-something kgs but I havent actually had him weighed since he was 3mths old lol We're off to the MCHN this week so we'll see.

    Actually when I was out shopping on the weekend 3 different ladies told me how cute he was and made comment on how good I look for having a 7 month old baby, they never had time to do their hair blah blah blah hahahahahaha when I said oh no he is 4mths old they nearly died of shock.

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    AnnaT.. oh its annoying when they do that.. Jesse played up all Christmas day (it was at the IL's so maybe thats why!) and i was in a different room trying to settle him the whole evening.. makes it very disappointing.

    Nessa.. Haha yeh it gets like that sometimes here too.. ive been on the computer all day then turn around and have a look at a messy house!
    Well thats nice of you DH anyways. Grahame is up at 5am and leaves at 5.30am, so if Jesse wakes during that time he'll attend to him and give him a dummy or whatever but yeh, most the time he wakes as Grahame is walking out the door! Like today. But he went back to sleep until 7.30am, which i really needed, so that was ok.

    Anna**.. yeh we use to have the baby seat in my car, but we use DH's car (Commodore) if we all go out somewhere as its better and nicer.. plus with my car (Nissan Pulsar) to put the pram in you have to unhook the car seat and then rehook it and theres not much room otherwise.. id rather have his car anyday.

    Jodi.. that was our problem too, but we've moved the computers out to the lounge room (which is huge) so we should be fine. My sister gave me a whole heap of door barriers and a wooden play pen so theyll come to good use. Is it Nina who has a walker? We were given one from my brother in law's sister and he just loves it.

    Ambz.. thats great Savanna's doing so well with her moving around.

    Well gonna go do some stuff while Jessman is sleeping.

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    kel, yeah Nina has a walker and loves it!! She walks all around the patio now.

    anna - wow! Nina is between 8-8.5kg and looks so petite compared to Jett. Although she's long and slim. Saw a friend yesterday who's 9 month old is 9kg and the same length as Nina and he's such a boof while Nina has petite features.

    shell - we'll either do that or keep the door shut. Dunno yet.

    I tried Nina on some mixed vegies - the tin stuff - and she loves it! She loves fruit and vegies ATM, have tried a couple of different rice cereals, but just isn't into it.

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    hi girls... i can't keep up with all that's been posted, especially since we changed threads, but i'll try!

    annat - glad you had a good trip, even though not much sleep. you don't look anything like i thought either. isn't it weird how we get thoughts in our heads of how people look.

    ambz - good luck on packing and finding a new place to live.

    anna** - glad you are feeling better. if those egg milkshakes taste yuk, try adding some vanilla essence. yummmmmo.

    nelle - yay on getting a new car. we had a wagon when we went to townsville and it was so easy to fit everything in (better than our 4x4)

    kell - good luck with the babyproofing... we are yet to tackle that.

    jodi - have fun selling on ebay. that is something that i keep meaning to try, but just have not done. i have two boxes of clothes ainsleigh has outgrown, but waiting till bub number two and my SIL has finished with babies till I start getting rid of stuff.

    nessa - yay on getting a puter at home!

    maz, shell, chrissy, belle, adele and everyone else i've forgotten, hello :wave: hope you are all well

    not much to report here. we had a very quiet weekend (stinking hot and lots of smoke from bushfires). ainsleigh and i had two huge naps together yesterday which was great... but meant i did not sleep much at all last night (think it was the naps and the blustery winds) oh well. catch up tonight fingers crossed. we are off to swimming lessons today, which we both loved last week so hopefully will be just as fun today! have a good day girls!

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    BBL taking millana to sleeping lessons and ruby staying in the aquatic creche.Shall be interesting!

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    Ambz - NOoooooooooooooooooo... not the Rex! I sold me Skyline and miss it so much. It was so impractical, but was a whole lot faster than this Falcon

    AnnaT - You're looking great hon (you looked fantastic after popping out bubba too btw)... no wonder you got hit on. That would be so good for the ego!

    Rikki - The milkshakes aren't too bad, but they are very "heavy" on my stomach and sit there like a brick which further decreases my appetite. Hmmm... will try the vanilla, not because of the egg, but cos I lurve vanilla! It is so windy here today too... I found most of my beloved nappies on the ground this morning, gotta go count and make sure I've found them all.

    Jodi - Is Nina that big now? Wow... Xander is about 7.5kgs now! Funny to think for a while there Xander was the boofer bub of this lot. With the tinned food, have you tried Nina on each ingredient one-by-one first or just give it and see? I just seem to be spending so much time on one type of food and Xander really shouldn't be at much risk for allergies. I was going to hold off till 6 months for anything other than rice cereal, but I thought he was constipated (he wasn't) and so gave him pears a week ago... thought I might as well keep trying stuff.

    Shell - I think all the junk food I'm eating is causing me to loose weight as there aren't any nutrients in it whatsoever. But I agree, breastfeeding would have to be one of the worlds best natural diets... just gotta remember not to keep eating like this once I stop or else I'll be too fat instead of too thin. Great the Ash only woke twice last night, so did Xander so maybe they've been having words with each other and decided it is time to be nice to their mummies.

    I so can't be stuffed doing the grocery shopping today... I used to love it, but now I struggle as Xander doesn't like the supermarket (or Kmart for some reason) and whinges the whole time. Better go do some housework at least... I 'spose.

    Catch ya chickies.

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    Hi All

    Well the move is over!! I am in sunny Upepr Coomera, Gold Coast QLD!!!

    The house is fantastic, and i am busy unpacking boxes.. I am not even going to try and go back and read posts, ill be here all day!

    Anyway, i have missed you all heaps and i am looking forward to getting back into the swing of this post!..

    xoxo Anna

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    hey littlep, good to hear the move went well. I can't remember what the sun looked like, it's been raining here flat out for what seems forever!!

    anna - I was gonna try each food individually, but got slack and buying it in a 4 pack was cheaper than in individual tins. Nina hadn't done a poo for a couple of days so I gave her some puree apple, did the trick!

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    Hey girls! It's so good to hear that we're all pretty well!

    Wow that sounds like it's really windy Perth girls! I need to rush cos I need to poop (SORRY) and Riv needs a nappy change but GUESS who had his last feed at 9:15pm and then woke up at 12:15pm :eek:
    I would have woken him earlier but guess who else was asleep

    Welcome back littleP! Just keep up as much as you can, we all struggle but we're trying!!

    Rans got his first giggle out of Riv, he was so stoked. Better go, Riv's kicking my arms as I'm typing. xo

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    Jodi.. Jesse is 9kg now! and he's not even 5 months yet! I dont know where he keeps it.. he doesnt look any fatter than any other baby his age.. i think he's just big all round.. has been since birth. He was the same size as a friend's about 9 month old girl too that we saw last week.. Tis gonna be a very tall boy me thinks.
    He loves it so far.. once he figures out he can move in it i think he'll be off! He just loves that he can sit/stand upright on his own i think. He's sitting in it now playing and watching tv... oh its great.. gives me a bit more of a break on entertaining him!

    Rikki.. i wish i could nap during the day, i just cant for some reason.. Yes the baby proofing will be interesting!

    Anna**.. thats a bugger.. typical male who complains while you take them shopping! lol. Though in saying that Jesse doesnt mind the shops actually.. its just being home is where he whinges.

    LittlePrincess.. how exciting a new home! Hows Alexander settling in?

    We're going to start Jesse on solids this weekend (i want DH to be there too and to video it). What did you all give them first? I noticed in woolies they had the Farex Apple and Pear for 4 months+.. should i give him plain stuff first or would that be ok?
    Sooo nervous about it all.. and what his poos are gonna look like!

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    anna** - i know im half not wanting to sell it but i know how hard it is for me when im trying to get the pram in and out whilst trying my hardest not to scratch the damn car!! lol well we might be getting a Forester XT turbo so that wont be that bad hahaha

    hubby gets his turbo and i get my 4wd all in the one car!

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    hi ya girls
    welcome home Little P (heheheh)
    Just parking my butt
    still no AF...the plot thickens

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